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A Brasilian is looking for Friends and why I think he’ll find them.

Jair Bolsonaro in two classic poses: one in which he shoots as a joke and one in which he makes the little heart. The little heart he’s making it to us; Jair is looking for friends and knows whom he wants as friends; he wants us on the right in Italy aka Salvini and Trump, he has promised, for justice and as a sign of commitment in the fight against communism and terrorism, to extradite Cesare Battisti in Italy, we accept without reserve, that’s why:

getty - susca zucchetti - Cesare Battisti

Cesare Battisti in his most irritating photo in circulation, this one above: he is on holiday in Rio de Janeiro, at Flamengo beach, yeah, this after robbing banks, supermarkets and shops saying they were proletarian expropriations and murdering four people, one of whom only because he was a jeweler, after that he must have been contacted by the Communist High Freemasonry who referred to Mitterrand and the banker Rothschild because after the final sentence in Italy to two life jail sentences he was helped to escape by that monster of François Mitterrand, by Lula when he was president of Brazil and now is in prison – and that’s fine, so he learns to defend criminals – and by that strange being that goes under the name of “Carla Bruni Tedeschi” or “Carla Bruni Sarkozy” who is a rich leftwinger ever since she understood that the Rothschild bankers are leftwingers.

ex beautiful/very beautiful now ruined by the botox, when she went to Lula to intercede for Baptists along with the idiotic communist beggars – but more likely to ruffle Rothschild –


The idiotic beggars.

well, at that point in her life she was neither as beautiful as in the picture on the right nor as monstrous as in the picture on the left, and managed to convince Lula not to extradite Cesare Battisti to Italy. Of Carla Bruni the blogger against the Illuminati par excellence, now probably dead because it is since 2012 that the posts are clearly written by another, He, the legendary Vigilant Citizen said neither more nor less that she was a Beta Model, that is, like Marilyn Monroe, a woman used as an extra-luxury escort for very rich or very powerful men on behalf of the High Freemasonry and / or the so-called Illuminati, she allegedly had to hook them, take them to bed and spy on them or just please them, do not get excessively scandalized, the Italian State is accused of having done it using actress-sex symbol Gina Lollobrigida, the American State Marilyn Monroe, well Bruni would have been used also to lure Sarkozy and to spy on him on behalf of the Left excluded from the Élisee. The fact that she is married does not mean anything, by these people marriage is used like anything else.

Well, the press owned by these subjects insult Bolsonaro, as Salvini, as Trump, as, at least until a while ago, H.C. Strache, calls him fascist, sexist, torturer etc. true or false? I know only, that these people defend Battisti despite him having made murders and, let’s face it, vulgar robberies in banks and jewelers saying that it was “proletarian expropriation” with this subject the Illuminati fell really down.

Of course Bolsonaro must be better than that, the alternatives are the defenders of Battisti (and that’s really offensive towards the Italian State and the killed and robbed citizens)… but may he go and rob  at the Rothschild’s or Bruni’s homes …


So, welcome to the Right-wingers’ Club.


Never Accept the Unknown Superiors and that’s a basic rule for cunning people.

I am intolerant with trolls, I remove them, delete them from the feed of the comments of youtube, but if they make an acceptable consideration before or after an insult, I can also give me the time & pleasure to respond. Now a troll that I have already deleted from youtube has said that I must know that the br – acronym of Brigate Rosse a communist terrorist Italian organisation usually written as all acronyms in Capitals as BR but he did it in tiny letters – it was, in reality, the CIA – and what else could it be? – But really, so I have to know it? But if not even Ms Adriana Faranda, one of them, knows it? Yes, it has been said, and Steve Pieczenik has revealed publicly that even for the CIA, for the United States of America it was important that Aldo Moro – Italian Prime Minister kidnapped and killed shot by the BR in 1978 –  did not come alive from there, at that time President of the United States was Jimmy Carter, No. 39 , between Ford and Reagan, from 1977 to 1981, Nobel Peace Prize, but for this reason we do not have illusions, as well as pro-Palestinian and this is good for us while the Soviet leader was Aleksej Kosygin from October 1964 to October 1980 and in Italy there were Aldo Moro, centrists christian democrat PM and Berlinguer, leader of the Italian communist party and these Red Brigades, Brigate Rosse, wanting revolution and kidnapping people around the country indeed.

Now all is well with me, but not that an intelligent person agrees not to know if he takes orders from the head of the Soviets or the CIA – this happens when one accepts the anonymous hierarchy “The Unknown Superiors” which are also typical of the Satanic sects of the rich ones, given that Ms. Faranda was truly Communist and Inge Feltrinelli, repeatedly accused directly of being among the organizers of the kidnapping, as well as – sic – of the murder, with spikes of suspicion such that Moro was killed in a hurry because he had recognized her eyes and her voice from the balaclava as Moro, a person of intelligence and memory noticeably above the average, is not an opinion is a biographical datum, which did not frequent people  like Faranda but was instead handcuffed with the rich left-wingers – see Berlinguer – having recognized her, once released from prison would have put her in trouble, but these are only suspects, what is a given and not a suspect is that Adriana Faranda once released in 1994 was taken by Feltrinelli as a photographer – it seems to me that even Inge was a photographer – and I saw the photo and read the news on the Espresso that back in 1994 I used to read regularly.

So Inge was manipulated by the CIA? And did she sacrifice Faranda to jail? Or even a person with heritage, the social position of Inge Feltrinelli – who was personally a “nobody” but she got pregnant with Giangiacomo Feltrinelli an Italian millionaire turned crazy-communist and mocked for that by the other Italian rich ones who could not possibly understand him, and after the death of the latter despite being already ex-wife, the fourth where Giangiacomo at death had already arrived at five – she did manage the estate on behalf of the baby, and she was given orders by the CIA and did not realize it? I think badly of Inge Feltrinelli, a Sephardic Jewess born in Germany, a militant communist but an intimate friend of the heirs of Jewish Zionist Warburg bankers so much so that they suspect – and perhaps of course – ties with Mossad, an intimate friend means that when Inge went to New York, the Communist was sleeping at the Warburg heir home, do not have any illusions about the left “kosher, caviar and Che Guevara” but was she manipulated by the CIA? From Carter?

Of course it was times when the secret agents were heroes of beautiful detective movies, espionage films, I personally was just two years old, the Christian Democrat grandmother, a socialist grandfather, nothing more. But to understand in all this intrigue between Jewish bankers, pro-Palestinian leftwing activists, Feltrinelli who married and remarried – they had not yet made the law on divorce, otherwise 5 wives would have arrived in his underwear and perhaps would have done less damage – being able to understand who was manipulating whom … And we hypothetically assume:

That Faranda and Moretti were seriously communists.
That Inge was somehow linked to them, but we do not know exactly how.
That the real terrorists, Faranda, Moretti & Co. really communists … took orders from “unknown superiors” and this is the real misstep.
Generally the unknown superiors are made to accept with the excuse that if they torture you do not have to know their names, so not knowing them you can not betray them, but this should make you reflect on a small detail: that you in this story are designated to be the one that ends up in jail and eventually tortured and they are the ones in the villa with swimming pool to do the Unknown Superiors. That your part is the wrong one, that is, they gave you the knife on the side of the blade. And you shouldn’t accept – Idiot -.

To take orders from a public telephone that rings at 11:30 hours in Rome and the incognito messenger of the unknown superiors tells you “go to kidnap Moro” and you, after they arrest you for kidnapping and murdering the Prime Minister, do not even know if he was a Carter or a Kosygin man ?

Steve Pieczenik knew who his superiors were and from Kosygin he would not take orders.

The only thing certain is that it is obviously wrong, it is not very smart to take orders without knowing who is in the hierarchy. The superiors one must know who they are, as in the army. This is one of the reasons why I am very opposed to entry into sects and freemasonry, in the end for a shiver not even feline, you do not even understand if you are working for the CIA or the Soviet Union, because according to the Espresso right-wing people supposedly have a low-IQ. Mm and then how do you have it, in the far-left? The CIA is accused of all that is unknown, besides of course the Mossad and a bit of the Knights Templar, even the murder of Elvis Presley and then to some extent something will be true, but as perhaps at the CIA they are not fools like Faranda they let talk and do not say.

Yes, you can take orders from the CIA, provided that you know it: Steve Pieczenik knew it, the others … they make mental wanking from the prison or their rooms and sometimes, without knowing, they even guess, Robbie Williams suspects Elvis’s death maybe yes, maybe not and what remains in any case is “advertising space”: the posters with the face of Elvis hanging a bit everywhere.



Here it is, the organizer of Charlottesville’s violence Jason kessler IS a leftist and Obama’s supporter and MacCain’s collaboartor. It Is A False Flag.

Thanks ZeroHedge for the wonderful work, read the link and do spread the news link;

So Jason Kessler, and Kessler can be easily an ashkenazi jewish last name is a leftwinger organizing a false flag to justify the attempted censorship of the Right;

I re -publish the material found on ZeroHedge:


Jason Kessler is actually a professional agent provocateur tied to Obama and John MacCain


Photograph Kessler with MacCain

Both Kessler the agitator and the “journalist” Faith Goldy who filmed the car crash are zionists and probably Jews, the car crash’s film is not a live event it is a staged event with two cars:

Video with the evidence that the car of the crash was not driverless and in fact the “live” event “filmed” by the jewish “journalist” Goldy is all staged and staged with two different cars, probably to protect the driver who did the homicide that’s probably another zionist and israeli on “holiday” in America.


Remember that the Jews stage very often terror attacks as muslim jihadis, they did 9/11 and the Bataclan attack and even the Nice attack in France, always with a car crash, or as white suprematists, they do it to try and gain the approval of laws against the rightwingers or the muslims. Freemasonry covers them up.

You must pray God that Justice is done about all terror attacks and all evil things with no fear: it’s the israelis really.