Macron facing Reality. And he may have to swallow some of the things he said about LePen.

Edouard Philippe the french Prime Minister LR, and Emmanuel Macron the french President EM

24th of August is an important date: Macron will have to face reality, to gather the EU together or finally to break it down. He may have to swallow some of the things he said about Marine LePen whom he despised, almost hated, but not so much as many others quite for snobbery, not to have to lean too much. But’ he’ll have to, face reality and face Marine’s face laughing at him and asking him: “And now what do you do, boy?”.

You know what? Macron wants to change radically the EU working rights to obtain two good outcomes, and I do agree with him – and with Philippe I suppose –

  1. It cannot, it must not be more convenient for a french firm to hire non french workers, that is, french and non french must be paid the same brut wage – not only the same net wage with the taxation trick – and taxes must be paid to France.

Brilliant, but almost obvious.

2) French unemployed must be hired first if special skills non present in loco are not required; that is, in France you can hire a french to clean the room of an office, then if you need a chinese translator you can hire a chinese etc.

3) Illegal immigrants, the so called economic migrants or clandestine etc. must be repatriated or sent back to the previous country they come from – Italy usually but not always – economic migrants must not and again cannot be given the economic treatment of the refugees.

And that would be obvious, for me it is, other people they have made this mess picking up illegal immigrants calling them refugees and now they’ve got only their own conscience to face because they will be deported and that is the right thing to do.

What’s the point?

The point is that it is easy that he wins about the migrants, who in fact in his right senses would grant the status of refugee to an illegal immigrant? No one, they will say, ok, the illegals must be repatriated. But on the first point, to change the EU working rights, he’ll face the wall: the EU is not a charity, no matter what it wants to seem, when it comes to the money and the interests of the firms that want legal ways to underpay workers, there they become tough, they say no. I believe he won’t obtain the change in the working rights, even if he’s blatantly right in asking them, it’s not about being scared of the french unsoumis of old good Mélenchon rioting, he can bear the riots, but in this peculiar case, the rioters would be working poor and unemployed, and people who didn’t go to University and want a job to clean rooms or in a factory, or to pick up strawberries, they must be paid a good wage, in this I am a socialist – socialist the italian way – not communist – they must be given a good wage and stop, it’s enough that they couldn’t access high standard schools and Universities.

If Emmanuel Macron cannot save the European Union, he’ll have to break it completely. He’ll have to do really what LePen in the end was scared to do; he’ll have not be scared, in front of the door, to sign that score. Hic Rhodus, dear, hic salta.

Good luck, Emmanuel.

Here it is, the organizer of Charlottesville’s violence Jason kessler IS a leftist and Obama’s supporter and MacCain’s collaboartor. It Is A False Flag.

Thanks ZeroHedge for the wonderful work, read the link and do spread the news link;

So Jason Kessler, and Kessler can be easily an ashkenazi jewish last name is a leftwinger organizing a false flag to justify the attempted censorship of the Right;

I re -publish the material found on ZeroHedge:


Jason Kessler is actually a professional agent provocateur tied to Obama and John MacCain


Photograph Kessler with MacCain

Both Kessler the agitator and the “journalist” Faith Goldy who filmed the car crash are zionists and probably Jews, the car crash’s film is not a live event it is a staged event with two cars:

Video with the evidence that the car of the crash was not driverless and in fact the “live” event “filmed” by the jewish “journalist” Goldy is all staged and staged with two different cars, probably to protect the driver who did the homicide that’s probably another zionist and israeli on “holiday” in America.


Remember that the Jews stage very often terror attacks as muslim jihadis, they did 9/11 and the Bataclan attack and even the Nice attack in France, always with a car crash, or as white suprematists, they do it to try and gain the approval of laws against the rightwingers or the muslims. Freemasonry covers them up.

You must pray God that Justice is done about all terror attacks and all evil things with no fear: it’s the israelis really.

I give my solidarity to Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right.

The right-wing crowd around the statue, the event was thought to be peaceful, then there was the violence …
I am against the removal of General Lee’s statue as I am against the removal of the writing “Mussolini” from the obelisk in Rome, as far as the dead, do not make any illusions, the dogma Cossiga may have been written by someone there too: Make a murder being done by one of yours and then justify repression.

I give my moral support to Richard Spencer and those who

A) went to manifest peacefully against the removal of statues of the secession war.

B) I agree with Trump saying that “the violence of the left must be also condemned”

C) Remember that George Soros is funding the ProPublic association, those who have come to insult the rightwingers in Charlottesville.

As for car crash: it smells of Israel.

The Black Lives Matter are disgusting and spend the days insulting the whites, they deserve that these ones answer and answer decidedly, I am convinced, because I’ve often heard Spencer speak, that violence has been organized to try to censor the Alt-Right, Exaggeration is often done by agents of the opposite side.

Why do I believe that the car crash is of Israeli origin? Because they used to do it in Israel first of all and then magically happened also in other places, it is not the first time that white Jews play the part of right-wing extremists and do illegal things, they did so in Great Britain too and were found out in the USA even lately doing so.

Who wants the removal of Gen Lee, also wants, I make no joke, the total censorship of Gone with the Wind, they suck and smell. May God make justice for the American people and punish the true perpetrators of the attack. I am convinced that they are Israelis.

Swedish Surveyor

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