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I ask Arlene Foster to tell the Tories that they no longer support a May Government: May invented the Irish Backstop not the EU.

I ask people to read carefully my previous article about Owen Patterson’s no confidence letter to Sir Brady LinkSCANDAL: May rejected a free trade deal with no backstop in NI offered by the EU for the sake of entangling Britain.

Owen Patterson with other Brexiteers, he found out there is another deal on offer and May lied to them

Arlene Foster and the DUP must consider carefully that May lied to them, to the Queen and to the Country by stating that her deal was the only one on offer with the now infamous and false sentence “My deal, no deal or no Brexit”

In reality there is another deal on offer by the EU: a pure and simple free trade agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom with no differences of treatment whatsoever between the main island of Britain, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland and this deal should have been given for an analysis and evaluation to the Tory MPs, the DUP and the Parliament, particulalry the DUP had to be informed since they represent Northern Ireland’s interests, but actually not just they, Her Majesty should have been informed of the two deals available: either the deal with the backstop in NI or a free trade agreement with no backstop, it is understood that the backstop was invented by her, by Theresa May and not by Michel Barnier while she pretended it was the EU imposing the dreadful backstop in the Custom Union for NI and saying it was the only & final offer, her statement my deal or no deal is false; she lied to the Country, to the Queen and to the Parliament, and to the DUP even when they asked her face to face if there were other solutions and proposals: she said “No” and that’s lying.

Moreover if the Tories back May and Labour makes the government fall with a no confidence vote in her government then the Tories will have to go to the General Elections with May as Tory Leader and they would lose.

Arlene Foster must state whether she would back May’s government deal NOW. Or it’s worse.


May’s attempt to survive as PM till the end of January is mean and egoistic.

“We are in a very serious and unprecedented situation” Corbyn is right.

And this below is how Theresa May reduced Britain as Home Secretary first and Prime Minister second period, and she should be “Right-wing”.

Our opinion is that Corbyn is right in one thing: if she can’t deliver Brexit she must give way to people who can.

What we can see of May is her vile and mean attempt to live on, to survive as PM till the 21st of January, she doesn’t want the crunch vote to take place tomorrow or on tuesday/friday, no, she wants to eat the Christmas cake as PM and live on

Christmas cake filled with cream and decorated with chocolate and cherries

incredible shamelessness: we suspect May wants to lose time, delay and postpone and go back to Brussels for “clarifications” indefinitely until she reaches the 29th of March doing nothing and making the infamous “withdrawal of the withdrawal letter”. This is vile.



The SNP urges Corbyn to table the no confidence vote in the government to call for snap elections.

I suggest this checkerboard fight:

On one side hard Brexiteers gathered around a Brexiteer Tory leader that swallows the entire UKIP and with promises to fight crime and illegal immigration also swallowing the BNP, and of course set to an alliance with DUP:

Jacob Rees Mogg candidate for PM in a ticket with John Redwood for Chancellor;

Nigel Farage candidate with the Tories to swallow all UKIP votes inside the Tory party;

Manifesto pledge of no Irish Border or backstop whatsoever. Instead going for leave no-deal, btw in France they are already updating their legislation and preparing for Hard Brexit – unlike Britain – Link

On the other side Corbyn’s Labour with their own platform for Brexit.

Then the british citizens will decide which Brexit government they want.

All this must be done before the 15th of February so May must go/be ousted now, before Christmas.

a variety of Christmas cake Christmas tree shaped filled with cream and topped with a biscuit star.

She can’t ruin our holidays, we must be free to relax.


Or else a quick Tory Leadership contest convincing the Tory Remainers to turn hard Brexiteers and re-propose a Hard Brexit Tory-DUP government.

Berlusconi’s jokes on Mediaset on the Left are past their selling date.

Silvio Berlusconi’s jokes on Mediaset being on the Left no longer make fun: they are like  milk sold past its selling date, it’s “best before” you can not drink it anymore and certainly as for him and Piersilvio you can not say “like father like son” I leave to posterity the sentence that will not be not even so hard on who was right or was the best among the two – my opinion? the first -.

So, a guy goes to Berlusconi and tells him: “Silvio, look, Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti vote on the Left!” Silvio replies: “With what they make me earn they can vote where they like” now the joke could unfortunately be the following: a guy goes to Berlusconi and tells him: “Silvio, look, Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti vote on the left!” Silvio replies: “Me too”.

I just saw a discomforting service of TG5 – which is not conducted by Iacchetti, however – on a hypothetical CENSIS * study on Italians in 2018, and they are described as xenophobic losers who do not trust the future and the League-5Stars government and love the EU (?); I believe that practically everything that has been said in the service is false – and Ezio Greggio did not do it either, as Iacchetti didn’t: actually the television owned by the former Leader of the Centre-Rightwing coalition – Silvio Berlusconi – IS leftwing.

Well, before going to skate – because I’ll go – a couple of victories by Salvini, DiMaio and Conte:

Friday, 7 December 2018 – 10:30:00

Migrants, Aquarius closes the activity. Salvini: less landings and less deaths
Migrants, Salvini: with the stop to the NGOs less landings and less deaths


Migrants, Aquarius closes the activity. Salvini: less landings and less deaths
Migrants: Msf, ship Aquarius forced to close its activity Link

In practice, the flow of irregular immigrants is being completely stopped.

And two, not a day passes without massive arrests for the mafia and ‘ndrangheta mobsters and clan-affiliated in Italy and outside Italy: Link

Spataro – an Italian Prefect – complains that Salvini boasts about it on twitter, well I think it is good that he boasts about it. Very well. I’m sick of those who pretend to be shitting in their pants for mafia and ‘Ndrangheta as if they were, who knows, a kind of crime more difficult to deal with than it really is: so far mafia people have not been massively arrested because some people inside the State did not want to. Stop.
This journal online “Affari Italiani” “Italian Affairs” is good, and is positively pro-government, as far as the StrisciaLaNotizia so leftwing on Berlusconi’s Mediaset which is oh so lefty, but may they give the Big Golden Tapir to Michelle Hunziker who for ten years mocked at all celebrities who had undergone plastic surgery in the section “Fatti & Rifatti” “Done & Redone” and she was the one with more facial plastic of all.
Why don’t they do it to Michelle Hunziker the public shaming of Fatti & Rifatti, how fake and hypocrite are they?

Her beloved daughter Aurora after being insulted on social media because everyone said that her mother was more beautiful than she, put the first picture online. Yes, a nice girl but … go and see what was allowed herself to say of the others who went to the plastic surgeon Link 

She used to laugh at those who had made the little nose-job and cheekbones, so I suppose she laughs every time she looks at herself in the mirror ah aha ha with that fake sounding laugh, maybe they sacked her for this reason, but the Big Tapir they have to give it themselves, to Ricci, that pulls them so hard.


* OK, the psycho-relationship must be CENSIS, Giuseppe DeRita has psychiatric problems.

No nocturnal upon st. Lucy’s day. Two things for all the World not to do on the 11th of December.

On …the Eve of St. Lucy’s day, John Donne would say, the destiny of Europe and many Countries will be defined; what happened? For the non Christians btw the Eve of St. Lucy’s day is the 12th of December; well on the 11th of December there will be the Commons vote on Theresa May take it or leave it Brexit deal and it’s going definitely to be leave it, again leave, the number of Tory MPs who announced they’ll vote it down reached 100, well then the DUP and the Labour MPs will vote it down too, it’ll be very embarrassing for the PM to have her take it or leave it sham approved by herself and Andrea Leadsome who’s still scared of putting herself against May after the threats she received when she dared to be a candidate as Tory leader against her, she’s still “pissing in her pants” basically a commentator said “she was locked in a room with a gun and a bottle of scotch” always because Brexit is giving to us the best English jokes of the contemporary era, now very  “accostumated and educated” she’s among the very few who’ll vote the unvotable shambolic deal.

What’s happening? I quote Lawrence, it’s English Literature’s day today, the incipit of Lady Chatterly’s Lover gives the mood:

“Ours is essentially a tragic age, so we refuse to treat it tragically” …. “We’ve got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen”.

Yes, we refuse to treat it tragically, we’ve been told as Europeans that our culture cannot exist anymore because a strange UN and EU trial – where we were absent – decided we have to be punished for, in line:






managing to do the impossible, uniting all the Europeans and Westerners of all the Planet in the attempt of surviving as a culture and of making Udo Voigt, former President of NPD, the german far right party say really “I’m glad, I’m not the only one”. They have actually hardened the Western Identity; I campaign for Trump as for Salvini, for Brexit as for LePen and give a hand to the Sweden Democrats: to survive as West, because, you know as Jim Morrison said it “The West is the Best”.

So the era is tragic, and we refuse to treat it tragically, that’s our socratic education too.

In honour to the Western Unity – as identity not certainly as EU – I give you the translation of the article I wrote in Italian to stop Salvini and DiMaio – Conte doesn’t count – to even get near signing that thing called “The global compact” they didn’t even go after Peter Thiel who once said that every expert of marketing and communication knows that the best way not to sell a product nowadays is to introduce the word “Global” in the brand because people run away.



The list of countries that will not sign it: Australia – which Salvini wants to copy – United States, Israel, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Austria. And Russia? I guess she will not, of course, the real list will be much longer: whoever signs it is silly.

I assumed that we Italy would never have even in mind to sign it; but what do you want to do with the Lega government and sign the Global Compact that would give the UN the right to send you as many immigrants as they want “The Illuminati up there” and “manage” your borders? Link

If there is a blockage of illegal immigration in the Contract, the Global Compact would mean legalizing illegal immigration, it is a nightmare that appeals to the Communist – that shit – Mrs. Mogherini, one who if she were hanged I’d be happy.

Excerpts from the linked article of IlGiornale:

“Subscribing means abdicating the claim to block the transfer of migrants by the NGOs and allow MSF and comrades to return to operate at full capacity. But not only. The Global Compact insists on the need not to prosecute those who provide undue assistance to migration. So we could not even intervene when there was a clear connivance with human traffickers as in the case of Iuventa, the boat seized from the German NGO Jugend Rettet. And even fighting the traffickers of men would become impossible. Certainly today the United Nations, dangerously backed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero, repeat that the signing of the document is not legally binding … “

apart from that Moavero Milanesi and Conte have not been elected, they have been called to help so they can not give the lines of the government and then let’s put an end to this old song of the globalists “come on sign it, it is not binding” you do not not sign the toilet paper, you did not have to sign the EU Treaties, this going there to sign like imbeciles and then justify yourself in front of the citizens saying “is not binding” is a contradiction and the leftist magistrature will not agree with you. It’s a weak move, as you can see the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Australia and Hungary do not sign it and that’s it. The Center-Right ( League+ FI+ FdI ) seems to be today at 47% in Italy Link


Why do I have to run the risk of the Global Compact?

If there is a contrast to illegal immigration in the contract of the yellow-green government, it is obvious that illegal immigration can not be countered by legalizing it, it is as if the contract were against drug dealing and then they signed a law for legalization; because the Global Compact wants to legalize mass immigration, taking away from the States the right to oppose it and also says “come on sign, it’s not dangerous, it is not binding” to make the chickens fall into the trap, and then promotes the leftist culture against xenophobic and racist demagogy – ours -. It ‘s absurd that a government with the League in it sign it, the no to the Global Compact must be a red line of the League, even a passage through Parliament is wrong because – never – add up the votes of the left, that in Parliament are many more than in the current voting intentions of citizens who have turned even more to the Right as seen from the poll, with the votes of some grillini you risk, then better to drop the government go and vote and make the government with Meloni and Storace – but it won’t happen, the Government announced that Italy won’t be present in Marrackesch, we won’t even go there -.

We must make sure that Rol’s prophecy does not come true Link – Rol’s Prophecy says taht by 2020 Italy will be populated by 60% black people a nightmare – Salvini should remember the English saying “If something can go wrong, it will”. The No must be a red line of the League because with these numbers, the CentroDestra at 47% and the League at 32% – and this is not the most favorable poll to the League, there were peaks of 36.2% last week – it is not right to even run the risk.

Add yours to the list of countries that reject it – which is in reality still much longer -:

United States







I take it for granted. The Grillini did not have to do sovereign government with the League if they wanted something like the GC, please, close the game here.


No Nocturnal upon st. Lucy’s day

…”Since she enjoys her long night’s festival,
Let me prepare towards her, and let me call
This hour her vigil, and her eve, since this
Both the year’s, and the day’s deep midnight is.” full poem here
So, also this nightmarish Global Compact on Migration meeting to be held – if they don’t cancel it – on the 10th and 11th of December and the vote on the unvotable Brexit deal – another piece of toilet paper to be honest – again on the eleventh, make sure the Eve of Lucy’s 2018 won’t be another Europe’s and World’s “deep midnight”.
The two things not to do by Saint Lucy’s day
The rest is Christmas
Melania Trump walking among the Christmas decoration at the WH

May finished: Brexit Deal rejected by 91 Tory MPs. What next?

Screenshot of the Telegraph HP, notice the titles of the articles: “The EU will not change the deal” “91 Tory MPs will vote it down” “What the EU will do when – and not if – Parliament rejects May’s deal”. Understood?

91 Tory MPs have announced that they’ll vote down the “deal” approved uselessly by the EU – it gives away Gibraltar and the talks lasted very little because everybody knew it was just a farce to have a reason to move on onto the next step – .

Useless to say that Great Britain entered the EU with all Gibraltar and Northern Ireland and will exit the EU with all Gibraltar and Northern Ireland, the very idea a PM – unworthy as she is – can just sign away Gibraltar is ridiculous, pathetic in one word. Well and now?

The hard Brexiteers included the Telegraph view aka the real establishment want a no deal, WTO tough and pure Brexit – like me – obviously lock, stock and barrel and NI and Gibraltar, the claims by Spain are ridiculous it’s like we Italians reclaimed the Republic of San Marino – that’s there little as she is because it is evidently useful to someone otherwise it’s just a town – or France reclaim MonteCarlo, the people who live on the Gibraltar Rock have decided they rather stay Britons and not Spaniards so let’s try not to make it retarded – as for the other side (the soft one) they do not accept Brexit May’s deal either and they propose a Norway style deal, but the EU refused it – for them this is the deal and will not change as it was stated by Juncker (see above) – what’s all this fuss about then, if there were really the Norwegian option, that includes free movement which is deemed rightly unacceptable? No deal is better than a bad deal and Theresa May’s “deal” would transform “Great Britain” into “Crippled Britain”.

I think she should resign. I don’t know how can she possibly push herself as PM anymore. Be careful about shameless people: no shame, very often means no morality.

And this deal was really shameless.

Brexit means Brexit for sure. Here’s Article 50 and stop saying nonsense about blocking Brexit.


Here below there’s Article 50 and then my considerations: it is obviously hard Brexit, but change PM, because Theresa May wants to botch it and when you want something…don’t risk, change PM.

Article 50

1. Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

2. A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light of the guidelines provided by the European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It shall be concluded on behalf of the Union by the Council, acting by a qualified majority, after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament.

3. The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that – in case of no agreement aka no-deal ed. notes two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council, in agreement with the Member State concerned, unanimously decides to extend this period.

4. For the purposes of paragraphs 2 and 3, the member of the European Council or of the Council representing the withdrawing Member State shall not participate in the discussions of the European Council or Council or in decisions concerning it.

A qualified majority shall be defined in accordance with Article 238(3)(b) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

5. If a State which has withdrawn from the Union asks to rejoin, its request shall be subject to the procedure referred to in Article 49.

I want you to notice the part in bold:
1) It’s the European Council not the European Commission that have to agree the withdrawal terms and conditions and the European Council is the Council of the head of States or the Prime Ministers of the EU members aka Merkel, Macron, Kurz, Conte etc. not a commissioner like Barnier this means that the EU itself is already not respecting Article 50, which makes it an even more unworthy institution.
2) Failed the agreement as it is failing now all the Treaties just cease to apply to the UK –  as withdrawing member state – precisely two years after the notification to the EU that means 29th of March 2019, this happens in case of no deal, no deal and the Treaties just cease to apply, you revert to the conditions you were living before the Treaties were signed, as it is reminded often, the WTO terms.
Theresa May by that date must not be PM because she’s not a brexiteer and not a patriot and even not a loyalist, she’s ready to sell away the Country and split the Union in the Irish Sea, so please follow my advice and put a Brexiteer, Unionist and Patriot as PM and offer the Labour something good of the “socialist” culture like nationalising something or re-opening the steel production in Britain, as I told you in the video, certainly not the withdrawal from NATO, and do a clean Brexit.
I support Johnson PM, with Rees-Mogg etc. as members of the Cabinet, I expect the no confidence letter of Redwood.