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Infowars gave a lot to the President, included these pieces of advice.

Also, listen to the former Trump campaign manager’s analysis of the president’s firing of Jeff Sessions, and the steps he must take to expose the Obama Deep State Justice Department.



I’d like to add tat we owe them (the leftwingers) nothing, I am also glad that Trump put the gloves off, AntiFa is menacing Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter physically and in a mafia style that’s intolerable. We won the Senate without facebook, which means that the Americans would massively vote Republican if the social media had been fair for both houses. Now they threaten to indict Donald John jr, he won’t back down but people in the government must be honest, cannot be snakes in the breast, we’re no Cleopatra.

I’m glad I’m not the only one giving advice. Alex deserves being treated better, it’s unbelievable that Antifa menacing tweets are not considered hate speech while mocking a feminist is. Go Donald, we are with you.

Anti Trust & Voting Card against election fraud and meddling.

Infowars and others accuse Democrats of having allowed non citizens and dead people to “vote” for them and that some of them voted twice. How is it possible if people have to register to vote? Is it time to introduce a definite voting card issued at eighteen years old to US citizens only? And how much Facebook’s banning and shadow banning of republicans can be allowed? Time for the anti-trust to force Zuckerberg to sell half of the firm?

Braggarts Vs. Liars and Playboys Vs. Paedophiles why the Americans are still better.

I should add “Nationalists Vs. Globalists” and it would be ok, but the title of the article would be too long. In a perfect world – or in a boring world – I should preach Donald Trump shouldn’t meet the likes of Stormy Daniels and be faithful/chaste but I saw this:

Stormy Daniels half serious black and white photo for…the top article on the Telegraph, yeah

I wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas plays…lady gaga would joke…I mean, are you talking to me? Are you being serious about this? Or do you want to bluff me like they do in Texas plays? Stormy Daniels Telegraph’s opinionist just for the sake of trying/ attempting desperately to destroy or at least damage Donald Trump.

Who’s this girl, an aged woman ex porn star and prostitute who just lost a cause for defamation against Trump because now she thinks she can earn more money by defaming ex clients than with the new ones due to her fallen-apart beauty, the new clients pay her less than the democrats trying to use her to destroy some Republicans; but that’s a dangerous game, you’re a prostitute, strip-teaser and porn actress, good for the upper class on rent and you expect that to defame the former clients is anyway acceptable as a new job? How many of the Democrats? How many of the Illuminati? The few who are not paedophiles? An ex prostitute who tries body-shaming of the clients is an idiot and damages the business. She lost the cause.

But the way she was treated: columnist for the Telegraph, honorary citizen of a town whose mayor wanted to do the resistance against Trump, this is your Princess Leia?

Jesus Christ!

Trump likes grown up women, his enemies try actually to decriminalize paedophilia. In any case, he’s better than his enemies by far.

I’m happy to be supporting the republicans, I’ve got the feeling if it isn’t – and it isn’t – Saints vs. sinners – they’re all sinners, we ‘re all sinners – it’s seemingly girl addicts straight men vs. paedophiles – Prince Charles , Savile – on the same Telegraph where they treat Trump like this, they have given as normal news, they “communicated” to the poor subjects of her majesty that the british cops will not prosecute light paedophiles anymore, because they’re too busy prosecuting hate speech crimes, that is, precisely, if you have on your computer or post child porn images you won’t be prosecuted but if you post anti-immigration or sexist comments you will be prosecuted. Her Majesty’s values…Prince Charles and these people who are so smug against Trump to give “Stormy Daniels” – a woman who had a decent name, Stephanie Clifford, and found intelligent to change it into Stormy Daniels for the sake of joining the porn & prostitute industry – the first page of their “best” newspaper – “che schifo” I am disgusted – but they won’t last, in this world, in this fight that’s braggarts vs. liars, where the braggart is a member of the Trump family and the liar a BBC or CNN journalist that is also a fight nationalists vs. globalists idem, non right-wing people will self destroy, those imbeciles of Telegraph’s journalists praise the super-globalist anti-nationalist move of Theresa May’s government – treacherous as the one of Tony Blair’s -to…hire soldiers from abroad, men and women who are not british nationals inside the british army, now everybody with a bit of salt in the head even without having read Machiavelli will tell you “they’re going to prepare a coup and they don’t want the soldiers to be emotionally attached to the citizens” yes, because they probably want to give the order in case the people don’t accept certain rules the soldiers will be given the order to shoot them, clear? I’m Italian I know it, Niccolò Machiavelli wrote it plainly, and I know the british upper class does read Machiavelli he basically said that hired soldiers they’re not going to die for you or the fatherland, they just want the money and kill around.

Go and tell Stormy Daniels or the new Telegraph’s columnists, and think about the new oath they’re going to write not to be racist against the new non british soldiers, it can’t be “Queen and Country” because their country is not Britain, it will be “Queen and…?” The Queen is an idiot if she’s going to sign this really, without the country no one cares about her or her sons. They are going to do a coup, of course they are.

You Americans please vote Republicans, I’m afraid you’ll have to help the Britons again. As for “like they do in Texas” in Texas they vote Republican.


To the Britons: if you don’t want to shame yourselves and beg Trump’s help after you ruin the country and fill it with foreign soldiers, oust Theresa May now, do Brexit and don’t hire foreigners in the army.

Asia Bibi and Kellyanne Conway, other two reasons to vote Republican.

The economy is booming, confirmed by Obama: it’s Trump’s and the Republicans’effect. Say thanks to them.

And this is about the victims of Trump’s and the deplorable’ s islamophobia, they want death sentence for a girl who disagrees with them about Religion – just for disagreeing -. The fucking left-wingers accuse you and the President who wants to keep the country safe from this stuff of racism, possibly – we don’t know why – antisemitism and islamophobia; their motto is “let them in” whatever they are.

Evidently the Deplorables will save your ass.


And if you need more reasons than these to vote Republican you’re daft. Or you’re Natalie Portman.



The bastard, the blonde and the CNN; and why we’re on Trump’s carriage.

Ah…the ad, the magnificent ad, I gave you on purpose the point of view of the CNN, to show you that they are wrong just the same. Consider this, they are saying that Clinton repatriated the illegal immigrant, so confirming that it’s not just Republicans who repatriate illegals, Democrats do it too – also Obama did it, I believe 3 millions – and the lefty CNN has nothing to say about it, it is relevant, very relevant to notice that the open-border obsession is something new, the Democrats were never in the past obsessive with smashing down the border with Mexico even if now they talk about the border as if it were the border itself to be illegal and not the immigrants.

Second, from the poison-honey, marmalade-gone-bad attitude of the last sentences of the CNN weird journalist it is understood that according to the CNN aka the Democrats the caravan should be let in, because there may be asylum seekers and no thugs; you bet it’s full of thugs that the CNN journalist would let in,  I have to inform you that this is very dangerous, first the journalist defends the Democrats from the accusation of having let the mexican cop-killer in, but then he wants to let in an entire caravan of undocumented people in from countries where there’s no war, so they technically and that’s not disputable they are no war refugees: it is evident they just want to abolish the border and I’ve always wondered if they won, if Trump and the Republicans lost and they finally managed to abolish the border what will they do? In what kind of unregulated society are they themselves going to live? Add that with their gun control laws only criminals would be able to buy guns in the illegal market, they may not care about me or about you or about Trump, but I’ve never understood what they themselves intend to do once they really managed to abolish the border.

The second video, about the divorce of Donald Trump jr. it is hinted, not plainly but by the words they use that she’s an angel and he’s the bastard, at least I had this feeling, well I may understand Vanessa is a sexy blonde woman, moreover motherlike, not sexy-bitchy, he goes hunting in Safaris of course it’s his fault and the journalist by the voice is a man.

Yes, we have to wonder whether this Donald Trump jr. is a good thing, well according to the situation we are in now, yes, he is a good thing, he is a good thing because even though a person like me may have criticised some of his attitudes before the leftists went totally crazy and wanted to arrest people for saying mother and father instead of parent 1 and parent 2 for homophobia & equality, or prohibit any criticism of abortion and abolish the external borders of the nation, with less than a person who actually doesn’t possibly care about them you don’t win this fight, if you still “go after” the BBC or the CNN and think they are relevant or have an intellectual or moral authority you cannot win, you must despise them to win – like Trump jr. -. You don’t win if you say sorry to the lion after shooting, and all these people who don’t care about ripping apart six months old in womb babies aborted on the base that they are ill, then they care about Safaris? They care about the boa constrictor? Well, maybe they identify with the boa constrictor they care about it for that.

Move on. I’m sorry for the lion, a little less for the snake.