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Link this is a must-prayer for taking the right decisions and not to have regrets in the future.

God our Father Almighty, please give us a strong Faith, enlighten us, guide us, guard us, hold and govern us and all our businesses and issues, provide for us for all our material and spiritual needs, give us much Discernment, let us always understand what comes from you, what from the Devil and what from man, show us clearly things as as they really are, give us the grace to always see the right choice to make, the best decision to take and even when we are not at a crossroads give us the grace to make us think of the brightest ideas and initiatives to improve our life and be fulfilled and happy and successful here on this earth and save our souls. We ask you all this God our Father Almighty for the Blood and in the most precious Name of Your Son Jesus Who died on the Cross and has risen for us. Amen.