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Prophecy or Time Travel: Boris Johnson will be soon PM and it will be Hard Brexit aka No Deal.

According to a self proclaimed real prophet Boris Johnson will be soon PM and there will be Hard Brexit in time, no matter the chaos happening now and the Remainers’ plot.

Very very exciting; it is now time to verify prophecies, here’s the most interesting and easily quickly checkable:

Country: UK

The Government will collapse;

New General Elections will be called;

Quick Tory leadership contest between David Davis and Boris Johnson;

Boris Johnson wins the tory leadership contest;

The Tories win the quick general elections and

deliver Hard Brexit in time

Britain will be out of the European Union by May. Completely. Hard Brexit – No Deal.

This is the prophecy made by a self proclaimed real prophet to the a couple of weeks ago and it is very interesting because many fake prophets say things after they have happened, for example “Our lady of Fatima said John Paul II would be shot, that was the secret of Fatima” but they told us after John Paul II got shot, not before, so it’s irrelevant.

Then there are the “time travel”prophecies like Mayas saw helicopters and aeroplanes in the future and said really at the end of the world there will be metal birds flying in the sky, which for some people means they time travelled to the future and saw it.

At times I have the impression that we have already time travelled to the past and the past is now, because some prophets see the future as if it had already happened or as if it were contemporary; which may mean in the future we have time travelled to the past and some of us have still some images of it registered in the memory and those are the prophets the others have forgotten everything, Elon Musk says we very probably are holograms living in a sort of gigantic video game and you can change scene like going to the next or to the previous scene, the Bible says to pray because like Ninive’s destruction bad prophecies can be avoided, in fact the video-game theory prevails on the film theory, in the film if you go back to a previous scene the previous scene repeats itself always the same way, with the same words, the same actions etc. while in the video game you can change actions, decisions and the result changes, the consequences change.

The Maya’s calendar ended in 2012 but we are still here or so we think and moreover the Bible says that for God who lives in eternity (eternity means there’s no time ) and no night one minute is like one thousand years on earth and one thousand years like a moment which thing confirms Doctor Brian Greene physicist’s assertion that probably past, present and future coexist in a big load of space-time, in fact according to quantum physics we don’t live in a three dimensional world but in a four dimensional world where time is the fourth dimension etc.


Now, there are two problems with the prophecies:

either they are revealed after the thing happened and that makes the prophet laughable or they’re pushed too far in the future, kind of “in the year 3019 this will happen…” etc. and we cannot check them;

This prophecy of Hard Brexit in time with no deal and no delay and Boris Johnson PM given by a real prophet to the journalists of The Express


can be checked in a couple of days/months, for details about the identity of the prophet ask the

I have to add a consideration about my previous article and the experiment of the qubits going back to te previous stadium in a quantum computer and whether it was rejuvenation or time travel, well the difference is in the memory: if you rejuvenate to your body like it was in the year 2000 you should remember your life and experiences from 2000 to 2019 while if you time travel you lose the memory, you are convinced you are in the year 2000, your memory is in the year 2000, you don’t just look younger you are younger.

We should ask the qubits.

As for the sceptical fear that “it happened only with the qubits with complicated systems like the cell ….” don’t tell me it’s impossible, I can’t believe it anymore, pretty much nothing is really impossible and it’s a matter of pride: if the qubits can do it I can do it too.


King David…or perhaps David PM. Please, please I wish David Davis were PM.

My extra motivations to force a No Deal Brexit, with this kind of knowledge and information you must have, see below.

David Davis’s motivations in writing:

The utter folly of defeatist Mrs May taking No Deal off the table.

Were there ever a need for confident and decisive government, it is now. The Prime Minister appears to be encircled.

Mutinous ministers write articles for the Daily Mail in which they threaten to quit, the Labour Party opportunistically rallies for a second referendum, breaking its promises to the electorate, and parliamentary plotters aim to break centuries of convention and good practice to seize control of the executive away from our Government.

I would not blame the Prime Minister if she felt isolated. Who could blame her for looking for a way out? The right playbook however is Churchill’s. Keep buggering on. This is not the time to capitulate, to fold and to be defeatist. Now is the time to stand firm and hold our nerve.

Mrs May’s announcement yesterday in which she conceded two Commons votes on Brexit in mid March is the wrong move. It sends the wrong message…Source

David Davis’s motivations in speaking:

It is apparent that this comment is true, the most voted:

We’ve had people here who really don’t want us to leave, “negotiating” our exit with people over there who really don’t want us to go. May has never, ever, intended to deliver an honest, genuine Brexit.

No Deal? This is reality, I quote from the above linked article:

An anonymous civil servant recently said there are ‘hundreds of No-Deal plans across all government departments just waiting for the green light from ministers to be made public’. I know this to be true. Most of it I initiated in my first days as Brexit Secretary.”

“Let’s be honest. Many of those who want to take No Deal off the table are not seeking to ensure the UK obtains the optimum Brexit deal. Their real agenda is to block Brexit or secure one which is little more than a Brexit in name only.

Various Commons amendments drawn up by Labour’s Yvette Cooper in discussion with some Conservative Remainers, which would veto a No-Deal outcome, were wrecking amendments that would leave a poisonous constitutional legacy and break the solemn commitments made in the Conservatives’ 2017 election manifesto. Jeremy Corbyn’s support only reinforces my view of this.”

“Only this weekend the Conservatives’ national convention voted overwhelmingly in favour of leaving No Deal on the table and no delay to Brexit.”

The Prime Minister should ignore those ministers currently having a panic attack about the prospects of No Deal. Their fears are certainly exaggerated. More critically, while No Deal might – might – be economically difficult, No Brexit would be a democratic disaster.”

Another dearest Brexit man of ours, Mr. John Redwood specifically does not like May’s effing Withdrawal Agreement for the wonderful motivations explained here link

Why the Withdrawal Agreement is bad for the UK:

…the provision to pay them very large sums of money, stretching for many years into the future. No sensible person would sign an agreement which allows one side to send bill after bill for years after we have left, claiming we owe them money under many general heads set out in the Withdrawal Agreement. The Treasury estimate of £39bn is likely to be far too low. Some of the future liabilities stretch forward a hundred years, relating to payments to people not yet born who might come here before the end of the transition period. Paying to belong until 2020 opens up more future commitments under the 2019-20 budget, with liabilities until 2028. The settlement on the European Investment Bank is mean to the UK….”

“The third – reason ed. notes – is the institutional architecture for the Agreement. Until we do leave the UK faces the full panoply of existing and additional EU law enforced by the EU’s own court. The UK in transition will have no veto over big new advances in EU controls, and no ability to form qualified minority blocking groups to stop an unfavourable law passing under qualified majority provisions.”

Now I don’t want this article to be just copy&paste from more experienced people than I, certainly I should have little to add if in Britain people were sensible enough to understand that clean and honest guys like David Michael David and John Alan Redwood would make much better, effective, efficient and honest Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer than the actual witch Mrs Theresa Mary May and Mr.  Philip Anthony Hammond. But I say the eff-word, am anti-semitic, don’t like the Queen and go after David Icke. They maybe don’t and if they do, don’t show.

In total honesty I believe, given that the majority of the Conservatives as stated above want No Deal as an option and do not want to delay Brexit beyond late March- and why should they? As Davis said, the Deal proposed by May is always the same and we had noticed it –

Why don’t you force it a bit? Force it and go to new elections with David Davis candidate PM and John Redwood Chancellor, I am convinced that’s the best duo, btw they’re straight, no contact with paedophile rings, the UK needs desperately clean people to take over.

I wish you well, I’d campaign for them. I’m sure we can win again, in Italy the latest polls give the sovereigns CentreRight coalition having 49,6% of the votes. You can get anywhere.sondaggi-elettorali-tecne-voto-700x406

In Britain a Tory government of Brexiteers would gain a majority of 34 seats. As sailors say the wind is with us.


Corbyn’s right: either by-elections or new elections, you can’t win a seat with the Tories or the Labour and then form another Party once in Westminster.


I am afraid, totally afraid that these cheap Remainers will bite the dust in less than two months; the three Miss No-ones elected for the job of hard campaigners like Boris Johnson or David Davis who probably were elected with the so called tank of votes that belongs to the Party not to them, aka if I had been candidated with the Tories in those seats I’d take the seat in their place or the Labour, yes, the people voted Tories and Labour they didn’t vote any hard-Remainer-let’s-have-a-second-referendum manifesto, and they didn’t vote “if there is no deal, we remain in the EU” one of the Miss no ones such Heidi Allen says she’ll destroy the Tory party. You?

I want to see you.

Let’s go back to the elections: they must bring their hard remain – because it is hard remain – manifesto to the British voters, they were elected with Tory and Labour votes, there must be new elections.

Shock Poll in the UK and maybe more: Tory+DUP+Hard Right 53% of the votes for Hard Brexit if there are snap elections now.

Poll You Gov/ The Times

According to this not so schocking poll after all a Tory party completely cleared of Remainers – that means hard Brexiteers Tories only – would take 38% of the votes if there were snap elections now, moreover other Right-wingers, all Hard Brexiteers, like Nigel Farage’s new Party + UKIP + BNP would reach a 15% of the vote, which makes a 53% of the vote for a Hard Brexit coalition, not only people haven’t changed their mind but now the true Brexiteers, the Hard Brexiteers are 53% instead of the 52% of the Referendum, to whom we must add the Hard Brexiteers inside the Labour Party, all the Remainers MPs both from the Tories and from the Labour together would gather 14%, but I doubt very much such unbearable people like Anna Soubry or the Miss Israel of the British politics, the unlikeable Luciana Berger would really gather those votes, there are to many Jews all of them super hawks for Israel and against Palestine, I believe the left-wingers would vote Corbyn just the same and thank God the Israelis have left the Party.

Go Boris, or go David, with a hard Brexiteer as a candidate Premier this is the time to state that the people wanted not just Brexit: they want it hard, they want it all and they want it now.

That’s Britain: make it rock again.

Trump is building the Wall and Salvini just had a boat of migrants brought back to Lybia. If you really want it…

If you really want it, it depends on the faith, if you believe it.

There’s a line in the New Testament where Jesus  tells a person who had asked him for a miracle that “the way you believe, it will be done to you” if you believe the miracle happens it happens if you don’t believe it will, it won’t. It’s just like The Matrix, there’s no spoon, so the way you believe it is, you see it like that.

We’re all Neo now; or we’re all magicians or we’re all like the centurio who asks a miracle to the Christ.

What we are not, we’re not the Christ.

It’s happening what we wanted to happen, dear Sherelle Jacobs, who’s scared Brexit won’t happen. In Italy Salvini is winning against and I say against Freemasonry, a boat of migrants who had asked to be rescued by Malta or Italy was kindly rescued by the Libyan coastguard and brought back to Libya, while Trump got the Ok of the Democrats to build a wire-wall to shield the USA from illegal immigration.

It’s ok; you can have it all: what we say it comes true “abracadabra”; you can have Brexit if you want it, if you believe it will be hard Brexit, it will be hard Brexit. And be careful, dear Remainers, because I believe it will be hard Brexit.

Venezuela, why no one is stating the obvious: that the Elections must be re-done.

APTOPIX Venezuela Presidential Election
Venezuelan square in 2018

Really I have the impression that in Venezuela they all want to trick, it’s not that you can say “there are irregularities in the vote, so Guaidò is President” if there are irregularities in the vote the ballot papers must be re-counted or if it is impossible: real ballot papers destroyed and fake ballot papers undistinguishable from the authentic ones, then there should be new elections and the supranational or international authorities, if they were worthy something instead of ruining countries, should control – from a strictly neutral point of view – that there are no rigging procedures.

Instead, it’s like everybody is hungry for declaring Guaidò or Maduro President; which is impossible or at least undemocratic, because you have to count the real votes and say with how many votes Guaidò was elected and you haven’t got the numbers, as I understand, this is the official result:

Maduro’s supporters accuse Guaidò of being a puppet of the CIA because Trump recognized him as President:


Guaidò’s supporters accuse Maduro of being illegitimate & Dictator because of the rigging accusations:


It is obvious that to have a real and peaceful democracy you must have the President elected with the declaration of the numbers of votes he took, without numbers you cannot declare President anyone: not in Democracy.

Re-do the elections with neutral observers and stop. Or simply Venezuela is not a democracy.