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Sit down on a sofa and learn: we are living in a simulation & time is not flowing, probably it’s we who are flowing.

The ancestor simulation:

Read this before watching the Videos

Dear, or better, dearest Readers,

I want you to be the best and to know the best, now there are these new quantum physicists who don’t know how to tell us that past, present and future coexist and time is not flowing in one direction only, basically it’s not flowing at all, we are living like we are spirits inside a movie, we are flowing through time, through the scenes having control of one character only each, ours, that we see as our body, while the scenes are fixed like the photographs in a film or in a simulation and like in a film or in a video game they all exist together, like this

for example, all the scenes, all the moments of the movie Casablanca they coexist on the cinematographic film and are projected quickly one by one on a screen, but even though we see the flow and one scene after the other in reality the beginning, the middle of the movie and the end of the movie they exist together, coexist, the end and the beginning of Casablanca exist at the same time in the physical film, we just see them one after the other and so actually is our life.

How’s that? In the second video I embedded there is the theory by the scientists which is supported also by Mr. Tesla, Elon Musk, that we may be or better our world may be a simulation of an ancestor, that means the entire history of the world already happened once then the world entered a black hole and now we are a simulation of the original one, kind of God is watching the movie of our lives again giving us the possibility to change it like in a video game we play again.

In fact we shouldn’t be scared about our liber arbitrium, our freedom of choice, and of changing our future and destiny through our action, the technic of this very large scale simulation may be the one of a video game, where the player can replay the videogame but can also change the actions changing the result, so you are actually “living again” you’re not dead, while in a movie, for example Casablanca, the characters cannot choose, the scenes are always the same, it’s not a video game.

We can time travel

For the result of short term time travel I have found this interesting video about the multiverse and it is a science video commented by Stephen Hawkings, where a woman woke up in her house but the bedsheets were of a different color than the ones she had slept in the night she thought it was the night before, she had a job in the same firm she remembered but on a different floor and a different position and she was not engaged to the man she could remember she was engaged to, she discussed it with some doctors and scientists and said she could have actually woken up in a parallel universe or, I say, she just short term time travelled

this is my comment to the first story of this video

As for the first story of the woman who had the previous and just the previous 5 months of her life changed, changed boyfriend, changed job but in the same firm just on another floor in the same building, changed sheet but in the same bedroom, couldn’t it be short term time travel? We always fancy time travel on the long term, that is we go back to the Ancient Rome or the Egyptians etc, maybe she short term time travelled, kind of she went back 5 or 6 months, changed something slightly in her life and when she came back to the future the changes in her life are minor changes, maybe she regretted the new boyfriend and went back “not to go out that night” to never meet him etc. If time travel is a possibility there is always the problem with the memory, that when you come back you don’t remember what you did. Doctor Brian Greene and quantum physicists say time travel is possible at least in theory. In another video a man says he had a memory of the future, he remembered having renewed the driving assurance but he hadn’t done it, when he did it, that day he did it he saw the same scene he could remember: instead of having a memory of the past he had had a memory of the future or so he said and he thought he had already done the driving assurance. Bye and thanks for the upload.”

Don’t worry about your liber arbitrium:

If you change actions and you can, the consequences change;

what you cannot change is related to the numbers you actually are registered in the Matrix with, and that is actually the mythical number of your name.

According to the scientists we live in a numeric simulation of reality, your role in the world is determined, according to the kabalarians both of Vancouver and various experts of numerology, to the numbers of your name, full name given at birth, first name-last name, and the number of your date of birth, I checked mine and it is true, for example

birth date number: 3

actual name: 7

If you want to change role in the video-game, “in the matrix” you have to change name, or else if you like yourself and don’t want to change (it may give a big unbearable identity crisis, this is why we promote the law that everybody can change and re-change name and/or revert to birth name as many times as one likes) well if you don’t want to change, knowing kabalah and numerology, you can exploit at the maximum level the quality of yours. The simulation is organised numerically, also our role in society is organised numerically, even though I have to remind that the Kabalarians of Vancouver are accused by some people that they would give everybody the role 6 and the role 8, because with these two numbers you should make money more easily, but there are actually some 3s and some 4s who are much richer and more successful than some 6s and 8s, not only, a number 3 may find extremely boring the life of a 6 and a number 7 may not want to lose the privileges of the 7 for example as long as I stay 7 I can say what I like no matter the hate speech laws, the 7 has a very high level freedom of speech, probably my combination PaolaDistilo which is 7-5-2 has the highest, the absolute freedom of speech I should “guard against saying nasty things” by myself but I can say them, this is why many 7 don’t want to become 6 or 8 and also for other reasons.

Now for more details you can check the websites kabalarians and numerology I have to say that the website of Paul Sadowski was somehow better and full of detailed information but it was shut down.

As for God and salvation, who’s the Christ, Judaism, Islam, Christianity etc. both Kabbalah and numerology stem from Judaism and are confirmed by the New Testament, so much that we know that the number of the name of the Beast is 666 by Saint John the Evangelist and writer of the Apocalypse – according to many, John the Evagelist and John the writer of the Apocalypse are the same person, this means that all the above theories do not cancel but confirm or are included in the major Theologies.


Prophecy or Time Travel: Boris Johnson will be soon PM and it will be Hard Brexit aka No Deal.

According to a self proclaimed real prophet Boris Johnson will be soon PM and there will be Hard Brexit in time, no matter the chaos happening now and the Remainers’ plot.

Very very exciting; it is now time to verify prophecies, here’s the most interesting and easily quickly checkable:

Country: UK

The Government will collapse;

New General Elections will be called;

Quick Tory leadership contest between David Davis and Boris Johnson;

Boris Johnson wins the tory leadership contest;

The Tories win the quick general elections and

deliver Hard Brexit in time

Britain will be out of the European Union by May. Completely. Hard Brexit – No Deal.

This is the prophecy made by a self proclaimed real prophet to the a couple of weeks ago and it is very interesting because many fake prophets say things after they have happened, for example “Our lady of Fatima said John Paul II would be shot, that was the secret of Fatima” but they told us after John Paul II got shot, not before, so it’s irrelevant.

Then there are the “time travel”prophecies like Mayas saw helicopters and aeroplanes in the future and said really at the end of the world there will be metal birds flying in the sky, which for some people means they time travelled to the future and saw it.

At times I have the impression that we have already time travelled to the past and the past is now, because some prophets see the future as if it had already happened or as if it were contemporary; which may mean in the future we have time travelled to the past and some of us have still some images of it registered in the memory and those are the prophets the others have forgotten everything, Elon Musk says we very probably are holograms living in a sort of gigantic video game and you can change scene like going to the next or to the previous scene, the Bible says to pray because like Ninive’s destruction bad prophecies can be avoided, in fact the video-game theory prevails on the film theory, in the film if you go back to a previous scene the previous scene repeats itself always the same way, with the same words, the same actions etc. while in the video game you can change actions, decisions and the result changes, the consequences change.

The Maya’s calendar ended in 2012 but we are still here or so we think and moreover the Bible says that for God who lives in eternity (eternity means there’s no time ) and no night one minute is like one thousand years on earth and one thousand years like a moment which thing confirms Doctor Brian Greene physicist’s assertion that probably past, present and future coexist in a big load of space-time, in fact according to quantum physics we don’t live in a three dimensional world but in a four dimensional world where time is the fourth dimension etc.


Now, there are two problems with the prophecies:

either they are revealed after the thing happened and that makes the prophet laughable or they’re pushed too far in the future, kind of “in the year 3019 this will happen…” etc. and we cannot check them;

This prophecy of Hard Brexit in time with no deal and no delay and Boris Johnson PM given by a real prophet to the journalists of The Express


can be checked in a couple of days/months, for details about the identity of the prophet ask the

I have to add a consideration about my previous article and the experiment of the qubits going back to te previous stadium in a quantum computer and whether it was rejuvenation or time travel, well the difference is in the memory: if you rejuvenate to your body like it was in the year 2000 you should remember your life and experiences from 2000 to 2019 while if you time travel you lose the memory, you are convinced you are in the year 2000, your memory is in the year 2000, you don’t just look younger you are younger.

We should ask the qubits.

As for the sceptical fear that “it happened only with the qubits with complicated systems like the cell ….” don’t tell me it’s impossible, I can’t believe it anymore, pretty much nothing is really impossible and it’s a matter of pride: if the qubits can do it I can do it too.

Happy Day: either we can time travel or we can rejuvenate. Really, already done.

The pool example, imagine the balls returning into the triangle backwards, like they rewind: it really happened with three qubits


and the scientists who did it say: it’s time reversal aka time travel backwards to the past or else some people hint: it’s rejuvenation, the cells can go back to the previous stadium, not looking but actually being younger, a forty five year old retired football player can return thirty, an old ex beautiful actress of eighties can return twenty five. We just don’t know yet if it is rejuvenation of that object or actual time travel backwards, to you rejuvenation may seem more probable, but the scientists say it’s time travel, let’s see the explanation, which is in my opinion the clearest, the ones taken from Newsweek:

Arrow of time:

Arrow of time reversed really:

Source Newsweek

“Scientists have demonstrated time reversal in a quantum computer, returning three qubits (the basic unit of quantum information) to their state a fraction of a second earlier.

In physics, systems traveling forward in time evolve from a simple state to a more complicated one—known as the thermodynamic arrow of time. For example, if you were to put a drop of ink into a glass of water, initially it would have a well-defined state. However, it soon starts to spread out and within a few minutes it will have uniformly dissolved into the water. If time were reversed for a human, they would become younger.

In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, scientists from the U.S. and Russia have experimentally demonstrated time reversal—sending a qubit from a more complicated state to a simpler one.

The algorithm they suggest changes the quantum developed state so it starts to develop back in time. “Doing this magic with the developed state of ink we will see that after the same time (time needed for the dissolving of ink in the water) the ink will again combine back into the original drop,” study author Andrei Lebedev told Newsweek. “This is exactly what we did in our work where the drop of ink is state of three qubits, and the water is a Hilbert state of the quantum computer.”

Lead author Gordey Lesovik said in a statement: “This is one in a series of papers on the possibility of violating the second law of thermodynamics. That law is closely related to the notion of the arrow of time that posits the one-way direction of time: from the past to the future.”

In the experiment, researchers set the state of each qubit to what you would think of as zero. From this point, the order is lost and the qubits became more and more complex, changing to a pattern of zeros and ones. Next, time was reversed by a specially developed program that allows the quantum computer to go from a state of chaos to order—going from complex to simple. As a result, the qubits are sent backwards in time.”

Even though some scientists want us to calm down before we manage to go all back 24 years old or thirty, we all know that if the principle is right it can quickly be developed for more complex systems than qubits.

Go on scientists, go on, I’d pay taxes to you if you can really do this.

And smack.


what did we do?

One more time, anyone?



So what? Obviously, if you are dearest Mr. Thomas Markle you call Dr. Brian Greene professor of mathematics at Columbia University who teaches Time Travel and tell him: “Please, Doc. now make me go back when I won the lottery so I buy a Lamborghini Gallardo for myself and not send that monster of my daughter to College with the money since, now I now, she’ll become so posh she won’t invite me to the wedding and leave me like an idiot in Mexico while she’s a princess in Buckingham Palace and they’ll say it’s my fault because I talk” and Brian’ll tell him, “Ok, Tom, you’re right, if my daughter dares and do anything of the kind I’d kill her, but before I have to explain to you how it works.”

Here it is, how allegedly it works.

First of all we are holograms. Don’t make a fuss, I can’t see the point in making a  fuss about it, we all saw the Matrix and steaks are steaks, I mean, we still get hungry at times:

Second how to time travel in the holographic universe, once you know it is a holographic universe it’s also not so difficult to figure it out – if the theory is right -:

Third, in short

Fourth, oh yes, the Lamborghini


I checked, the Gallardo wasn’t in production yet at the time Mr. Markle won the lottery, for you Tom, there the…Lamborghini Diablo.

For the mythical Gallardo we’d have to time travel from 2003 to 2013 then Lamborghini stopped the production…Prof. Greene, still there?

Ah yeah, the money.

Gosh, if I love this…