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Milan-Juve in Jeddah; Dear readers, if you want rights you have to make money.

He commands, the one who makes money, that’s all; the waves of migrants are there because the bankers Rothschilds want them, that’s all, not because there really exists the “right to migrate” wherever you like at the recipient country’s expenses or Westerners love migrants “poor children” westerners would always say “we help them in their own country”. in Saudi Arabia they can saw Kashoggy, send women around in burqas, do not take migrants or refugees not even if they are Muslims like them – they rather pay to build mosques abroad, but refuse to take them in their own country – they pay and have super Milan super Juve in Jeddah and Ms. Ilaria D’Amico, ex-lover now Gigi Buffon’s official partner, former sexy model naked on the calendar, defends them, and with what arguments? “They paid”. Sure. You’re right “the importance of being Ilaria” Oscar Wilde would say.

Ilaria D’Amico understands the Saudis – this is the chaste version –

I myself am influenced by the intense media campaign pro Saudi Arabia that has made great strides on women’s rights, makes them drive, makes them go to the stadium and I was left alone with a worry: ​​I want to buy Cutrone’s uniform because I like it, this one of 2018/2019 because it has the piece of black sleeve and is finer, I did not like the one with the white collar & cuffs (or that of Juve with red numbers – unforgettable in negative -) instead and since I do not want to buy it next year because otherwise it’s the one of the year before I have to solve the moral doubt as soon as possible if someone like me can go around with the words “Fly Emirates” on the T-Shirt just for the sake of being envied by her father “I have it, the original, and not you”. Well? Maybe or maybe not, but if I buy it I buy Cutrone’s 63: it’s nice, it’s Italian and signs scores – and does not have a long beard and I hate football players with a long beard:

Higuain – may this not become fashionable
Patrick Cutrone

Cutrone contains himself with this new beard style. The players of the past instead were more “Gillette models like” but I don’t feel like buying the T-Shirts of the past I want to buy the one of this year.

Shevchenko pretty much looked like a Gillette model (when Gillette models were sportsmen and not fat)

From the models wags girlfriend supersexy to women in burqa

The female spectators at the Stadium

this fact that everything can be bought disturbs me.


I feel bad. Guys, if we really want to defend our rights, like it or not, we have to make money. I tell you this as it is. Be grateful to me for the frankness. They broke our balls with sexism, with Trump’s sexist jokes (?) With “Ministra” and “Sindaca” that pretty much mean “Ministress” and “Mayoress” in Italian  – that I can not even say these words because in comparison to classic Italian they sound ugly, but “it’s feminism” – then you pay and fuck you and the mayoress and the ministress, long live the Arabs! Not to mention the Kashoggy crime: they have driven us crazy on human rights, on civil rights, on the rights of migrants and then just pay and you can saw Andrew Marr or Scalfari and the BBC journalists. It ‘s always been like this probably, can you remember when they did Formula 1 there and have toasted with Fanta? And do you know what I tell you? Yes Kashoggy certainly was a spy and I do not like spies – I understand that he had to be punished, actually he allegedly spied on the King in the King’s house using the fact that he was a strict relative (a cousin) – but he should be given life sentence or if they did not want to make a martyr of him, because the New York Times and the other press would have made the mess to free him, then they should shoot him in the head.

We have to make money or our western, pagan-Christian culture will have gone to the dogs, with all our blessed rights. And not even by gunshots, by far worse. Because at times you make the far west – gunshots – not to make the far worse – Kashoggy’s homicide… – You know.


Soccer Vs. Hate Speech Laws.

It seems exaggerated to me already to talk about the suspension of the match Atalanta-Naples – that luckily didn’t happen, it was yesterday – because perhaps the Atalantines will say “terrone*” – which is an insult for Southern Italians that means more or less “rough southerner who’s got something to do with the land, from the word “terra” that means “land” – and what else? “Farmer” – but why is “farmer” even an insult? I know people who are farmers, but let’s forget … – or “colerious” according to the Giornale – my source, one of many – The problem what is it? That the Neapolitans do not know what to answer? To me that I am from Reggio Calabria – further south of Naples – it comes to mind that … that Atalanta with that shirt looks like the Inter of the poor (they never win anything). I wonder if they are offended, because sometimes it is not the insult, it is the sensitivity of the insulted person, that some people can tell a guy everything and he has no reaction, others get angry and get aggressive, others weaken, they get discouraged and mourn for the same words, so much so that in the movies on the American military the insult is used to make the soldiers more “beasty”, that is, hopefully the soldier will become aggressive and become less sensitive or get used to hostility and contempt etc.

This is worse

The third is a little disgusting, because it is too gay (this “ass & dick” is always in the head of the trainer, go, let alone: ​​about the trainer you could say worse things than about the soldiers btw).

My fear is that if they start suspending matches for racist / territorial insults sooner or later they begin to say that they want to suspend even my websites where in the worst moments I said worse, once I got so angry with Netanyahu that I wrote that I want Tel Aviv bombed with the atomic (equivalent to Vesuvius destroying Naples).

I love you guys, I support Naples, but I recommend “be a bit hard” otherwise here we can close everything and we all end up in Alcatraz. Then we will have some good soccer matches with Atalanta fans in the prison field during the hour.

Give it the banner:



I wonder if they are offended.

GALLERY DECEMBER 3, 2018 PAOLA DISTILO EDIT – This is the translation to the articleunder my own video published yesterday

From soccer to “Chinese Democracy” why it is wrong to censor.

The risk is to sink into what the Guns & Roses ironically called “Chinese Democracy” that is the fake Democracy where everything is forbidden.

In Japanese it is forbidden to say “No” in the Japanese language there is only “Yes” because the No is considered too rude so much that in some advanced Japanese companies in the board of directors they speak English because if they speak Japanese they never get moving because of the linguistic code they couldn’t just say “no, it’s not good” clear and round.

The politically correct culture of the western Left is going in that direction: you must be false, you must like it, you must like Naples, you must like Reggio – the biggest town in my province – then the Reggini must like Africa and Togo, you must like Israel etc, you can no longer say “no, I do not like it, I do not want a million African immigrants” or “I don’t like Israel” or else they arrest you for racism. Moreover, if everyone should be pleasing and everything should be pleased by pretence and by force, compliments become bogus and not credible: you never know when they really like you.

Notwithstanding that the Queen of England will never say “Nig**r” and “Terrone” as Gianni Agnelli did not say it and the people who say this – however once “Negro” in Italian was considered a neutral term, now it is offensive – it is considered rough, a “chav” arresting or suspending matches for chavs shouting offensive or racist choirs may in fact represent the entrance into the “Chinese Democracy” which is Democracy in name but not in fact, where everything is forbidden, in which there is – sic – the “one thought allowed” as they actually complain in Sweden that it is not about being polite: it is about censorship of political opinions and lately even of religious opinions “you’re racist” if you don’t want to give children to gay couples or Trans etc. -.

The elegant people and the school teachers certain terms they do not use them, the first because they are “above” and do not hear them and they don’t like to hear them from the others, the latter because they have to talk clean or are very respectable; at the stadium bad things are often said just to hurt, to demoralize, or even “to destroy”, once a friend of mine who has been doing boxing for a while told me he stopped because over a certain level to win the opponent you have to hate – otherwise you don’t hit badly enough – only the training is not enough anymore and he did not hate them, what should I tell you? As I specify in the video, now I fear more the globalist drift and the censorship, the entrance into the cultural dimension of the politically correct dictatorship, and dictatorship without quotation marks since with the hate speech laws there is actually the arrest. I would remain on the rule that the matches are suspended for physical violence, for verbal violence no.

Tomorrow voting at the European Parliament: On Orban and on the Web, why voting Right-wing in both.

On the Internet we have already said clearly that if one does not want others to share his material – what for the Internet is unnatural – he must block it either technically or with the inscription “Reproduction prohibited” for ex. – I have already done precisely the example of football Link – I do another very clear today, click also on the video below:

Finally, Serie A allows us to embed, share videos, etc. here are the rules set by YouTube and that the YouTuber uses:

This is a detail of the screen that appears when you click on “embed”:


We zoom in at the bottom, the blue YouTube API Terms of Service


by clicking on the blue words YouTube API Terms of Service, this screen appears


you should read this, understand it and then you can embed; closed.

As I have already said on other occasions, if one does not want his material to be shared, he must block it, if he does not block it, it is shareable according to the terms established by the author and the platform provider, YouTube.

Both I and Wikipedia that millions of other lovers of the Net we ask you tomorrow not to vote the law that requires you to pay copyrights to those who link content because the contents that are sold must be sold before not after the use, eg. RedIce allows the free diffusion and sharing – and I have used several – of 30 or more minutes of the Weekend Warrior transmission and only for a fee the entire hour and a half of the episode – sometimes they put online the whole episode – enough, if you don’t pay, you can not see it, it’s not that first you see it and then Henrik comes looking for you and asks you the money.

What’s free is free, paid content is blocked and the link to sign up and access paid content appears.

So, I recommend tomorrow, September 12th, vote and vote to maintain freedom of expression and sharing.


Sebastian Kurz seems a little confused, which is strange for the young & bold Austrian Prime Minister, another vote to be held tomorrow 12 September at the Parliament of Strasbourg in fact is the one on possible sanctions to Hungary of Orban, to which we must answer absolutely NO notwithstanding the nonsense about The Rule of Law that Orban would have broken, whereas he just didn’t want illegal migrants on Hungarian soil – just like Kurz btw – you do not have the right to ask Hungary to open its borders, remember Kurz – and remember it well – what a mess there was in Austria before Orban closed the borders of Hungary because of the nefarious Merkel and Matteo Renzi, who opened the borders of Germany & Italy and claimed that people had the right to turn freely unidentified throughout Europe also passing for the countries of the others – Austria in the middle particularly and France, while Switzerland closed the borders suddenly and thanked God it was not in the crazy EU – and Kurz and Strache, you Kurz won the elections because you told the Austrians No, we close the borders, no illegal can pass, then also Christian Kern said no and he’s a Social-Democratic etc. because in Austria there was chaos: Merkel must be punished and Orban rewarded for what they did. To sanction Orban at Soros’ request means to misjudge the League, the current Austrian Centre-RightWing Government, AfD and also the German left, die Linke that recently has made a block with AfD against Merkel, because the streets of Germany have become insecure, especially for women who have also complained from the left, and mass immigration is used to lower wages, Merkel instead of responding to requests for security, order and protection of citizens and salaries has responded behaving like a Stasi agent trying to intimidate those who complained and this is immoral and unacceptable. So tomorrow everyone must defend Orban.

All right?

Kurz shakes hands with Orban

Kurz, let’s face the truth, if Orban hadn’t closed Hungarian borders, what would there be in Austria? Peace & Love? Migrants and Chaos? Rape & Co.?

Baby, be strong

– pardon – that’s sexism.


What’s Rock and what’s not: Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus and the Italian Rolling Stone to old dusty Communists.

It seems, Ronaldo CR7 has arrived, as they call him – the one I have called a crazy –  Agnelli took him for Juventus, crazy as much as he is at least he knows how to play. Is Ronaldo Rock? Yes, let’s try, I wonder if they make me turn the video on, or with the football I close and stop:

Ok, crazy he may be, but makes the goals upside down. This is Rock. – Little note, at the time of publication the video runs, if by chance they take it off, I do not do soccer articles anymore because I’m not the Gazzetta dello Sport, the article in which I describe the goals or the radio commentary I do not do them, with some videos is different, it’s another kind of article, then it’s a pleasure to see them. I recommend, help the Youtuber, put the like, do the subscription, if you wish.

I like these kind of videos with a more powerful-rock music, but for now we let go – for now -.

What is not Rock? Just that, the self-styled Italian Edition of the Rolling Stone, with Daria Bignardi, Elisa, Gaddo della Gherardesca and the nonsense about Salvini, especially when they insist on saying “Our values ​​are being questioned by Salvini” now explain to me since when, I say when, to go back to take illegal immigrants in front of Libya and take them to Pozzallo after missing three safe ports is included in “our values”, but do you know that Sea Watch had to do three and I say three days – not hours – of navigation to bring immigrants from a couple of miles off the libyan coast to Barcelona? But how do you dare and say you are “saving lives”? when you do three days of navigation to bring them to Europe and the Queen of Spain keeps quiet, so why keep the border at Ceuta, then? they have skipped all the African ports: Libyans, Tunisians and Moroccans: of course it is illegal immigration – which is not among our values, idiots – Selvaggia Lucarelli is right when she tells right in the face to that newspaper, which does not make the right contracts to journalists and she resigned as director for that and dares to be called Rolling Stone and then puts Gaddo della Gherardesca or an old communist on holiday like Daria Bignardi to represent them, people who know a lot of dust and Stalinist oldness – western type, where the name recalls the Rock, you want a little of Rock? it is the magazine that copied the name from the group using the emotion that arouses from Mick Jagger’s group, I really felt like a rolling stone – a stone that rolls without a way home and without knowing what to do with my life, and in fact, without a clear road to take and without comet-star to guide me I ended up blogging against the Illuminati in four languages, it happened when I interrupted the university and I said to myself “and now?” already and now? Now you feel like a rolling stone. As Inzaghi when they kicked him out of Milan and sent him to Venice in Serie B, I imagine, as Valerio Borghese after the release of Badoglio’s “communicate”, without knowing what to do, without homeland and without a King and without direction he made the Social Republic of Italy and they did not forgive him for that or as Romeo banished to Mantua for killing his lover’s cousin, will Juliet still love me? Juliet yes, but just her? You feel like a rolling stone, without a way home, certainly it’s not gentle-rabble as Daria Bignardi always obedient to the diktat of Freemasonry that can feel exile in Mantua or Gaddo della Gheradesca they do what they are told to do, their values they read them on a piece of paper before repeating them on television and they do not make goals upside down.

I like it more Rock than that, so to know what I like, “how” I like it you have to watch the first video on Ronaldo listening to the music of the second and then you’ll understand what is Rock and what is Not.

Is this article not nasty enough for me? No, it’s not, because to Juve we forgive everything, even belonging to Agnelli.

It’s Hard Time for Soccer YouTubers. Dedicated to Ciro Immobile, Del Piero and… Soccer YouTubers.

This is the kind of video I like. You see? I like the music and it is very well fitting. Dedicated to Ciro Immobile that said he would like to be like Del Piero


Ciro Immobile as a child with Del Piero, Ciro Immobile as an adult with Del Piero.

The photos I took them from the Internet of course and maybe Ciro Immobile won’t send me the lawyer to say to remove them: this is the Internet for those who know how to stay in it.

The video above is nice and I like the song too, the football videos are good with rock or with “light rap”, the heavy rap no – heavy metal yes  – in fact I contest to Lazio fans to be fixed with the idea of Battisti’s music, regardless of the reason – that I can imagine – it’s not soccer-playground music, it’s too slow, too melodic, maybe too serious – the one above is better. But can you imagine a youtuber boy or girl trying to make a similar video for for, I don’t know, for Ciro Immobile himself or with the images of Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA today, 2018? They won’t allow you to make it – it’s all copyrighted – but I want to say, in life there are not only the money, maybe the boys, the actually active soccer players like Immobile or Patrick Cutrone would like it, I guess that anyway a sportsman gets a little gas in the rig with this kind of things then maybe he’ll play better.

For FIFA, there is not only the money and special thanks to ….

50 Cent, the author of the music.

Guys, let us do it. In the end it must be better for you too. Mustn’t it?

Crystal Marco. Why, yes, Van Basten told the Truth.

Mercel Van Basten, in Italy “re-christened” Marco Van Basten – ’cause the Italians couldn’t spell Mercel with the dutch pronunciation.

Certain questions, especially to certain men, then you might also avoid to ask them. Former champion, golden ball etc. 3 times etc. and today, FIFA man we almost should fear him, I don’t know, he could turn out like Blatter, but he will not. Marco Van Basten is frank not bad, it is useless to ask an expert certain questions if you do not want certain answers because he may not want to be shamed by the other experts saying nonsense. Yes, they were poor teams, Italy won one to zero with Israel, lost to Sweden and it was Italy. He does not even spare the Netherlands and then why should he? It wouldn’t have been nice to the Italians had he spared his own national team. Yet someone says he was rude saying Italia and Holland are scarce Nationals and did not deserve to be in the final stage of the FIFA World Cup, I do not think so. I mean I don’t think he was rude, he just spoke the truth, reminds me of a character of the Italian narrative “Crystal Jacob” a kid who could just show his true feelings and tell the truth nicknamed for this reason “Jacob of Crystal” “Giacomo di cristallo” or “Crystal Jacob”: well, Van Basten is more a Crystal Marco than a bad one.

So, I fully agree with what he said Link

What I do not want to share and unfortunately I also share that is the nostalgia of the Milan era before this one, the long Berlusconi-Galliani era, my little brother with the poster of Gullit, but apart from personal data, all of Italy and I believe all Europe and the Europeans were better, much better off.

Nostalgia is not good for me, but it must serve something: we know that the Illuminati try to convince kids that to precariousness, insecurity, mass immigration, the no-border world, an Italy and a Europe without identity and without pride, they will have to get used to it, as to the censorship because this disgusting situation is normal for them. Well we have seen a Europe of gold, strong, rich, itself but with some foreigners, the Milan to drink when there was, the absence of poverty, work with the weekend, industries, offices, three job offers in Milan and Turin after a week of sending the curriculum and paid well, we know that there is better than the soup of this convent of the Illuminati that they want us to swallow and being young and in full force we have the right and the duty to bring back Europe on the right path.

The Milan of Berlusconi and Galliani was an example, even Van Basten and Gullit were an example, now what’s the sense to barter a Gullit with a Balotelli? – apart that Gullit wasn’t Italian – Why did not Gullit cry? Maybe against Gullit there was no racism, against Balo, yes, there is, or maybe because Gullit was not a million illegal immigrants a day like George Weah wasn’t, maybe because that Europe, that Milan had a sense, an ethic and a ‘aesthetics, while what there is now makes shiver of disgust, it is hypocritical and is a brutality covered by a lie.

Nostalgia will help us to rebuild Europe, even nostalgia must serve something, otherwise it is not worth the pain.