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So what? Obviously, if you are dearest Mr. Thomas Markle you call Dr. Brian Greene professor of mathematics at Columbia University who teaches Time Travel and tell him: “Please, Doc. now make me go back when I won the lottery so I buy a Lamborghini Gallardo for myself and not send that monster of my daughter to College with the money since, now I now, she’ll become so posh she won’t invite me to the wedding and leave me like an idiot in Mexico while she’s a princess in Buckingham Palace and they’ll say it’s my fault because I talk” and Brian’ll tell him, “Ok, Tom, you’re right, if my daughter dares and do anything of the kind I’d kill her, but before I have to explain to you how it works.”

Here it is, how allegedly it works.

First of all we are holograms. Don’t make a fuss, I can’t see the point in making a  fuss about it, we all saw the Matrix and steaks are steaks, I mean, we still get hungry at times:

Second how to time travel in the holographic universe, once you know it is a holographic universe it’s also not so difficult to figure it out – if the theory is right -:

Third, in short

Fourth, oh yes, the Lamborghini


I checked, the Gallardo wasn’t in production yet at the time Mr. Markle won the lottery, for you Tom, there the…Lamborghini Diablo.

For the mythical Gallardo we’d have to time travel from 2003 to 2013 then Lamborghini stopped the production…Prof. Greene, still there?

Ah yeah, the money.

Gosh, if I love this…