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“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the servile condition.

[7] Do not have other gods before me.


[12] Observe the Sabbath day to keep it holy, as the Lord your God has commanded you.

[13] Six days you will struggle and you will do every job,
[14] But the seventh day is the Sabbath to the Lord your God: do not work any man, neither your son nor your daughter, nor your slave, nor your female-slave, nor your ox, nor your ass nor any of your beasts, nor the stranger, who is within your gates, for your slave and your slave to rest like you.

Source I strongly recommend checking the source because there are the true Commandments delivered by God to Moses on Sinai, not the revised version and corrected – badly – by the Catholic Church, which reduced the Commandment on Sunday rest or the seventh day to ” remember to sanctify the feasts “so much so that even a priest told my mother scandalizing her that” after you went to mass on Sunday afternoon you can even work “and it is not true, or another priest pretended to say mass in the mall open on Sundays “to meet the needs”. Not so, God agrees with DiMaio, I have put in bold “neither your slave nor your slave” because it’s not that the owners have free Sunday and instead the employees or the workers do not or that the stranger has a different one or zero, that is, God probably wants people to be together, in family with friends etc. It is a beautiful Commandment. I know of people who have been made to work on Easter Sunday in a shopping center, I do not come to talk about “customer rights” stores have been closed on Sundays for decades and just in those stra-blessed decades there was the economic boom or on which Sunday in the year lets’ say 1986 or 2001 someone died of hunger because the shops were closed?

Do me the pleasure, buy a bundle of Happy Hours or Digestive – on Saturday – and visit your grandmother.

I remember well that Saturday shopping was exciting and on Sunday we relaxed with relatives and cousins ​​or go for a walk. In short, DiMaio is right, the job is for normal people with relatives, friends, boyfriends etc. it must not destroy social, family or emotional life, it must fit into social and family life, that is, it is not that one “either works or marries” “either works or gets engaged or has friends” the work, the family, the engagements, the friends hobbies must fit in a clean, nice, christian agenda. I’m all free for Sunday and the offices closed the weekend. I also have a bit with the Jews but for the weekend I’m happy, that we are free both on Saturday and Sunday. At the office.

And then there’s Saturday night fever

Sunday relaxation

work on Monday

I liked it, it is a thousand times better to organise life with this 80ies/90ies scheme that not this absurd liberalization, I was even told of nightly shifts at the mall, then it made more sense the libertine of the seventies that by night went to the nightclub and not the unlucky, unfit guy that by night goes to buy bread and salami or ham at the mall, but are we joking? Staying alive, anyone?

Internet shopping is not a problem – if they don’t take your credit card’s numbers online, my father had his card cloned through Amazon sic -, because the orders now the computer does it automatically and the express courier works from Monday to Friday I also bought books, computers, i-pads etc. – also the silk-epil 9 – online and I have had them delivered “within two working days” regularly from Mon. to Friday and I agree, why should the deliveryman work on Sunday for me? If one respects the other everyone is fine, it is not that the bellboy is an alien.

I have the impression that with the scheme, seventies/eighties/nineties/early two thousand  one had more fun and the state had less debts;

the scheme was scientific: 8 hours work, 8 hours fun, 8 hours sleep tot. 24 hours; for 5 working days a week 5 for 8 does 40 hours a week, Sunday all free – almost, for security reasons – plus another free day: that was Christian Democracy for real and people enjoyed life.

“6 days you will work” I will say, it is also in the Commandment, not only “the 7th you will rest etc.” is true, then you have to do 6 x 6 = 36 ie the 36 hours per week from Monday to Saturday, so it is perfect.




(no, they do not pay me)


Sid Roth’s “Expect a Miracle”, check the Newest version of Christianity for Faith or …for your own Education.

The Pope investigated for covering up child abuse by priests, scandal in Germany, Church of Sweden performs gay weddings in church and many people just feel betrayed and abandoned by their traditional, longstanding family church, but the Lord comes back, Superior to His traitors, according to this newest latest version of the Faith in Jesus Christ the Lord anointed and sent Pastors and Ministers – of both sexes – outside the churches; so say Amen and “check it out” to experience the power and presence of God, the Lord according to a visionary – the Late Natuzza Evolo – allegedly said he prefers enemies but not traitors, he is not controlled by his own Ministers, He can act without them, whatever they have, He gave them.

So, Catholic Church, Church of England, institutional churches be careful, the sheep may turn self-pastors and if you don’t believe a thing of all this at least you know where the world is going. This happens in 2018.

The Zodiac shows the Pope is right and Mjrjana is wrong. If Our Lady were born the 5 August she’d be Lion, on the 8 September…Virgin

Almanacs and Zodiacs … they also agreed with the priests… and “make justice” to the pope:

joking or not yesterday I checked on the calendar of the Veroni ham – which gave me that butcher’s gentleman “because we are customers” – and I came out that actually if the Madonna were born really n August 5th as they say the (false) visionaries of Medjugorje she should be … under the Lion Sign: aggressive, sign of fire etc. Instead if she were born on September 8th as the Catholic Church teaches it falls right in the middle of the Sign of the Virgin – her own, boys, do not joke – sign of earth, characteristic: patient. Well, patient and conscientious, it is true “Stabat mater” poor child – it was noticed that she was standing at the feet of the cross where her own Son was  crucified and didn’t fall on her knees, which shows her very patient to sufferings – now it seems clear to me that if the sweet and patient Mary has the character attributed to her by the Catholic Church and by the passages of the Gospel in which even – Don Cosimo docet – did not really say “I am the servant of the Lord” she said “I am the slave of the Lord” she just can’t be a lioness, Leo has the “need” to dominate it is not in the Lion’s Sign’s nature to say “I’m a slave etc.”.

Now the skeptics of everything, of the Veroni Calendar, of the Zodiac and also of the Pope and of me, could say, as I thought that I am not as gullible as some might think, that the Church did it on purpose to place the Birthday of Our Lady under the sign of the Virgin to keep quiet those who believe in the Zodiac.

As for Medjugorje, the messages are increasingly chilling, here is another example (particularly unpleasant), may they found a serious job – like selling hams or making calendars btw – both the visionaries and the Franciscans;

Alleged message to Mjrjana of 2 January 2017:

“Dear children, my Son was a source of love and light when he spoke to the people of all peoples. My Apostles, follow his light, this is not easy, you must be small, you must become smaller than others and with the help of faith fill you with his love. No man on earth, without faith, can live a miraculous experience. I am with you, I manifest myself with these visits, with these words, I wish to witness to you my love and maternal care. My children, do not waste time by asking questions to which you never receive an answer, at the end of your earthly journey Heavenly Father will answer you. Always know that God knows everything, God sees, God loves. My dear son illuminates life and tears the darkness apart. The maternal love that brings me to you is ineffable, hidden but true, I express my feelings towards you, love, understanding and maternal benevolence. From you, my apostles, I look for your prayers: roses that must be works of love, these are for my maternal heart the most cherished prayers, these I bring to my Son born for you. He looks at you and listens to you. We are always close to you with our love that calls, unites, converts, gives courage and fills. Therefore, my apostles always love one another, but above all, love my Son, this is the only path to salvation towards eternal life, this is my favorite prayer which, like the most beautiful scent of roses, fills my heart. Pray always, pray for your pastors to have the strength to be the light of my son. Thank you. “

In short, a religion for ignorant people who do not seek, do not ask – certainly, it is not convenient for the visionaries or the Franciscans if people asked them too many questions and they already stated their intention not to give an answer – honestly it makes me sick and obviously contradicts Jesus Christ who said: “Ask and it will be given, knock and it will be opened, look for and you will find “” to whom who asks the Spirit it will be given in abundance” and gift of the Holy Spirit is the Discernment and the Intellect that is to understand, the ability to understand, to see things clearly as they are, not stay there like the old ones in adoration a little of the Madonna and a little of the seer and do not ask questions, but let’s finish it, how do you allow it? “Do not ask questions,” says Al Capone “You’re too curious” kind of – sorry – ignorant those faithful who go there and the shepherds who bring them there and pretend to believe it, or do they really believe it, a priest? I suspect that the priest cheats – then there is everything paid, the trips to Medjugorje cost as much as any holiday in hotel, to bring people there “because there is the Madonna” is immoral, at least in Lourdes the Church it’s beautiful, Medjugorje is like this:

Now do not tell me that “they pray to God through the Virgin Mary”: they pray the Virgin Mary and her statue, and that’s it. It is idolatry.

Lourdes instead is like this:


It’s a bit nicer, is not it? Not because it is in France

It is clear that if the Madonna did not appear, nobody would go there, they’d rather go to Lourdes that’s a beautiful place as a sanctuary.

It is evident that a God who says “do not ask questions, pray and keep quiet” is not a God is a priest or a Franciscan who has something to hide. God treats us as His children and Jesus is Teacher, and to the Master evidently questions are asked.

The video of this apparition of 02 January 20017 is horrible, there is a possessed person Link

often in the videos they change the audio not to give the true impression of the phenomenon of the apparition, in the one above there is the true audio, without a “softening” musique. Then there is a consideration of the bishop of Mostar: as I told yesterday, regardless of the “signs” that the Virgin Mary should leave to convince me and people like me that she is really there and it is not a nothing or a ghost, or a demon, and as for the demoniac who cries this can happen in any church or place where you pray, you notice how the Madonna does not set the possessed person free as Jesus would, for example, but leaves him possessed instead, paranormal “signs”, are a prove that the apparition is the Virgin Mary the same, if you ask her when she was born and she answers “the 5th of August” then maybe you ask her who your mother and your father are and she does not answer “Saint’Anne and Saint Joachim” then she’s not the Virgin Mary, it is someone else, adding that the message is so much a Catholic fluff, because you see it is not enough to insert the words “love” “peace” “my son Jesus” and “pray” to sell the message as a message of Our Lady, those Catholic words we all know them “love, peace, my son Jesus, pray etc.” that is anyone, paradoxically, could write a message of the Madonna of Medjugorje and this is absurd, the point is therefore that, as it was noted by the Catholic bishop of Mostar who does not believe they seers, the purpose of the apparition is the apparition itself, there is no real message, the purpose of Our Lady is to convince you that she really appears there and to go there and not elsewhere in pilgrimage, the message is there to justify the apparition not the other way round: that is, it is not the apparition necessary to bring the message, it is the message that serves to justify the apparition, contrary to the apparition of Saint Gabriel to Mary, in where the apparition is there to give a powerful and very important message to Mary, Medjugorje is the opposite: the message is there because since there is an apparition  there must necessarily be a message to justify the apparition, and the message is always the same, long, boring, honeyed and even a little irritating: “Peace, love, my Son Jesus, do not ask questions and endure the pain” and basically only useful to fill the hotels of of Mjrjana. If you want to understand, at this point even an illiterate should understand it. The objection: “In Medjugorje people confess” but this with good peace of Sister Briege MacKenna or Father Kevin Scallon does not justify inventing apparitions, once Don Cosimo, irritated by someone about a Saint fest, said: “It is not a duty of mine to entertain the public” and the Bishop of Mostar also said it clearly: “In Medjugorje people pray and fast, but Our Lady does not appear the same”, this means to be serious and should convince Paolo Brosio and his likes; my mother and my aunt go to church the same, do not need someone to see or say to see Our Lady to go there, if people need a blonde and a brunette to see or say to see the Madonna to go to church this is a their fault, the fault “to look for the sign” and does not justify that the priest pretends to believe things he can not believe because some people “need more” and “more” means the circus with the seer and the evidently false message.

“Do not ask questions” is offensive as a statement, the Catholic Church if nothing else always founded and run some of the best schools and Universities in the world, so please tell someone else “do not ask questions”: ask them the questions instead.

And every now and then, give some answers.


Discussing the “Madonna’s birthday” may seem strange, but it is culturally very interesting, even to move forward to disassemble what they say in Medjugorje; Given that no one really “knows” the birth date of the Mother of Jesus, the Church has established on the basis of documents and testimonies to be September 8 (today) – the day of the Armistice in Italy – now in Medjugorje such Mjriana and Viska said that they know from the Madonna herself during an apparition that instead she was born on August 5th – we who do not see the Madonnas we can only trust one, the other or neither, what we can not do is to trust both, because she cannot have been born twice. Now my Calabrian mind remembers a small detail of the Catholic-folkloristic culture of Southern Italy: the days of the “big” Saints with more loyal followers are notoriously moved the Summer for the noble reason that is high tourist season, there are more tourists, hotels cost more, there are more sunny days, in short, 5th of August is a beautiful day to give birth to a Saint and to make the attached fest with “Mass & chips”, hotels are expensive, people are on holiday, you can do the street-market – that is also done at Christmas to be honest – in short, you pray, you walk and buy goods and spend money, but go and see that she, the Queen of Saints, the Madonna, was born in September – middle season – that my Aunt very fond of her has already returned to the office and can’t go to the fest: isn’t it that they moved the date for this? But they are not Calabrian, they are from Bosnia Herzegovina, the Calabrians do it and even say it, but go and tell Mjrjana her the “lame countess” of Medjugorje, the one who rules the place and has the hotels and shops and humbly answers you with a little phrase that it is not even her own, it is copied – like everything else except the monacation – from Bernadette of Lourdes “I do not have to explain, I only have to report what Our Lady says” therefore the Madonna, this of Mjrjana, while in my country they celebrate the date of birth on the 8th of September just the same, told her that she was born on August 5th and that’s it, who are we to contradict Mjrjana with that air a little “humble” because it is a must for a pious seer to show a bit of humbleness, a little superb because she blatantly wants to rule? I do not know when the Madonna was born. Who knows it?

Do they have tarantellas in Medjugorje like we have for Saint Rock*?

Mimmo Cavallaro and Cosimo Papandrea sing modern tarantellas at the Saints’ fests during Summer in Southern Italy.

What I want to say is this: as Edmondo Berselli also admirably complained in his book “Venerable Masters” of 2006 “I have seen Madonnas (before yours)” meaning “you are not the first to say she can see the Virgin Mary and moves the birthdays of Saints in Summer to sell more” and then Our Lady of Medjugorje has two faults: she is long-winded, speaks and speaks and says nothing on the contrary to the messages of St. Gabriel to Mary and Joseph where, like all the angels sent by God to bring extraordinary messages to men, he speaks little but the message is “big”, “heavy”something that radically changes the world, for example the Annunciation “… Here you will conceive a child, you will give him birth and you will call him Jesus. He will be great and called Son of the Most High etc.” or, in a dream to Saint Joseph “do not be afraid to take Mary as your bride because what is in her it is the fruit of the spirit etc. ” instead the Madonna of Medjugorje speaks a lot and doesn’t say anything, that is the exact opposite of St. Gabriel, in fact the last message of Medjugorje is this:

“Dear children, my words are simple but full of maternal love and concern. My children, the shadows of darkness and deception – probably deception sic – widen above you, I call you to the light and the truth, I call you to my Son.
Only He can convert despair and pain into peace and serenity, only He can give hope in the deepest pains. My Son is the life of the world, the more you know him, the closer you get to him and the more you will love him because my Son is love, and love changes everything.
He also makes wonderful that which without love seems insignificant to you.

So again I tell you that you have to love a lot if you want to grow spiritually.

I know, apostles of my love, which is not always easy, however, my children, even the painful roads are ways that lead to spiritual growth, faith and my Son.
My children, pray, think of my Son, during all the moments of the day raise your soul to Him and I will gather your prayers as flowers from the most beautiful garden and give them to my Son.
Be truly apostles of my love, give everyone the love of my Son, be gardens with the most beautiful flowers.
With prayer, help your pastors to be spiritual fathers full of love for all men.
Thank you.”

which is the same of the other 47,000 – no joke 47,000 messages all like this – except for a few that give indications of prayer that try to transform into monks and nuns all who come around, that is, go to Mass every day and not just on Sunday, to say three rosary crowns a day and fast even twice a week forever, until death, which not even the Pope does it, you should do it – ? – it is suspected Franciscan monks gave this messages to the seer to see if by the way people could be convinced to to go mass every day and pay company to them -. So one could say Oh well God is not obliged to always send St. Gabriel to bring precise and concise messages to those unfortunates of men, now he would send Our Lady, but it is not from God, in God’s style, to send messengers every day to say nothing, that visions that speak so much to repeat in a prolix way always the same old story, all the messages of God in the Bible, Old and New Testament are the opposite: the messenger speaks little and says a lot and never repeats the same thing twice which is the characteristic of the truly mighty to say things once and to not bow to repeat it twice because you are supposed to obey and shut up. There is also the music factor, the songs of Medjugorje dedicated to the Madonna are horrendous and even out of tune, Frisina is better as the Evangelical songs and Cosimo Papandrea and Mimmo Cavallaro are better too: check yourself, forgive me, but if you do not feel it with your ears, may not believe it Link

Well now as Cosimo and Mimmo say: kiss the Saint and close the window.

*Saint Rock is not a joke, San Rocco is just the Italian translation of the French “Saint Roche” being Roche a boy of Montpellier so stubborn the French used to call him “Roche” for this reason and Roche means Rock in the meaning of the stone. 

As for the apparitions in Medjugorje independently from the “signs” that the Virgin Mary should leave to convince me and people like me that she’s really there and not a nothing or a ghost, I am aware that in Togo, Benin, Haiti, India & Co. Shamans are capable to make objects move without touching them and to make paranormal “signs” so this would be not an evidence that the apparition is the Virgin Mary just the same, add that the message is so fluffy that, as it was noticed by the catholic Bishop of Mostar who does not believe to the apparition, the apparition’s aim is the apparition itself, there’s not real message, the aim of the Madonna is to convince that she appears really, the message is there to justify the apparition not the other way round, like Saint Gabriel’s apparition to Mary where the apparition is there to give a powerful and very important message to Mary, now it’s like the opposite: the message is there because there was an apparition so there must be a message to justify the apparition itself and that’s the message, long, fluffy and basically useful only to fill Mjrjana’s hotels of pilgrims.

Very Special Prayer Requests for the Swedes and all the Citizens to Vote for the real honest Politicians and not to be duped both in Religion & in Politics.

I publish here three videos, the last is mine, for I can’t stand people who say what’s good is bad and what’s bad is good; we ask God our Almighty Father to protect us from deception, give us discernment, but not only for religious issues, also for politics and the elections, for example in Sweden they must understand it’s not the Sweden Democrats to be the bad ones, it’s the others who wanted gay weddings, violent crime related to immigration and censorship. May God give us all discernment always, but particularly in time for the elections and everytime we have to choose. We must say “Amen” and it’s done.

Christ King of the Victorious: Gabriel Fernandes wins special award the YouTube Silver Button, in the Name of Jesus, obviously.


I have supported Gabriel Fernandes evangelical YouTube mission because it was good for me: it smelled victory, it was very positive and in the end if you agreed with the prayer you had to say Amen, comment in the comment section and like the video, if you didn’t, the prayer wouldn’t apply to you and this is very respectful for freedom of choice, after decades of being told by some catholic priests bent on being losers “accept your condition and offer the sufferings to the Lord” finally a man of God who says “God wants you to be victorious, be happy, in the Name of Jesus” and that, Readers, is good for me and I hope is good for you too. And for YouTube.

So Christ King again, King of the Victorius.

God Bless All we Do.

It’s perfect for you and it’s perfect for me.


If Father Livio Fanzaga, the Italian priest who wildly promotes the Medjugorje apparitions as true, does not go to Hell, without public confession, I am offended, yes I am offended with God, look what he did with the case of Father Slavko:

Father Slavko receives from the Bishop the order of transfer from Medjugorje to another parish, he does not want to go away and suddenly the seer comes to say that Our Lady – of course, always – said “I want Father Slavko to stay here” Father Slavko says it to the Bishop and the Bishop insists he is Bishop, not the Madonna – or the seer – for that, Father Slavko does not transfer himself to the other Parish and demands to be a Catholic priest without respecting the obedience vow, he is suspended a divinis, he does not yield and continues to be in Medjugorje, so already in Medjugorje one of the spiritual guides was a priest suspended in divinis who disobeyed the Bishop, when he dies … by the way, Our Lady in the messages says to everyone to be humble, to accept suffering etc. except to the Medjugorje’s spiritual guides like Father Slavko and the visionaries, to them she says to do what you know they already wanted to do, that is, Our Lady does not tell Father Slavko to be humble and accept – moreover it was just a transfer, priests like managers  must accept transfers by contract – but she “authorizes” him to disobey (?), when Slavko dies, suspended a divinis and not repentant, the seer says that Our Lady told her that Father Slavko is in heaven to intercede for them (?) Father Livio Fanzaga happily tells the sheep: “She made him Saint herself!” – with no Church in the middle – without miracles for intercession of Father Slavko, neither alive nor dead, how can he be declared a Saint without miracle through intercession after death?

Remember this: it is not a sin not to do the vows, but it is a sin to make vows and to break them.

In fact, I always suggest not to make vows or oaths because if you don’t do it and you remain a free child of God, a basic first level christian, you are bound only by the Ten Commandments, ie you do not have to voluntarily break one or more of the Ten Commandments, but if you make a vow you tie yourself with the vow and it is a sin to break it. Father Slavko had made the vow of obedience and he had to respect it, it is not true that he could refuse the transfer and the Madonna could authorize this.

The Catholic Church is based on the vow of obedience, without that it collapses as an institution, this Madonna who according to Father Livio would demonstrate that Catholicism is the true religion in reality by the seer’s lips authorizes them to do what they like and why the Church has tolerated this? The answer is “because people go to confession in Medjugorje and practice the Sacraments” and then? What do you confess? If priests can break the obedience vow and the seers take money in black in their hotels and shops (??) what is the sin, then? St. Paul says that you must respect the Laws and that the vows in practice it is better not to do them because if you do them then you have to respect them all and in all even if you respect them in part you get a curse the so-called Curse of the Law which is to say “Did you put yourself under the law by yourself? Now you have to respect it and you have to respect it all” there is a little excuse that the Madonna can make priests violate the vows because “she’s superior” but it does not make sense anyway, it seems strange that the Church has tolerated these things for thirty years. Add that the visionaries are now old, married with children with hotels and shops and break the taxation laws, how can they be so pure to see God, the Angels and the Virgin Mary?

Add the latest nonsense on the “Madonna’s birthday” that the visionaries have moved from the church-accepted September 8th to August 5th. Add the pacchianate of the seers who “brought cake to Madonna for the birthday” which again tastes of paganism like the little pagan children offering cake to the Queen of Heaven, the name of a pagan goddess that the Church recycled for the mother of Jesus. Add the crap for housewives in a message Madonna would have said that when she was living on earth she used to do the cleaning at home and was humble (?)

Would it be time to stop it?

After 47,000 messages there should be the prophecies of the Prophet Daniel and instead there is nothing, apart from the Madonna housewife who authorizes priests to break the vows, turn a blind eye on the money in black. The spinning sun can also spin but it is not a proof that the messages are true. The statues that cry blood according to the late Father Amorth signify “satanic rites within the clergy” that is that consecrated persons – not laymen – have done satanic rites, then the signs can be motivated in the ugly way instead of the beautiful one and the messages they remain inconsistent.

According to Saint Dominic, if I remember or Saint Ignatius, the public sin must be publicly confessed unlike the private sin, that is, if one has a lover he can confess it secretly, it is not true that all the town must know it, but if one steals money from the State or invents fake messages of the Madonna and puts them in circulation they should confess it publicly.

So also to Father Livio and the seers we say what Livio has told Ms. Cirinnà: the hour of death will come. Unless he really trusts the seers and the seers really saw and heard all that crap and the Virgin Mary doing the cleaning and be humble telling Slavko to disobey the Bishop and that to evade taxes a bit is not a real sin (?) and are in good faith. Mah!