Mao Tse Zuckerberg: FB censors both Right-Wing and Independent Leftwing AntiWar Media.

From Mark Zuckerberg to Mao Zuckerberg: massive unbelievable censorship on facebook.

Both Right-wing conservative and traditional pacifist antiwar leftwing pages shut down and deleted from facebook Source actually a never seen before purge that includes widely both the likes of AntiWar the traditionally pacifist leftwing online magazine than Right-Wing News – the name couldn’t be clearer about it – why? Mao does not explain to us, he just informs us that they “broke the rules”, the ex teenage idol, the one that was deemed cool in the first decade of the years 2000 – starting 2004 – now reveals his true nature, like the pigs in Animal Farm, so much that, according to this article in the DailyMail the under thirty do not like him and do not even name facebook among their top 50 favourite brands, whereas there’s still YouTube Source the original title of the linked article was rather shocking “Facebook’s DEAD to the under 30s…”

Well, the under thirties are going to vote Republican and follow Alex – Jones – the same.

As for facebook, with this strange wide-ranged right-wing and independent leftwing censorship and while you can still find disturbing jihadis’ pages or cruelty suicidal videos of crazy nuts or else Taylor Swift and some human traffickers’ accounts that promote illegal immigration to Europe… you wonder if it can survive. And you wonder why it should.


Republicans must win MidTerms Elections with or without Facebook. End of.

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the National Republican Congressional Committee's annual March dinner at the National Building Museum in Washington
I got convinced, I take on the war to win the American Senate for the Republicans.

I’ve just been on the DailyMail Online and because of two articles I got convinced of campaigning hard for the Republicans aka Trump to win the Mid-Terms Elections in November, the 6th.

One is the shameful attack on Kanye West on the base that he’s cleverer than the average black they want to send him to the psychiatric hospital and I just can’t stand this, you know, a couple of days ago I had to read an astonishing article about Piers Morgan quarreling with a “genius” of a “black study” professor who, instead of complaining about Hitler found intelligent to complain about Churchill – and he was a professor – I believe dumb people think intelligent people are crazy. Explain to them it’s not Kanye who’s crazy, it’s the others who are dumb.

Kanye West with Ivanka at the White House

The other article that made me convinced, like Achilles who went back to war – but I won’t die for it – was this: Link oops, they did it again, facebook shut down pro Trump pages claiming they were breaking some rules with the declared purpose to avoid what happened when Trump won the elections in 2016, that is, me, the russians the supposed fake news and after Alex Jones was banned from facebook like a renegade, I came back to the path of war, why I thought, do they think seriously that we cannot win without facebook? I can win without facebook, I’m not Hillary Clinton or Chelsea Clinton, I’ll tell you more I can win against facebook.

Now I want to win again: you must vote republicans, massively ok? and make facebook redfaced for shame.

Why I didn’t want to campaign hard for the mid-term elections this time? Well it’s easy, I truly like Trump for the re-industrialization of America, yes, i say it, the rights of the american workers, freedom of speech and protection of the borders, I just couldn’t stand his pro Israel stance, but all in all the Democrats would do much worse, I can’t forget that little stupid bitch of Chelsea Clinton campaigning against Trump when her mother and Barack Hussein Obama left Lybia bleeding in front of my Country – I live in Southern Italy, actually almost in front of Lybia – and causing the most terrifying refugee crisis ever and that bitch – who’s in any case married to a jew and zionist too, so for that the Palestinians wouldn’t have much help – instead of accusing that war criminal of her mother stays there to talk about Trump, add that christian values and the right to free speech and to be against the LGBT agenda are promoted by the Republicans, so vote Republican, I’m not a russian bot and we can win against Zuckerberg other than without, of course we can.

As for the crazy black to send to the psychiatrist I’d rather send the professor who attacks Churchill instead of Hitler, you know…Without Churchill there would be Hitler, they just don’t get it…this must be the result of quotas, that professor must have entered University for a minority quota and he’s not intelligent enough. End of.

Salvini Vs. Spread: to detax who buys Italian Bonds, all the rich will move the residency here and the Spread…


… and the Spread at that point can go fuck itself, if it’s true what Matteo Salvini says, the best delicacy of all for those who have something: not to pay taxes. I imagine Zuckerberg or Elon Musk asking to move the residence to Rome in front of the Colosseum – they can afford it – in short, Salvini says Link that the Spread is used to bring Italy to its knees, that, let’s say it, asshole of Romano Prodi reveals what he thinks of the EU in an absurd interview he actually said – I could not believe it – “We must obey the EU rules even when they are not intelligent” you don’t believe it? Wrong, he really said it Link Fusaro’s comment is priceless, but this is the man who brought us in the euro? Yes, this is the petty, dull and almost consciously stupid level of pro-EU men, in Britain they should hang Theresa May and tell her that she wants to be in the Custom Union with the EU “even if it’s not an intelligent move and it’s not in the interest neither of the Northern Ireland nor of the rest of Great Britain “ok?

But let’s go back to Salvini – our hero even if, to be honest, the idea seems to be by Armando Siri – “ça va sans dire” that I buy them, but I’m Italian resident in Italy, but if the rule is true it will also apply to non Italian citizens residing in Italy because taxes are paid on the basis of residence not of nationality, at that point at least we will have super-rich immigrants who will spend and high and wide – except that the cost of houses in Rome, Milan and Naples will increase, but that … – instead of having the poor illegal immigrants who are weighing on the welfare always looking miserable and sleepy, except when they have to complain about something, the value of Italian State’s bonds will increase enormously and … the Spread with the Mark – because it’s real name is actually Mark – is reset and at that point Germany will exit from the euro because it would not suit them any more, for Germany it is better to stay in the euro only to exploit Italy and Greece, or better it suits the German banks, I have nothing against the german citizens, I quite like them.

I’m not an economist, if I’m wrong about something tell me, I’m looking forward the comment of a “good” expert, good means one of ours, I wish comments on Salvini-Siri’s proposal of:

Joseph Stiglitz;

Ambrose Evans Pritchard;

Nassim Taleb;

and of course “redbeard” Mark Blyth.

Hi. I’ll buy them, I already live in Italy and then I will not pay taxes, how nice, I hate paying taxes.

Patronaggio is a buffoon: Gladio does not sign the murders.

Symbols of Gladio – in the center – of the Stay behind and of the English secret services

One of the worst antics made by the communist and immigrationist judges was that of Luigi Patronaggio to send himself – most likely if he did it by himself – a bullet inside a closed envelope signed “with the symbol of Gladio” which is pure bullshit because only a ignorant may think that Gladio signs the murders and the threatening letters, where in fact the organization – linked to the CIA and the English secret services – was accused of doing yeah illegal things but “undercover” maybe false flags or throwing the blame on someone else, like the revolutionary communists or the BR – Red Brigades ed.notes – etc. But doesn’t Patronaggio know it? ‘Cause it’s as if he had sent a bullet in a sealed envelope and signed “CIA” but why? Do you think the CIA if they kill or threaten someone sign “CIA”? Maybe they’ll sign “Al Quaeda” or maybe “ISIS” – even if they say ISIS are the Israelis – Gladio is not the PLO or the BR that sign and claim the paternity of the attacks: it does the opposite, pretends not to exist – its motto is “Silendo Liberatem servo” which means “Staying silent I serve Freedom” – if ever the case of wrongdoing they’d throw the blame on someone else, I mean, you can’t expect the real “Gladiators” to state “I am Cossiga your beloved Minister of the Interior” idiot of a lefty judge, and idiots besides him, the journalists who gave the news without laughing and without commenting: try to take around the Italian people in a way between the scandalous and the ridiculous, and not very functional.

Certainly that a certain form of Gladio perhaps would serve us against Soros and Rothschild and the Immigrationists or the lefty judges, after all the world political scene is shaping itself the right way for a new Gladio, let’s put it like this:

Ronald Reagan’s part is done obviously by Trump, who is the President of the United States;

“Kossiga” is obviously Salvini, who is the Italian Interior Minister just like the real Francesco Cossiga, nicknamed in Italy “Kossiga” when he got particularly tough on crime and terrorism ’cause in the Italian culture K is psychologically perceived as harder than C even when they’ve got the same sound;

Margaret Thatcher can be done by… Farage.

Oops, I know you would like to say that Margaret Thatcher should be interpreted by Theresa May, but Gladio, the Iron-men of Stay Behind for anti-communism must be 100% sure and Farage is 100% safe, then May? In short, she is hesitant “tentative”, she does not even know what to do with Brexit, she’s “coldly friendly” with Trump while Farage knows what he wants and on which side of History he wants to stay – just like me or you Readers -.

Do you believe that there are no limits for a new Gladio or anti-immigration stay behind? I do not know, let’s take the scandalous case of Riace, here in Calabria, the Mayor Mimmo Lucano – legal name: Domenico Lucano – has taken so many African immigrants to make them the majority of the population inhabitant – obviously not citizens – if they become the majority of citizens we Italians would finished as a people and we would be replaced by another ethnic group, I do not take into consideration the hypothesis of becoming a minority in Italy: so make Gladio for real.

Do you realize that the famous “Riace model” means bringing Italians into the condition of becoming the minority on the same Italian territory? And that to support our replacement and end are the Israeli Jews who run the lefty newspaper Repubblica with their leading man Roberto Saviano in the forefront? So while they burn Palestinian shops in Jerusalem they tell us to become a minority and praise the “Riace model” that means to become a minority in Italy, therefore our end for sure. How disgusting. I’m happy with two things:

a) If they do another Gladio for real, against the new communists who are the immigrationists and no borders, NWO etc.;

b) If they arrest and condemn the Mayor of Riace and give him twenty years jail and then throw away the key of the cell.

Those of Gladio, the true ones, perhaps we’ll recognize them, but they are certainly not going to sign the murders, not with their name at least.

Kavanaugh: again on the use of the charges for rape with a second aim.

Trump showed courage standing firm with Kavanaugh and his family.

Women and men remember:


The above sentence should be a banner, the charges for rape must be always aimed at having justice for the rape not at blocking appointments at the Supreme Court or getting money or publicity anyway, lately particularly in America these rape charges are always aimed at something else than the justice for rape:

blocking careers,

getting money,

getting publicity.

About the woman who sued Kavanaugh or better she didn’t sue him, she just made a fuss on behalf of the Democrats to try and stop his appointment at the Supreme Court – that’s the only real aim of this mediatic trial – as for Weinstein, the majority of the actresses they just wanted to talk to the journalists and from a podium but they didn’t want to really sue him not to end up on a trial, now it is evident that if Kavanaugh had never been appointed by Trump at the Supreme Court he would have never been charged for rape and that’s the big mistake, the gigantic flaw that makes us defend him and despise the accuser:

You don’t sue for rape to stop careers, you sue for rape if there was a rape. It’s not that “if Kavanaugh were a Democratic judge then he wouldn’t be a rapist” or “if Kavanaugh weren’t appointed at the Supreme Court he wouldn’t be a rapist” so he wouldn’t deserve being sued, “since Kavanaugh is a Republican judge and appointed at the Supreme Court (moreover by Trump) then he is a rapist”: this statement is clearly wrong: Kavanaugh is a rapist if he raped, not if he’s against abortion and republican instead of democratic.

The rape charges done with a gigantic second aim that’s clearly political and not sexual are already disqualified for this, all these women who want to sue for rape like the accusers of Ronaldo after 9, 10, in the case of Kavanaugh even 35 years they always do it in cases where it is impossible to find out the truth: it’s always interrupted sexual intercourses, first of all and always too many years after, that is, it’s never a case of crude rape, what is called “carnal violence” that leaves scars, for example, a woman raped by a man in a house or in the street who runs away from the assaulter and goes to the police station and the police officer and a doctor testify “there are signs of violence on the body” No, it’s always the mid-rape, the interrupted – not interrupted sexual intercourse, that means: Ronaldo flirts and kisses and hugs with a sexy lady in a disco, then they both enter a bedroom voluntarily, they close the door and so there are already only them two in room no witnesses etc. there they kiss, hug etc. they do the preliminaries and as often happens the woman is sated with the preliminaries and the man wants to go on and have the full sexual intercourse, according the woman she asked him to stop because she didn’t feel like doing it etc. and he didn’t stop instead and forced her to have  a sexual intercourse, then you may find signs of violence on the body of the woman but she sues 9 years later – or 35 years later as for Kavanaugh – now tell me lady what do you want of me? No one knows what happened in that room but you and he, you cannot ask me to arrest or condemn Ronaldo or Kavanaugh because you may be just lying for money, publicity and politics, let’s tell the truth they don’t want Kavanaugh because he is against abortion and a conservative and instead of discussing abortion and conservativism they sue for rape, it is always and regularly cases in which it is impossible to find out the truth, if a student rapes a schoolmate as Kavanaugh’s accuser says he did, she can tell the teacher, tell the headmaster of the school there are other schoolmates who may have seen something, now after 35 years what are we supposed to do? Go looking for teachers and headmasters and the other schoolmates who actually have no idea of what happened or may be even dead? now you keep Kavanaugh at the Supreme Court and shut up, and also for Ronaldo, these women sue always in cases of no signs of violence or witnesses whatever it’s just allegations and dirt on a man.

Living wage and Spending Review: how to balance the books and “make it square”.

The “men of the money”in Italy: Giovanni Tria on the Left, Finance Minister and Paolo Savona on the right Minister for the relationship with the EU.

The case of Italy is studied and watched carefully by the markets and the ECB – lately they say Draghi in person came down to Rome to have a private talk with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella because the 5 Stars Movement promised – and won the elections with this – the living wage in Italy called “Income of Citizenship”, Draghi and the EU Commission don’t like it but…not to make the Government fall the so called DEF – Document of Economy and Finance – was approved with all the Living Wage in it, the Finance Minister Giovanni Tria is always rumoured to be about to resign, but…DiMaio came down with the safety car of the menaces of prison for the ones who dare and rig the income declaration to get state-money without deserving it:

Mr. Luigi DiMaio Italian Minister for Work and Social Policies and actual leader of the 5 Stars Movement, wanted the Living Wage – with the euro rules looming behind him – the same.


Open Letter to the Italian Finance Minister about the current situation

Dear Mr. Tria,

if I wrote relatively little about you it is because you and Savona I take you for granted, I fought and won to have a Minister of Finance on the side of the Italians who knows how to talk and deal with the foreigners.

Only lately with this story of the DEF every now and then newspapers write “Maybe Tria resigns” for the income of citizenship.

Mr. Giovanni Tria the Italian Finance Minister

Tria is not going to resign, he’s going to stay where he is.

Now I intervene, as is my usual with a stretched leg.

The “Income of Citizenship” is not just three words “sun, heart and love” it is a concept to decline, now Di Maio is neither mean nor crazy, he already said that the income of citizenship will be protected by the “purposely unskilled & good-to-nothing” to accumulate not due State money for two or three years with the “justicialist” threat of 6 and I say 6 years in prison for those requesting the allowance for poverty relief – otherwise known as citizenship income – lying about real incomes, ie if cross-checking comes out that a Roma or a Calabrian Catholic or a Calvinist Triestino have registered 24 cars with their own name – as it really happened with an Italian Roma living in Rome – and they declare themselves poor not to pay due taxes they get 6 years jail, all right?

The measures against poverty must be structured, in Denmark there are, but combined with the law that provides that if a Danish citizen refuses up to three job offers made by a center managed by the State, in line with his curriculum, ie they do not send a professor to fry potato chips, and within two hours by car from the town of residence, he loses the right to the allowance.

What I want to say is this: there are people who need it and people who take advantage of the goodwill of the State and of politicians like DiMaio, do not leave those who need it poor but at the same time do not let the sly take advantage of it, in many countries the Living Wage is “structured” Northern Europe is the Paradise of the Living wage, but with two lightning rods against freeloaders:

First Lightning Rod

The checks on the tax return, for ex. if you have houses you can not have the Living wage, but the State must drive out the squatters, that is, you must be able to rent the house and the tenant must pay, because you are not the welfare state that must provide housing, you are a private citizen and you have the right and also the duty to make a property produce an income, if you leave it empty for your decision you can do it because the house is a property of yours, but you have no right to any income of citizenship etc.

Second Lightning Rod

The job-center managed by the State; if you are unemployed and the State finds you up to three job offers paid right and in good standing, not for exploitation or black obviously, in line with your curriculum and within two hours drive from the center of residence, you are free to refuse but you lose the right to citizenship income.

There are strong anti-exploitation formulas, in fact in Denmark work is paid well and there must be anti-slackers by choice protection formulas not to scrub the State, Roma or non-Roma.

Got it?

Come on, Giovanni, don’t make it worse than it really is. Bye.


Moscovici “whips up” Italy, but the truth is that Italy can not stand people like Moscovici anymore.
The “whipped” Salvini continues to rise in the consensus.

Yes, we want to get out and if God wants after hard brexit everything there in Brussels will be closed, but do you think that a rich nation can accept to be “beaten” or “whipped” continuously because it can not decide its own economic and industrial policies? When we decided with our money and our currency and the immense golden wealth – Italy has 2400 tons of gold, Britain only 300, we are Scrooge in gold – we were rich, foreigners did not pass the line without a passport, the fascists were those of the MSI, today they would be called fascists people like Bettino Craxi as well, whose father made the real anti-fascist resistance and not that of Scalfari, right after 8 September and probably out of fear, but do me the favour, yes Moscovici calls us racists and has at this point a reason, because if the use of the term “Fascist” has spread from Almirante to the likes of Craxi, Cossiga and Andreotti and racist from the Ku Klux Klan to those who do not want their country to transform itself into African and Muslim, obviously with these terms used in these terms we are all racist for real, and so is Saviano, the Jew and Lerner and Mr. Parenzo, the other Jews because they want migrants yes but here, in Naples and Riace and maybe London but then they do not want the Palestinians in Jerusalem – the Orthodox Jews have burned their shops and Saviano and Lerner and Parenzo stay quiet … – but I say they do not want them either in the West Bank or Gaza and so they are in fact racists too – more than the others –

Then? Yes, yesterday I thought: it is useless to tell Moscovici that we are not racist, in his terms or in those of Soros we are, but it is irrelevant, as it is irrelevant, as I said on this site in the article before this one, the accusation of rape against Cristiano Ronaldo, I remember perfectly until a couple of years ago if a man was reported for rape I was scared to watch him or see him go by the way in the street, now I do not even think of being afraid of Ronaldo, because it’s like racism, too many people are accused of racism and they seem normal so you do not pay any attention to this accusation anymore, so there has been such an avalanche of reports of rape with ten or fifteen years of delay, you see the pictures of the ex-model who rubs with Ronaldo at the disco, then they entered the bedroom, it is true if a woman changes mind he must just stop, but she complains ten years later? And this is the result: the complaint for rape, the accusation of racism no longer have the emotional weight of before, they are rinsed, just think about how we looked at the men accused of rape ten years ago and how we look at them now, I would like to say this: the accusation of rape or racism is not something like a fashion you know, something “trendy” like “today people do it, it’s in”.

However, according to the criteria of Moscovici we are racist, think that we have never been asked “Do you like the whites or the blacks?” the question was “Do you like blondes or browns?” in the sense that blacks or Asians were not even taken into account – I’m sorry but the question was “Do you like more the blonde Velina or the brunette Velina?” “This year the brunette” last year the blonde, Europe is the land of the Latin and of the German: the blond and the brown, it will probably always be perceived as such, joking aside and with Europe all its extensions: USA, Australia, Canada etc.

The famous photo River Phoenix-Keanu Reeves and the famous question “do you like blondes or browns more?” For the record, I liked Keanu more and my sister River. Independently from the fact that Keanu Reeves has a Chinese grandfather.

The important thing is to take out the EU and get out of the euro, Moscovici does not have hair.

Swedish Surveyor

Scrutinizing politically correct madness for the masses.