I have to Inform the Queen and the People of Britain that it’ll be automatic Hard Brexit unless you do the Referendum.

The faces of the Cabinet Ministers say it all

Yes, I have, I feel the duty to do it, both the Crown and the People – with major P – of Britain must know that May, Gove, the Cabinet’s Ministers  and Phil Hammond in particular are just running out of time and making a mess, the ones who are telling you the Truth – with major T – are: John Redwood, the Right Honorable – Boris Johnson – again the Right Honorable – and yes Jeremy Corbyn – Right Honorable and Chief of the Opposition – with major O –

You lose time like this? You lose the crunch vote etc? Which is also stupid to delay because you have delayed even more than enough, and delaying after delaying it will be just in a little more than three months the 29th of March, now, if you don’t do another referendum, like it or not it’ll be automatic Hard Brexit, automatic Remain doesn’t exist, because we are not in 2017 with more than one year yet to come before the new EU elections, we are in December 2018, you can delay maximum one month because if you had to automatically remain which option is illegal – technically impossible unless you do another referendum and Remain wins ok? – you’ll crash out, you won’t participate to the 23rd of May 2019 EU elections so you’ll be out whether Rothschild, the Devil, Theresa May and husband Phil like, it or not.

Why? Try and guess, even Farage will have to really come back home, you won’t have Commissioners, you won’t have MEPs, you won’t have staff in the EU office, you’ll just be out, the fact that Theresa May doesn’t like it is irrelevant, one who’s telling you the truth is Jeremy Corbyn: if you don’t do another referendum you’re out de-facto on the 22nd of May, so you’ll have delayed for a useless one month and three weeks then you just don’t have staff in Brussels, MEPs and Commissioners: you are out in practice and you should start getting ready for it. And without a deal you won’t have any duty of any kind to pay anything to the EU and in Dover or at the Irish border they can do what they like, they can let Trams and Buses and people and food pass, cross the border or not, but you’re out the same, even if you let people and camions or trucks filld with beers and bananas it’s because of your own free independent decision, you’re out of the EU the same, ok?

Please do a favour to yourself and read this:



Brexit, Trump, Salvini & DiMaio or the Yellow Vests show that the AntiChrist can wait: it’s untrue that the Illuminati win, the Illuminati can be defeated just like anyone else, they give themselves too much airs these hooded monks, may they – with all pardon of delicate people – masturbate less about their supposed power and try to think about their actually being a human failure:

Brexit put the AntiChrist on its knees that’s it.

You are out on the 30th of March, ok? Listen to Boris, John even Jeremy, you must get ready for it. You have to start discussing the WTO terms and the new visas rules instead of listening to Phil Hammond and Mark Carney talking about crashing out, I know Italians who are in Australia or Switzerland and Aussies in Britain, Americans in Italy, you have to discuss the new visas rule you haven’t got to think about crashing out: someone tell Hammond to calm down “dear”.

And many thanks to David too, of course.



I beg Mrs. may’s pardon: how can you just delay Brexit if in May 2019 there are new EU Elections?

theresa may cards-xlarge
Theresa & Phil showing secret Illuminati coded message they want to stay in the EU, look at the window in Philip’s drawing and the EU-flag sky in Theresa’s

Yes, they are Remainers, finally they had “the balls” to say it, to come out, the picture above is on the HomePage of The Telegraph online, the sky in Theresa’s and the window in Phil’s drawings are definitely EU-flags in disguise.

But what, in this Brexit day?

I wondered, how can she possibly ask for a “delay” in the departure from the EU if in late May – 23rd-26th of May 2019 – there are the new EU-Parliament elections Link? MEPs

So, let me understand, you reach the 29th of March without a deal for your personal ineptitude or your secretly illuminati coded will to stay in the EU

Illuminati codetheresa may cards-xlarge

and then? Not being able, having the guts or just the will to leave without a deal and revert to WTO terms you ask to delay the departure and Juncker, still in charge till the end of  May says yes, well, and then? You have less than two months before the new EU elections and what will Britain do? If it has to stay, because to delay without a deal means to stay, it should organise regular EU elections and pay the bill of 20 bln pounds to the EU and that’s Remain pure and simple and in full.

Are you kidding?

Or else you stay but without doing new EU elections in May or sending new MEPs to Brussels and then you pay for nothing – they’ll never let you stay without paying for that – that’s another mess, much worse than to leave without a deal.

Moreover the seats for the British MEPs have already been eliminated, I quote from the link I gave you above:

In February 2018, the European Parliament voted to decrease the number of MEPs from 751 to 705, after the United Kingdomwithdraws from the European Union on the current schedule.[3]”

Come on, May, you wanted to leave with a deal, you agreed the worst deal possible with the EU now it will be voted down by the sacred parliament so, it’s no deal, I can’t see any other possible outcome unless you make a referednum “Stay-Leave” but you already did it and Leave won.

Sorry, child, you made a mess.

A backstop, a Loophole, a Parliamentary Lock, the language of Theresa May is the one of a very bad peddler.


The only one who tells the truth among backstops, loopholes, improbable parliamentary locks – the language says it all, she seems one who wants to peddle a broken patched up thing very low quality certainly not taylor made in Bond Street – is Mr. Steve Hilton “The Conservatives must get rid of Theresa May to fix this mess” the only question in fact is “why on earth is May who has to conduct the talks for Brexit?” Why-On-Earth?

A bad peddler, and the characteriscs of low quality items peddlers is they have no shame.

The Telegraph’s view: “The devil is in the ‘backstop’ detail” is frankly not quite precise: the devil in Downing Street Ten. And she wears strange leopard shoes, maybe Prada? Who knows.

The Incipit of Mr. Hilton admirable article:

Title …(can’t remember properly, sounded like ‘sack her’

It’s not too late to deliver the Brexit the people voted for

In 1984, George Orwell described totalitarianism as “a boot stamping on a human face – forever”. Well, if you want a picture of the future under the “deal” Theresa May has “negotiated” with the EU, it’s the Brexit debate stamping on the face of British politics – forever. In leopard print heels, perhaps.

The crippling defect at the heart of May’s plan is its built-in uncertainty. It resolves nothing and postpones everything, indefinitely prolonging negotiations over Britain’s status. Those who oppose leaving the EU without a deal cite the “economic disruption” that would cause. But anyone who has run a business knows that the most…


The Queen teaches that at a certain point when things don’t go where they should, you must send them to Frogmore Cottage.
So there are no backstops and loopholes and irish beers stopped before they get irish pubs’ customers drunk, I know Heineken’s lads, yes they will sell you german beers as much as you want.
Sack May, you must just exit. How can you possibly “drink” the story taht you won’t trade with Germany, idiots! No one believes her, of course.


Don’t worry, you’ll get drunk also after Brexit

Can you seen the Germans stop selling you beer, or even cars? Don’t be ridiculous and tell May to stop.

If you don’t want any Brexit, you must have the balls to say it: don’t you invent that No-Deal would be a tragedy.

Big Ben
Time is on Hard Brexit’s side NOT on Remain’s side, the clock’s ticking and I just count the hours

Now I understand the little thought of a Telegraph’s journalist dispensed yesterday, more or less it was this “why, if her deal is going to be voted down and she’s the loser, May seems calm, not worried” of course the answer is there today in the press, since there will be no deal, because May’s scandalous and frankly dirty’s proposal of becoming a vassal state without having lost any war – Italy and western Germany were treated better by the Americans after the WWII finished, I’m sorry for Eastern Germany – cannot be accepted then you would expect, ok, let’s get ready for No-deal, revert to WTO terms and some checks in Dover that can be avoided if you just vote in Westminster to avoid them because don’t you fool the Doverians – the citizens of Dover, maybe – and the Irish, No-Deal does not impose checks at the border, it just returns the authority to decide whether to put checks or not on the British side to Westminster, instead of fucking Brussels – sorry for the ef word but I just can’t stand them any longer – which means, you don’t want any checks? You don’t put any checks. You want checks? You put checks, so don’t you fool anyone with the illegal fantasy that No Deal means Remain, as for the EU offer to delay Brexit? For sure and that would be expensive, no Brexit or delay Brexit would mean Britain would have to pay another year of fee the 20 bln pounds in full to actually oh stay in.

You can exit with no Deal, if you don’t want to exit you must have the balls the say it, don’t you invent that No-Deal is unacceptable, it was never the case.


With May you can never make it, she’s a Remainer, a committed Remainer, her fresh attitude towards being voted down cannot be misunderstood, she’s playing a dirty game: losing time until she can pay again another 20 billions to the EU for 2019. The bastard – because she is a bastard.

May’s head must fall. And no, Jeremy Corbyn is not worse. I suggest another Tory leadership contest and do Hard Brexit after the 11th of December Corbyn will want a no confidence vote in the government and DUP will crash the traitor down, so you better have another Tory leader – really brexiteer and really Unionist and swallow that you must exit the EU.

Remain lost and “to delay” is not for free, Theresa May would try to derail Brexit with any means till the very bitterest end, that’s her mission and she’s a liar. She’s really disgusting.

Come on, it’s time to close the EU and its nonsensical/criminal austerity eurozone project.

Wonderful pictures from France

It looks like the end of the world is coming for the rise in the prize of benzin – taxes – and the f****ng EU austerity and cuts and taxes for the sake of staying in the f****ng eurozone; the eurozone is a crime, the Economist Mark Blyth had predicted it: it will be France to exit the EU before Brexit, can you remember? I can remember and I can remember the explanation too “Fillon will win, he’s a Tatcherite and after 8 years austerity that’s a hard selling” now Fillon didn’t win simply because the judges those idiotic masonic nuts blocked him, then they managed to put the globalist Macron at the Elysée with the idiotic explanation that LePen was a fascist, it wasn’t even true but nevermind, now Macron dubbed with anger “The President of the rich ones” is trying to do the Marie Antoinette “we rich spend and live in luxury, you plebs pay taxes for staying in the eurozone since ‘Brussels wants it’ and shut up” he’ll end up like Marie Antoinette if he doesn’t step down – the French say they want General Villiers whom Macron sacked as President, General like DeGaulle and Trump supports the yellow vests too – at that point it’s even useless to wait for Brexit it’s better if Blyth’s prediction comes true also without Fillon, that France scraps the EU Treaties and reverts to the Franc. In Brussels there’s a criminal association; what the Gilets Jaunes refuse?

  1. Taxes;
  2. Austerity;
  3. Illegal immigration and to have to pay for illegal immigrants to stay in France: they call for repatriation of the illegals.

As you can see they are actually rejecting everything that comes from the EU: taxes, austerity, illegal immigration.

It’s not just the benzin, so. Right-wing people want low taxes and control on immigration and the borders and good wages. Common french citizens who don’t even identify as right-wing agree, Mélenchon and the Insoumises agree, the benzin tax is justified with Global Warming and Climate Change, the UN masonic obsessions no one cares about.

Shut down the EU and the UN, by courtesy.

I think it’s enough. God bless Trump – who never cared about “Global Warming & Climate Change, the UN & Co.” and boasts about the fact that the Yellow Vests agree with him in a tweet to Macron

Here’s the tweet:


and bless Gen. Villiers, and Salvini and DiMaio too – to be honest also Mark Blyth: he had told us; and btw there are good news from Sweden too, the Sweden Democrats entered local government in many towns with the Moderate Party, I wish them very well and hope for the same pattern to be followed in Stockholm for the National government and Parliament.

Soccer Vs. Hate Speech Laws.

It seems exaggerated to me already to talk about the suspension of the match Atalanta-Naples – that luckily didn’t happen, it was yesterday – because perhaps the Atalantines will say “terrone*” – which is an insult for Southern Italians that means more or less “rough southerner who’s got something to do with the land, from the word “terra” that means “land” – and what else? “Farmer” – but why is “farmer” even an insult? I know people who are farmers, but let’s forget … – or “colerious” according to the Giornale – my source, one of many – The problem what is it? That the Neapolitans do not know what to answer? To me that I am from Reggio Calabria – further south of Naples – it comes to mind that … that Atalanta with that shirt looks like the Inter of the poor (they never win anything). I wonder if they are offended, because sometimes it is not the insult, it is the sensitivity of the insulted person, that some people can tell a guy everything and he has no reaction, others get angry and get aggressive, others weaken, they get discouraged and mourn for the same words, so much so that in the movies on the American military the insult is used to make the soldiers more “beasty”, that is, hopefully the soldier will become aggressive and become less sensitive or get used to hostility and contempt etc.

This is worse

The third is a little disgusting, because it is too gay (this “ass & dick” is always in the head of the trainer, go, let alone: ​​about the trainer you could say worse things than about the soldiers btw).

My fear is that if they start suspending matches for racist / territorial insults sooner or later they begin to say that they want to suspend even my websites where in the worst moments I said worse, once I got so angry with Netanyahu that I wrote that I want Tel Aviv bombed with the atomic (equivalent to Vesuvius destroying Naples).

I love you guys, I support Naples, but I recommend “be a bit hard” otherwise here we can close everything and we all end up in Alcatraz. Then we will have some good soccer matches with Atalanta fans in the prison field during the hour.

Give it the banner:



I wonder if they are offended.

GALLERY DECEMBER 3, 2018 PAOLA DISTILO EDIT – This is the translation to the articleunder my own video published yesterday

From soccer to “Chinese Democracy” why it is wrong to censor.

The risk is to sink into what the Guns & Roses ironically called “Chinese Democracy” that is the fake Democracy where everything is forbidden.

In Japanese it is forbidden to say “No” in the Japanese language there is only “Yes” because the No is considered too rude so much that in some advanced Japanese companies in the board of directors they speak English because if they speak Japanese they never get moving because of the linguistic code they couldn’t just say “no, it’s not good” clear and round.

The politically correct culture of the western Left is going in that direction: you must be false, you must like it, you must like Naples, you must like Reggio – the biggest town in my province – then the Reggini must like Africa and Togo, you must like Israel etc, you can no longer say “no, I do not like it, I do not want a million African immigrants” or “I don’t like Israel” or else they arrest you for racism. Moreover, if everyone should be pleasing and everything should be pleased by pretence and by force, compliments become bogus and not credible: you never know when they really like you.

Notwithstanding that the Queen of England will never say “Nig**r” and “Terrone” as Gianni Agnelli did not say it and the people who say this – however once “Negro” in Italian was considered a neutral term, now it is offensive – it is considered rough, a “chav” arresting or suspending matches for chavs shouting offensive or racist choirs may in fact represent the entrance into the “Chinese Democracy” which is Democracy in name but not in fact, where everything is forbidden, in which there is – sic – the “one thought allowed” as they actually complain in Sweden that it is not about being polite: it is about censorship of political opinions and lately even of religious opinions “you’re racist” if you don’t want to give children to gay couples or Trans etc. -.

The elegant people and the school teachers certain terms they do not use them, the first because they are “above” and do not hear them and they don’t like to hear them from the others, the latter because they have to talk clean or are very respectable; at the stadium bad things are often said just to hurt, to demoralize, or even “to destroy”, once a friend of mine who has been doing boxing for a while told me he stopped because over a certain level to win the opponent you have to hate – otherwise you don’t hit badly enough – only the training is not enough anymore and he did not hate them, what should I tell you? As I specify in the video, now I fear more the globalist drift and the censorship, the entrance into the cultural dimension of the politically correct dictatorship, and dictatorship without quotation marks since with the hate speech laws there is actually the arrest. I would remain on the rule that the matches are suspended for physical violence, for verbal violence no.

The Quicksand Deal: how Attorney General Legal Advice on T. May’s Brexit is as scary as this.

God help, DUP, Labour, Tory brexiteers and Lib Dem have united – I had suggested yesterday “do the Contract” to save Britain – to ask that the rumoured scary legal advice by the Attorney General  about Theresa May’s EU Deal be released in full. I tell you this, when I read the anticipation I thought about Britain plunged into the quicksand and never been able to come back

man stuck in quicksand cannot exit by himself

Theresa May’s refusal to release the legal advice about the dangers of her deal in full and even the news that the members of her Cabinet could read it in numbered copies and even couldn’t bring it home to read it in holy peace in their studio room, and actually had to give their copy back when they left reminds me of the old witch of Snow-white and the seven dwarfs “eat the apple, my dear”


Theresa May giving the deal to tentative Britain


The little people of Britain look at the scene a bit scared…


Britain after swallowing “the deal”


Theresa May is facing a potentially catastrophic Brexit clash as Tory rebels unite with the DUP and Labour to demand full legal advice on her deal is released.

The Prime Minister is fighting to limit the information disclosed about the opinion of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox on the package she has thrashed out with Brussels.

The eminent QC and strident Brexiteer was a key figure in forcing the deal through the Cabinet – but there are claims his formal advice was far bleaker and he warned the UK would be stuck ‘indefinitely’ in the Irish border backstop.

Mr Cox is due to make a statement to the Commons tomorrow setting out his position on the agreement with the EU.

But ministers have insisted they will only release a summary of his written advice as the full material would break convention and undermine the operation of government.

The PM (pictured at the G20 summit in Argentina last night) is fighting to limit the information disclosed about the government's legal advice on the package she agreed with Brussels

The PM (pictured at the G20 summit in Argentina last night) is fighting to limit the information disclosed about the government’s legal advice on the package she agreed with Brussels

Labour's Keir Starmer said today the circumstances were so 'exceptional' that the government's legal advice must be released

Labour’s Keir Starmer said today the circumstances were so ‘exceptional’ that the government’s legal advice must be released

Though I appreciate a lot Sir Keir Starmer powerful and democratic initiative as like many I do fear this deal is illegal and a sort of “quicksand deal” for Britain where the Country actually remains stuck in the EU and under EU rules without possibility to exit by itself (the opposite of independence and sovereingty) I absolutely reject the fears for a no-deal Hard Brexit outcome that will be actually the best.




Jeremy Corbyn (pictured on the This Morning sofa last week) is under mounting pressure to back a second Brexit referendumAttorney General Geoffrey Cox

Labour has been demanding the release of the full legal advice from Attorney General Geoffrey Cox (right) on the Brexit deal. Jeremy Corbyn (pictured on the This Morning sofa last week).

I believe Theresa May should resign and Britain should prepare seriously for WTO terms and a full Hard Brexit but with another Prime Minister, her morality is the morality of Snow White witch who wants to peddle a poisoned apple and doesn’t want people to know about the poison inside – the legal advice btw – AppleDeal

that’s the deal, darling