Be careful to Medjugorje, in my opinion the visionary is touched by a demon. Tout court.

I continue to warn you, it is not even for trying to convert you to Protestants, even if you want to remain Catholic: be careful because I think the visionary is taken by a demonic entity, Mirjana, the visionary, is shaken lightly but clearly shaken before seeing the vision and collapses at the end like the entity left her suddenly. In order not to waste time, the vision starts from the second 40.

I beg you to pray for Discernment which is a gift of the Holy Spirit that makes you distinguish between what comes from the devil or a demon, what comes from God and what is only human or else the ability to judge well. In my opinion Mirjana is touched by a demon: Father Livio Fanzaga who brought many Italian catholics to believe to Medjugorje destroying their true faith and sister Briege MacKenna a nun some catholics deem a saint can say what they want, because when we die God who knows who is telling the truth and who cheats will judge us all.

I add that the message is a joke for chickens, apart from the disturbing images of the seer, even only with regards to the message it is absurd that someone sells it for a message that comes from the virgin Mary or from God. Mirjana’s face then has nothing to do with the words of the message, the message is banal as usual, it doesn’t say anything surprising and the visionary makes the surprised face, if you read the message and look at her face, all those expressions of amazement have nothing to do with what’s supposed to be said “by the vision”: they are cheating people or at least try, add that the visionary is the owner of the hotel for pilgrims, so if she stops seeing the Madonna also stops filling the hotel and seeing the Madonna cannot be a profession.


If May had one scintilla of honour…EU asks 1 bl. per month extra other than the 39 bl. for delaying Brexit.



This nice article by Simon Heffer on the Telegraph contains one enlightining sentence that sounds more or less: if May had one scintilla of honour… yes, of course she would resign.

What’s happened next? Incredible. May loses time, reproposes the same deal 16 days before the exit day on the 29th of March, to just delay again the exit or at least to try because we all know – the MPs have told us – her deal, the same as before with the backstop, the trap, no exit clause etc. – her deal is a life term jail for the country with the loss of the voting rights for daring to want to exit the EU actually – well we were informed it will be rejected tomorrow on the 12th of March, or if approved it will be a disaster as such:

“The Withdrawal Agreement is a very expensive lock up of the UK in the EU  in never ending talks, having thrown away our negotiating cards and our veto and votes.” Source

She can throw away not only your veto vote, the negotiating cards but also 39 bl. exit fee with no legal duty whatsoever to pay them – it’s written nowhere that to exit the EU you have to pay – plus 1 bl. monthly for each month of delay from the 29th of March link, given so many people – like John Redwood, John Longworth, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Farage, various former MI6 chiefs – who can talk – Mervyn King & Co. who say blatantly no deal is perfect for restructuring an autonomous country and with the backing of President Trump of the USA (POTUS so to say) ready to strike new trade deal in case on no deal Brexit with the UK, so you pay for…shall I think a part of these 39 bl + 1 bl per month will be given I don’t know to Theresa May and Philip for holidaying permanently in a luxury secret island resort …etc? It looks strange her will to pay….

So, if she had a scintilla of honour…

Very Intimate Vs. Infibulation; why the blacks must stop going after the Leftists and do solve the real problems of African culture.

This bitch of black lawyer has the shame to defend the practice of FGM and to say we exaggerate the problems:

While this woman from central Africa who underwent the practice at 7 – no consent, no decision and no anesthesia – says it was a horror:

To listen to an African female lawyer talking with that clean American accent about how we exaggerate the practice of FGM is disgusting, it’s like you can give them what you like and they still remain African.

If it weren’t enough to cut the clitoris, another black African practice is the breast ironing, their obsession is “the slut” my daughter hasn’t got to be “a slut”, this goes beyond marrying virgin and be faithful to the husband, it’s like, married or not they haven’t got to have sexual pleasure, if you have sexual pleasure according to these africans you are a slut, basically according to them you’re not a slut only if they rape you, or they haven’t got to look beautiful, not even sensual, nothing, “it’s their culture”; now the left-wingers pumped with Rothschild’s zionist money focus on how bad the white male is, which a jewish obsession – the international leftwing and pc agenda IS pumped with Rothschild’s money, not matter how hypocrite they are, no westerner should shake hands with them – instead as you can see from the two videos above and I grant it’s the less disturbing, I’m not an angel-cake eater baby European but I really couldn’t watch other testimonies, well, it is clear that it’s black females who do the most horrible things to black girls: not the whites or the males; snowflakes are dumb and must wake up. Precisely a straight white – or in case also black like J-Z or K West – male would rather let girls grow up sensual and then start talking about contraceptive – sic – With breast and everything, they boast about women who go with them have orgasms – whether is true or not.

This is what they like, on average

“Initmissimi” that means “Very Intimate”, I have to say that with their obsession with pleasure in reality straight white males are the ones who let women live in peace: they wanted divorce, they wanted free love – that easily became free sex, love was put there only for not disturbing the christians in the seventies – they even wanted abortion – which is the abomination of western culture, that puts pleasure above duty. But they don’t infibulate girls and they like sexy girls to be socially respected, because it’s more convenient for them or because they’re not that bad or because they’re christians and because it is like this. Even at the time of the pagans Northern Europeans respected women more than other ethnicities.

The left-wingers must only shut up and die of shame for what they’re doing or they’re trying to do with the West, that is basically the only good place where to live and if Cecil Rhodes was racist, excuse me but if the Africans who live in America USA or Britain are still like this, can’t you imagine what Cecil Rhodes found in Africa in the 19th century? Idiots.

The obsession of the Left with racism is criminal because it passes by islamic terror, African cruel practices and wants to shut down the white christian society which is in  reality the best.

Int’s the difference between eating an angel cake and eating raw chicken’s heart

and it’s not just a way of saying, in African voodoo rituals they force women to eat raw chickens’ hearts, then they breast iron them, then they cut the clitoris and even women who happen to go to University and become lawyers defend the practice. How is the white guy, moreover straight who likes boobs the problem?

As a matter of fact precisely the white straight western guy IS the one who likes…

…girls to be grown up – he’s not a paedo he likes big breasts and girls almost tall as much as he – he’s not a rapist he likes women who like to have sex as much as he does and complains that “Normal girls” are not liberated enough. This is objectionable morally of course but definitely he does leave you live in peace. He’s a bastard but he’s my friend.

Yes, Sajid Javid did right. The opposite decision would make him look a terrorist sympathiser which is what an Interior Minister cannot look. It’s better to look hard.

Whatever decision Sajid Javid made he was never going to come out of this looking good, and it’s typical of the Labour Party & especially the appaling Dianne Abbott to make political capital out of unfortunate tragic events like this. likes: 11884  dislikes: 148

This quoted above is one of the most intelligent comment on the tragic event of the death for malnutrition ? of the baby of the infamous and certainly pitiless jihadi bride Shamima Begum; Diane Abbott blames the Tory Government and Sajid Javid for the death of the innocent, but let’s give a look at the precedents of this horrible woman – God forgive me – the jihadi bride, she already “lost” two babies to malnutrition and illness, she is a woman attracted by Jihad who left London to join ISIS she may be one of those women who take revenge on the babies, you don’t lose three children of malnutrition when you look perfectly cheeky, she doesn’t look meager or skinny: she didn’t feed the baby but she was perfectly fed, I’m sorry but I think she may be this type of vindictive “Medea” mother “I kill the baby so you’ll suffer”.

Moreover I stand totally with the British Interior Minister Sajid Javid: as a Southern Italian, the last thing I’d like to be is to be associated with a mafia mobster, I do understand perfectly a Briton of Pakistani origin who does not want to be associated not even by far to the Islamist Terror, the last thing an Interior Minister – or more precisely the Home Secretary in Britain – has to look like “can afford to look like” is to be a terrorist sympathiser, he better look tough, at this point if it were only for his image, it’s the minor evil. And it’s not only for his image of course, there’s also the substance, the substance that people cannot dream they can go on ISIS holidays, that you take the flight to go fight against western looking arab countries, to impose Sharia, then when you’re blood sated and tired or bored of the “adventure” come back possibly to enjoy the western welfare state, I am sick of the habit of certain Jews who really go to Israel to serve three months in the Israeli army, shoot some Palestinians then come back to France or to Europe and play the poor Jews: they can stay in Israel forever; there is an attraction to the West by these people that’s typical of scroungers. The dual nationality should, must be abolished and also the Jews should be barred from serving temporarily in the IDF, I don’t care, they can be Israeli nationals if they like and stay there permanently, travelling with the Israeli-passport only, same goes for these Islamists, who want to be a “weekend warrior” in the Middle East and then come back.

It’s not that easy, and it would be immoral to make it easy, understood Diane?

They better become football fans and go to the Stadium.

The West was never the cradle of dumbness.

Bravo Javid, of course he was right.

You can’t ask the Governmetn to keep you safe and then to take back terrorists


Harry and Meghan look “Very Californian” but the wrong type.

Harry and Meghan

You see them, a ginger big boy already a bit balding with a coloured older than he divorced woman he took for his wife, talking about equality and climate change and then taking a private helicopter intoxicating the world to go from London to London; that’s very Californian but thee wrong type: leftwing and privileged, rich polluters who say nonsense about ecology to then take helicopters and private jets and moreover, the nonsense, let’s say it, the plain ignorance of history that makes European posh people say “In America they buy University degrees but they don’t study, when they play basket and do the cheerleaders at least they do something” why such European nastiness? Well, according to this not-nasty-enough article written by Stephen Glover, that dumb looking Prince Harry with racially mixed wife that if she weren’t racially mixed she would be nothing at all said – and very Californian style there is the suspect that the bossy wife wrote the speech and the submissive still male husband learnt it by memory and repeated it – well they said that the actual generation of young people are “the ones who care more” and feel frustrated at the indifference of older generations: that’s Steven Glover’s article Link

He has a high school diploma taken at Eton – the supposedly best high school in Britain, she a University degree in something – art? – taken in California, they have no knowledge or no respect whatsoever of basic, minimum contemporary history; the older generation who don’t care and are not engaged according to the dumb Harry:

In the twenties real feminists died for the right to vote.

In the forties real patriots died to fight the WWII against Nazi-fascists

In the fifties they relaxed

In the sixties they started cultural revolution

In the seventies – they didn’t care, didn’t they? – they broke hell free and in the good and the evil legalised abortion and divorce.

In the eighties they were living already on a cushion while spies and secret services continued the Cold War against the threat of communism.

In the nineties starts the movement against globalisation, the Illuminati and the NWO that culminated in the 2000 years, now it is obvious – and not for Harry who lives on another planet, Stanley Kubrik died for telling people what the likes of Harry and Meghan really do in Eyes Wide Shut.

The problem is that both Harry and Meghan are neither particularly cultivated nor aware, they tell people born in 2001 “they are the most engaged generation in the world” for climate change? He’s an idiot, and shows the flaws of the monarchy; it’s mediocre people given a high place by the system who, when they refuse Palace PRs help show off all their mediocrity in full.

Harry is boiled.

The proposal: let’s do the NordStream Med with Macron.


Yes, I know, we are still fighting for the Tav, which, I do not know why, on this google map is already marked: there is a blue line that unites Turin and Lyon, I do not see in reality, but it doesn’t matter.

I confess to Macron and to all you brothers that for me I would do Tav, NordStream 2 and also a nice Nord Stream Med from the Côte d’Azur to Campania, Sicily and Calabria, so you do not hole anything, Mont Blanc remains immaculate and the gas arrives the same, the famous beloved Russian gas, which we want for more than one reason; as an Italian and Christian – even Kabalist sic – I can no longer stand the dependence on the Middle East, which is also a powder magazine. When we have these good Russians that we love and understand, I can say, once Putin said he esteems the Calabresi, it has been reported by a newspaper of Calabria, who knows if it is true.

But I like Russia too, and of course France too, so we have to make peace with Macron.

I can not speak badly of those who do not want the Tav, because I absolutely do not want to cut the ancient olive trees, the famous olive trees planted by Frederick II of Swabia, another German who does not want the Tap, in Puglia, so I can not judge the ones who don’t want the Tav and then I would like to help Toninelli because he can not resign because once Minister is saying the same things he said during the election campaign – no Tav in the election campaign and no Tav as a Minister, you don’t resign for this, there is resignation for the opposite, when you as Minister do the opposite of what you said in the election campaign – and then, there is the sea, these goods can not arrive in France with the ship from Genoa to Marseille? Or we can make a nice fast highway that passes over Montecarlo and the trucks go from there? Is the Tav necessary? You do.

Meanwhile, I think this, you do the NordStream 2:


From Russia – Wyborg – to Germany – Lubmin – then the gas from Germany arrives in France and then down we make the Nord Stream Med from France to Southern Italy, Marseille – Naples – Palermo with a mini branch Corsica – Sardinia, all under water like the original in the Baltic, without cutting trees, piercing mountains etc. And we’re okay with the gas.


Puglia and the ancient / millennial olive trees are left in peace, and the Tav I don’t know, they have to decide up there in Turin because they have to live with the broken mountain.

I support then the statist line for the construction, without contracting to private companies; Speaking of private companies that want to manage big things, the Benettons after having brought down the Morandi bridge in Genoa would now like to have Atlantia what? Buying Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport: I would never sell it to you, dear Benettons. All the planes could fall and the pylons collapse, but how are they not ashamed? They made a concrete bridge collapse and instead of repaying the damage now try to buy airports?

I agree with DiMaio: let’s nationalize, the NordStream Med maybe the State itself does it protecting the rights of the workers with two work shifts from 8 to 14 and from 14 to 20 from Monday to Saturday, Sunday free and Easter and Christmas sacred. As I said in the previous articles: there is some good in the 5 Star Movement, understood Giorgia?


Let’s also nationalize the port of Gioia Tauro: PLEASE.

And this is for Macron:

Mont Blanc the dessert. Can this be pierced? Toninelli? This does not last five minutes.

We don’t want any “Israeli” Gas stolen to the Palestinians; let’s take part with Russians and Germans in Nord Stream 2.

I want the NordStream 2

gas pipe Nord stream 2 under water 3D
gas pipe Nord stream 2 under water 3D

The Jews steal the gas from the Palestinians; the famous “Israeli” pipeline actually exploits a field in front of the Gaza Strip that are Palestinian territorial waters, but the Israelis, who shoot at the Palestinians like they’re doing nothing, do not recognize Gaza, nor the West bank, nor East Jerusalem as Palestinian territories, claim, even through their hateful and hated lobby, to “sell” the Palestinian gas as if it were “Israeli” and say crap about anti-Semitism – 80% true things about them – and break the balls with pictures of poor Jewish children killed in Auschwitz .

Now fortunately the 5Stars Movement in Italy do not want to do it, the Israeli gas pipeline; first, because if the reservoir is in front of Gaza then it is Palestinian not Israeli; second, because it should go to pierce in Puglia where they have already blocked the TAP.

Last but not least, there is the Russo-German alternative of NordStream 2, that is the pipeline that starts from Putin’s Russia, passes through the Germany of Merkel and we Italians want it to come down from Germany-Austria-Italy, so, and not only, it should also go up to Britain: The strength of the NordStream is that it is designed “clean clean” ie a pipeline straight, smoothly and without too many bends that would then have to descend into Germany and emanate easily into other European States; the NordStream is the red thread, while the NordStream 2 still in progress is the fragmented garnet wire (because it is not complete)


And so it arrives very quickly to Germany from which it would be easy to get the gas to both Southern and Northern European States.


The NordStream 2 politically and economically empowers Russia, Germany and continental Europe, while the “Israeli” pipeline would give more power to the Jewish lobby and even more importance to the Middle East, moreover, both us and the UN – for once I mention the UN – we recognize Gaza as a Palestinian territory with the whole seafront ahead as Palestinian territorial waters whereas the Israelis kill the Palestinians, they have made a naval blockade in the stretch of sea facing Gaza, also blocking humanitarian aid, and in fact allow themselves not to recognize Palestinian territoriality at all: they steal and shoot and block foreign help.

This dependence of energy sources from the Middle East – we already depend on Saudi oil – must end, to also depend on the gas from the Gaza Strip, moreover being sold as an Israeli product would further weaken the “white and Christian” Europe and further enhance the Jewish lobby, already peasant and intrusive, which is instead something to be reduced of power by large scale, and weaken pro-Palestinian causes because in fact we would recognize that Gaza is controlled by the Israelis.

The Jewish-Israeli lobby wants to force us to buy the gas from the Jews (that is, from themselves, often they are citizens with dual nationality) and what do they do? They try to criminalize Putin and the Russians, damaging our economy very strongly, to date, everyone, Italians, Austrians, French and Germans want, demand the reopening of the Russian market, both for the import, but especially for the Export and the EU, as if it were something different and detached from the French, Germans, Austrians and Italians, instead wants to block it on behalf of the Jewish lobby and breaks the balls with further days of memory for the victims of Auschwitz.

And to say that the Russians have freed the Jews from Auschwitz. But they go with the whites, you know.

Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin
Putin as Merkel’s guest at the Meseberg Palace in Germany: we want a new Spring of good relations with the Russians –