Rivlin says Israel needs the West now more than ever, and the West should give him the midfinger.

Screenshot of the Telegraph article where the Jews inform us of what they need.

The President of Israel Rivlin writing directly on the Telegraph, the newspaper that didn’t give the news of Gaza protests and shooting of unarmed civilians, while all the rest of the press did, as usual for the israeli jews, with that cheap rhetoric of theirs about “Israel their homeland” – while we have a lot of their dual nationals around who just do not want to move there -, that sounds like the cheap rethoric about their army that in the West would have sounded outdated in the forties, moreover you imagine it all said with the israeli accent, always excessively cavernous and guttural, like the bad ones not even in a movie, in a Goldrake cartoon, well now he informed us, as if we were his best friends, worse, as if he and Israel were our best friends, as if let’s say it, we were best friends – and we are not – he informs us that, oh, the fake super military power “needs us”. What do you need? You need us?

You needed to shut up during the french electoral campaign when you as President of Israel Rivilin dared interfering telling the French that if they had voted Marine LePen, who wanted to stop mass immigration to Europe, they would be like the Nazis – and now you don’t like that the muslims in Europe are all pro Palestine – you needed to make shut up the israeli spies and dual nationals around when in Italy call people who vote Salvini, or even Grillo and the 5 Star movement “fascists” or “Nazis” and oh they were in Auschwitz, you need to shut up when your women shake hands and support Avigdor Lieberman and Netanyahu, like Hitler the first and like Mussolini the second, very far-right, and then come here to call racist Jeremy Corbyn, can you hear me? A woman who supports Netanyahu and Lieberman accuses Corbyn of being a racist.

I may go on with the list of Israelis – and when I say israelis I mean israeli nationals who do support Netanyahu and Lieberman politcally, ok? – accusing people of being racists and far-right just for wanting to close their countries to mass immigration and building mosques, but I stop. The only thing the West should give Israel is the midfinger.


Antisemitism Row Part II – Why it’s Corbynistas winning again.

Maybe not so useless after all, because it seems Luciana Berger lost, with her habit of denying reality, the same denying reality like “Hillary is winning with 80% of the votes” or not naming Alex Jones as if he didn’t exist that actually brought Trump into the White House. We are westerners and positivists, also Corbyn is, this denying reality with us doesn’t work well: it’s they who lose reputation.


The War of GasPipelines and why it’s useless to hope that Putin abandons Assad.

610x442xgas_russia.jpg.pagespeed.ic.78r4GXaP_9Gas pipeline in the Russian region of Kursk. Gleb Garanich (RUSSIA)

I repeat the concept contained in the title: “It is useless to hope that Putin accepts the removal of Assad” for this and for more either they stop saying Assad must go or there will be the third world war.

Now I bring you a clear article on existing pipelines and those under construction between Middle East, Asia and Europe, then I know that RAI and Mediaset and the BBC should say it and instead continue with stories from kindergarten “Assad is the bad guy who has gassed the little children, we have to remove it” they should be ashamed of this level of rethoric and moreover Assad has not gassed the children, now take your time and read this, it is mandatory:

Putin’s pipelines that will change the face of the Middle East

Moscow prepares a belt of gas pipelines that reaches the heart of Asia from the shores of the Mediterranean. A design involving Iran, Turkey and Syria. And it competes with an Italian-Greek-Israeli-Cypriot joint venture

Marco Petrelli
Friday, 26 January 2018

In the near future, methane will change the balance of the eastern Mediterranean. In a few months, in fact, the Russian Federation will cut the belt to the gas pipeline that, starting from the regions of Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and Yakutia, will push more than 60 billion cubic meters a year to the west. A futuristic structure, daughter of an ambitious project – 700 billion rubles spent – which allows Moscow to guarantee a consistent internal energy supply and to assert itself on the international market as the main methane supplier to Europe and Asia – a branch of the pipeline, in fact, goes to China.

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But the Russian energy network is nothing more than an articulation of a larger network of pipelines that also affects the Mediterranean Sea and involves Iran, Turkey and Syria. And all this in a stretch of sea in which an Italian-Greek-Israeli-Cypriot joint venture tries to open new channels for the distribution of methane through the exploitation of Zohr and Leviathan.


While the construction sites of the Tap (Trans adriatic pipeline) divide politics and public opinion, Eni has already set in motion for some time to identify and exploit resources in the southern Mediterranean. In 2015, the announcement of having identified a large oilfield off Egypt, Zohr, with a strength of 850 billion cubic meters of gas. In the same area, the Leviathan – 750 billion cubic meters of gas – and Tamar – 350 billion cubic meters – extend Israel well protected by foreign interests, especially those of the neighboring Lebanese enemy. But, although huge, the submarine resources impose a high cost in terms of technology and work to be extracted, which is why the countries of Italy, Israel, Greece and Cyprus have reached an agreement around the East Med Pipeline program, a network that Israeli and Cypriot up to Greece and, from here, to the European market.

Russia is not there

Moscow launches its countermove: on Friday 19 February Gazprom announced the intention of the Turkish Government to extend an arm of Turk Stream in order to transport methane to Southern Europe at a rate of 15 billion cubic meters a year.

“The submarine section of Turk Stream – reads on the turkstream.info website – will extend from the onshore facilities near the village Kiyikoy to the shores of the Black Sea (…) From the coasts of Russia, near the city of Anapa, the pipeline is connected to the Russian Gazprom network “.

Thus, a supply line competing with East Med Pipeline as well as a continuation of the most ambitious Russian plan to exploit the resources of the Persian Gulf. As? Through the Iran-Iraq-Syrian Pipeline, 10 billion dollars for over 100 million cubic meters per day through 5600 km.

Moscow provides military and civilian technology to Syria since the 1970s, is deployed in the country in four locations Hama, Homs, Tartus and Latakia and will hardly abandon the Arab Republic at the end of the long civil war. On the contrary, it will try to play a leading role in the post-war reconstruction from the Sochi summit on 29 and 30 January.

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…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………… ..

Now, I’m Paola again,

Assad takes the military protection of Russia, and lately they told me also of China that economically is a power and it’s involved in the gas-thing, all right? and of course in the gas pipeline war is on whose side? Whose who wants to remove him? Of course not, it is on the side of Putin and the Chinese, and below under also the Germans who in fact have not bombed because Germans and Danes participate in the construction of the NorthStream with Russia- and because they are not interested in bombing – because it suits them: the North Stream is an arrow, in fact, why should they accept convoluted routes when they can have it with a Turin-Venice arrow? If you had to take a train what would you do? a direct one or to change a thousand times? In fact, the gas war also Macron should do it with Putin but Macron is a slave of Rothschild who is Israeli and claims he wants France to accept the Israeli way, in fact the Rothschild newspapers insist with the mantra “Assad must go” “because of the children etc.” After all, moreover, the Israeli route is also probably illegal because I have read that the gas is in Palestinian waters, but since “there is Hamas” the Israelis control it. I will not go any further. I have written this also in Italian: it must be clear to everyone that Assad is not Gaddafi and has an international iron protection network, if Assad were removed and replaced with a puppet of the Americas-Israelis the Russian pipeline could no longer pass from Syria because Israel does not want competition, that is, they do not want to do it because they have to sell theirs, in short:

With Assad Putin’s gas flows from Syria.

Without Assad Putin can forget the pipeline.

For this Putin wants Assad there.

For this either they stop with “Assad must go”  or it will be World War III.

And, please stop inventing stories about carbonated children. Unless the moderate rebels or the Israelis themselves have gassed them. I copy and paste a couple of Blondet positions: “The obstinacy with which the Israeli newspaper La Stampa insists on publishing stories of children – all photogenic -” escaped to the chemical bombs of Assad “, and all the propaganda narrative now discredited and proved false, can reveal two things: o unperturbed chutzpah, or extreme disappointment. Because Netanyahu’s attempt to drag the US and Europe into the decisive war in Syria seems bankrupt. The free and limited attack of the three aggressors, USA, France, Great Britain, seems to them …… .

….the western fantasy has defined “factories and underground deposits” of chemical weapons of Assad – and of which the principal, the building of Berzah, was a pharmaceutical laboratory visited regularly by the observers of the OPWC (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) ….

….So the French general tends to believe in the Russian estimates. Although, in the event that 70% of the missiles were intercepted, “the results would simply be catastrophic for the three attackers. It means that if the Russian S-400s had intervened, no US missile, United Kingdom and France would have reached even the Syrian territory “. With a caveat and an exception: all 19 JASSM-ER missiles with low traceability, launched by the bombers B-1B and used for the first time in a conflict, they were neither intercepted nor seen by Russian radars. – so we have to buy these ed. – And they have reached the target. The Russians are going to have to work on it. JASSM-777×437 JASSM-777x437The ones that really work – unlike the F35 that seem just a great loss of money for the State etc.


Then it seems clear to me that the winds of war are pulling and the situation is very serious. It’s Israel’s fault, and the faults of the neocons and of Rothschilds who demand that everyone does their interests instead of their own, May and Johnson lie, Trump does it but is reluctant, it may be that the deep state filled with Neocon, Masons and Israelis blackmail him – he didn’t want to do it as he told in the electoral campaign – the war camps are the same as those of the pipelines. Before bombing and using the atomic and living in a half intoxicated world, I insist with the BDS: sanction Israel, or even the total ban of Israeli products until they stop with false flags and with the lobby, neocons pushing the Americans etc. because the next step would be a world war, clearly said.

The cowardice of bombing and stating: “this is not war” and why we must all join BDS, Putin for the first.



Netanyahu is a hypocrite and Putin must treat him as such, we don’t want to leave Syria, Russia and Iran alone and the best thing we can do is de facto to join the BDS movement.

A glance at the news today and we understand why it’s better for us all, Putin for the first, the join the Boycott Divest and Sanction BDS movement to punish the real guilty ones for this war: the Israeli lobby, hitting them in the money and if necessary, but that’s up to Putin, Assad and Rouhani, militarily.

Putin used to be an ally of Netanyahu, Russia didn’t participate to the BDS movement and that’s the “many thanks” of the Jews, the retaliations against Israel are a must for Russia who just cannot help Israel and Assad at the same time and for us all. I said yesterday that the military retaliation must be done necessarily against Israel, from Italy and countries not directly involved into war we must show support for Syria as a sovereign nation with a currency and a modern government because this is what we stand for “sovereignty, modernity and no Rothschilds around” hitting Israel economically too.

We are called anti-semites and it can be true but it is irrelevant


This woman is “anti-semite” as much as a neo-nazi “born in Germany, fed in Germany and slaughtered in Germany” like beef “in Deutschland geboren, in Deutschland gemastet und in Deutschland geschlacht” maybe the Jews hate her more because it’s hard to believe she’s a racist and she hasn’t got the infamous T-shirt “Thor help me” or with a hidden svastika printed on it.


Macron and Nikki Haley insist on their dumb bully line: “we can bomb them but it’s not a declaration of war” which is a cowardly assertion, if you bomb me but you are not declaring war it’s clearly just because you don’t want to be bombed back. Because they want to do like they did with Libya, over-bomb a country which happens to be isolated and abandoned by the rest of the world not to do a “WWIII”, only, it’s more cowardly, because you basically don’t want WWIII just to be able to punch and not to be punched in return, WWIII is more moral.

As for their evidences, the chief of the syrian chemical weapons is a guy related tot he british intelligence whose children live a luxury life in London and he gives us the information about Assad’s arsenal, and Assad, according to him, “could do it again”.

But we have other info by Syrians who live in Syria not in London:

and link

I believe they rely on our supposed cowardice “what do they care if we destroy and kill Syria and the Syrians? in a WWIII also they may die, they won’t do anything” and they go on, bombing and killing and stating “this is not war” you’re right, a war is more moral than ten against one.

As for a real expert of war, more moral than ten-against-one-bully-strategy, he stated the following and he’s british

Former head of Britain’s special forces says Assad ‘doesn’t need to use gas’ because he’s ‘already won the war’ but give May ‘benefit of the doubt’ over intelligence

  • Major General Jonathan Shaw made remarks speaking to The Mail on Sunday
  • His views were echoed by Admiral Lord West, former head of the Royal Navy
  • But ex-commander of the Army’s chemical weapons regiment, Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, said: ‘A sophisticated nerve agent was used at Douma’


Major General Jonathan Shaw (pictured) said: 'Why would Assad use chemical weapons at this time? He's won the war'
Thank you, Major General for speaking so frankly.
 Major General Jonathan Shaw (pictured) said: ‘Why would Assad use chemical weapons at this time? He’s won the war’

A former head of Britain’s Special Forces has challenged Theresa May‘s claim that President Assad was behind the chemical attack in Douma.

Major General Jonathan Shaw said: ‘Why would Assad use chemical weapons at this time? He’s won the war.

‘That’s not just my opinion, it is shared by senior commanders in the US military. There is no rationale behind Assad’s involvement whatsoever.

‘He’s convinced the rebels to leave occupied areas in buses. He’s gained their territory. So why would he be bothering gassing them?

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, the ex-SAS and Parachute Regiment commander added: ‘The jihadists and the various opposition groups who’ve been fighting against Assad have much greater motivation to launch a chemical weapons attack and make it look like Assad was responsible. ..

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5616533/Former-head-Britains-special-forces-says-Assad-doesnt-need-use-gas.html#ixzz5ColhmYDC
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I’ve got the feeling we must do the right thing.

Syrian Chemical Arsenal destroyed was in fact a high school with a chemistry lab.

They destroyed the “Arsenal” of chemical weapons, in fact this is the supposed arsenal after destruction



Only, this is the supposed arsenal before destruction:


From the outside, oh but, why there is a basketball field in the arsenal? May be for the cruel soldiers and a pool, because soldiers in Syria are posher than in London, oh no this is the “arsenal” from the inside


Judging from the age of the “soldiers” it can be a high school with a lab or a university faculty of chemistry, so basically it’s like they bombed a faculty in Oxford because there is a dangerous chemistry lab, the kids would gas their own little brothers, because according to May, Bashar Al Assad did something monstrous as much as strategically nonsensical because “this is his modus operandi” without feeling the moral duty to give any other explanation, but “this is his modus operandi” says everything and nothing, it’s a non-answer like saying I know it’s dumb to gas your own children and I know british military experts say in any case, clean from any moral consideration, he had won the war and this gassing his own children-people had no strategic sense, but I tell you he did it and you are suppsoed to swallow it.

The strategic sense of destroying a high school saying it’s an arsenal, instead?

The “russian” trolls on internet who sell themselves for Britons, Americans, Italians etc. but we were warned they are russians impersonating westerners who do not believe a single word of what Theresa May and Boris Johnson and Trump say – if he understands what he’s doing – have come to take over the internet comment boards.

The comments are in English, so you can understand them




Interesting “was it public or private?” it must be a posh russian troll who has a fake greek name, but let’s go on


One russian troll posted a comment in Italian and it was just saying “Did they bomb the equivalent of the Scientific High School Parini in Milan?”

So it seems.

The girls and boys in the photograph were clearly liberal muslims or christians living together happily, they smile, no burqa, they are more modern than in certain parts of London, or Malmoe where they do Sharia patrols, destroy the monster who “gassed his own people” and obviously you’ll have ISIS fighters, Jihadis and religious fundamentalists not very much interested in high schools and chemistry, the madrassa will do.

?And now?

Russian- Syrian Retaliation will be against Israel for two Reasons: the Neocons and Geography.

Russia – Syria – Iran Retaliation will be necessarily against Israel for two reasons:

  1. The Neocons are Israeli-American dual nationals or in any case strongly supported and paid by the AIPAC, the israeli lobby and that’s official, it is not a secret revealed by a conspiracy theorist.
  2. Israel is the only country in the region, to go and bomb the UK not to mention the USA is too geographically difficult.

Israeli lobby in Italy is trying to downplay the role of Israel, they point finger just against France, UK and USA, they insist saying “these are the three countries that did it”, not to mention Israel, that has already bombed Syria twice, the last time yesterday, is obviously an attempt to defend the Israelis who are there, if there has to be a retaliation it must be against them necessarily.

The retaliation is obligatory because Trump and Boris Johnson have announced they’ll do more airstrikes, Assad insists saying he didn’t gas his own people and now as for Novichok we have a mentally clear situation, I want to be more schematic in the explanation of my thoughts because there’s little to leave to confusion, in reality the situation is clear:

If there is a person who knows if Putin ordered the poisoning of Skripal or not this is obviously Putin, that is, if Putin didn’t do it he knows it, so he knows that in the UK they are incompetent or liars.

At the same time, if someone knows 100% sure that Assad gassed or not his own people this is Assad. The rest of us have the impression someone is lying someone else is telling the truth, and I’ve got the impression it’s Trump who’s lying, then we have two precedents: Iraq and Libya and it was the USA to lie, not the Arabs or the Dictator, the Dictator was telling the truth, he didn’t have the arsenal of chemical weapons and Colin Powell was lying. You haven’t got to be “racist” it’s not that May is supposedly telling the truth because she’s white and english while the arabs are supposedly lying because they are arabs, ok? Apart that Assad is basically white but that’s not the point.

Given that Assad and Putin know the western leaders are lying and the US envoy at the UN Nikki Haley had the courage to say “we are loaded” and ready to launch another hundred missiles on Syria with the same “evidences” they had yesterday or in 2001 – fake anthrax, fake videos – it is obvious the alternative to retaliation is to wait they lie again and make Assad end up like Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi and Syria destroyed.

Screenshot from the Telegraph: they want you dead, I think it’s clear enough, don’t stay there and wait. Ready to launch another airstrike.

This is the screenshot of a western pro war paper. So, ready to strike again, they need a plan to end Assad’s threat, locked and loaded ready to launch further actions….Why not to retaliate? They must bomb Israel, because like this at least the Israeli lobby that’s the core of the Neocons will pay a price and Israel will be punished for the airstrikes, at this point the USA can move in two directions:The Israeli lobby tells Trump to calm down because there are too many dead Jews, and they don’t like to pay for what they do – The Israeli lobby tells Trump and Johnson to bomb more, maybe using the nuclear bomb, but that would intoxicate Israel too, because it’s a boundary line country with Syria.In any case, Trump and Nikki will bomb Syria again the same.So the safer option is to hurt them before they do it again. Another little thought about people who call for peace and de-militarization, I wouldn’t, Iran has any right to have the atomic bomb because Israel and Trump have many and also France, if Trump uses the atomic bomb you throw the atomic on Tel Aviv, you die and they die too. Because their project is to make you die the same, at least they die too. And they have no promised land, they have a promised cesspit.I’m Italian, if you cannot have justice, you’re left with Revenge. Pardon – Vendetta. I’m not joking: either you have justice or you take revenge. If Putin suggest you to wait, listen to him, but I see Trump and his bunch of israeli neocons intentioned to obliterate Syria, as an italian if I had to choose between my country to end up like Libya or the WWIII, I’d choose WWIII, because they want to isolate one nation in the middle East and over-bomb it until destruction, Iraq, Libya, now…destroy Israel before they destroy Syria, about the Israelis, they have no conscience until they suffer personally, they care only about the Jews.Apart from sex, be bad.

Hey, it’s ironical, but I would do the retaliation really until the Jews fall on their knees.

Colin Powell’s “Phial of Piss” shown as evidence of Chemical Arsenal in Iraq. Refresh your mind.

“The phial of his own piss” shown as the evidence of mass destruction weapons owned by Saddam, back then at the UN – even – to have an excuse to attack Iraq and remove the cruel dictator, as it was commented by people who wanted to avoid the rush into a deadly and unjust war. A cruel dictator who had more dignity than he, probably, Colin Powell is remembered for this, some say “the black who truly managed to destroy the reputation of the blacks”

Now I’d like to know which are “the evidences” Macron has, I hope it doesn’t smell, in any case, about the true human rights issue, Saddam was treated much better than Gaddafi, and was put on a trial, a trial re-done because the verdict wasn’t hard enough, then sentenced to death in a second trial – they do like Brexit, they don’t like the result and they want to do it again – the judge who condemned him was…executed by ISIS, so probably he repented having helped the americans and the zionists to destroy Iraq, ISIS and throat-cutters are the best you can get after you remove the dictator, because the zionists are cruel, while the English or the Fascists or back then the Romans bothered to colonize and build ferry, airport, palaces, or like the Romans aqueducts and bridges, the Jews hate too much the goym to do anything like colonization, they fight against colonization, they just destroy and leave.

It’s not convenient to give in. Anyway:

So, this is what they’d get if they’d go after the Jews and the Americans helping them to destroy Assad, with the English and French following behind like little dogs in the position, historically strange for them, of not being leaders, if they were leaders they would at least build something after destroying, the Americans and the Jews just run away and let ISIS terrify the rest of the country they’ve destroyed, if ISIS or local Jihadis – the moderate rebels – are by luck not strong enough they feed them to go on terrifying the people left in there, it’s the Kivunim Plan, you know, it’s Jews, I’m sorry, it’s not Romans.


If nothing new rises in Britain, vote Corbyn.