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The “Real” NWO and the Illuminati NWO – that’s apparently real too – Angelina Jolie’s leaked video.


Here’s Angelina Jolie’s video about the “Other” NWO. Notice her strange glance:



Do you think for people like this, the Illuminati, Female Genital Mutilation or a couple of gang rapes in Stockholm are a problem? Angelina Jolie worked at….the UN, also Meghan Markle was a sultry actress with a podium at the UN and ended up in Buckingham Palace – though now fell out of the Queen’s heart they say for a fight with Kate Middleton and is exile in Frogmore House – it is evident that the burocratic, “real” checkable NWO and the “other” NWO are tied.

See this article, about what the Left is doing; the Left is UN tied while the Right is nationalist.


No Alibi for Cowards: more stuff to convince everybody to vote Right Wing in every Country.

To this video you have to add that ethnic swedish males are voluntarily sterilising themselves not to have children Link.


And don’t tell me “my leftwing friends will unfriend me on facebook” because honestly you shouldn’t have leftwing friends first of all.StuffVoteRightWiung

The leftwingers who criticise Trump? Read here…judge says law banning Female Genital Mutilation unconstitutional Link Why should you have such shitty friends who can even unfriend you on facebook? Vote Right-wing and stop looking for an alibi to be coward.

Infowars gave a lot to the President, included these pieces of advice.

Also, listen to the former Trump campaign manager’s analysis of the president’s firing of Jeff Sessions, and the steps he must take to expose the Obama Deep State Justice Department.



I’d like to add tat we owe them (the leftwingers) nothing, I am also glad that Trump put the gloves off, AntiFa is menacing Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter physically and in a mafia style that’s intolerable. We won the Senate without facebook, which means that the Americans would massively vote Republican if the social media had been fair for both houses. Now they threaten to indict Donald John jr, he won’t back down but people in the government must be honest, cannot be snakes in the breast, we’re no Cleopatra.

I’m glad I’m not the only one giving advice. Alex deserves being treated better, it’s unbelievable that Antifa menacing tweets are not considered hate speech while mocking a feminist is. Go Donald, we are with you.

Good on you Sebastian, Kurz joins Trump and Orban against the UN Migration Plot.

Good on him and good on us too.

Sebastian Kurz, the young “millennial” Kanzler of Austria, the prime Minister in fact, is another one who knows what he wants – a propos, who said that conservatives and right-wingers are all old people? I can see in Austria, Italy, USA they are in fact younger than average, but let go -. Well he exited the pact on migration of the UN, after Trump-USA and Orban- Hungary, and I expect Salvini and Conte to exit it too, why?


Matteo Salvini 45 years old


Sebastian Kurz 32 years old


Jared Kushner 37 years old

Kurz is very clear about it: because at the UN they want to invent a “legal right to emigrate” that would impose to rich countries the legal obligation to take immigrants from poorer countries and actually disappear.

At the UN they are guilty, 100% responsible for the migrant crisis: they are funding the migrant caravan from Honduras to USA that for us can turn the back and go to Honduras again, they drink and eat and are helped during this journey for free, this march, like the migrants who reached Europe from Turkey in 2015, it’s all assisted by UN and NGOs that actually are funding illegal immigration against the sovereign States, the men of the caravan said they will sue Trump if he doesn’t let them in, but excuse me, the USA are a sovereign Nation that funds the UN, to which Court are illegal immigrants going to sue the Government of a country that doesn’t want to let them in?

At the UN is full of Vatican’s and Bilderberg’s scum that want to abolish the sovereign nations and fund and use this caravans of people in the name of human rights to finally have their NWO instead of USA, Italy, Austria, Britain as sovereign countries etc.

We only need the NATO, we don’t really need either EU or UN and that must be clear.

Very good that Kurz cuts the leash and makes Austria survive as a nation joining Trump and USA and Orban and Hungary.

We should make a league of western nations independent from the UN and the EU. The westerners are accused of trying to impose their rule and their culture upon others actually colonizing them but to take a lot of immigrants legal and illegal and then to allow them to live in our western countries according to their own culture otherwise we would be white suprematists or colonizers whatever, would mathematically mean to disappear. Obviously it cannot be accepted. Btw the latest interview to Secretary of State Mike Pence says the Republicans should widen the majority in both houses. Please Americans, be obvious, be good, vote R.

#MeToo Vs. Hillary “Abuse is not about age, it is about power”And what if the Girl liked powerful men?

I’ll be short because I feel  a little nauseated talking about rape, #metoo campaign etc. and for once I agree with Hillary Clinton “Monica Lewinsky was an adult all the time” of the relationship with Bill, she was in fact 24 years old, then #MeToo movement was not sated and excommunicated both Hillary and Bill, Monica couldn’t be consensual according to them because “abuse is not about age, it is about power” so let me understand powerful men shouldn’t go in bed with women less rich and powerful than they because since there is an “unbalance of power” ergo it’s abuse.

Remember that in this case Lewinsky stated that Bill Clinton didn’t assault her, it was a sort of psychological abuse of power because he was the President of the USA and she was an intern, so according to this pattern a woman cannot have an affair with a man more powerful than she because it’s automatically abuse of power, there is an unbalance of power and if she likes men richer or more powerful than she? What if? Should she run after poor guys with no money otherwise she’s victim of abuse of power? And all the lovers of JFK? Also Kennedy who allegedly went in bed with many of the female staff, the pretty ones, of the White House did abuse of power?

Confidence is a must, happiness is a plus, edginess is a rush, edges…I like ’em rough …used to sing Britney Spears, but in the leftwing world there’s no seduction, the left wingers do not consider the hypothesis that Monica Lewinsky may want Clinton and may want him because he was the President and because he was more powerful than she and she may like the pattern, she admitted she wasn’t raped at least, she didn’t go after the milkman’s son, the good boy working at a lower level of society, no, she just couldn’t do wrong according to the #metoo movement that deny the very xistence of seduction, “he abused her” the same, anyway.

I give you three videos, one by Britney Spears about hunting rich bachelors and another about I ain’t no money I love you the way I are…

and then the mythical …


I think that if you say to a #meetoo activist that you like a man, she gets offended.


No Living Wage: why I’d like a purely Rightwing government in Italy.

Roberto Fico – 5 Stars Movement – cannot treat us – of the Right – like a plague, he is insulting the allies to do the “lefty side of the government” in Italy and to distance himself from the League by declaring: “there is no alliance with the League – and it’s not true – we work on the wire of the contract … “Link.

I decided: I do not want to give the citizenship income to anyone, the measures against poverty are already there and it is the inclusion income I think of monthly 450 euros; 780 euros a month for making nothing are too many; now you know what I tell you, that the income of citizenship so high is unconstitutional:

Article 1 of the Italian Constitution

Italy is a Democratic Republic founded on Work.

All right? It’s not based on giving money for two years to people going to the job center desk directly to ask for the citizenship income instead of asking for a job. Then I haven’t got to take Fico’s insults, he’s there as President of the Chamber with Salvini’s votes, moreover, according to the polls the Center-Rightwing coalition at present would win:


and we could make a clean budget, right without illegal immigration and without income of citizenship, that of Gentiloni in the end, the check poverty of 450 euros, was enough, 780 euros a month not to do anything are too many, all right? And I can see the result in Britain that was ruined, deformed as a society by Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s handouts to everybody because they are vulnerable: I don’t like this, my most ancient Readers can remember that before the Brexit campaign started I was a supporter of George Osborne’s policies to revert Britain from a living wage Country to a working Country and Osborne and Cameron won the elections, by far and much more than Theresa May and also among the youth promising they would cut the ridiculously and dangerously high benefits handouts. Then Brexit prevailed and Osborne was sacked.

Enough, I’m sorry, but I do not digest it any more: I want to do the electoral campaign again, clearly saying two things:

No citizenship income in the budget – keeping the poverty check of 450 euros a month for the really poor;

And about the euro to be very clear: either the dry exit from the eurozone and eventually from the EU or if you stay in the euro and in the EU you must respected the signed treaties including Maastricht, otherwise you must just get out, I’m not afraid of the exit and the Plan B of Savona for exiting the eurozone is excellent, this, sorry for the expression, “shaggery” of wanting to stay in the euro without respecting the Treaties I do not accept it anthropologically, I’m not like that as a person. the best of Italy is not like that. The best are never like that.

In fact, Jesus Christ said: let your talk be yes, yes, no, no, everything else comes from the evil one.

Did we sign these “fucking” treaties? Unfortunately yes and they are embarrassing and those who signed them should be ashamed maybe more than those who wrote them, then either you respect them or you must leave, I am pro-leave because I truly don’t like them. I’m looking forward getting rid of Fico, I can not stand this “Vietnam at home” anymore.


The allegations against Salvini are archived and Paolo Savona with his wonderful Plan B can be candidated with the League. I trust the Italians.