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Well, I suppose this war on Veterans without touching Queen, Prime Minister and Defence Secretary is a bit socially biased.

Targeting only veterans and not through a military tribunal but through a normal civic prosecutor whereas soldiers should be under martial law and a military tribunal and without hinting at eventual responsibility of the Head of State and the Prime Minister with the actions and orders by the Defence Secretary, starting sentences like “Our beloved Queen” and “Heath was a great politician” and after Heath is dead and can’t defend the veterans anymore well, all this is a bit socially biased: they target the Vets. because they’re not rich, if they were rich they’d be barons or wear the Crown Jewels. Yes, this silence over the rich and powerful who gave the orders and focusing only on the soldiers 47 years later while Charles who should be next Kind of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is morally indefensible: now Charles shakes hands with Gerry Adams and the Veterans are in jail and he Charles will be King of Northern Ireland maybe Adams will be baronet and the veterans who kept Northern Ireland attached to the United Kingdom will enjoy the coronation’s show from the television in jail.

It was enough, more than enough to make peace with Gerry Adams, arresting the veterans is unbalanced and it is unbalanced on the side of the money and the power, of course.

They are never guilty: the guilty ones are the Veterans


You’re right, Elizabeth, all your jewels are obviously the Veterans’ fault.


The people who earn more from all these wars they wash their conscience putting veterans on a trial: they lose nothing, risk nothing, just send them there and are the ones who reap the power, the money, the titles everything, then say sorry “on behalf of the Country”, it’s obviously the Country and the Army at fault, not they.

I am proud to be a right-wing intellectual. I am proud to defend the veterans. And it isn’t about Catholicism or Protestantism, believe me because it isn’t, it is about responsibility, risk and earnings: the people who earn more, politicians and Royals they risk less and give orders, the people who earn less, foot soldiers, they risk more. We right-wing intellectuals have this strange pride in defending the Army.

God forgive us, everything.


The call for a Third Intifada by Hamas is reasonable. The Jews kill unarmed people and bomb council housings.


Palestinians are resisting in Gaza in flames.

Gaza Palestinians in Gaza in the flames, they resist. Ireland and Belgium are the first two European States to recall the ambassadors from Tel Aviv after the deaths in Gaza, first Turkey had done it, which also recalled that of Washington and South Africa did it too.

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders strongly rebuffs Belgian ambassador to Israel Simona Frankel who said the 59 dead in Gaza “were all terrorists” Reynders said: “You can hear many things, but there are limits”

The ambassador, interviewed by the public radio station La Première had said: “I am very sorry for every deceased human being even if they are terrorists (…) who come near the border barrier to try to pass on Israeli territory”.

Reynders: “To hear that all the people who were killed were terrorists, this goes beyond reason,” said the foreign minister, denouncing the disproportionate use of force made by Israel. “The idea of ​​proportionality is clear, there has been no injuries on Israel’s side,” Reynders concluded.

Intelligent consideration: “there was no wounded on Israel’s side” in fact the Israelis quietly shoot unarmed civilians or at most boys who throw stones not soldiers with grenades or guns. Ireland also recalls the ambassador. Now it is clear that the ambassadors in Israel should not be Jews or Israelis with a double passport: they do not have our own values, the “American” ambassadors and Jared Kushner even have properties illegally bought in the West Bank, Trump does not seem to reason and Hamas wants the Third Intifada – and it’s good if you need something but it certainly serves honor, we hope not only that -. Now tell me how to reason with a gun that shoots and I say it shoots unarmed civilians because they “want to invade the Israeli territory” while they themselves invade the territory of the others with arms: American and American Jewish ambassadors and the Trump-Kushner family, the family of the President’s son-in-law, buy and sell properties in the Palestinian Territories without the consent of the Palestinians as if they were the rightful owners! Then the Third Intifada would save the honor of Palestine because, as the Americans usually do lately, a) they accuse you by saying false things, such as having chemical weapons when you do not have them, or having proof that you have the atomic bomb but the tests are built by themselves, the Mossad, and b) shoot with the gun unarmed civilians saying that they are terrorists and as noted by Didier Reynders, the Belgian Foreign Minister, is not true because among the Israeli ranks there are neither dead nor wounded, it’s as if we shot at the black bloc at the G8 or even the no Tavs – the ecologists who do not want another railway etc. this is the level, okay? – In Europe, when they are unarmed or armed with stones civilians, you can use hydrants or tear gas and so on, ultimately rubber bullets, in Israel they shoot live bullets. So if you do the Third Intifada is better, provided that it must be legal to sell weapons to the Palestinians for the Israelis occupy the territories that the UN gives to the Palestinians and shoot the unarmed civilians with the machine gun, it would be more honest if the Palestinians had machine guns too. “Fucking Jews” I said it, but they are truly an awesome falsity. Trump is a fool. Perhaps it is true that we should recall the US ambassadors as Obama asks to stop him from scrapping the Iran Deal and reopening to the Russian market since his best friends the Jews sell what they like to Russia through Israel.

Council housings bombed in Gaza with the excuse of Hamas

In the photograph above, a popular housing district bombed under the guise of fighting against Hamas. For the avoidance of any misunderstanding, Israel has bombed the district inhabited by civilians in Gaza with bombs and they say with phosphorus bombs “to hit Hamas” it is clear that this is a neighborhood with apartments where civilians live, ok? Now they fire live bullets on unarmed civilians “to hit Hamas” but if they do not have losses it is because Hamas hasn’t got all these weapons after all. Now Trump makes me sick, his daughter and son-in-law take houses from the Palestinians and do not pay them – Kosher thieves – the Palestinian territories? Israel and the American Jews do not recognize them, they say they are theirs from the times of Solomon, that God gave them, that it’s written in the Bible etc. These are the speeches they do, all right? I am not God and I do not have to give them anything, I have not promised them no land, they want to kill people, bombarding and stealing and crying out wolf for anti-Semitism and “the Holocaust” what makes them unpleasant at a human level, as the saying says: “they disgust me on the skin”, especially the part about the holocaust and Anna Trump, sorry Frank. I want to be scandalous but honest: can weapons producers resume selling guns, gun machines and bombs to Palestine, please? Does it seem normal, serious, honorable to leave people unarmed against soldiers with a machine gun and a government that bombards them on their council housings? If Israel and Turkey are in UEFA, do you know what? You can do the football team as well as Palestine and join UEFA, divide the land and give half to the Palestinians and let them make a state with a territory that is all unique and not fragmented as it is now and a regular army. The earth is not all of the Jews, not even Jerusalem. Did God promise you? I am not God, I answer for human justice, when they put religion in the middle they seem to me an opprobrium. The Europeans must put the reason back on the table, at the centre of it: they can not say that the land is theirs because God gave it to them, they must supply only measurable data. And in any case, you have to sell weapons to Palestine. Excuse me, I believe in God, but that religion that the Jews believe in, it’s only theirs, Muslims believe another thing and traditionalist Catholics believe that after the resurrection of Jesus Christ the New Israel is the Catholic Church resulting in rights to control over Jerusalem etc. Hindus and voodoo still believe in other things. We must take care of human justice, if God wanted to give them the land, he would have already done it, he can do it whenever He wants, but God is not Trump, nor Mike Pence. Neither Ivanka, Jared or the Rothschild bankers. Nor you and I.

Trump trashes the Iran Deal? That’s better, Teheran, arm yourself and bomb Israel.

Donald Trump is really a slave of the Jewish Lobby.

Israel and the Jewish lobby are effing disturbing and Trump is reported by Veterans Today to be gay and a hidden Jew blackmailable at request Link.

Yes, trash the Iran Deal, so Iran will be free to and, maybe pushed to really build the atomic bomb, I hope they’ll nuke Tel Aviv, after all it’s Netanyahu asking for it, I don’t live out there in the Middle East, I hope all the Israeli dual nationals to gather there before the bombing so maybe they’ll be six million dead Jews really this time.

Hey, Teheran, they’re gonna bomb you, that’s for sure. I’m sorry. Brace yourself, I’ll pray for you, as a Christian, I swear I do, I just don’t like liars and injustice.

White weapons are the favorites of torturers: for them the gun simply does not make you suffer enough.

Keanu Reeves in the Hollywood Movie Street Kings about gun fight with L.A. police.

White weapons are the favorites of torturers: for them the gun simply does not make you suffer enough.

I stopped believing in the stupidity that the anti-racists say about the Africans the “poor blacks” almost like, after Gaza, stopped believing the crap about the “poor Jews” the victims according to the Western lefty mythology, without taking anything away from blacks who have nothing to do with it, but in Rwanda, blacks against blacks – who looked like twin brothers – the soldiers of a faction immobilized the enemies by pointing at them a firearm, a rifle or a machine gun, but they did not shoot the cruel ones: they had another guy stabbing with a knife the victim – they did it also to Gaddafi – in the end a journalist, at the request of a torture victim who said that the world should know, showed the almost skeletal body of a woman they had – skipped these two lines if you are impressionable – stuck a sword into the vagina and had made it rise up and exit out of the mouth, the body was left with the sword stuck, they showed it to show everyone that it was true – worse than the Holocaust? what to say? -.

This is for those NFL assholes who are not standing when they play the American anthem to protest against the US racist police, if they went to Nigeria, Rwanda, Congo the black policemen would make them pray kneeling – really – to give them back Trump and the American anthem. Trump compared to these guys is a big boy, see is this that I can not stand of the Left, they swell the small to medium things because they do not want racism and firearms, except in their Israel where the alleged “right” to racism and to owning firearms is reserved to the Jews – who can be racists and own firearms while the Palestinians can’t -, and then they hide the crimes, even the worst, perpetrated by blacks, by themselves or for example by gays and lesbians.

Firearms are a gain for humanity in the contest of war and fight-with-arms so much that the torturers and sadists avoid them, and we all know it, the bullet kills too early and for their tastes it does not make people suffer enough.

Yes, bullets are not blessings, but imagine Hollywood movies’ scenes with knives.

Keep Trump and the NRA. As much as we need to stop him from going after Netanyahu and making war on Iran.

Then let’s talk clearly about Iran: even if Iran had the atomic bomb they would do well  keeping it. Israel has the atomics, and so the US and France, real disarmament is not asking others to disarm and instead increasing your own arsenal, included the atomic arsenal, and then go and lie at the UN. And then Libya and Iraq were destroyed by bombings by the “good” British, American and French without having either atomic or chemical weapons. Disarming is not convenient: it is probable that you get bombarded even before than you would if you had the atomic really, first and last because the Americans, Israelis, French and Britons lie like Judas at the UN: this is what they have done already two or three times, and even the “little French” have to stop asking others to take off the atomic: they can take off their own since they have it.

I do not go on about Africa, I can only say that there are several photos of Nigerians on the Internet eating raw human hearts just removed from the body of the dead and looking at you – or looking at the lens – as if they were eating a green apple. They do not seem to have the natural sense of repulsion and disgust, my belief is that Africa is beautiful as it is, but society out there is dreadful. The faults of the whites are of the whites and that’s fine, but those of the blacks are theirs, you see. God will judge us all.


Dear Trump, do this favour to me and the other Europeans, leave Israel on its own.

The Jewish troll is back, the Jewish troll is either a “victimist” aka a person who plays the victim as a job or a boasting guy about Israel – said with the guttural Netanyahu-like Israeli accent, like the bad ones in the cartoons – well, this time it’s a boaster about Israel and how the Jews run their own country. A bit of the YouTube conversation and a link

Then Rachel36ify gets tough – as long as they can because you Trump allow them – and says: Paola: The Brits do not run Israel any more. Neither do the Romans – which is YOU. We make the rules in OUR COUNTRY We don’t give a sh*t about Calabrian bitches like you.
To which I reply again: It’s not your country and you depend on the Americans, and then, Sieg Heil, then. And fuck off. You are a no one asking the big Americans to do the real wars for you while you cry and shoot unarmed civilians, that’s your courage: you have none.
Well, Trump, since the Jews and the Israelis boast so much about the Brits and the Romans, which is me, do not run Israel anymore and they, the Jews, run “their own” country, since Netanyahu wants to scrap the Iran deal and bomb also Iran, or no, I beg your pardon, he doesn’t want to bomb it he would like the Brits, the Romans and the Americans to bomb it, can’t you do me this favour, I’m a bit offended for the “Calabrian bitch” you know, can’t you leave them alone in their own war against Iran? And Syria.
They run their own country, they don’t care about the brits, about you about Caesar, make the dual nationals shut up and leave them fucking alone in their wars. You chose the wrong son in law, but, do a bit of justice and/or revenge to the Europeans and the Americans with European ancestry: I want to see Netanyahu, and Rachel, shitting in their pants, leave them alone against Iran, please, tell them “do the war against Iran and Syria if you like, but do it alone, I won’t” since they supposedly “run their own country”. Which is untrue: they depend on the Americans.
To see Netanyahu shitting in his pants after boasting about “Israel” must be a world-stage pleasure. I can’t stand his voice.

The War of GasPipelines and why it’s useless to hope that Putin abandons Assad.

610x442xgas_russia.jpg.pagespeed.ic.78r4GXaP_9Gas pipeline in the Russian region of Kursk. Gleb Garanich (RUSSIA)

I repeat the concept contained in the title: “It is useless to hope that Putin accepts the removal of Assad” for this and for more either they stop saying Assad must go or there will be the third world war.

Now I bring you a clear article on existing pipelines and those under construction between Middle East, Asia and Europe, then I know that RAI and Mediaset and the BBC should say it and instead continue with stories from kindergarten “Assad is the bad guy who has gassed the little children, we have to remove it” they should be ashamed of this level of rethoric and moreover Assad has not gassed the children, now take your time and read this, it is mandatory:

Putin’s pipelines that will change the face of the Middle East

Moscow prepares a belt of gas pipelines that reaches the heart of Asia from the shores of the Mediterranean. A design involving Iran, Turkey and Syria. And it competes with an Italian-Greek-Israeli-Cypriot joint venture

Marco Petrelli
Friday, 26 January 2018

In the near future, methane will change the balance of the eastern Mediterranean. In a few months, in fact, the Russian Federation will cut the belt to the gas pipeline that, starting from the regions of Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and Yakutia, will push more than 60 billion cubic meters a year to the west. A futuristic structure, daughter of an ambitious project – 700 billion rubles spent – which allows Moscow to guarantee a consistent internal energy supply and to assert itself on the international market as the main methane supplier to Europe and Asia – a branch of the pipeline, in fact, goes to China.

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But the Russian energy network is nothing more than an articulation of a larger network of pipelines that also affects the Mediterranean Sea and involves Iran, Turkey and Syria. And all this in a stretch of sea in which an Italian-Greek-Israeli-Cypriot joint venture tries to open new channels for the distribution of methane through the exploitation of Zohr and Leviathan.


While the construction sites of the Tap (Trans adriatic pipeline) divide politics and public opinion, Eni has already set in motion for some time to identify and exploit resources in the southern Mediterranean. In 2015, the announcement of having identified a large oilfield off Egypt, Zohr, with a strength of 850 billion cubic meters of gas. In the same area, the Leviathan – 750 billion cubic meters of gas – and Tamar – 350 billion cubic meters – extend Israel well protected by foreign interests, especially those of the neighboring Lebanese enemy. But, although huge, the submarine resources impose a high cost in terms of technology and work to be extracted, which is why the countries of Italy, Israel, Greece and Cyprus have reached an agreement around the East Med Pipeline program, a network that Israeli and Cypriot up to Greece and, from here, to the European market.

Russia is not there

Moscow launches its countermove: on Friday 19 February Gazprom announced the intention of the Turkish Government to extend an arm of Turk Stream in order to transport methane to Southern Europe at a rate of 15 billion cubic meters a year.

“The submarine section of Turk Stream – reads on the website – will extend from the onshore facilities near the village Kiyikoy to the shores of the Black Sea (…) From the coasts of Russia, near the city of Anapa, the pipeline is connected to the Russian Gazprom network “.

Thus, a supply line competing with East Med Pipeline as well as a continuation of the most ambitious Russian plan to exploit the resources of the Persian Gulf. As? Through the Iran-Iraq-Syrian Pipeline, 10 billion dollars for over 100 million cubic meters per day through 5600 km.

Moscow provides military and civilian technology to Syria since the 1970s, is deployed in the country in four locations Hama, Homs, Tartus and Latakia and will hardly abandon the Arab Republic at the end of the long civil war. On the contrary, it will try to play a leading role in the post-war reconstruction from the Sochi summit on 29 and 30 January.

Source Link

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………… ..

Now, I’m Paola again,

Assad takes the military protection of Russia, and lately they told me also of China that economically is a power and it’s involved in the gas-thing, all right? and of course in the gas pipeline war is on whose side? Whose who wants to remove him? Of course not, it is on the side of Putin and the Chinese, and below under also the Germans who in fact have not bombed because Germans and Danes participate in the construction of the NorthStream with Russia- and because they are not interested in bombing – because it suits them: the North Stream is an arrow, in fact, why should they accept convoluted routes when they can have it with a Turin-Venice arrow? If you had to take a train what would you do? a direct one or to change a thousand times? In fact, the gas war also Macron should do it with Putin but Macron is a slave of Rothschild who is Israeli and claims he wants France to accept the Israeli way, in fact the Rothschild newspapers insist with the mantra “Assad must go” “because of the children etc.” After all, moreover, the Israeli route is also probably illegal because I have read that the gas is in Palestinian waters, but since “there is Hamas” the Israelis control it. I will not go any further. I have written this also in Italian: it must be clear to everyone that Assad is not Gaddafi and has an international iron protection network, if Assad were removed and replaced with a puppet of the Americas-Israelis the Russian pipeline could no longer pass from Syria because Israel does not want competition, that is, they do not want to do it because they have to sell theirs, in short:

With Assad Putin’s gas flows from Syria.

Without Assad Putin can forget the pipeline.

For this Putin wants Assad there.

For this either they stop with “Assad must go”  or it will be World War III.

And, please stop inventing stories about carbonated children. Unless the moderate rebels or the Israelis themselves have gassed them. I copy and paste a couple of Blondet positions: “The obstinacy with which the Israeli newspaper La Stampa insists on publishing stories of children – all photogenic -” escaped to the chemical bombs of Assad “, and all the propaganda narrative now discredited and proved false, can reveal two things: o unperturbed chutzpah, or extreme disappointment. Because Netanyahu’s attempt to drag the US and Europe into the decisive war in Syria seems bankrupt. The free and limited attack of the three aggressors, USA, France, Great Britain, seems to them …… .

….the western fantasy has defined “factories and underground deposits” of chemical weapons of Assad – and of which the principal, the building of Berzah, was a pharmaceutical laboratory visited regularly by the observers of the OPWC (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) ….

….So the French general tends to believe in the Russian estimates. Although, in the event that 70% of the missiles were intercepted, “the results would simply be catastrophic for the three attackers. It means that if the Russian S-400s had intervened, no US missile, United Kingdom and France would have reached even the Syrian territory “. With a caveat and an exception: all 19 JASSM-ER missiles with low traceability, launched by the bombers B-1B and used for the first time in a conflict, they were neither intercepted nor seen by Russian radars. – so we have to buy these ed. – And they have reached the target. The Russians are going to have to work on it. JASSM-777×437 JASSM-777x437The ones that really work – unlike the F35 that seem just a great loss of money for the State etc.


Then it seems clear to me that the winds of war are pulling and the situation is very serious. It’s Israel’s fault, and the faults of the neocons and of Rothschilds who demand that everyone does their interests instead of their own, May and Johnson lie, Trump does it but is reluctant, it may be that the deep state filled with Neocon, Masons and Israelis blackmail him – he didn’t want to do it as he told in the electoral campaign – the war camps are the same as those of the pipelines. Before bombing and using the atomic and living in a half intoxicated world, I insist with the BDS: sanction Israel, or even the total ban of Israeli products until they stop with false flags and with the lobby, neocons pushing the Americans etc. because the next step would be a world war, clearly said.

The cowardice of bombing and stating: “this is not war” and why we must all join BDS, Putin for the first.



Netanyahu is a hypocrite and Putin must treat him as such, we don’t want to leave Syria, Russia and Iran alone and the best thing we can do is de facto to join the BDS movement.

A glance at the news today and we understand why it’s better for us all, Putin for the first, the join the Boycott Divest and Sanction BDS movement to punish the real guilty ones for this war: the Israeli lobby, hitting them in the money and if necessary, but that’s up to Putin, Assad and Rouhani, militarily.

Putin used to be an ally of Netanyahu, Russia didn’t participate to the BDS movement and that’s the “many thanks” of the Jews, the retaliations against Israel are a must for Russia who just cannot help Israel and Assad at the same time and for us all. I said yesterday that the military retaliation must be done necessarily against Israel, from Italy and countries not directly involved into war we must show support for Syria as a sovereign nation with a currency and a modern government because this is what we stand for “sovereignty, modernity and no Rothschilds around” hitting Israel economically too.

We are called anti-semites and it can be true but it is irrelevant


This woman is “anti-semite” as much as a neo-nazi “born in Germany, fed in Germany and slaughtered in Germany” like beef “in Deutschland geboren, in Deutschland gemastet und in Deutschland geschlacht” maybe the Jews hate her more because it’s hard to believe she’s a racist and she hasn’t got the infamous T-shirt “Thor help me” or with a hidden svastika printed on it.


Macron and Nikki Haley insist on their dumb bully line: “we can bomb them but it’s not a declaration of war” which is a cowardly assertion, if you bomb me but you are not declaring war it’s clearly just because you don’t want to be bombed back. Because they want to do like they did with Libya, over-bomb a country which happens to be isolated and abandoned by the rest of the world not to do a “WWIII”, only, it’s more cowardly, because you basically don’t want WWIII just to be able to punch and not to be punched in return, WWIII is more moral.

As for their evidences, the chief of the syrian chemical weapons is a guy related tot he british intelligence whose children live a luxury life in London and he gives us the information about Assad’s arsenal, and Assad, according to him, “could do it again”.

But we have other info by Syrians who live in Syria not in London:

and link

I believe they rely on our supposed cowardice “what do they care if we destroy and kill Syria and the Syrians? in a WWIII also they may die, they won’t do anything” and they go on, bombing and killing and stating “this is not war” you’re right, a war is more moral than ten against one.

As for a real expert of war, more moral than ten-against-one-bully-strategy, he stated the following and he’s british

Former head of Britain’s special forces says Assad ‘doesn’t need to use gas’ because he’s ‘already won the war’ but give May ‘benefit of the doubt’ over intelligence

  • Major General Jonathan Shaw made remarks speaking to The Mail on Sunday
  • His views were echoed by Admiral Lord West, former head of the Royal Navy
  • But ex-commander of the Army’s chemical weapons regiment, Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, said: ‘A sophisticated nerve agent was used at Douma’


Major General Jonathan Shaw (pictured) said: 'Why would Assad use chemical weapons at this time? He's won the war'
Thank you, Major General for speaking so frankly.
 Major General Jonathan Shaw (pictured) said: ‘Why would Assad use chemical weapons at this time? He’s won the war’

A former head of Britain’s Special Forces has challenged Theresa May‘s claim that President Assad was behind the chemical attack in Douma.

Major General Jonathan Shaw said: ‘Why would Assad use chemical weapons at this time? He’s won the war.

‘That’s not just my opinion, it is shared by senior commanders in the US military. There is no rationale behind Assad’s involvement whatsoever.

‘He’s convinced the rebels to leave occupied areas in buses. He’s gained their territory. So why would he be bothering gassing them?

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, the ex-SAS and Parachute Regiment commander added: ‘The jihadists and the various opposition groups who’ve been fighting against Assad have much greater motivation to launch a chemical weapons attack and make it look like Assad was responsible. ..

Read more:
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I’ve got the feeling we must do the right thing.