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After this, I think Theresa May deserves to get shot.

Theresa May was a big mistake from the  beginning, she just shouldn’t have been made PM.

I am tired, maybe I’ll do a video tomorrow, oh my dear, Theresa May’s deal is a total surrender to the Nazis, pardon to the EU: incredible that she even had the shamelessness to write down such things as “border checks….in the Irish sea” ? what? So, Northern Ireland is not part of Britain anymore??? Indefinite transitional period with the establishment of a ….common custom aka custom union with the EU where the EU sets all the rules and regulations and the UK has to obey them but with the clause of no possibility of unilateral exit – a slave – and plus certainly the Britons would have to pay a fee and have no commissioners, no say in the rule-making no possibility to exit without EU permission, is she crazy? Even Tony Blair doesn’t like it. She said “my deal, no deal or no brexit” who the hell gave her the authority to say “no brexit” just to start, as for her deal it’s like she lost a war and this are the conditions of an armistice: the condition of a total vassal state. I hope the Parliament brings it down together with May. And obviously no-deal and hard brexit is the best outcome.



Met Gala Blaspheme? Vatican approved, it’s enough if they didn’t ask for it…being the Centre of the Illuminati the IOR…

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

Old witch, she’s scary, isn’t she?
Rihanna as silver sexy pope in the middle the other two it would be unbelievable if we didn’t know already they’re all Illuminati.

It would be unbelievable, if it weren’t that we already knew they’re all Illuminati aka satanists, and it would surprise me to know that Pope Francis’ Vatican gave the approval if we didn’t know already the center of this piggery is actually the Vatican and particularly the IOR that Rothschild-connected Vatican bank accused continuously of washing dirty mafia & co. money, whose priests-bankers are accused of being “indemoniati” aka subjects to demonic possessions because they do satanic rituals inside that effing square kilometre in Rome we Italians should take back.

So, as a matter of fact, no surprise.

Rivlin says Israel needs the West now more than ever, and the West should give him the midfinger.

Screenshot of the Telegraph article where the Jews inform us of what they need.

The President of Israel Rivlin writing directly on the Telegraph, the newspaper that didn’t give the news of Gaza protests and shooting of unarmed civilians, while all the rest of the press did, as usual for the israeli jews, with that cheap rhetoric of theirs about “Israel their homeland” – while we have a lot of their dual nationals around who just do not want to move there -, that sounds like the cheap rethoric about their army that in the West would have sounded outdated in the forties, moreover you imagine it all said with the israeli accent, always excessively cavernous and guttural, like the bad ones not even in a movie, in a Goldrake cartoon, well now he informed us, as if we were his best friends, worse, as if he and Israel were our best friends, as if let’s say it, we were best friends – and we are not – he informs us that, oh, the fake super military power “needs us”. What do you need? You need us?

You needed to shut up during the french electoral campaign when you as President of Israel Rivilin dared interfering telling the French that if they had voted Marine LePen, who wanted to stop mass immigration to Europe, they would be like the Nazis – and now you don’t like that the muslims in Europe are all pro Palestine – you needed to make shut up the israeli spies and dual nationals around when in Italy call people who vote Salvini, or even Grillo and the 5 Star movement “fascists” or “Nazis” and oh they were in Auschwitz, you need to shut up when your women shake hands and support Avigdor Lieberman and Netanyahu, like Hitler the first and like Mussolini the second, very far-right, and then come here to call racist Jeremy Corbyn, can you hear me? A woman who supports Netanyahu and Lieberman accuses Corbyn of being a racist.

I may go on with the list of Israelis – and when I say israelis I mean israeli nationals who do support Netanyahu and Lieberman politcally, ok? – accusing people of being racists and far-right just for wanting to close their countries to mass immigration and building mosques, but I stop. The only thing the West should give Israel is the midfinger.

Dear Britons, if you love Italy do Hard Brexit: here’s why and I’m talking to Corbyn too.

Who can read italian knows what’s going on really, the EU wants to destroy us and rob our money from the bank accounts and removes the Prime Ministers who do our true interests against the interests of the bankers.

There is a little misunderstanding in Britain about who’s racist and who’s not, who, the intelligent, love Europe and who’s a little Englander, who’s leftwing and who’s rightwing.

If you love Italy, you must do hard Brexit aka exiting the Single Market and put the Germans and the Dutch back at the wall for me.

There is a sexist saying that women tell men to do the bad things they cannot do in their place, I am sorry for it happens I am a woman, but I tell you like this: the European Union gave permission to the ECB to take money from the italian bank accounts under € 100.000 link in italian for the ones who can read it, Renzi, Draghi, Ms Boldrini are completely owned by the EU and freemasonry, don’t you be fooled for Mario Draghi sounds an italian name, also Peter Mandelson sounds english or Anthony Charles Lyndon Blair sounded very british and they didn’t give a damn about you just like these Draghis and Renzis they don’t give a damn about me or the common Italians, right?

Add that today the fucking – sorry the vulgarity but I am  really poisoned, I know I shouldn’t talk like this – well European Parliament has approved the change to the Dublin Treaty that means all the boats of illegal african immigrants the lefty italian government is taking against the law and the international law: they regularly jump Malta and Zarzir as second and first safe ports and bring them to Italy because they want to, illegally under the italian immigration law, illegally under the Dublin Treaty as it was signed when it was signed and illegally under the real international law that obliges to bring the saved from a drowning in the first not the second and even less the third safe port – not to mix “saving lives” with human traffic and irregular immigration which is precisely what the Left is doing on purpose -, in this case the first safe port is in Tunisia and the second Malta, they bring them to the third – Lampedusa/Sicily – to invade Europe well with the change to the Dublin Treaty, if you stay in the Single Market, you’ll have to accept freedom of movement and take also a huge part of these new immigrants that George Soros dares and call “the fair share” of Britain.

Germany has pulled down Berlusconi elected by us italian citizens who wanted the withdrawal of Italy from the eurozone. Someone said: with the European Union Germany has won the third world war without shooting  a bullet. They are about to block my money from my bank account, money already taxed that I just didn’t spend. If you were in my place I would help you and kill off the European Union forever.

Corbyn, do me the favour: please, I beg your pardon, do hard brexit and make them shut up forever. They cannot survive hard brexit.

Remember that they want a permanent system where the central bankers can remove or impose the Prime Minister, do you think they wouldn’t do it to Corbyn or to Rees-Mogg who, for different reasons, are not in line with the interests of the central bankers, for the one is too socialist and the other too catholic, if they could?


Read it back with a bit of attention. I don’t want a central banker to be considered a “constitutional safeguard” the constitutional safeguard is the President of the Republic or the Monarch not the fucking central banker. Ok?

O please give me a hand. And give a hand to yourself.

The Statistics Institutes invent numbers: one in three women is supposedly beaten by the partner and that’s not true.

La sede dell'ISTAT
The ISTAT – Italian National Institute for Statistics – headquarters

If the Australian ISTAT – the national institute for statistics – is as reliable as the Italian one then Australians are against gay marriage; ISTAT continues to give absurd figures about alleged domestic violence that every woman or girl like me knows that they are not true because the percentage is so high that you who are female with female friends, sisters, and female colleagues etc. should know it better than they. Either I live in a golden environment, but I’ve also been in a college where we were all girls, at the faculty of Languages ​​where we were 98% females, or it is not true, and I do think it is not true: ISTAT is lying, according to them, 1 woman out of 3 was beaten by the partner, one in three is false, because each 9 women I know, mother, aunts, cousins, friends, companions, colleagues means three every nine were beaten by the partner, and it is not possible, it’s a fake number. The other figure on rapes is to imprison those of the ISTAT for lying: half of women between the ages of thirteen and sixty five would have been victims of sexual violence / harassment and again it means one each two and that’s not true either. Apart from the criteria, that is, what is being categorized as violence, whether they consider psychological violence or abuse: “did your father scold you when you did not do your homework?” But in my opinion, I think of them badly, they invented the numbers. Even though I try to meet them halfway, that means, the verbal argument may be categorized as violence, and the verbal argument, if a male and a female argue with words is not the male who is abusing the female because he’s got a stronger voice: the female may be saying worse things than he even with a thin voice, but if they say “a woman each three beaten”, “one each two raped” it is not true quite simply – and luckily -.

I do not trust the Australian referendum organized by the local ISTAT, do the real one, now, under the control of the Interior Ministry, because I’m convinced that they lie about the figures. Like Tito Boeri in Italy gave such figures – that were simply fake – when he said that the migrants coming on the boats will pay for our pensions: that’s not true, Boeri is a liar and even the European Union has warned the Italian lefty government to stop lying to the italian citizens about our economic situation link if you can read Italian you’ll notice that, again the ISTAT lied and even Bruxelles noticed it – it’s like one in two raped, luckily it’s a lie -. The Masons are liars we must arrest them when they lie officially from positions of authority or power.

The World must get rid of the Rothschilds

In Italy and France in the past they did like that, because at a certain point they thought they couldn’t really put them on a trial or they would be dragged down too. They must be stopped before they destroy the West. Believe me. Their enemy it’s we. And they with their anti-white agenda made it clear.

Be strong and do the right thing. Bye.