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Chaos on the Vos Thalassa: Migrants want to kill NGO crew. Will finally Saviano shut up?

Some leftwing VIPs wanted to get on the NGO ships to help save migrants, mmm … how nice, if they did, today Vos Thalassa migrants scared to death NGO crew making them gather on the bridge with death threats.

Mr. Sandro Veronesi is a useless Italian leftwing writer only left-wingers know who he is: he wins regularly leftwing literary prices but no one knows his books, and that’s typical, but what’s less typical is that he wants to get on the NGO ships with other VIPs of the left – that is him and Roberto Saviano and Laura Boldrini – to help save migrants mm … but yes, oh yes, Mr. Veronesi, but rise, rise, go there, go on the NGO’s ships helping the poor refugees: it is news of today that the migrants wanted to kill the crew of the Vos Thalassa Link, go  and save human lives, idiot, if they deserved to be slaughtered by refugees… but unfortunately Toninelli, the Minister of Transports in Italy does not catch the ball and rises to the occasion and sends the Coast Guard to save the idiotic leftwing NGO crew, noooo … why Danilo, why? The terms of the situation are as follows: the ship NGO Vos Thalassa of seemingly dutch shipowner goes to take immigrants in Libyan waters, does not obey the Libyan Coast Guard, precedes the Libyans in the operations of recovery human cargo and then takes them away, disobeying all the laws of the sea and international conventions, but the migrants begin to rebel and threaten to kill the crew – the one Mr. Veronesi wanted to be part of, idiot, and he had also called Saviano – all the crew of white leftwing friends of the migrants had to gather in the bow behind the threat of migrants and then? Then massacre? No, Toninelli intervenes and sends the Coast Guard to save them. I would not have done it, because so they stop it, I mean, they set up a dangerous sea taxi service so one must try the crossing hoping to be rescued by the right ship, they die on the street, women are often raped, many children and minors disappear both in Libya and in Europe, until last year there were even 5,000 untraceable minors after the disembarkation in Sicily, Gentiloni refused to identify them not to harm their alleged right to arrive in France unidentified, so they would have been recorded in France or Austria and not in Italy – because Gentiloni is a criminal, do not have any illusions about his true “morality” – full of pedophiles as the world of Catholic voluntary service is, Vatican, with the freshly knit knights of Malta used to the Pope’s black masses and homosexual habits, the minors have disappeared, women raped, a certain number of other people drowned: if they killed those of the NGOs, they would do well.

Toninelli, calm down: they must not do what they should not do. And do not bring them to Italy, but it seems they will not be disembarked in Italy anyway, Salvini vetoed it.

But can you imagine if there really were Saviano, Boldrini, Parenzo – another Italian jew and Israeli fucking friend of migrants for Euroipe only – and Gad Lerner – same as Parenzo – with the Veronesi idiot on that ship? Madam Lieutenant, to buy chips and watch the news, munching.


There’s Something called Honour and the EU hasn’t got it.

Malta and Algeria do well: they closed their doors in the face of migrants, Link Malta closes ports to NGOs even for supplies, after NGO volunteers have done this to the Maltese who took them, the middle finger singing “We are anti-fascists”:


Leftwing NGO “volunteer” aka human trafficker with its load of niggers gives the middle finger to the Maltese who “welcome” them – photos – but go to hell, there is something called Honor and the EU does not have it. Let them die but do not let them land.

In Malta the Maltese have welcomed the migrants with insults, the blacks with the NGO were singing “we are anti-fascists” and giving them the middle finger, but how dare they? While the Bilderberg newscasts continue with false whimpering, sobbering stories denying reality, Malta has now announced that no NGO ship will land anymore and they did wrong to take these. How disgusting. Algeria is doing good too, it lets them die in the Sahara and it does not take them Link. There are borders and they can die, they do not have to leave their countries and try to cross borders without permission. States that close their doors are doing well, the EU continues to talk about solidarity which is a word that now makes me vomit, we should keep and pay the blacks who already had money and have bribed NGOs and smugglers to come here illegally, the largest, male and almost wealthy, then pay them if they want to leave with “voluntary” repatriation that is a wrong concept: the repatriation of illegals must be forced not voluntary, it is like paying a thief to leave your house or pay protection money to a mafia clan, while the blacks who poor and malnourished instead we should let them starve not to disturb Saudi Arabia and its war against Yemen and because they do not want to move from where they are.

I reject the European Union and its values: I want to punish them because they left and try to cross the borders illegally. Premier Conte irritates me. I haven’t voted Right-wing to have another that speaks of values, Europe and hospitality. How can we make it fall for real? Get some ideas. Hard Brexit when?

Also Libya is on our side against human trafficking.

Screenshot from an Italian Newspaper’s website

Good news, “we are not alone” – no, it is not an article about aliens and life on Mars – I will be short but I want to share the feeling of relaxation that gave me this article Link Libya agrees with us on the guilt of the NGOs and the need to close the European ports and the Spanish police echoes: the NGOs are trafficking in human beings, the NGOs must be outlawed, the Italians agree on and on, both with Austria of Kurz and Strache and with Libya of Haftar and Serraj, and also to the East with Hungary and to the West with … Trump ie the United States. I think it is right to invite the Libyans to the permanent meetings of the Right-wingers’ club, it would be time to get them meet in Rome, at the EUR, with everyone: Trump, Haftar, Serraj, Kurz, Orban & co.

I very much agree with the Spanish police union that has officially declared that if the smugglers are guilty then the NGOs are also guilty Link. I am very happy about this Spanish side, like the French side of Dupont Aignan & Co in spite of Macron, because it is not a battle among nations but a battle for the nations, for the survival of the nation-states both of Spain and Italy than of Denmark or Libya etc. against the chaos and the cancellation of the nations as entities themselves.

What’s more, NGOs pretend to esteem Africans, but they do not actually respect their rulers just as they do not want to respect the European ones, in Libyan territorial waters they do not want to do what the Libyan Coast Guard says: they want to transplant migrants to Europe, in practice, the Spanish police union, which accuses NGOs of using the expression “saving human lives” but in fact to be organizing the transport of migrants are very right. I am very happy with this international synchrony, because I have been on holiday both in Spain and in Germany and in Great Britain and I do not want these nations to disappear exactly as I do not want Italy to disappear. Let’s join and coordinate all of us: we are winning. We have won with Trump, Brexit, Kurz and Strache and Salvini and DiMaio and all over the East and there are those who agree with us in France, Spain, Greece, Malta and in practice in all the remaining nations.

Aquarius? For me they can sink. The crisis is being looked for shamelessly.

Aquarius’ chaos, and it is a chaos being looked for, being longed, the people on the Aquarius-boat did everything they could to build a situation of chaos and crisis.

An Italian corrupted leftwing writer had the shame to say “I’d like a child to die so I want to see what happens in our Government! – Salvini-DiMaio-Conte’s government ed.notes, the government the Illuminati hate– ” you don’t believe it? Can you speak Italian? here’s the Link

The Left is revealing its dreadful face, they are crazy, cruel, don’t really give an eff about the migrants they really use them only to destabilise christian European western countries: they cause the worst crisis, the worst humanitarian crisis – remember they bombed and destroyed Libya – and then try to accuse the others of fascism if the others don’t do what they ask: it’s black mail on a gigantic scale, we all know they did organise the leftwing financiers, Soros, the EU – yes, the EU – and the NGOs the deportation of people from Africa and Asia to Europe, then once they’ re in Europe they just don’t care about them or about the troubles they create – like Gentiloni and Renzi did – that they roam undocumented and try to enter France illegally – Austria and Switzerland are sealed – and Gentiloni and Renzi didn’t care, they accuse the others like or better worse than a mafia gang “If you don’t do what I want, that is, destroy your country, these people will die, the poor migrants” they bring them on purpose, take them on purpose, organised the entire smuggling ring on purpose and finally, bombed Libia on purpose, the Democrats, Obama and Hillary Clinton and their companions – not Trump as you can remember -.

Now Salvini doesn’t want to take them, there’s no legal right for them to be disembarked in Italy or Europe anyway. I support the strategy of sending them absolutely to Africa, Libya or Morocco or Tunisia, but the NGOs and Soros don’t want to do this because if they did, no matter if the migrants would be fed and taken care of – in the end they are Africans, for them to live in african countries is normal – they would just stop trying to cross the sea.

Now Salvini is determined, and also DiMaio and the Minister of Transports Toninelli, not to take them, because they just can’t decide which country they can land to.

I agree with him, if they sink, I don’t care, we are all fed up, they are used for political reasons, they organised the chaos to just try to put Salvini back at the wall, remember that when there was the G7 in Sicily the migration crisis stopped during those days “for security reasons” which means the smugglers where connected to the G7 organisation, so don’t make me laugh, we all know it’s all leftwing organised. They should have stopped in Tunisia these Aquarius people, and they didn’t, they could have stopped in Morocco, in Malta, in Spain and they didn’t, now they are near Sardinia, this is a journey not a boat with problems or rescuing people who would drown, at this point I wouldn’t care if they did drown or if the migrants did a mutiny and killed the NGOs volunteers.

They must stop. End of. Salvini, Kurz, Strache and Seehofer and the others Right-wingers are right.

Tunisia is like Afef Jnifen: she thinks too much of herself. Now we organise a pure Right-wingers’Club and stop. Dead Discussion.

Now it’s more than enough. I say it.

Tunisia is like Afef Jnifen: small, arrogant and thinks too much of herself.

I have already deleted the link to the previous sources of news ADN Kronos on my italian website, ’cause I was fed up, it had started as a Right-wing editorial press agency but lately it gives too much importance to lefty politicians as Mr. Graziano Delrio, a kind of Israeli spy who claims to be a Catholic, I found a secure site armored – sometimes they give voice to Casa Pound as well as anti-globalist Diego Fusaro – i’ts  Il Primato Nazionale “The National Primacy” whose editorial line is pro 5Stars-League government and gives good news.


Tunisia? Really unbelievable: the tunisian Prime Minister had the Minister of the Interior resign because he wanted to talk to Salvini, are we kidding? The Tunisian Prime Minister does not want to talk to the Italian Interior Minister?

So, now “enough” it’s we who say it.

Dear Salvini,

do not shove any third-worldist sympathy or even pity and call the Danes, the Austrians, the Belgians, the Hungarians, the representatives of the States where there is the Right / Center-Right coalition in government, not Great Britain because out there there is the fake Right, the Minister of the Interior Sajid Javid said that he does not want to reduce mass immigration because of his Pakistani origins despite the fact that the decrease in the arrivals of tens of thousands was written in the manifesto of the electoral campaign and they still mock Cameron for it: the ‘expression “tens of thousands” “tens of thousands” in fact is repeated in the jokes, we must instead repatriate the “hundreds of thousands” and honestly we have no time to waste with Sajid Javid, I suggest strongly that in Britain they set up a real RightWing Far-Right coalition and I do support UKIP and BNP, though some elements of the Tories are very good, it’s not reliable as a right-wing party, they do not talk to Farage, have expelled Nick Griffin from the Country, did not allow Lauren Southern in and have arrested Tommy Robinson.

Dear Salvini, call only Right-wingers in Rome, at EUR and you know why, here’s the sure-safe Countries for our purpose:




and maybe the other Visegrad but only if they don’t start demanding a war with Russia.

The coalition government in these countries is safe and sure in the sense that the Right-wingers of them all have been accused of racism, fascism, homophobia – they do not want gay marriages either – and then it means they are right and have democratically won the elections; if it were possible I would add Macron because having made the government with the Republicans these ones in the election campaign have promised the decrease of the new arrivals of immigrants of hundreds of thousands – Fillon had promised – and the repatriation of Illegals, but unfortunately Freemasonry has imposed as Interior Minister a self-declared mason and member of the Socialist party, Gerad Collomb – worse than Delrio, maybe? – and I do not want such people to give me lessons on rescues at sea and do the spy. Do a “RightWingers’Club” Only those on the Right so we don’t lose time and solve the problems quickly and they haven’t got to be “virgins”  which means they must have already been accused at least once at least of racism, homophobia, trans phobia or sexism or have defended Weinstein. I’m not joking.

As for the Jnifen family, Afef’s brother is colluding with the jihadis and everybody knows it, now I’ll tell him from Reggio Calabria – province, not even city – but look at what the bitch of your sister does in Italy that she has already had three husbands, the last of which Tronchetti Provera defined gullible by Gianni Agnelli instead of thinking of doing Jihad in my Land. As for the Tunisian oil – of the Afef family – it must be blocked, like all North African products competing with ours or we come out of the Single Market – about the EU, I do not care.

So now, stop allowing third – worldists and Auschwitz survivors giving rules or “lessons”.

By the way, with the help of the Danes who also have their fleet we do naval battles: they do not have to come to Europe illegally, without our permission, otherwise they can sink.  All right? It’s not that they command in Tunisia, it’s we wo run the Mediterranean. And we must also exclude all those who have contacts with Israel since it is proven that both the Right and Left of the Israelis are in the organization for the transport and “welcoming” of immigrants/refugees from Africa and Asia to Europe. Also Mr. Delrio is linked to Israel: good news delegation to the secret services to the Party Brothers of Italy, Conte did right, the rule must be not to pass the Israelis any information, since they lie and lie continuously about pretty much everything, from Gaza to Hamas to Syria to 9/11: everything. Dead discussion.

I had said that I would uncork the sparkling wine if the Lega-5Stelle government passed, the two trusts in the two chambers are given, here is the sparkling wine:


As you can see, I keep my promises.

As for the Bilderberg in Turin, at whose expenses do they keep it safe? Agnelli’s? I do not keep it safe at my own expenses for plotting against me. End of.

Italian Defence Secretary Ms. Pinotti is the organizer of the human traffic in the Med.

Roberta Pinotti

The woman with that strange face-expression in the photograph above is Roberta Pinotti the italian Defence Secretary, the lefty one, of the Democratic Party former Communist Italian Party, the Party of Renzi, Gentiloni, whose owner is an israeli millionaire Mr. DeBenedetti living in Switzerland who owns also the lefty pro immigration press Repubblica referred to as “our Pravda” by some leftists and L’Espresso the equivalent mag version. Well, after the libyan route was closed, now in Italy boats with illegal immigrants arrive the same from where? From Tunisia, a country deemed a safe state to which the illegal migrants should be diverted before they reach Italy. What happened instead? Link

It happened that the Coast Guard under the control of the Navy under the control of Ms. Pinotti who’s the Minster of the Defence instead are given orders to take the immigrants from Tunisia and bring them to Italy. Now apart from everything, this must end and end in a trial for Treason, it’s not that Italy has a duty to take everybody who leaves the african coast and even if they drown it’s their responsibility and even if someone wants to rescue them if they are really about to drown they have no legal or moral duty to bring them to Europe otherwise it’s clandestine immigration: they must be brought back to Tunisia, being both Tunisia and Morocco safe states, the fact that the Coast Guard is given orders to bring them to Italy happens because Pinotti is a fucking no-border, lefty, communist politician; What’s happening in Italy is extreme, illegal immigration is being organized by the Ministries in Rome, Minister of the Defence and Office of the Prime Minister. And they are helped by the judges who change the Constitution prohibiting to repatriate illegals who come from safe countries calling them all asylum seekers, pretending not to know that the asylum request must be done in the first safe country after the one at war, aka in Africa not in Europe, but here we are at the level of “Constitutional Corruption” an expression used by the british political historian Perry Anderson in his book “The italian Disaster” link to mean the corruption at the level of the ones who should be the guardians of the Constitution, the Quirinal aka the President of the Republic and the judges particularly of the High Court.

Italy is being damaged by people all coming from the late Italian Communist Party related and paid by jewish billionaire resident in Switzerland who also owns the “Pravda” aka the lefty press of the Country, people who work from the inside of the institutions and the judiciary, they all, to quote a liberal italian Mr. Ferruccio DeBortoli, “smell like freemasonry” actually they do break the laws but feel protected because also the judges who should judge them are in the same club and “dog doesn’t eat dog”, if you check what the italian lefty Minister of the Defence is doing they are really taking illegal immigrants from Tunisia – a safe country – with the excuse of “saving human lives” and bring them illegally to Italy. Check by yourself, and see.

She Ms. Pinotti had also public quarrel with Mr. Edward Luttwak an israeli-american political commentator who told her why can’t she just send the illegal immigrants home and she answered that her duty is to take them all and she “can’t ” stay and there an distinguish between war refugees and illegal immigrants, she just has to save them from drowning…but if you cannot divert a boat not even to Tunisia, what are we really talking about? Give yourself the answer by yourself.

Zero Migrants: We have won. Again. And again. And again.

Italian Right-wing press gives the news: no migrants arrived in Italy today: the traffic has been stopped.

The truth? The truth is that we win and the left loses. Without censorship they cannot make it, can the Internet be more powerful than RAI, Maggioni, BBC & …? & Co, yes of course, yes indeed, it is.

I won, Donadel won, Blondet won, and all the political-populist apparatus won, we had already won with Trump and Brexit: despite the Left survives, badly, at the government, we managed to stop the landings the same which gives us a superior level of influencial power, and Boldrini is “green” because they wanted to destroy Italy, to declare obsolete the state-nations and to declare themselves “obliged” to give decision-making power – forever in their dreams – to the UN, to the EU that was not even interested in it etc.

Thanks a lot to Macron and Haftar, thanks to Carmelo Zuccaro and Nicola Porro. Thank you guys. You have been great. The elections are approaching. We’re strong. Hello.

Zero landings and they continue to say that Triton and Sophia, who’s going to take the migrants now? No one, they don’t even leave the coast thanks to Haftar in Libya. Blue sky. Today is a good day, ergo, we can do everything.

By the way, did you read that Luciano Violante – a not so dumb italian socialist who condemned the absurdity of the “welcome them all” attitude of the government – agrees with us? Link But what do you think is more intelligent Violante or Laura Boldrini? It is not our fault if she is ruffian with the globalists or stupid or traitorous, one who treats the people, sovereign by Constitution, as if it were the last wheel of the chariot and you have to present to them the globalist plan and make them stay silent. If we never forgive something to Bersani, it’s to have put this Miss no-one without a party doing harm as “Presidenta” – the corrector puts the word in red – of the Chamber.

Violante has declared his opinion, maybe late. To save his own reputation at least, even if they will not allow him to save the PD -the actual lefty party -.

Hi Luciano.

When will the next PD meeting be? Probably never.