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Alex Jones salutes the British Muslim Community for the fight against the LGBT


Hundreds of Muslims in the UK protested outside a school that was teaching lessons about ‘LGBTQ rights’ to children.

As you can see from the mythic rant, yes. We are for totally repealing the hate speech laws, and we have to say that some white christian people have been legally prosecuted because of the hate speech laws for doing the same as the muslim parents or even for doing little things of the kind against abortion or against gay weddings and gay adoptions, whereas the muslim community is somehow let freer de facto from the hate speech legislation. We must defeat completely the LGBT lobby – that’s the devil – and repeal the hate speech laws in toto, btw at present there is the legal absurdity that hate speech laws were applied to the white christians only, whereas Jews and Muslims could say what they want.

We greet also the British parliament for finally getting rid of May’s trap-Brexit-deal, we hope they’ll get rid of May indeed.

Good times are yet to come. I’m sure.


Very Intimate Vs. Infibulation; why the blacks must stop going after the Leftists and do solve the real problems of African culture.

This bitch of black lawyer has the shame to defend the practice of FGM and to say we exaggerate the problems:

While this woman from central Africa who underwent the practice at 7 – no consent, no decision and no anesthesia – says it was a horror:

To listen to an African female lawyer talking with that clean American accent about how we exaggerate the practice of FGM is disgusting, it’s like you can give them what you like and they still remain African.

If it weren’t enough to cut the clitoris, another black African practice is the breast ironing, their obsession is “the slut” my daughter hasn’t got to be “a slut”, this goes beyond marrying virgin and be faithful to the husband, it’s like, married or not they haven’t got to have sexual pleasure, if you have sexual pleasure according to these africans you are a slut, basically according to them you’re not a slut only if they rape you, or they haven’t got to look beautiful, not even sensual, nothing, “it’s their culture”; now the left-wingers pumped with Rothschild’s zionist money focus on how bad the white male is, which a jewish obsession – the international leftwing and pc agenda IS pumped with Rothschild’s money, not matter how hypocrite they are, no westerner should shake hands with them – instead as you can see from the two videos above and I grant it’s the less disturbing, I’m not an angel-cake eater baby European but I really couldn’t watch other testimonies, well, it is clear that it’s black females who do the most horrible things to black girls: not the whites or the males; snowflakes are dumb and must wake up. Precisely a straight white – or in case also black like J-Z or K West – male would rather let girls grow up sensual and then start talking about contraceptive – sic – With breast and everything, they boast about women who go with them have orgasms – whether is true or not.

This is what they like, on average

“Initmissimi” that means “Very Intimate”, I have to say that with their obsession with pleasure in reality straight white males are the ones who let women live in peace: they wanted divorce, they wanted free love – that easily became free sex, love was put there only for not disturbing the christians in the seventies – they even wanted abortion – which is the abomination of western culture, that puts pleasure above duty. But they don’t infibulate girls and they like sexy girls to be socially respected, because it’s more convenient for them or because they’re not that bad or because they’re christians and because it is like this. Even at the time of the pagans Northern Europeans respected women more than other ethnicities.

The left-wingers must only shut up and die of shame for what they’re doing or they’re trying to do with the West, that is basically the only good place where to live and if Cecil Rhodes was racist, excuse me but if the Africans who live in America USA or Britain are still like this, can’t you imagine what Cecil Rhodes found in Africa in the 19th century? Idiots.

The obsession of the Left with racism is criminal because it passes by islamic terror, African cruel practices and wants to shut down the white christian society which is in  reality the best.

Int’s the difference between eating an angel cake and eating raw chicken’s heart

and it’s not just a way of saying, in African voodoo rituals they force women to eat raw chickens’ hearts, then they breast iron them, then they cut the clitoris and even women who happen to go to University and become lawyers defend the practice. How is the white guy, moreover straight who likes boobs the problem?

As a matter of fact precisely the white straight western guy IS the one who likes…

…girls to be grown up – he’s not a paedo he likes big breasts and girls almost tall as much as he – he’s not a rapist he likes women who like to have sex as much as he does and complains that “Normal girls” are not liberated enough. This is objectionable morally of course but definitely he does leave you live in peace. He’s a bastard but he’s my friend.

The Royal Family is dismissed by the Trolls, so they face reality.

No one likes the new Royals, either Kate or Meghan, Kate looks like she has a face of stone, does not talk, is not interested in charities, she’s the opposite of the hyperactive “warm” Diana, patron of 400 charities and very human. Moreover she looks underweight and older than her age; lately she never smiles and if she does she looks hard.

Meghan is like Harry scrapped the bottom of the barrel, no way she could be deemed a good or decent match for him: he was a bachelor, she was at the third wedding three years older than he and has undergone plurimous plastic surgery: moreover does not shut up about politics, says plainly she likes abortion – like Wallis Simpson who notoriously had an abortion -.

The Royals know only paid journalists say good things about them, they hate the Trolls or the so called Haters because they tell them right in the face what they really think about them. By the way, the British citizens have to pay for these Royals, they can choose whenther they want to keep them or dismiss them, the Royals asked for kind-comments-only on Internet or they’ll sue, which is absurd.

Internet is the end of the elitism television and the classic press had the VIPs used to: you can talk, I can only read. Internet is hyper interactive, everybody can say what they like, to ask for censorship and to pay people to say Meghan looks radiant, the Duchess gives a lesson of style, cannot be the solution, maybe there’s no solution at all.

Harry wanted to take revenge on the Royal family and so he took revenge also on himself; he did it on purpose knowing Meghan was unfit for the role, now he’s paying the bill.

But it’s not just the Royals, also in Italy, minor VIPs complain that on Internet the comments on their looks and work are often heavily negative, they don’t want to be told they did plastic surgery and have fake teeth, they want to be told “You look beautiful you look wonderful” like mini-Royals, they want to be told at sixty “You’re hotter than a girl in her twenties” when men write differently “cover up” “the B side is ok, but the A side looks waxy” they cry “agism!” and want to prohibit it; they’re all a bit like Queen Elizabeth: they demand compliments and want to prohibit what they call “the excess of democracy on the Internet” but they stay there looking for compliments. What can I do?

When the Royals know they have to pay journalists to say good things about them they know everything they need to know: real compliments cannot be paid.

Moreover they the VIPs of all importance, mini and major, are particularly hypocrites; they even choose the ones who have to be, who can be bodyshamed for other reasons, fake-teeth fake-nose actresses whose pre-plastic photographs haven’t come around yet, laugh at the one selected by their editor for the plastic surgery she/he did, in the end Mika was right: “You want to be like Grace Kelly” they change face to look square-perfect-angel-like even when they’re young, in the past one or two editors could get the “before and after” photographs, now on internet a relative of theirs puts them online and in one or two days everybody can see them.

And they sing “Why don’t you like me, why don’t you like me, why don’t you walk out the door!”

And that’s not Royal. At all.

Don’t get angry if the westerners call Muslims and Jews “woodworms” like Hitler: they do want to live in the West destroying it.

Hitler used to call the Jews “moths” or “woodworms”, it’s the insects who want to live in wooden tables but devouring it, destroying it or like the moths who want to live in woolen sweaters devouring them.

wooden piece of furniture eaten by woodworm

Westerners are racists all you like, but give me an explanation of this:

Shamima Begum’s husband says he wants to live in Holland with wife and newborn son

Shamima Begum’s husband interviewed

Shamima Begum’s Dutch husband says he wants to return to the Netherlands with her and their newborn son.

Islamic State fighter Yago Riedijk, 27, is being held in a Kurdish-run detention centre in northern Syria.

His wife, who is 19 and has had three children, is reportedly living in a refugee camp near the Iraqi border.

Ms Begum was 15 when she ran away from her home in east London to join Isil in 2015.

They married before she had turned 16 and Riedijk was 23.


He joined ISIS, now he’s fed up with fighting in Syria for the islamic State that wants to overturn liberal Syrian government of Assad, because Assad’s government is liberal for the Middle Eastern standard and where does he want to go and live? In Holland. The most liberal, scandalous among the western nations, not alone, he wants to bring there his wife famous for being a jihadi bride. Well, looking miserable and having the idea that Assad’s Syria is not muslim enough, they should live in the muslim shithole they’ve been fighting for not certainly in Holland.

They behave like moths: they want to live in Holland to eat it but destroying it; yes, I know this is the opinion Hitler had of the Jews. But these people want to stay in the West, living like muslim integralists, considering westerners pigs and sluts, slowly devouring spaces of freedom, hole after hole, sharia patrols after sharia patrols, street after street, physically, materially, space and time this is the result


Holland is the chosen wooden table. Of course they destroy it. For them and for freemasonry, they cannot do black Pete’s fest, in Belgium they prohibited the Christmas street market, white people retire in white only areas like in Britain Norfolk, there is a white village in England where Roger Federer lives with his wife where a simple mini house costs like a flat in London, the westerners should stop retiring like native Americans in the “Indian reserves”. As for the Jews at times when they ask no Brexit, stay in the EU, open the doors to “the diverse” the fucking diverse epitomized by themselves Jews, yes, it’s like they want to live in the christian West telling themselves stories about how they’d like a jewish homeland. We are the best, get over it and no, certain people cannot be let living in western countries. They destroy them, they just want to live comfortably a couple of years, because if this Mr. Begum and his wife fought for ISIS that is extreme Islam they deserve to live in a muslim country not in a western christian one: you get what you deserve and if you think the West is shit, between two pieces of shit you have to choose the one of the two you did by yourself, which is not Holland, it’s a sharia muslim country. ISIS fighters of my boots.

Also the Jews, they should go to Israel, what do they want still here around?

Jesus Christ is better, a culture built on both Old and New testament and not just the Old one is better and our “goy” greek-roman-celtic-germanic ancestors are better than yours. You’re all a failure and it’s not my fault. Get over it.

Plainly said.

Lose Your Illusions about “Inclusivity”: either we are happy or the LGBT clan are.

Can you remember that very famous hard rock album by the G&R Guns & Roses?

It was a breaking point in 1992 because it made Hard Rock popular like Pop while it had used to be a very male only and niche – for boys music, with another independent classification, boys were proud of the niche character, well, not even Fear of the dark – much better – had become so famous, but Lose Your Illusion did. Because Axl was nice, was the official explanation and girls buy it for him, then the new Rock bands tried all to have a nice blond front man to sell hard rock to girls too.

Beyond the fact that Axl more than nice was a criminal, but he looked good enough.

The title is extremely adapt to describe this year 199 pardon 2019: Lose your Illusion & Lose your Illusion II.

Los your illusion III: we cannot all be happy, either we are, or the LGBT lobby is.

I’m not happy with this:

Actor Billy Porter: disgusting

Well, quite Celia Walden of the Telegraph doesn’t like it either LinkCelia

I like Celia, she’s also, like me, disturbed by the LGBT lobby, and not only her, she cannot be happy together with Billy Porter, but also Zoe Strimpel, apart from her defence of the Israeli lobby even of the unbearable Miss Berger which thing I disagree with, she cannot stand the #metoo movement because she misses the Office Romance Link


Office romance, Zoe? With the actual laws they arrest men for staring too long at women because some of them feel harassed & uncomfortable for being stared at; you can say no, and feel harassed if you re raped, touched, groped: they feel harassed if there is a man in the room. They’re all lesbians, get over it: you and the #metoo girls cannot be happy at the same time, either you are happy or they are, there’s no inclusivity. God and Lucifer cannot be happy at the same time: either God is or Lucifer is. Inclusivity is an illusion. There is an empire, a culture to fight for and we must win.


Do you know this guy? I am a christian, but this guy is Mars, the roman God of the war: he knows and the Romans knew and God knows, you cannot be happy at the same time with your enemy, you must fight for what you believe in and you must win, then rule, there’s nothing else to do.

Like all warriors, he’s a sucker lover and doesn’t care.

Do you think you can keep your indecent christian happy-go-lucky romance office world with such british citizens as Shamina the jihadi brides who wants to moralize your world putting a bomb in it and make you blow up and then cover the rest of it with a burqa? You’ll have nice office romance, for sure, Sajid Javid who knows them well, knows you better leave her where she is: you cannot have any sucker love and office parties not even Christianity and a Christmas Tree with those types and you cannot moralise them, Mars would kill them or make them slave because he’s “selfish and unkind” and “theres’ nothing else to do” what else could he be? What else is he supposed to do?

As for you, lose your illusions and make up your mind. Dear.

The Technique of Freemasonry to bypass Democracy: example Sanremo 2019.

The structure of the vote in Sanremo 2019 – music festival for new Italian songs with competition –  in which, among other things, the people who wanted to vote to count a thousandth had also to pay 0.50 euros per vote – I did not vote, I do not care and I have not even looked at it in television, I have seen some videos of the songs on the Internet – while the “honor” jury and that of journalists were made by paid people – unlike the people who had to pay – and probably paid to vote for Tizio instead of voting for Gaius.

There are big polemics now that the festival’s over for the technique used to make a determined artist win independently from the people’s vote. Then it is stupid that the people agree to pay to vote for what their vote is made count, they call it “Tim Tricks”:

Millions of spectators were worth 50% of the vote

8 people of honor jury 8 – they had the decency not to call it an expert jury because there were guys and ladies like Ms Dandini and Guzzanti who could not read a score – well these 8 votes were worthy 20% of the total in the final count.

Sanremo press room journalists

Journalists’ press room, how many? there were at most 140/150 people at eye and cross, so music experts who shouted “shit” to the boy group Il Volo, according to what Francesco Facchinetti reports – he at least really knows of music – “asshole” to the singer Ultimo on the base that Salvini had said he liked the song.  Ultimo – whose song I personally did not like, but the voting and paying people did – then nothing, irritating silence for Loredana Bertè loved by the public in the hall, well these 150 journalists placed – if they were 150 – there too for pushing the multicultural voting counted for 30% of the total vote therefore the winning song “Soldi” by Mahmood, half Italian half Egyptian a bit muslim but drinks alcohol during Ramadan (a masterpiece of political correctness) that had honestly reached the third place was pushed at number 1:

If San Remo has been seen by 11 million spectators, how many can have voted from  home? put at least a million, look what rip-off – if one million voted per telephone:

1 million Italians are worth 50%

150 journalists are worth 30%

8 leftwing people are worth 20%

It’s scandalous:

Who is worth more?


Antipatic, right? These are the 8 members of the jury of honor, all of them on the Left whose vote was worth gold.


These are the journalists of the press room, 150 people – even less – I think they too are piloted and educated on how to vote, whose vote was worth silver.

The millions of Italians – who have also paid are those whose vote was worth not even bronze – like Brexit?

Personally I do not like the song of Ultimo, but the Italians had voted him, Salvini likes it because he was left by Miss Isoardi – the song of Ultimo talks about a guy left by the girlfriend – Miss Isoardi who, with all respect for Salvini, behaved a bit coldly: she was given a job for RAI television after the election, then left him, moreover she was given the job of a very popular and beloved Italian female presenter Antonella Clerici for the midday program on cooking and eating with competition and telephone calls from home before the news on the main channel of the State television, I also preferred Clerici, now in addition to having left him she throws herself on the Left politically not to be even remotely associated with him – and not because she cares about the migrants , but out of pure opportunism –

Isoardi witch, while Clerici really liked to eat – I recognize those who like to eat because I like to eat too, Isoardi looks at the food as Nembo Kid looks at the criptonite; Salvini was wrong to make recommendations.

Meanwhile, the millions of Italians have voted Right-wing also in Abruzzo yesterday for the regional elections, because we don’t want migrants; who wants them? As in Sanremo, four cats of Masonic judges, two sluts ready to sell themselves just to stay in a newspaper, can you remember Ms. Claudia Pandolfi who managed to get into the jury of honor? Those two or three years that she was relevant in Italy as an actress did a baseness that not even the mini American thrash VIPs do: she really married with the real priest and signing the real documents of the municipality without being in love with her husband, already having another guy hidden only – by her own admission – because the wedding photo shoot was already sold to the Chi magazine and she did not want to lose the money even if she admittedly already went in bed with Andrea Pezzi, the other guy – she pocketed the money for the photoshoot and then filed for divorce after a week. What a disgusting thing, it’s a bunch of mean people, put it in your head, they can sell weddings, you and your mother, they’re not people of even mediocre moral character. Leave them alone. Good to the Abruzzesi who voted Right-wing yesterday.

We need to break the Masonic system through which 8 people are worth more than 100 and 158 people as much as 1 million.

The  A-class Masons: the jury of honor.

The B-class Masons: journalists.

You who pay: the nuts.

Break up this system now, both for Sanremo and for politics and power, in Italy, Europe and the world. Let’s return to Democracy.


I personally became racist & anti-catholic after a catholic priest from Togo actually used the catholic sacraments to curse me; I loathe the catholic church for bringing so many africans to Europe, for their actual obsession with africans. These guys on the Left are misled by their church of idiots, the Anti Defamation League and all the mantras about the prejudices against non whites and actually died altogether. I’m still alive, but if in Togo, Benin, Haiti there are so many dirty magicians and sorcerers it’s not our fault, if you give them the catholic sacraments they use them like sorcerers indeed, white priests don’t even know how to do these curses (or maybe they do, but it doesn’t show so well).

Not only I don’t feel guilty now for not wanting this mass immigration from Africa and Asia, I feel guilty for not having been a bit racist back then and not having avoided the danger, an Italian girl Pamela Mastropietro trusted refugees from Nigeria and they drugged her and then raped her, killed her , cut her into pieces and finally, incredible but true, ate her heart.

Pamela Mastropietro, Oshengale the nigerian

A racist right-winger would never go around with such a refugee from Nigeria; the votes of the Rightwing parties are augmenting because the leftwingers die of their own anti-racism. At times I believe that racism is a way to protect yourself from contact with people who have little to offer to you and may be really dangerous instead, their countries are ruined and to say they are ruined by the whites is preposterous: they are ruined by the dreadful, disgusting local culture; the Pope and the anti-racist campaigners are guilty, because a lot of these people feel guilty in saying no and just shut the door in the face of people or even to follow the advices of the gov. because they feel guilty. This kind of leftwing religion, leftwing christianity can be very dangerous, if I could go back to the past I’d never let the priest from Togo brought by my aunt enter my house, and I hate that fucking bitch of my aunt too.