Jemima Lewis is shit like the Telegraph, another paper to be thrown into the WC with the zionist lobby.


Jemima Lewis? She must be another fu***g Jewess against Christians but she writes for the Telegraph the paper of the british establishment so, it’s another waste of trees to be thrown into the WC, not even the dustbin, shit is shit, its place is the WC. She said she’s sick that we Christians are offended at Greggs’ publicly with Jesus Child substituted with a sausage roll and I think any christian must just stop buying anything at Greggs and reading or even worse buying the Telegraph no matter whether at times they say something regularly acceptable about brexit. Pride is pride. So, for a Church of England favourable to gay couples aka sodomy and transpeople and a powerful evangelical pastor abandoning it, he’s right, I believe it must be clear that the war is Jews Vs. Christians. These Jews who want Holocaust memorials everywhere and the DT with its Queen and fake bishops and Prince William going after them, it smells, like what it is: shit.

How was it? That Greggs’ fake publicity? “Greggs, providinging shit to scum for over 70 years” or something of the kind. F***k you. And your jewish supporters. I hope Jemima Lewis dies in a concentration camp. And now don’t get offended.

Well, another fuc***g Jew messing up against the whites or the Christians is such Lloyd Blankfein, the twin brother of Netanyahu as you can see from the photograph,


his mother must be a bitch, he who wants a second brexit referendum, take it in that place the second referendum, there won’t be any, and moreover I’d like people to remember that it is Goldman Sachs fully responsible for the Greek Crisis, in fact his Goldman Sachs failed the mission to tell the European Union that the greek economy did not fit for the eurozone, fucking Goldman Sachs with its fucking jewish bankers told the EU the greek books were balanced and Greece fitted into the eurozone well. Go and clean the lavatories at the university at the faculty of economics, Lloyd, this is when we say the Jews are overrated and get jobs they’re not up to. Or else, they lie because they wanted Greece to fail. Either evil or ignorant. Like Jemima Lewis, another overrated bitch. Like Natalie Portman that’s so plain to be fit for modelling they have to photoshop everything, still Christian Dior has to keep her as testimonial,no one really understand why, if not that she is imposed.


The real Natalie Portman


Dior’s supposed Natalie Portman

The real Natalie Portman


That’s simply another girl, looks a bit like Carla Bruni at twenty, but Dior sells her for Natalie Portman (???)


The beautiful cousin of Natalie Portman: body and face, it’s completely another woman.

The Jews are imposed by Rothschild, Portman is 152 cm tall and has a ridiculous body, other models to be fit for modelling they must be at least 172 cm tall, tell me if it’s not a little help by the zionist lobby.


This is what you see


and this is what you get at Dior’s events.






It’s hard for the Jews to convince themselves they are superior to the goym – and that’s their poster child.



Stop writing on her profile that she was born in Jerusalem-Israel because Jerusalem is not part of the State of Israel and she’s not 160 cm tall that’s why she’s never photographed together with other actresses or models or when she’s with someone she’s usually on a staircase.


Dear Britons, if you love Italy do Hard Brexit: here’s why and I’m talking to Corbyn too.

Who can read italian knows what’s going on really, the EU wants to destroy us and rob our money from the bank accounts and removes the Prime Ministers who do our true interests against the interests of the bankers.

There is a little misunderstanding in Britain about who’s racist and who’s not, who, the intelligent, love Europe and who’s a little Englander, who’s leftwing and who’s rightwing.

If you love Italy, you must do hard Brexit aka exiting the Single Market and put the Germans and the Dutch back at the wall for me.

There is a sexist saying that women tell men to do the bad things they cannot do in their place, I am sorry for it happens I am a woman, but I tell you like this: the European Union gave permission to the ECB to take money from the italian bank accounts under € 100.000 link in italian for the ones who can read it, Renzi, Draghi, Ms Boldrini are completely owned by the EU and freemasonry, don’t you be fooled for Mario Draghi sounds an italian name, also Peter Mandelson sounds english or Anthony Charles Lyndon Blair sounded very british and they didn’t give a damn about you just like these Draghis and Renzis they don’t give a damn about me or the common Italians, right?

Add that today the fucking – sorry the vulgarity but I am  really poisoned, I know I shouldn’t talk like this – well European Parliament has approved the change to the Dublin Treaty that means all the boats of illegal african immigrants the lefty italian government is taking against the law and the international law: they regularly jump Malta and Zarzir as second and first safe ports and bring them to Italy because they want to, illegally under the italian immigration law, illegally under the Dublin Treaty as it was signed when it was signed and illegally under the real international law that obliges to bring the saved from a drowning in the first not the second and even less the third safe port – not to mix “saving lives” with human traffic and irregular immigration which is precisely what the Left is doing on purpose -, in this case the first safe port is in Tunisia and the second Malta, they bring them to the third – Lampedusa/Sicily – to invade Europe well with the change to the Dublin Treaty, if you stay in the Single Market, you’ll have to accept freedom of movement and take also a huge part of these new immigrants that George Soros dares and call “the fair share” of Britain.

Germany has pulled down Berlusconi elected by us italian citizens who wanted the withdrawal of Italy from the eurozone. Someone said: with the European Union Germany has won the third world war without shooting  a bullet. They are about to block my money from my bank account, money already taxed that I just didn’t spend. If you were in my place I would help you and kill off the European Union forever.

Corbyn, do me the favour: please, I beg your pardon, do hard brexit and make them shut up forever. They cannot survive hard brexit.

Remember that they want a permanent system where the central bankers can remove or impose the Prime Minister, do you think they wouldn’t do it to Corbyn or to Rees-Mogg who, for different reasons, are not in line with the interests of the central bankers, for the one is too socialist and the other too catholic, if they could?


Read it back with a bit of attention. I don’t want a central banker to be considered a “constitutional safeguard” the constitutional safeguard is the President of the Republic or the Monarch not the fucking central banker. Ok?

O please give me a hand. And give a hand to yourself.

Brexit talks are useless: everybody knows it’s going to be hard brexit, in fact look at what the Germans are doing.

Brexit will be effective on March 29, 2019, and it will be necessarily hard, that’s the real reason why Michel Barnier has nothing to say during the useless Brexit talks: everybody knows it’s going to be hard brexit so much that the Germans are getting ready for the post-EU era, they took back their gold in Germany, are ready to revert to the Mark and to face the closure of the Single Market. I read it on one of the few useful Italian websites that give international news worthy reading: StopEuro.News, it informs us that Germany is ready for the “worst – read best – case scenario” ie that brexit obviously brings to the closure of the single market, that means the end of the EU, the Germans are also ready to return to the Mark, have their gold at home and are reorganizing for the dismantling of the EU Link . And Italy? What do they do in Italy? Are they getting ready for the hard brexit scenario? No. Why should they? Think about it. Gentiloni, Boeri, they just all lie to the Italians and intend to continue so, lying until the breakup of society and then say that it wasn’t their fault, are they preparing for hard Brexit? No, they are not like the Germans, they do not get ready, they settle their relatives and they plan to save just themselves, maybe they’re going to ask for political asylum in Switzerland, all like DeBenedetti and Switzerland should not give them, but how does it matter, now? Italy is close to closing, everyone knows, the Financial Times admits that countries outside the eurozone are really growing, see Romania + 6% of GDP and Hungary another + 3.8%, those inside the euro, they are not, Finland the “poster-child” as well, the euro has served to do the bloodless coup against Berlusconi to place Monti and now that the FT says it came out, a particularly chilling detail, that the choice and removal of the Prime Ministers is a feature of the The European Central Bank is not a bug, and that Hungary and Romania who do not want to enter the eurozone so as not to impoverish and to have their elected governments decapitated by central bankers – this is the EU – and in fact are in the EU for their own convenience are self-declared Rogue States: They’re Smart Link.FinacialTimes

Really chilling, the EU is patently, openly against democracy, for the bankers to have a right to decapitate governments and choose and depose Prime Ministers. Go Brexit, the harder the better.

The Jews complain that Dario Argento spoke badly of the Mossad, and then? We can talk about whom and what we want, but Italian Jews are shameless, they talk as if they were israelis on “holiday” in Italy acting in the interests of another state as if this were normal having italian citizenship – that I would withdraw, one of the two -. The Newspaper Il Giornale has become so filthy pro-Israel to be disgusting, Repubblica is DeBenedetti’s, Israeli too, this is why things go so wrong. Everyone keeps us in this Jewish bank called EU and the Germans are preparing for when there is no longer the cow to milk, but I do not think Italian Jews will go to Israel when the state fails, they will also seek asylum in Switzerland probably, I hope they will not be given “you wanted the EU? Now walk “I did not want it, I and those of StopEuro at least can say it.

The Statistics Institutes invent numbers: one in three women is supposedly beaten by the partner and that’s not true.

La sede dell'ISTAT
The ISTAT – Italian National Institute for Statistics – headquarters

If the Australian ISTAT – the national institute for statistics – is as reliable as the Italian one then Australians are against gay marriage; ISTAT continues to give absurd figures about alleged domestic violence that every woman or girl like me knows that they are not true because the percentage is so high that you who are female with female friends, sisters, and female colleagues etc. should know it better than they. Either I live in a golden environment, but I’ve also been in a college where we were all girls, at the faculty of Languages ​​where we were 98% females, or it is not true, and I do think it is not true: ISTAT is lying, according to them, 1 woman out of 3 was beaten by the partner, one in three is false, because each 9 women I know, mother, aunts, cousins, friends, companions, colleagues means three every nine were beaten by the partner, and it is not possible, it’s a fake number. The other figure on rapes is to imprison those of the ISTAT for lying: half of women between the ages of thirteen and sixty five would have been victims of sexual violence / harassment and again it means one each two and that’s not true either. Apart from the criteria, that is, what is being categorized as violence, whether they consider psychological violence or abuse: “did your father scold you when you did not do your homework?” But in my opinion, I think of them badly, they invented the numbers. Even though I try to meet them halfway, that means, the verbal argument may be categorized as violence, and the verbal argument, if a male and a female argue with words is not the male who is abusing the female because he’s got a stronger voice: the female may be saying worse things than he even with a thin voice, but if they say “a woman each three beaten”, “one each two raped” it is not true quite simply – and luckily -.

I do not trust the Australian referendum organized by the local ISTAT, do the real one, now, under the control of the Interior Ministry, because I’m convinced that they lie about the figures. Like Tito Boeri in Italy gave such figures – that were simply fake – when he said that the migrants coming on the boats will pay for our pensions: that’s not true, Boeri is a liar and even the European Union has warned the Italian lefty government to stop lying to the italian citizens about our economic situation link if you can read Italian you’ll notice that, again the ISTAT lied and even Bruxelles noticed it – it’s like one in two raped, luckily it’s a lie -. The Masons are liars we must arrest them when they lie officially from positions of authority or power.

Someone inform the Aussies that Referendums must be handled by the Home Office not by an institute for Statistics aka buffons.

Have the courage of a real controlled referendum now.

I rarely insult the Australians, but their gay referendum is illegal and probably the result is fake: it’s not even handled by the Home Office but by the local institute for statistics, only postal vote and now the leftists claim they won.

Now if they don’t want to be taken for buffoons they must organize a real political referendum controlled by the Home Office and not by the statistics institute and with regular paper ballot – yes, I’m one of those who think the postal vote is used to trick the elections I think it should be abolished like many others -. Your supposed referendum organized by the statistics institutes is no more than a poll and probably they even gave fake results.

UN Commisar and CNN accuse the EU and not their fucking Obama for their libyan chaos.

Liar in chief, a Jordanian Prince lecturing people about “human rights”. Please do close the fucking UN.

Close the UN, High Commissar of Cabbage, Jordanian Prince Zeid Raad at Hussein, Third World country wants to give lessons to Europeans: take them to Jordan all these migrants, in the ass hole or let them go to the Israelis and Saudi Arabs who have money to keep them and they are already Muslims.
So let’s say, in jargon: at the UN they have a hooker’s face to accuse the EU and not their fucking “Nobel Peace Prize” first and last Black President of the United States, that useless when not harmful and disenchanted Barack Hussein Obama who destroyed Libya along with that other Hillary Clinton, a war criminal, the beautiful woman was not a white straight male, a white female and a black male, shitty lefty and so-called liberals, now you will be happy with your blacks and your women in power instead of the white male as Trump: they destroyed Libya, the white straight male didn’t have a part in it.

So you lose your authority you see, lie after lie, you get to zero authority. Like the UN. Now you know how hard I am with the EU, you can read the articles on the site or others of mine, but to blame the EU for humanitarian casino that is in Libya is a bastard’s action: it wasn’t the EU bombing Gaddafi, it was their Obama, their black symbol of dumb anti-racism and their “symboless” of feminism H. Clinton, what should the EU do? Take all Africans until it disappears? As the fucking Jews want? No. The EU can not govern Africa, nor could Britain: it would be colonialism – and colonialism they don’t want it – blacks can stay in Africa – their fucking homeland where they’re all blacks and there’s no racism – and we work together with their local governments just in case without the NGOs and UNACHR, the homosexual UN pedophiles and the princes of third world countries such as Jordan, who are trying to give lessons to the Italians, people who have said nothing against Obama and their NGOs, Geroge Soros, the jewish globalist who stimulates human trafficking with absurd promises of European paradise once you pass torture and fire tests and finally someone can get there, we do not want “more regular immigration channels” we are Western Christians: either they let us do colonization again according to our system or Africa can sort its own problems, already in Europe there are too many foreigners not homologated to the secular Christian dominant culture. Tell the UN to shut up, indeed to close it completely, colonialism was better, but if they do not want it they’re off alone, by themselves, Tajani has already told the UN that the EU will speak with one only voice: yes, that of Kurz. Or Strache’s.

Add the fierce doubts that they are lying at the CNN, look at slaves a bit overweight Link

Images of the supposed slave auctions by the lying CNN, a bit beefy these slaves, aren’t they? They are not allowed in Europe and stop.
The females. They are not allowed in Europe indeed.

What do these people want of me?

In Yemen, their Saudi Arabians not the EU reduced people like this and they shut up:composite-malnourished-v2

She’s just 18 years old. The Saudis did the war per famine but they are allied with fucking Israel and USA so they shut up.

It is clear, too clear that the UN just wants the Kalergy plan, they would like to destroy our society per mass immigration from Africa, they don’t give a damn about the real poor, and push these fat middle class africans to invade Europe: the UN is our enemy and Israel too. If the Anglo-saxon countries are so friends of Israel, our path split here. They irritate me, I hope Jeremy Corbyn wins.