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Netanyahu is trying to normalize Israel politically and left-wing Jews have to understand it.


Avi Pazner and Netanyahu together with the Israeli ambassador in the United States Ron Dermer and other politicians, almost all with one only passport, are looking for friends and of course they are looking for politicians with a similar approach, such as Trump or Salvini or, back then, Marine LePen, Israel does not sign the Global Compact and wants “armored” boundaries: being the only State not to sign the Global Compact would make that State look weird, then others would say that you have broken human rights while you only want a State with borders, as well as the Jews of the Left with their double and triple passports that do not even go to Israel and if they go there is certainly not to crack their back with work, those say that Netanyahu, no, he should not welcome Salvini, they say; Natalie Portman – two passports and indecent films with an intellectual veneer such as Léon and the Swan – gives the role of the villain to Trump and of course to the associated son-in-law. Until an Israeli politician blurted out that the left-wing Jews in America do the real damage because they insist on bringing refugees to the United States and accuse those who do not want them of racism when they obviously do not want them in Israel too, but the biggest problem is that the Jews on the left have not the complaisance of speaking as such: left-wing Jews, Gad Lerner as Gad Lerner as a member of the PD just like the Catholic-globalist Laura Boldrini or Portman as Portman: no, they claim to speak for “the Jews” and put the Holocaust and Nazism on the balance plate to try and silence the others. In fact, obtaining the political isolation of Israel that can not in any way be an ally of the European and American Left: it does not want migrants, does not want the Global Compact and does not even want the Palestinians, for the Jews of the Left they should not even ally with the European and American Right and remain isolated as a country jerk without friends and with all enemies around.

I would never want to be the only one not to sign the GC, I also try to convince the others not to sign it; What do you need a world without borders with you isolated in the middle the only state that wants territorial sovereignty plus the mythical Switzerland on the other side of the world, then the rest a chaos and moreover a potentially Islamic-dominated chaos. It ‘s stupid, forgive me, bullshit, and if Natalie Portman so good at school – the nerd – does not understand this then it is true: the sinkers are not intelligent they are only sinkers.

They think to be clever but they are only swots or the way we say in Italian slang “Piombino” from piombo which means lead.

Swot definition and meaning: student who gets good results thanks to the stubborn application, even without shining for intelligence …

Piombino (leady, sinker) slang: one with a leaden brain on which one can only write with imprints of fixed phrases.

Example of what is written in the fixed mind of the leady: “Africans and Hondurans are refugees” “the no border world is a free world” “Salvini is a fascist, if he wins I emigrate … to Switzerland” and if you say “But in Switzerland, the Left is like Salvini “the leady does not know what to answer, you’re asking him too much: they have not yet printed the fixed answer in his lead brain so he asks for the censorship of what you say calling said censorship “Hate-speech Law” because “he suffers at such questions” “it’s offensive” if they ask inconvenient questions – inconvenient for a way of saying, what does one who doesn’t like Salvini do in Switzerland? – Switzerland is the most sovereign state in the world: the Swiss are not in NATO and not in the EU, they disdain the eurozone and make often referendums (and then respect them) and they wrote the principle of Christian identity in their Constitution: people who do not want Salvini “go to Switzerland” may they go there to seek treatment – they have beautiful hospitals with psychiatric yards in Switzerland as everybody knows – primarily Mr. Giuseppe DeRita head of CENSIS – an Italian socio-economic Research Institute that tries to politicise the result of their polls – according to whom the sovereignists would be rancorous losers – all the Swiss rancorous losers? -.

The Israelis must necessarily be guided by people who have traveled and have a pattern of alliances in mind, Netanyahu makes it clear that the alliance he prefers is with Western Christians, makes Christmas wishes, does not prohibit to wish “Merry Christmas” and substitute it with a cold “Happy Winter” this was done by Obama, the black suspect of being undercover-Muslim, all right? with his gigantic wife who, accused of being a trans, had the beautiful idea of ​​naming her autobiography “Becoming” the idiot. The Jews on the Left who live in New York they’re not even present in Israel and they say things that would still isolate it dangerously, I think they want to stay a little too comfortable and then, what a cheer “Happy Winter”!


The bastard, the blonde and the CNN; and why we’re on Trump’s carriage.

Ah…the ad, the magnificent ad, I gave you on purpose the point of view of the CNN, to show you that they are wrong just the same. Consider this, they are saying that Clinton repatriated the illegal immigrant, so confirming that it’s not just Republicans who repatriate illegals, Democrats do it too – also Obama did it, I believe 3 millions – and the lefty CNN has nothing to say about it, it is relevant, very relevant to notice that the open-border obsession is something new, the Democrats were never in the past obsessive with smashing down the border with Mexico even if now they talk about the border as if it were the border itself to be illegal and not the immigrants.

Second, from the poison-honey, marmalade-gone-bad attitude of the last sentences of the CNN weird journalist it is understood that according to the CNN aka the Democrats the caravan should be let in, because there may be asylum seekers and no thugs; you bet it’s full of thugs that the CNN journalist would let in,  I have to inform you that this is very dangerous, first the journalist defends the Democrats from the accusation of having let the mexican cop-killer in, but then he wants to let in an entire caravan of undocumented people in from countries where there’s no war, so they technically and that’s not disputable they are no war refugees: it is evident they just want to abolish the border and I’ve always wondered if they won, if Trump and the Republicans lost and they finally managed to abolish the border what will they do? In what kind of unregulated society are they themselves going to live? Add that with their gun control laws only criminals would be able to buy guns in the illegal market, they may not care about me or about you or about Trump, but I’ve never understood what they themselves intend to do once they really managed to abolish the border.

The second video, about the divorce of Donald Trump jr. it is hinted, not plainly but by the words they use that she’s an angel and he’s the bastard, at least I had this feeling, well I may understand Vanessa is a sexy blonde woman, moreover motherlike, not sexy-bitchy, he goes hunting in Safaris of course it’s his fault and the journalist by the voice is a man.

Yes, we have to wonder whether this Donald Trump jr. is a good thing, well according to the situation we are in now, yes, he is a good thing, he is a good thing because even though a person like me may have criticised some of his attitudes before the leftists went totally crazy and wanted to arrest people for saying mother and father instead of parent 1 and parent 2 for homophobia & equality, or prohibit any criticism of abortion and abolish the external borders of the nation, with less than a person who actually doesn’t possibly care about them you don’t win this fight, if you still “go after” the BBC or the CNN and think they are relevant or have an intellectual or moral authority you cannot win, you must despise them to win – like Trump jr. -. You don’t win if you say sorry to the lion after shooting, and all these people who don’t care about ripping apart six months old in womb babies aborted on the base that they are ill, then they care about Safaris? They care about the boa constrictor? Well, maybe they identify with the boa constrictor they care about it for that.

Move on. I’m sorry for the lion, a little less for the snake.

Another incredible Victory of the Right: Grillo, from Bolzano: Vaffa in German! To you and to Mimmo Lucano.

Matteo Salvini campaigning in Alto-Adige/South Tyrol with a beer (hey Farage, come here at times!) – and he won –

“Ficke dich!” Fuck you in German from Bolzano to Beppe Grillo! After the horrendous kermesse of yesterday where the grillini have spent their demonstration to speak negatively of the allies, to say that we are not allies, to shouting nonsense like “you make deficits, do not be afraid of the deficit” and at the same time “we will stay in the euro” which is an oxymoron, in the eurozone more than a little deficit you can not do it, just that, well we woke up and we had our  umpteenth victory, the data from Trentino Alto Adige/South Tyrol are of a beauty: the Right wins even among the native German speakers, Grillo and the 5 Star Movement at 7% while the CentroDestra “Centre-Right” coalition currently has over 45% and Salvini’s League is 35%.

Well, well, well they’re completing the count; in the meantime my considerations:

The beautiful and rich region does not want to hear about income of citizenship- living wage, it wants tax relief to businesses and investors, no illegal immigration, no ethnic substitution – there are already Italian and German mother tongue – and either Italexit or respect for European Treaties.

Because you see, they are a bit like me, I had to have “almost pain”, because real pain is something else, knowing that Mimmo Lucano yesterday at Fabio Fazio’s tv show went to do the shaggy calabrese who does not respect the Laws in RAI – the public broadcasting company – saying that he does not respect them because – as I anticipated when I told you I was called the Gestapo because I wanted the laws respected in Calabria – “The Nazis respect the Laws” and they were not even right-wing laws, the laws at the time of the PD government with Gentiloni and Renzi already those they were “Nazis” according to him: he “married” two women and he can not do it, he made declarations such as “I canceled the bureaucracy” meaning that he did not respect the bureaucratic practices concerning migrants etc. since he married a black african woman, why does he not move to Africa and leaves Calabria and Italy free? So, his level is Third-World-level, a mayor who behaves like an African tribal chief, who does not respect the laws because he lives in a world where the head of the tribe can decide the laws by himself. All this makes me sick. Mr. Fazio rather, this worm, overpaid with our money, they all had their salaries cut in RAI, including the famous journalist Ms. Lucia Annunziata, except him and Vespa saying they’re not journalists they’re artists, but they do interview politicians and still interfere with the elections, though regarding Fazio contrary to his intentions because the more he speaks the more people vote Right-wing.

Anyway, I from Calabria demand that Lucano be arrested because he has broken the Laws and that’s it and he even boasted publicly about it,

This thing actually sucks, he’s a mayor, a very leftwing mayor boasting publicly about having broken the law and this even happened at the time of the center-leftwing government of Gentiloni and Renzi, not at the time of Salvini-DiMaio-Conte’s government (but it would be the same). He is a beggar.

As I said, so they cannot treat me like that: we are citizens, we are not folks controlled by a chief-tribe or a camorra-boss, I expect that the mayors of my country respect the laws and that’s it. Let’s close it here, I do not like the Third World, this brazen boast of Lucano to say on television “I broke the laws and I’m proud of it” must end and he must be punished.

Luigi D’Alessio the Riace Prosecutor, a serious person in a horrendous world of braggart, masons and cowards, is right:


“Mimmo Lucano? “‘Le roi c’est moi’. He worked not as a mayor, representing the citizens in compliance with the rules, but as a monarch, admitting to not care about those rules that are a guarantee for all. It will also be an enlightened – which means that he is Freemason ed. notes -, but this can not pass. The only state in the state that exists in Italy, besides the Vatican, is San Marino and not Riace”. So the Locri Prosecutor, Luigi D’Alessio, in an interview with the Republic. “Link

I do not approve the comparison with the King, because I see him more as an African tribal chief, as an obsessive poorly man with poor people or a Camorra chief.

Laura Ferrara EuroParlamentare of Naples elected in the Southern Italy constituency for the M5S gives reason to me and to the Riace’s prosecutor D’Alessio:

Laura Ferrara

Here are some excerpts from his interview with the Corriere della Calabria Link “Lucano created a dangerous mechanism”.

Combined weddings, inflated bills to receive more money – the money of the Trentini who voted right-wing? – release of authentic identity cards made by the municipality to people without a residence permit but what does has become? of course he must be arrested; I do not live in the Third World, nor do I want Calabria to become Third World because of this asshole of a leftwinger: he must go, either in prison in Italy or if he can go to Africa to do the sorcerer and the tribe chief with the his likes. Ok?

Thanks in the meantime to the Trentini to have voted for the Right.

We’ll vote all Right-wing. Now and forever. And please, banish Fazio from RAI, I do not want to pay the salary of that buffoon always looking asleep interviewing a mason with a swollen Ego if he thinks he can boast on RAI Uno about breaking the laws. At the end Giampaolo Rossi, right-wing member of the Board of Directors of RAI warned you.

The Fazio-Lucano system that justifies breaking the law and issuing unauthorized documents, inflating invoices “for the good” not to repatriate the illegal immigrants, makes you become the third world the immigrants are running away from and then all again like many beggars people would go looking for to emigrate to Switzerland – like Rothschild -, but we want a system of the Swiss type here in Calabria and that’s it. Emigration is fought by increasing the local standard not by lowering it to the third world and then all again to go back and forth like many migrants to look for the place where “they are lucky”, because in Switzerland “they are lucky” you know, also in Trento and Bolzano they’re lucky, but luck is akin to intelligence. In fact, they voted Salvini.


Migranti: a Trento manifestazione antirazzista
Anti-racist “anti-fascist” manifestation organized by the Left against the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini who had gone for the electoral tour, 13 october 2018.

I have to say that after this very wide victory, that’s basically a conquer of a former “safe seat” of the Left traditionally allied to the local german speaking party – that lost indeed – I think all these anti-racist anti-fascist manifestations of the Left are widely exaggerated and bloated by the media: the Left is losing everything, actually.

Republicans must win MidTerms Elections with or without Facebook. End of.

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the National Republican Congressional Committee's annual March dinner at the National Building Museum in Washington
I got convinced, I take on the war to win the American Senate for the Republicans.

I’ve just been on the DailyMail Online and because of two articles I got convinced of campaigning hard for the Republicans aka Trump to win the Mid-Terms Elections in November, the 6th.

One is the shameful attack on Kanye West on the base that he’s cleverer than the average black they want to send him to the psychiatric hospital and I just can’t stand this, you know, a couple of days ago I had to read an astonishing article about Piers Morgan quarreling with a “genius” of a “black study” professor who, instead of complaining about Hitler found intelligent to complain about Churchill – and he was a professor – I believe dumb people think intelligent people are crazy. Explain to them it’s not Kanye who’s crazy, it’s the others who are dumb.

Kanye West with Ivanka at the White House

The other article that made me convinced, like Achilles who went back to war – but I won’t die for it – was this: Link oops, they did it again, facebook shut down pro Trump pages claiming they were breaking some rules with the declared purpose to avoid what happened when Trump won the elections in 2016, that is, me, the russians the supposed fake news and after Alex Jones was banned from facebook like a renegade, I came back to the path of war, why I thought, do they think seriously that we cannot win without facebook? I can win without facebook, I’m not Hillary Clinton or Chelsea Clinton, I’ll tell you more I can win against facebook.

Now I want to win again: you must vote republicans, massively ok? and make facebook redfaced for shame.

Why I didn’t want to campaign hard for the mid-term elections this time? Well it’s easy, I truly like Trump for the re-industrialization of America, yes, i say it, the rights of the american workers, freedom of speech and protection of the borders, I just couldn’t stand his pro Israel stance, but all in all the Democrats would do much worse, I can’t forget that little stupid bitch of Chelsea Clinton campaigning against Trump when her mother and Barack Hussein Obama left Lybia bleeding in front of my Country – I live in Southern Italy, actually almost in front of Lybia – and causing the most terrifying refugee crisis ever and that bitch – who’s in any case married to a jew and zionist too, so for that the Palestinians wouldn’t have much help – instead of accusing that war criminal of her mother stays there to talk about Trump, add that christian values and the right to free speech and to be against the LGBT agenda are promoted by the Republicans, so vote Republican, I’m not a russian bot and we can win against Zuckerberg other than without, of course we can.

As for the crazy black to send to the psychiatrist I’d rather send the professor who attacks Churchill instead of Hitler, you know…Without Churchill there would be Hitler, they just don’t get it…this must be the result of quotas, that professor must have entered University for a minority quota and he’s not intelligent enough. End of.

Patronaggio is a buffoon: Gladio does not sign the murders.

Symbols of Gladio – in the center – of the Stay behind and of the English secret services

One of the worst antics made by the communist and immigrationist judges was that of Luigi Patronaggio to send himself – most likely if he did it by himself – a bullet inside a closed envelope signed “with the symbol of Gladio” which is pure bullshit because only a ignorant may think that Gladio signs the murders and the threatening letters, where in fact the organization – linked to the CIA and the English secret services – was accused of doing yeah illegal things but “undercover” maybe false flags or throwing the blame on someone else, like the revolutionary communists or the BR – Red Brigades ed.notes – etc. But doesn’t Patronaggio know it? ‘Cause it’s as if he had sent a bullet in a sealed envelope and signed “CIA” but why? Do you think the CIA if they kill or threaten someone sign “CIA”? Maybe they’ll sign “Al Quaeda” or maybe “ISIS” – even if they say ISIS are the Israelis – Gladio is not the PLO or the BR that sign and claim the paternity of the attacks: it does the opposite, pretends not to exist – its motto is “Silendo Liberatem servo” which means “Staying silent I serve Freedom” – if ever the case of wrongdoing they’d throw the blame on someone else, I mean, you can’t expect the real “Gladiators” to state “I am Cossiga your beloved Minister of the Interior” idiot of a lefty judge, and idiots besides him, the journalists who gave the news without laughing and without commenting: try to take around the Italian people in a way between the scandalous and the ridiculous, and not very functional.

Certainly that a certain form of Gladio perhaps would serve us against Soros and Rothschild and the Immigrationists or the lefty judges, after all the world political scene is shaping itself the right way for a new Gladio, let’s put it like this:

Ronald Reagan’s part is done obviously by Trump, who is the President of the United States;

“Kossiga” is obviously Salvini, who is the Italian Interior Minister just like the real Francesco Cossiga, nicknamed in Italy “Kossiga” when he got particularly tough on crime and terrorism ’cause in the Italian culture K is psychologically perceived as harder than C even when they’ve got the same sound;

Margaret Thatcher can be done by… Farage.

Oops, I know you would like to say that Margaret Thatcher should be interpreted by Theresa May, but Gladio, the Iron-men of Stay Behind for anti-communism must be 100% sure and Farage is 100% safe, then May? In short, she is hesitant “tentative”, she does not even know what to do with Brexit, she’s “coldly friendly” with Trump while Farage knows what he wants and on which side of History he wants to stay – just like me or you Readers -.

Do you believe that there are no limits for a new Gladio or anti-immigration stay behind? I do not know, let’s take the scandalous case of Riace, here in Calabria, the Mayor Mimmo Lucano – legal name: Domenico Lucano – has taken so many African immigrants to make them the majority of the population inhabitant – obviously not citizens – if they become the majority of citizens we Italians would finished as a people and we would be replaced by another ethnic group, I do not take into consideration the hypothesis of becoming a minority in Italy: so make Gladio for real.

Do you realize that the famous “Riace model” means bringing Italians into the condition of becoming the minority on the same Italian territory? And that to support our replacement and end are the Israeli Jews who run the lefty newspaper Repubblica with their leading man Roberto Saviano in the forefront? So while they burn Palestinian shops in Jerusalem they tell us to become a minority and praise the “Riace model” that means to become a minority in Italy, therefore our end for sure. How disgusting. I’m happy with two things:

a) If they do another Gladio for real, against the new communists who are the immigrationists and no borders, NWO etc.;

b) If they arrest and condemn the Mayor of Riace and give him twenty years jail and then throw away the key of the cell.

Those of Gladio, the true ones, perhaps we’ll recognize them, but they are certainly not going to sign the murders, not with their name at least.

Kavanaugh: again on the use of the charges for rape with a second aim.

Trump showed courage standing firm with Kavanaugh and his family.

Women and men remember:


The above sentence should be a banner, the charges for rape must be always aimed at having justice for the rape not at blocking appointments at the Supreme Court or getting money or publicity anyway, lately particularly in America these rape charges are always aimed at something else than the justice for rape:

blocking careers,

getting money,

getting publicity.

About the woman who sued Kavanaugh or better she didn’t sue him, she just made a fuss on behalf of the Democrats to try and stop his appointment at the Supreme Court – that’s the only real aim of this mediatic trial – as for Weinstein, the majority of the actresses they just wanted to talk to the journalists and from a podium but they didn’t want to really sue him not to end up on a trial, now it is evident that if Kavanaugh had never been appointed by Trump at the Supreme Court he would have never been charged for rape and that’s the big mistake, the gigantic flaw that makes us defend him and despise the accuser:

You don’t sue for rape to stop careers, you sue for rape if there was a rape. It’s not that “if Kavanaugh were a Democratic judge then he wouldn’t be a rapist” or “if Kavanaugh weren’t appointed at the Supreme Court he wouldn’t be a rapist” so he wouldn’t deserve being sued, “since Kavanaugh is a Republican judge and appointed at the Supreme Court (moreover by Trump) then he is a rapist”: this statement is clearly wrong: Kavanaugh is a rapist if he raped, not if he’s against abortion and republican instead of democratic.

The rape charges done with a gigantic second aim that’s clearly political and not sexual are already disqualified for this, all these women who want to sue for rape like the accusers of Ronaldo after 9, 10, in the case of Kavanaugh even 35 years they always do it in cases where it is impossible to find out the truth: it’s always interrupted sexual intercourses, first of all and always too many years after, that is, it’s never a case of crude rape, what is called “carnal violence” that leaves scars, for example, a woman raped by a man in a house or in the street who runs away from the assaulter and goes to the police station and the police officer and a doctor testify “there are signs of violence on the body” No, it’s always the mid-rape, the interrupted – not interrupted sexual intercourse, that means: Ronaldo flirts and kisses and hugs with a sexy lady in a disco, then they both enter a bedroom voluntarily, they close the door and so there are already only them two in room no witnesses etc. there they kiss, hug etc. they do the preliminaries and as often happens the woman is sated with the preliminaries and the man wants to go on and have the full sexual intercourse, according the woman she asked him to stop because she didn’t feel like doing it etc. and he didn’t stop instead and forced her to have  a sexual intercourse, then you may find signs of violence on the body of the woman but she sues 9 years later – or 35 years later as for Kavanaugh – now tell me lady what do you want of me? No one knows what happened in that room but you and he, you cannot ask me to arrest or condemn Ronaldo or Kavanaugh because you may be just lying for money, publicity and politics, let’s tell the truth they don’t want Kavanaugh because he is against abortion and a conservative and instead of discussing abortion and conservativism they sue for rape, it is always and regularly cases in which it is impossible to find out the truth, if a student rapes a schoolmate as Kavanaugh’s accuser says he did, she can tell the teacher, tell the headmaster of the school there are other schoolmates who may have seen something, now after 35 years what are we supposed to do? Go looking for teachers and headmasters and the other schoolmates who actually have no idea of what happened or may be even dead? now you keep Kavanaugh at the Supreme Court and shut up, and also for Ronaldo, these women sue always in cases of no signs of violence or witnesses whatever it’s just allegations and dirt on a man.

Prostitution and Chemical Castration where I do disagree with Salvini.

Once you enter this corridor it can be very difficult to get out, be careful.

This article will be concise because the topic is unpleasant, I have supported and very strongly promoted both Salvini and Giorgia Meloni in the election campaign Italy 2018 and then the alliance with the 5 Stars Movement when there was the June “casino” when we did not understand who was about to govern, I supported Paolo Savona against president Mattarella and I agree that Giovanni Tria, actual Finance Minister, is right in an absolute sense that the income of citizenship could be avoided, but in a practical sense DiMaio does not want to go for braggart who promises the income of citizenship to take votes and then does not give it: “The Contract” for the government of change is what we have in Italy to keep this yellow-green alliance alive, and the yellow-green alliance better stay alive.

But I disagree with two proposals from the League:

The legalization of prostitution;

The chemical castration of rapists and pedophiles.

As for the first point, the situation in Germany where prostitution was legalised, I do not like it at all, it only makes me sick, in a nation where pre-marital or non-marital sex is normal to go to the brothel people must be a bit strange or even  a bit sadists, what they want to do seems to be “what the girlfriend does not do” kind of “pissing on the body of the prostitute” and miscellaneous-various or the poor guy not so lucky and not so playboy  who can not have a girlfriend and then we think he should better go to the psychologist not to the brothel; it is not true that there is no pimp, the women who prostitute seem to want the pimp the same “for security” anyway, the same women who where prostitution is prohibited or it is forbidden the exploitation take about 300 euro per customer lower the price to 50 and I talk to you without racist jokes of the – sic – white girls under thirty – there are disgusting cases in Germany of which I am vomiting only to talk about it, in Arcore they say that Berlusconi and his superrich friends could have astonishing beautiful prostitutes like Ms. Minetti and colleagues who took allegedly 2,400 euros officially only to “attend the party” as image girls then the scandal broke that some image girls in reality were prostitutes etc. In Germany there are women who do services for ten euros I get to vomit, they are ruined okay?

Nicole Minetti accused of helping girls into upper class prostitution ring, the 2,400 euros per client or, they say, to just take part at rich people’s parties as image girls.

I do not care about Ms. Minetti, the legal tour crosses with the illegal one there are too much money, some girls are raped and induced to prostitution after that they feel, from their own testimonies, as people “who can no longer turn back” or “return as before” and continue, the German police said that in reality it is very difficult to distinguish cases of abuse, from those of “extra services” in which the girl accepts to get humiliated for money, and cases of exploitation as a result of rape from those of free prostitution as Minetti, before moving on to the second round, the worst case I read in the English press because even in Britain there was a period they talked about legalizing it and then they gave up because the situation created in Germany was absolutely not likeable, it’s about a woman who wanted to prostitute herself only for normal sex, she refused to do these disgusting extra sado-maso things and got raped for the refusal with – sic – a broken bottle and this happened inside the “legal” brothel. Enough, I have nothing to do with it and want nothing to do with it, for me prostitution is a wrong thing and it’s right that it’s illegal. I supported Salvini’s League for the issue of migrants and because I can not stand the LGBT lobby, for the rest I disagree – not all the rest, obviously -.

The other thing, the chemical castration of rapists, now I would not want to exaggerate with this blaming the body when perhaps the fault is of the mind – as for transgenderism – I am against the State making “pretty nice injections” to adjust citizens yes, criminals, who are wrong or have problems, I am opposed to mandatory vaccines, clearly opposed to making hormone injections to those who want to change sex, especially to children, I was a tomboy as a little girl and now I’m fine, I have no health problems, I do not believe in transgenderism, once a friend of mine, a girl, told me around twenty that she said as a child “I’m a male” just because she wanted to be taken to the stadium to watch a soccer match by her uncle who wanted instead to bring only his male nephews and not the females and she too as an adult was a healthy heterosexual female, just that, and I’m against this idea of chemical castration of rapists, I’ve read serious cases of impotent men who raped with objects, the dead child raped in America in seventies, the little Jon Benet Ramsey

child raped with a brush by a pedophile

of which it was never really discovered how the case went and I think that it is the fault of the parents because for me it is already pedophilia to combine the girls so, with heavy makeup, like adult prostitutes


it is obvious that it is a show for pedophiles, this child should be dressed as a butterfly or cabbage for carnival not as an adult femme fatale –

well the poor little girl was raped with a brush, in Rwanda in the damn war Utu against Tutzi – blacks against blacks, no racism, so we do not care? – I’m not kidding, some women were raped with blades, swords etc.

Now I can not and I do not want to dwell on other details on television it was Giovanni Floris in Italy to show the corpse of the body of a woman “raped” like that with a sword – because blacks would be the good ones according to the leftists and whites the bad ones, right? – now I believe that the problem is not so much the functionality of the penis as the sadism of the rapist that that person wants that the other suffers and if he can not rape for dysfunctionality or impotence takes an object, it is useless to release him from jail castrated chemically, even in these cases I advise the State to pay psychologists-psychiatrists to be sent to analyze these people in prison, alternatively, the Kabalarians of Vancouver say to change their name to change their character.

This is the article that weighed me the most to write, the arguments are extremely unpleasant, but I have made electoral campaign for the League and Brothers of Italy so I also have the duty not to let the Readers believe that I supports perhaps policies that specifically do not support.


I put the signature and the brave face on things, on legalization of prostitution and on the chemical castration of pedophiles and rapists I don’t: find another solution.