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Republicans must win MidTerms Elections with or without Facebook. End of.

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the National Republican Congressional Committee's annual March dinner at the National Building Museum in Washington
I got convinced, I take on the war to win the American Senate for the Republicans.

I’ve just been on the DailyMail Online and because of two articles I got convinced of campaigning hard for the Republicans aka Trump to win the Mid-Terms Elections in November, the 6th.

One is the shameful attack on Kanye West on the base that he’s cleverer than the average black they want to send him to the psychiatric hospital and I just can’t stand this, you know, a couple of days ago I had to read an astonishing article about Piers Morgan quarreling with a “genius” of a “black study” professor who, instead of complaining about Hitler found intelligent to complain about Churchill – and he was a professor – I believe dumb people think intelligent people are crazy. Explain to them it’s not Kanye who’s crazy, it’s the others who are dumb.

Kanye West with Ivanka at the White House

The other article that made me convinced, like Achilles who went back to war – but I won’t die for it – was this: Link oops, they did it again, facebook shut down pro Trump pages claiming they were breaking some rules with the declared purpose to avoid what happened when Trump won the elections in 2016, that is, me, the russians the supposed fake news and after Alex Jones was banned from facebook like a renegade, I came back to the path of war, why I thought, do they think seriously that we cannot win without facebook? I can win without facebook, I’m not Hillary Clinton or Chelsea Clinton, I’ll tell you more I can win against facebook.

Now I want to win again: you must vote republicans, massively ok? and make facebook redfaced for shame.

Why I didn’t want to campaign hard for the mid-term elections this time? Well it’s easy, I truly like Trump for the re-industrialization of America, yes, i say it, the rights of the american workers, freedom of speech and protection of the borders, I just couldn’t stand his pro Israel stance, but all in all the Democrats would do much worse, I can’t forget that little stupid bitch of Chelsea Clinton campaigning against Trump when her mother and Barack Hussein Obama left Lybia bleeding in front of my Country – I live in Southern Italy, actually almost in front of Lybia – and causing the most terrifying refugee crisis ever and that bitch – who’s in any case married to a jew and zionist too, so for that the Palestinians wouldn’t have much help – instead of accusing that war criminal of her mother stays there to talk about Trump, add that christian values and the right to free speech and to be against the LGBT agenda are promoted by the Republicans, so vote Republican, I’m not a russian bot and we can win against Zuckerberg other than without, of course we can.

As for the crazy black to send to the psychiatrist I’d rather send the professor who attacks Churchill instead of Hitler, you know…Without Churchill there would be Hitler, they just don’t get it…this must be the result of quotas, that professor must have entered University for a minority quota and he’s not intelligent enough. End of.


Bikers for Trump, K-West for Trump, Franklin Graham for Trump, yes the average Hugh-Jack is against the Fag-Aristocracy.

Brad Pitt always identified as a “typical american man” just more handsome and richer than average

One may argue that Brad Pitt is hardly “the average Hugh-Jack who’s got a bike and votes Trump” nor is Kanye West, much richer and stronger nor Frankling Graham, but they are in many ways and if they’re not they understand him. Much better than the Queen of England who actually offended him, hosting Trump in the UK for such a minimum basic level State visit without ball, without any of the other Royals taking part and greeting the President while a surgically enhanced actress brought to the honour of the title of Ducces hosted a marriage with an anti-Trump preacher, but who cares about this “fag-aristocracy” of Britain, not the average Hugh-Jack, black or white. Christian like Franklin Graham – that the fag-aristocracy refused a visa to entry the Country hiding behind the muslims because of “homophobia” and islamophobia, Brad Pitt said “Had I not become an actor I’d probably be a Trump voter given my background” yes, Kanye West dared to be a Trump voter just the same, he’s not scared, it makes him harder, better, faster, stronger, his speech about not to be driven by fear and remain trapped in the past is worthy an encyclopaedia.



Bikers for Trump

K-West for Trump

K-West wasn’t left “speechless” by Kimmel he just probably didn’t want to be too hard and tell the truth: that illegal immigrants at times are so mean they use their own children to try to get a moral “right” to turn around the law and this must not be tolerated, so let’s go on, maybe this kind of hard talk that is at times required wasn’t fit for that kind of environment.

Franklin GrahamBradPitt


This is the America the Queen of England rejected and offended, it shouldn’t be asked all these boys to do the military for Britain or for England, they are a bit sexist, not to commit suicide, because a man also needs to feel like a man at times – but this is hard to understand by the fag-aristocracy, they are basically almost all raped – an aristocrat once said he was raped by his own father and said it and nothing happened because people didn’t want trouble, he was shocked, he thought his father was to be arrested and said that the British aristocracy is full like an egg of boy rapists and paedophiles, mind you if they had the guts the vote Trump – .

They have this, a Duke of Kent head of freemasonry on behalf of her minimity who dares and insult the President of the USA, the average Hugh-Jack, millions of Evangelicals rejecting the visa application of the son of Billy Graham, next time they ask for help for a war they can call Prince William and all their fag-aristocrats experts on nothing but raping kids, Britain due to the obsession with homophobia and islamophobia has become a disgusting country.

I believe the Evangelicals are so important for the USA that if a man so representative of American Culture like Franklin Graham cannot enter the UK, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must be refused entrance to the USA, it’s not a colony anymore, you know, they defend themselves by themselves.



So, dear Hugh, as Dante said: care about them no more, but look at them and pass by

Also Libya is on our side against human trafficking.

Screenshot from an Italian Newspaper’s website

Good news, “we are not alone” – no, it is not an article about aliens and life on Mars – I will be short but I want to share the feeling of relaxation that gave me this article Link Libya agrees with us on the guilt of the NGOs and the need to close the European ports and the Spanish police echoes: the NGOs are trafficking in human beings, the NGOs must be outlawed, the Italians agree on and on, both with Austria of Kurz and Strache and with Libya of Haftar and Serraj, and also to the East with Hungary and to the West with … Trump ie the United States. I think it is right to invite the Libyans to the permanent meetings of the Right-wingers’ club, it would be time to get them meet in Rome, at the EUR, with everyone: Trump, Haftar, Serraj, Kurz, Orban & co.

I very much agree with the Spanish police union that has officially declared that if the smugglers are guilty then the NGOs are also guilty Link. I am very happy about this Spanish side, like the French side of Dupont Aignan & Co in spite of Macron, because it is not a battle among nations but a battle for the nations, for the survival of the nation-states both of Spain and Italy than of Denmark or Libya etc. against the chaos and the cancellation of the nations as entities themselves.

What’s more, NGOs pretend to esteem Africans, but they do not actually respect their rulers just as they do not want to respect the European ones, in Libyan territorial waters they do not want to do what the Libyan Coast Guard says: they want to transplant migrants to Europe, in practice, the Spanish police union, which accuses NGOs of using the expression “saving human lives” but in fact to be organizing the transport of migrants are very right. I am very happy with this international synchrony, because I have been on holiday both in Spain and in Germany and in Great Britain and I do not want these nations to disappear exactly as I do not want Italy to disappear. Let’s join and coordinate all of us: we are winning. We have won with Trump, Brexit, Kurz and Strache and Salvini and DiMaio and all over the East and there are those who agree with us in France, Spain, Greece, Malta and in practice in all the remaining nations.

The call for a Third Intifada by Hamas is reasonable. The Jews kill unarmed people and bomb council housings.


Palestinians are resisting in Gaza in flames.

Gaza Palestinians in Gaza in the flames, they resist. Ireland and Belgium are the first two European States to recall the ambassadors from Tel Aviv after the deaths in Gaza, first Turkey had done it, which also recalled that of Washington and South Africa did it too.

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders strongly rebuffs Belgian ambassador to Israel Simona Frankel who said the 59 dead in Gaza “were all terrorists” Reynders said: “You can hear many things, but there are limits”

The ambassador, interviewed by the public radio station La Première had said: “I am very sorry for every deceased human being even if they are terrorists (…) who come near the border barrier to try to pass on Israeli territory”.

Reynders: “To hear that all the people who were killed were terrorists, this goes beyond reason,” said the foreign minister, denouncing the disproportionate use of force made by Israel. “The idea of ​​proportionality is clear, there has been no injuries on Israel’s side,” Reynders concluded.

Intelligent consideration: “there was no wounded on Israel’s side” in fact the Israelis quietly shoot unarmed civilians or at most boys who throw stones not soldiers with grenades or guns. Ireland also recalls the ambassador. Now it is clear that the ambassadors in Israel should not be Jews or Israelis with a double passport: they do not have our own values, the “American” ambassadors and Jared Kushner even have properties illegally bought in the West Bank, Trump does not seem to reason and Hamas wants the Third Intifada – and it’s good if you need something but it certainly serves honor, we hope not only that -. Now tell me how to reason with a gun that shoots and I say it shoots unarmed civilians because they “want to invade the Israeli territory” while they themselves invade the territory of the others with arms: American and American Jewish ambassadors and the Trump-Kushner family, the family of the President’s son-in-law, buy and sell properties in the Palestinian Territories without the consent of the Palestinians as if they were the rightful owners! Then the Third Intifada would save the honor of Palestine because, as the Americans usually do lately, a) they accuse you by saying false things, such as having chemical weapons when you do not have them, or having proof that you have the atomic bomb but the tests are built by themselves, the Mossad, and b) shoot with the gun unarmed civilians saying that they are terrorists and as noted by Didier Reynders, the Belgian Foreign Minister, is not true because among the Israeli ranks there are neither dead nor wounded, it’s as if we shot at the black bloc at the G8 or even the no Tavs – the ecologists who do not want another railway etc. this is the level, okay? – In Europe, when they are unarmed or armed with stones civilians, you can use hydrants or tear gas and so on, ultimately rubber bullets, in Israel they shoot live bullets. So if you do the Third Intifada is better, provided that it must be legal to sell weapons to the Palestinians for the Israelis occupy the territories that the UN gives to the Palestinians and shoot the unarmed civilians with the machine gun, it would be more honest if the Palestinians had machine guns too. “Fucking Jews” I said it, but they are truly an awesome falsity. Trump is a fool. Perhaps it is true that we should recall the US ambassadors as Obama asks to stop him from scrapping the Iran Deal and reopening to the Russian market since his best friends the Jews sell what they like to Russia through Israel.

Council housings bombed in Gaza with the excuse of Hamas

In the photograph above, a popular housing district bombed under the guise of fighting against Hamas. For the avoidance of any misunderstanding, Israel has bombed the district inhabited by civilians in Gaza with bombs and they say with phosphorus bombs “to hit Hamas” it is clear that this is a neighborhood with apartments where civilians live, ok? Now they fire live bullets on unarmed civilians “to hit Hamas” but if they do not have losses it is because Hamas hasn’t got all these weapons after all. Now Trump makes me sick, his daughter and son-in-law take houses from the Palestinians and do not pay them – Kosher thieves – the Palestinian territories? Israel and the American Jews do not recognize them, they say they are theirs from the times of Solomon, that God gave them, that it’s written in the Bible etc. These are the speeches they do, all right? I am not God and I do not have to give them anything, I have not promised them no land, they want to kill people, bombarding and stealing and crying out wolf for anti-Semitism and “the Holocaust” what makes them unpleasant at a human level, as the saying says: “they disgust me on the skin”, especially the part about the holocaust and Anna Trump, sorry Frank. I want to be scandalous but honest: can weapons producers resume selling guns, gun machines and bombs to Palestine, please? Does it seem normal, serious, honorable to leave people unarmed against soldiers with a machine gun and a government that bombards them on their council housings? If Israel and Turkey are in UEFA, do you know what? You can do the football team as well as Palestine and join UEFA, divide the land and give half to the Palestinians and let them make a state with a territory that is all unique and not fragmented as it is now and a regular army. The earth is not all of the Jews, not even Jerusalem. Did God promise you? I am not God, I answer for human justice, when they put religion in the middle they seem to me an opprobrium. The Europeans must put the reason back on the table, at the centre of it: they can not say that the land is theirs because God gave it to them, they must supply only measurable data. And in any case, you have to sell weapons to Palestine. Excuse me, I believe in God, but that religion that the Jews believe in, it’s only theirs, Muslims believe another thing and traditionalist Catholics believe that after the resurrection of Jesus Christ the New Israel is the Catholic Church resulting in rights to control over Jerusalem etc. Hindus and voodoo still believe in other things. We must take care of human justice, if God wanted to give them the land, he would have already done it, he can do it whenever He wants, but God is not Trump, nor Mike Pence. Neither Ivanka, Jared or the Rothschild bankers. Nor you and I.

I just love the Intifada, here’s why and Ivanka’s hostess stupid smile makes the Palestinian Rebellion shine.

Why I am outraged at Ivanka, Jared and Jewish lobby complains about “antisemitism”:
Ivanka Trump with her smile like a privileged Barbie makes the occupation of Palestine even more unpleasant.

Gerusalemme, la controversa inaugurazione dell'ambasciata Usa

The one above is the “American whore” Ivanka Trump, “the American bitch” and looks like what is, or is what it seems, a person between the plastic barbie and the stewardess with the stupid smile to take Jerusalem for herself – converted to ‘Judaism by marriage – and for the idiot Jewish climber, Jared Kushner, who was supposed to be the American envoy for peace in the Middle East, on the grounds that he had married Ivanka; these Americans so stereotyped, so soap opera-like, except that they are Jews now while in the soaps are still evangelical-Protestants and get married with the priest with the white gazebo in the garden, these Americans bring out the heroism of the Palestinians, Ivanka’s expensive clothes, Eastern European blondness and stupid smile makes the Palestinian rebels shine, they who fight with improper weapons against an army with AK47s, an army of double passports ready to flee to France or the USA if things go wrong, while they are – and they are from – and stay there: to live not just to stay three months and go back lobbying to France.

Gaza: fonti mediche, 16 palestinesi uccisi
Palestinians clash with Israeli troops following a protest against the U.S. decision to relocate it’s Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, Monday, May 14, 2018.

These are the Palestinians fighting for Jerusalem and their land, good.
Here are the two photos compared, Ivanka the bitch and the Palestinian the fighter:

Who’s the best? Who is really from there, Ivanka and Jared who stay there a couple of days or months and then fly to New York or the Palestinian boy?

I loved America-America, the Protestant one and also that of Kennedy, a little bloody Catholic or Rocky’s – incident always happened, poor Kennedy – this America of converted Jews I can not stand it, I can not even see them: they are all Jews, Jared the American envoy for the Middle East, Ivanka, the daughter of the President, the US ambassador to Israel is Israeli and has property in the occupied territories, at the UN they blater of wanting to peace, but they are just not neutral: they are part in question, they are Jews and even Israelis.

Of course the land belongs to the Palestinian and not to Ivanka, it’s not another Golf club of yours you know, girl?

And we? We Europeans remained Christians, who still have not converted, what are we doing? Let’s pretend not to see that ISIS are undercover Israelis? We continue, everyone, including Germany to pretend not to see that the Israeli-Americans sell everything they like to the Russians as Israelis and impose sanctions on Russia as Americans and are the same people? That we can no longer reason with the “Americans”, that in Britain there is a Jewish-Masonic lobby that perhaps blackmails an aristocracy suspected of being pedophile by initiation-ritual like… not a Cobra, but a Boa constrictor “if you move I strangle you, but even if you do not move, I will strangle you the same, just more slowly.”

Please “the Aryan *” blackmailed talk to each other and create a lobby without Jews and get us and the Arabs out of this situation. The final judgments will be made by God.

I just love the Palestinian Rebellion, I’m Italian, I cannot help it.

* PS

For the avoidance of doubt, I use the term “aryan” ironically. Ok? It is better than “goy” and while “goy” sounds like dumb, “Aryan” at least smells more like bad – because they call you fascist the same anyway: see Corbyn engaged to Diane  … –

Gaza: fonti mediche, 16 palestinesi uccisi

Well, at least they fight for their land. Bravo.

Trump trashes the Iran Deal? That’s better, Teheran, arm yourself and bomb Israel.

Donald Trump is really a slave of the Jewish Lobby.

Israel and the Jewish lobby are effing disturbing and Trump is reported by Veterans Today to be gay and a hidden Jew blackmailable at request Link.

Yes, trash the Iran Deal, so Iran will be free to and, maybe pushed to really build the atomic bomb, I hope they’ll nuke Tel Aviv, after all it’s Netanyahu asking for it, I don’t live out there in the Middle East, I hope all the Israeli dual nationals to gather there before the bombing so maybe they’ll be six million dead Jews really this time.

Hey, Teheran, they’re gonna bomb you, that’s for sure. I’m sorry. Brace yourself, I’ll pray for you, as a Christian, I swear I do, I just don’t like liars and injustice.

White weapons are the favorites of torturers: for them the gun simply does not make you suffer enough.

Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood Movie Street Kings about gun fight with L.A. police.

White weapons are the favorites of torturers: for them the gun simply does not make you suffer enough.

I stopped believing in the stupidity that the anti-racists say about the Africans the “poor blacks” almost like, after Gaza, stopped believing the crap about the “poor Jews” the victims according to the Western lefty mythology, without taking anything away from blacks who have nothing to do with it, but in Rwanda, blacks against blacks – who looked like twin brothers – the soldiers of a faction immobilized the enemies by pointing at them a firearm, a rifle or a machine gun, but they did not shoot the cruel ones: they had another guy stabbing with a knife the victim – they did it also to Gaddafi – in the end a journalist, at the request of a torture victim who said that the world should know, showed the almost skeletal body of a woman they had – skipped these two lines if you are impressionable – stuck a sword into the vagina and had made it rise up and exit out of the mouth, the body was left with the sword stuck, they showed it to show everyone that it was true – worse than the Holocaust? what to say? -.

This is for those NFL assholes who are not standing when they play the American anthem to protest against the US racist police, if they went to Nigeria, Rwanda, Congo the black policemen would make them pray kneeling – really – to give them back Trump and the American anthem. Trump compared to these guys is a big boy, see is this that I can not stand of the Left, they swell the small to medium things because they do not want racism and firearms, except in their Israel where the alleged “right” to racism and to owning firearms is reserved to the Jews – who can be racists and own firearms while the Palestinians can’t -, and then they hide the crimes, even the worst, perpetrated by blacks, by themselves or for example by gays and lesbians.

Firearms are a gain for humanity in the contest of war and fight-with-arms so much that the torturers and sadists avoid them, and we all know it, the bullet kills too early and for their tastes it does not make people suffer enough.

Yes, bullets are not blessings, but imagine Hollywood movies’ scenes with knives.

Keep Trump and the NRA. As much as we need to stop him from going after Netanyahu and making war on Iran.

Then let’s talk clearly about Iran: even if Iran had the atomic bomb they would do well  keeping it. Israel has the atomics, and so the US and France, real disarmament is not asking others to disarm and instead increasing your own arsenal, included the atomic arsenal, and then go and lie at the UN. And then Libya and Iraq were destroyed by bombings by the “good” British, American and French without having either atomic or chemical weapons. Disarming is not convenient: it is probable that you get bombarded even before than you would if you had the atomic really, first and last because the Americans, Israelis, French and Britons lie like Judas at the UN: this is what they have done already two or three times, and even the “little French” have to stop asking others to take off the atomic: they can take off their own since they have it.

I do not go on about Africa, I can only say that there are several photos of Nigerians on the Internet eating raw human hearts just removed from the body of the dead and looking at you – or looking at the lens – as if they were eating a green apple. They do not seem to have the natural sense of repulsion and disgust, my belief is that Africa is beautiful as it is, but society out there is dreadful. The faults of the whites are of the whites and that’s fine, but those of the blacks are theirs, you see. God will judge us all.