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A Brasilian is looking for Friends and why I think he’ll find them.

Jair Bolsonaro in two classic poses: one in which he shoots as a joke and one in which he makes the little heart. The little heart he’s making it to us; Jair is looking for friends and knows whom he wants as friends; he wants us on the right in Italy aka Salvini and Trump, he has promised, for justice and as a sign of commitment in the fight against communism and terrorism, to extradite Cesare Battisti in Italy, we accept without reserve, that’s why:

getty - susca zucchetti - Cesare Battisti

Cesare Battisti in his most irritating photo in circulation, this one above: he is on holiday in Rio de Janeiro, at Flamengo beach, yeah, this after robbing banks, supermarkets and shops saying they were proletarian expropriations and murdering four people, one of whom only because he was a jeweler, after that he must have been contacted by the Communist High Freemasonry who referred to Mitterrand and the banker Rothschild because after the final sentence in Italy to two life jail sentences he was helped to escape by that monster of François Mitterrand, by Lula when he was president of Brazil and now is in prison – and that’s fine, so he learns to defend criminals – and by that strange being that goes under the name of “Carla Bruni Tedeschi” or “Carla Bruni Sarkozy” who is a rich leftwinger ever since she understood that the Rothschild bankers are leftwingers.

ex beautiful/very beautiful now ruined by the botox, when she went to Lula to intercede for Baptists along with the idiotic communist beggars – but more likely to ruffle Rothschild –


The idiotic beggars.

well, at that point in her life she was neither as beautiful as in the picture on the right nor as monstrous as in the picture on the left, and managed to convince Lula not to extradite Cesare Battisti to Italy. Of Carla Bruni the blogger against the Illuminati par excellence, now probably dead because it is since 2012 that the posts are clearly written by another, He, the legendary Vigilant Citizen said neither more nor less that she was a Beta Model, that is, like Marilyn Monroe, a woman used as an extra-luxury escort for very rich or very powerful men on behalf of the High Freemasonry and / or the so-called Illuminati, she allegedly had to hook them, take them to bed and spy on them or just please them, do not get excessively scandalized, the Italian State is accused of having done it using actress-sex symbol Gina Lollobrigida, the American State Marilyn Monroe, well Bruni would have been used also to lure Sarkozy and to spy on him on behalf of the Left excluded from the Élisee. The fact that she is married does not mean anything, by these people marriage is used like anything else.

Well, the press owned by these subjects insult Bolsonaro, as Salvini, as Trump, as, at least until a while ago, H.C. Strache, calls him fascist, sexist, torturer etc. true or false? I know only, that these people defend Battisti despite him having made murders and, let’s face it, vulgar robberies in banks and jewelers saying that it was “proletarian expropriation” with this subject the Illuminati fell really down.

Of course Bolsonaro must be better than that, the alternatives are the defenders of Battisti (and that’s really offensive towards the Italian State and the killed and robbed citizens)… but may he go and rob  at the Rothschild’s or Bruni’s homes …


So, welcome to the Right-wingers’ Club.


I am moved by Boris Johnson’s Speech: please, follow HIM, here’s why.

I am rarely moved, but still, this speech of Boris Johnson moved me, I was about to cry.

Here’s why: Boris Johnson has understood the gravity of the moment and doesn’t lie, Theresa May either hasn’t understood the gravity of the moment or she lies, and if she lies she lies for the detriment of Britain not for the happiness of Britain as a country and the Britons as a folk.

Boris Johnson may be adulterer and on the verge of divorce, also Churchill was adulterer but at the time women just didn’t divorce – all but Wallis Simpson who caught the Prince, but let’s go – yes, he is churchillian he understood he has to fight now he cannot fight later, he said a very beautiful and true, truthful sentence “don’t you believe you can get it wrong now and fix it later…” no, you can’t, I am Italian: it was just a big mistake and a tragedy to enter the eurozone and now, now it’s getting very difficult to fix it, we probably can’t, unless we exit, in Italy it is extremely difficult to make the country survive, it’s like a naked copper wire, everything is with nude electricity, the Finance Ministry, the Interior Ministry, I don’t want to go on, this is about Brexit: follow Boris, believe me, do Brexit now and do it right, you must go back sovereign nation and stop.

Chuck Chequers and just in case, if you think the problem is adultery then you should not have had Churchill Prime Minister and maybe you would have had Hitler prime Minister who was no adulterer but maybe, they suggest, did worse, then no Cameron prime Minister, no Osborne Chancellor, yes, even Tony Blair, you wouldn’t miss it, but he did it, I hate to say it, but let’s be frank, no Trump, of course he was adulterer and still he’s better than Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton? etc.

I don’t want to play this part, chuck Chequers and don’t be ridiculous: follow Boris, I beg your pardon.

Next Prime Minister?

Boris should sing it “It’s probably me”

SuperCanada? Yes, but NOT like CETA, spare me another supranational Court…and spare me Diana talking from beyond the grave.

The Express dot co dot uk is very easy to read and very christian, believable, pro Brexit and pro giving voice to whomever has a strange experience to talk about, yes I did it too, I talk about Religion and say “Our Lord Jesus Christ” and do Christmas cards and tell about the scientific theory of going up and down past present and future according to the physics and mathematicians of some Universities pretty cool, what I didn’t do up till now, other than I gave you your numbers to check for free on two cabala-numerology websites Link and link but what I didn’t do and the express does is to talk to Diana from beyond the grave, according to them Princess Diana is worried about Meghan’s father…the relatives, but that’s easy to guess, did you really need a medium to tell you?

Let’s go back to the living Britons, what’s SuperCanada? I don’t want to guess it’s like CETA: it must not be like CETA because CETA introduces the hellish supranational Court which is precisely what MUST BE AVOIDED, as for the rest it just implies abolishing tariffs and allowing buying goods and services in one another’s countries, I can’t believe really the fuss they’re doing about no-deal Brexit and the passionate articles about “what will happen if there is no-deal Brexit?” nothing will happen, you have no deal let’s say with Turkey, Canada and you can travel to Turkey and Canada why do go on pretending that if you have no-deal airplanes shall stop flying can’t you fly to let’s say Australia? Nigeria? China? You have no deal but you can go up and down these countries the same, you just need a passport; how many Chinese goods do you sell in Britain with no-deal?Cupboard

ask Prince George, they say that once he asked “Where’s dad?” and he was told “He’s in China” then he went opening the cupboard and said “No, he’s not there.”.

They’re innocent when they’re little, but consider this, do you know how many Chinese products do we have in Europe, Britain included? And I’m not talking about fine, precious porcelain, it’s ridiculous that you think, you fear “with no-deal-Brexit trains and planes will stop, we cannot sell and buy…” I mean get a grip, if you fly and buy and sell with, let’s put it, China, do you think you won’t fly and sell with Germany, don’t be ridiculous. No-deal means just reverting to WTO rules and it’s the same as with non EU countries you are actually selling and buying and flying to NOW.

What do a Marxist, an Old Etonian, a Conspiracy Theorist and a lefty Israeli do around a full English? Free Speech.

Maybe Boris Johnson doesn’t like to be associated with Alex Jones and Jeremy Corbyn, because he’s an Etonian, pardon, an Old Etonian, and a Bullingdon Club’s member or maybe he likes it (because he’s an Etonian, an old Etonian and a Bullingdon Club’s member). Whether he likes it or not, today’s post puts him in the same basket, with Corbyn the Red who wants to pull out of NATO and Alex the enemy of the Establishment who rants and rants and rants and made Trump win.

What’s going on?

Purge is going on

A purge and an attack on free speech unprecedented in the West since what in Italy we call “historic fascism” that is “fascismo storico” because fascism is put in the middle of  discussions so often even for, I don’t know, club of gays and repatriating illegal immigrants or the LGBT’s issues that when we mean Fascism really we revert to the phrase “historic Fascism” the years from 1922 to 1943, Mussolini’s rule. Now this level of censorship, to the right, to the real left is unprecedented from the end of WWII the Liberation till today. In three days Infowars was deleted from

– Facebook
– YouTube
– Apple
– Google Podcast
– Spotify
– TuneIn
– Spreaker
– iHeartRadio
– Audioboom
– Pinterest
– MailChimp
– Stitcher
– Disqus
– Sprout Social
– LinkedIn

Only Twitter is resisting but Jack Dorsey is under pressure, under pressure also from Infowarriors to keep it on, It’s Kissinger in the crowd against Alex ’cause they don’t want Trump to win the Midterm Elections.

If it is not historic fascism, it is historic communism.

Boris Johnson doesn’t want to back down on the ironic comparison between burqa clad women and letter boxes, an important London Imam is with him, Boris doesn’t give in because it would mean a ban on irony and sarcastic jokes and Boris cannot survive without irony and sarcastic jokes, Britain cannot survive without them, it would die without irony and sarcastic jokes. In the meantime a coffe shop in England closed because strange left-wingers called racist the owner for sticking a Union Jack Flag in the sausage of the full EnglishFullEnglish

According to the DailyMail the owner had to close the bar ’cause she was accused of being racist.

Jeremy Corbyn was accused of Anti-Semitism because he doesn’t want to give the Holy land to the Jews only and stands with the Palestinians.

Watch the videos by Alex and in support of Boris

As for Jeremy, I give the defence to an Israeli Haaretz’s columnist, Gideon Levy:

“Hajo Meyer, a Dutch Holocaust survivor and human rights activist, once coined the phrase, ‘Once an anti-Semite was a man who hates Jews. Today an anti-Semite is a man whom the Jews hate.” Source

“the situation of any Jew in Britain is better, safer, more egalitarian and freer than the condition of any Arab citizen in Israel” Gideon Levy Link

The Telegraph’s readers want Boris for President, pardon PM. Theresa Mary  is behaving like a weak, calm supporter of the New World Order and can’t impose hard Brexit to the EU nor freedom of speech to the Talibans.

Boris is better.

You’ll have another old Etonian PM, and another Marxist leader of the opposition so in Britain you’ll feel at home.

Have a nice coffee, with the Union Jack.

Salvini & Conte are behaving like globalists and I don’t like it. Don’t you let them take you for fools.

Salvini sings victory like a jerk and the Corriere publishes his little letter, in reality for me they have betrayed everyone both Conte who is a no-one because he wasn’t elected that Ms. Trenta the idiotic Defence Secretary and Salvini: he continues to sing victory as a jerk but meanwhile he takes the migrants, all landed in Europe, now my goal is not to destroy Europe, these migrants are legally illegal immigrants not refugees and other European countries should not take them, Salvini has yielded and continues to shout and bark “closed ports, may they go back to Libya” then “only women and children” then eventually everyone can land. Link

The only thing that can save us is Brexit if God wants it it will destroy the European Union.

Salvini’s stupid victory chant “they landed to Europe not to Italy” is contrary to the logic, they can not even land to Europe if it is only for that, I hope the other Europeans do not take them, but that is a globalist, anti-national and pro UE chant, So what’s the point of keeping the Lega for Padania still, if even Italy is not there anymore?

I can not stand them anymore, this Giuseppe Conte with Elisabetta Trenta who continue to send the Coast Guard and also the Finance to save the migrants give me a sense of disgust.

Then they go to tell the other Europeans “you have to take them to Paris and Malta etc.” They just do not have to send Italian ships and pick them up, it’s not true that they have to share them with other Europeans, but is Malta btw that sends the Italian Coast Guard ships to pick up migrants? Is it Berlin? Is it Paris? She is sending the CoastGuard ships to take them and I mean Ms. Elisabetta Trenta Italian stupid fattish Defence Secretary – another thanks to that idiot of Giorgia Meloni of Brothers of Italy that I unfortunately also voted for refusing the Ministry of Defense in exchange for support to Luigi DiMaio, never more FdI, otherwise there would be a Right-winger as Defence Secretary instead of this fat woman who looks like an unemployed housewife and instead is reservist of the army (in fact the army is fine) found in the Easter egg by DiMaio and does crap -, it was Berlin or Mattarella to tell Conte to take migrants, then?

Italian Minister of Defense, found in the Easter egg by Luigi DiMaio.

Let’s go back to voting: I want a very right-wing government for real. I would not take them either as Malta or as Berlin, because the problems are all caused in Rome, at the Ministry of Defense where Ms. Trenta still sends Italian ships in Libyan SAR and at the Quirinal where there is the son of a whore of a Mason Mr. Mattarella who called Conte to tell him to take the migrants – from the Quirinal, yes -. I do not want that the other Europeans take them if Italy continues to send Italian and Italian Red Cross ships to take them even outside the Italian territorial waters, Conte and Salvini must be clear with their fellow countrymen:

  1. With those of the Italian Red Cross that – said by Gino Strada – pay € 400,000 to the MOAS to get the contract to take immigrants – and who puts the money in the coffers of the Italian Red Cross? And if they are willing to pay € 400,000 for the contract to go and get them how much do they earn? – Link
  2. With Elisabetta Trenta at the Ministry of Defense on which the Coast Guard depends who sends Italian ships to rescue migrants in Libyan and Maltese SAR. She’s a bitch, sorry, but I’m very angry with this mob today.
  3. With the Quirinal, with “saint” Mattarella – that I hope he will end up like his brother – shot  -.

Neither Seehofer, Merkel nor that guy of Malta have to take the migrants, it seems clear to me that inside the Italian institutions there are still those who continue to play the smooth Gentiloni’s game, that is: you sing it and you play it, aka you go there and take immigrants and then you complain there is the crisis and want to change Dublin’s rules. And that’s a globalist move and I don’t like it. Malta, on the other hand, does not take them rightly because they, the migrants, just do not have to leave, it is not true that anyone who starts from Libya has to be charged on some European Country’s back  “because they do not want to return to Libya”. They are Africans may they stay in Africa.

Let’s go back to the elections, please.

And pray for Hard Brexit. Go Boris and Jacob & Co.

Europeans pro Salvini’s Hardline on immigration and why Malta is right in refusing the migrants too.

Matteo Salvini is liked all over Europe. Like Horst Seehofer, but maybe more because Italy is in frontline and if Italy and Spain fall all of Europe will fall.
Now, after my Italian article about Raiola & Co – soccer and sexy women a little bit too sexy even for a wag – indeed Raiola & Wanda etc. another article about the oh, about the migrants, I hate them, I just can’t relax, that they resume “the assault” on the coats of Italy or Malta or Spain. I must premise that if I hate the Illuminati it is for two reasons: 1) for what they do directly; 2) for what they make me do. Also I would like to make a better life than to be on the Internet to disassemble the lies, the miscorrect theses without saints and holidays of NWO agents and not because I do not like writing or publishing videos, but because I would like to be interested in nicer things, more music , more show, more gossip, more jokes. Even more football and sport, the real one, but no, another boat of migrants’ arriving and moreover Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte saying he wants to change Dublin – which is perfect –  says nonsense – but couldn’t we have directly Salvini as a premier? Do not make me say nasty things, changing Dublin this cabbage!

So, I’ll be short:

Malta is right – by the way, the light articles about soccer & co. – mainly & co. I’ll also put them on the other websites like this one ​​because you also need a break between one article on migrants and another on the right-wing extremists, otherwise the website is too psychologically “heavy” I don’t want it too somber, otherwise we go haywire, yes I know I can not stand this level of fighting anymore is that It would be Summer for me too, you know, excuse me these migrants’ ships thing must come to an end and stop – I said, I agree with Malta rejecting the migrants of Lifeline: you do not have to take them, they do not have to land there, and they must voice the verb duty to bring them back to Libya, okay? Libya from where they left because there is the Haftar / Serraj government and we recognize it and we have ambassadors there etc. there is no war in Libya so the migrants must be identified there and referred back to their countries of origin directly from Libya and in Libya the human traffickers must be arrested. That’s enough. The good news is that the Libyan governments both Haftar and Serraj agree with Salvini and Kurz and Seehofer etc. Italian Minister Toninelli is also good and communicated in a video that I may translate in English for you that we are giving new patrolling ships to the Libyan coastguard to rescue the people after they start the journey and bring them back to Libya soon after before the NGOs catch them, if you want to help they accept patrolling ships as a present or lent. And also the NGOs they are clearly part of the human trafficking it’s useless to go on treating them as if they were not.

Italian Minister of Transports Danilo Toninelli M5S informed the citizens that he talked to the Libyan Minister and they got an agreement that Italy will provide ships to the Libyan coastguard to prevent the journeys of the wannabe migrants from the start. They are great and good Ministers, I like the way they work, thanks to everybody for the support, both in Northern Africa and in Europe, Italy is in a geographically wonderful, warm&cold, but also difficult position and we are grateful to the people who help us do the right thing.

I do not want to change the regulation of Dublin, Italy must leave the euro and it is not Dublin that is wrong, it is Frontex, the rescue operations and the NGOs to be wrong. Conte if he wants to change Dublin smells like Illuminati, because he wants to take them to Europe and redistribute them among Europeans, we do not want this, we do not want to take them to Europe, we want to send them back to Africa. If not, it is better to vote again in Italy with the League at 30 or 31% the M5S at 30% we would have Salvini Premier and the majority over 60% and if you add FdI you get to 65% or 66%. Add another 6 and is the number of the beast, but the beast is not there, in fact Berlusconi is in Merano to mess up with Miss Boschi of the leftwing PD Party, they say oh no, malignant and malicious as always, Paola? but they happened to be in the same hotel from 570 or 1400 euros at night by chance.

In Africa there is no war: if they have to go back to Africa, it is not the case to send them between a European state and another.

I end up here. Indeed no, if you want to know I add that the Salvini line is very popular  alla cross the West among those who do not want the invasion of Europe not only of their own piece of Europe but for the whole of it, here are the first three screens of the most voted comments of a DailyMail article on the policy of closing the ports to NGOs and the return of Africans to Africa by Salvini


All with Salvini apparently. Here’s the Source Dear Daily Mail. Not so bad after all.

Let’s see what comes and thanks Britain.

I am beyond being fed up, yes, I’d make them die: migrants and NGO people.

This happens when you think you can hold death hostage.

I do not care if they say they’d “die”, the migrants would die: yes, for me they can die, how many people died when Clinton and Obama bombed Libya? but if you throw yourself out of the window I’m sorry, you’re dying because you threw yourself out of the window, it’s not Salvini’s fault because he does not walk under the windows so if someone throws himself out he can save him. And if he doesn’t the leftists and NGOs and bankers would say “it’s his fault” let alone the pope, I feel a thrill of disgust when I name that shit.

It is a theory that migrants can start from Libya on the dinghy, then they can refuse to be rescued by Africans, Libyans or Moroccans or Tunisians on patrol boats because they must be saved by force by Europeans who then have to keep them in Europe, and this theory is wrong.

The equivalent of this is happening, I’m trying to be clear:

some people throw themselves from the windows of a building that is not in flames because another building two or three or fifteen blocks backsides is on fire, then the NGOs walk under the buildings to save them, some die others, the lucky ones the NGOs bring them to Europe and then they start again – they interrupt only for the G8 in Taormina. It is not Salvini’s fault if ​​they die, the fault is theirs. I, like Julius Caesar – who’ s lately accused of having done a genocide etc. and even of being a sort of deformed-head being whereas “You’d like to have Caesar’s balls”, come one, he was clearly superior to the average not inferior, at sixty he was still very athletic, generals in the army are usually not little deformed-head ridiculous monsters, but let go, after centuries still bad losers -, yes, I, like Caesar, would make them die but, just like Caesar, would give them an Ultimatum: I told you I don’t take you, end of. Because if they die, it must be their fault and it’ll be their fault. I can not spend my life under the buildings to be careful if by chance someone throws it out of a window I can take him and if I save him then I give him the ticket to go to England so everyone throws themselves out of the windows and try to win the journey like a lottery, that is if I say No and I said No and they throw themselves the same is their fault, I can not be a slave to those who attempt suicide. The Pope disgusts me as Macron: they are participants in pedophile circles, they all suck like Brigitte, a monster dressed Dior, thrown, I told you so much that I do not take you, you die.

Death cannot be held hostage. And finally can not be blackmailed.