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Fraser Nelson supports hard Brexit and Trump, but not Salvini, why?

Yes, I know, you look at him and you think “why should I spend two words on this strange toff who looks like a grown old boy?”

Because this idiot looking grown old boy happens to be the director of the Spectator and a columnist on the Telegraph and makes you think about how Nigel Farage and Donald Trump are fair;

Now Donald Trump and Nigel Farage support independent State Nation as a form of government and of good democratic-space-entity, if they support Brexit they support Salvini too, and Marine LePen in France, Fraser Nelson no, with that dumb look upon his face he supports hard Brexit and no-deal (and I agree with this) for Britain also Trump in the USA but in France he supports Macron and in Italy despises Salvini who’s the most similar politician we have to Farage, Trump and the sovereignists. Actually he’s the same version translated in Italian in fact Bannon and Trump and Bolsonaro support him, because they’re not ambiguous persons and they prize intellectual and political honesty.

To talk about a man who cannot stand on his feet without leaning on one side almost if it were too heavy for him the weight of his own body, he’s always smirking and leaning, it may be, it should be a loss of time but it isn’t because this guy talks and writes and for not very clear reasons is even considered influential, now explain to me the logic or the political meaning of the move – too cunning for us to understand, perhaps? – of supporting hard brexit and Trump but to be against Salvini and LePen and pay compliments to…Macron who’s the opposite of Farage, Brexit and Trump.

if I have to tolerate this…by this imbecile

If you are a sovereignist for your own country to be pro globalists in other people’s countries is a lack of taste, of grace or of understanding. Or the three of them.


Another vulgar journalistic row in Italy and why the Heads of the News broadcasters must change.

This time is about free meals at school for foreigners who didn’t provide documentation about the income in another country than Italy, the rule is the same as for the Italians but for the Left is racism, moreover, in the time of Internet and talking about regular immigrants, is it really so difficult to track the income???

Mao Tse Zuckerberg: FB censors both Right-Wing and Independent Leftwing AntiWar Media.

From Mark Zuckerberg to Mao Zuckerberg: massive unbelievable censorship on facebook.

Both Right-wing conservative and traditional pacifist antiwar leftwing pages shut down and deleted from facebook Source actually a never seen before purge that includes widely both the likes of AntiWar the traditionally pacifist leftwing online magazine than Right-Wing News – the name couldn’t be clearer about it – why? Mao does not explain to us, he just informs us that they “broke the rules”, the ex teenage idol, the one that was deemed cool in the first decade of the years 2000 – starting 2004 – now reveals his true nature, like the pigs in Animal Farm, so much that, according to this article in the DailyMail the under thirty do not like him and do not even name facebook among their top 50 favourite brands, whereas there’s still YouTube Source the original title of the linked article was rather shocking “Facebook’s DEAD to the under 30s…”

Well, the under thirties are going to vote Republican and follow Alex – Jones – the same.

As for facebook, with this strange wide-ranged right-wing and independent leftwing censorship and while you can still find disturbing jihadis’ pages or cruelty suicidal videos of crazy nuts or else Taylor Swift and some human traffickers’ accounts that promote illegal immigration to Europe… you wonder if it can survive. And you wonder why it should.

Benioff, another leftwing Jew buys Time Magazine. Don’t read it.

Non jews seem not interested in buying press and then we have in the West the so called Judenpresse, the Jewish press obviously extremely pro-Israel but also pro-minorities in the West, because they express strictly the usually mean and selfish jewish point of view, so now Time Magazine that had given quite a positive image of Matteo Salvini is back in the “safe” hands for the lefty freemasonry of another Jewish leftwing pro LGBT owner, such Marc Benioff, from Wikipedia:

“In March 2015, Benioff announced Salesforce would cancel all employee programs and travel in the state of Indiana after the passing of SB 101, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a controversial bill which would allow companies and individuals to deny service to LGBT individuals based on religious beliefs.[55] As the largest tech employer in Indiana (following the 2013 acquisition of ExactTarget) Benioff led a global effort of business leaders fighting back against the legislation, ultimately leading to the Indiana State Legislature’s passing an amendment to the bill containing protections for LGBT customers, tenants and employees.[56]

Don’t buy it, don’t read it.


In Italy all but one of the first four major newspaper is not jewish-owned and hasn’t got a jewish director, that is IlGiornale owned by Silvio Berlusconi who’s a catholic and a has an aunt noun and the director is a common Italian of catholic family Mr. Sallusti, the other three major newspapers have all three jewish directors and even Berlusconi’s newspaper is ridiculously and immorally  pro-Israel. There are other newspapers not owned by jews but the “main” three La Stampa, La Repubblica e Il Corriere della Sera seem to be obliged to have a director with the kippah.

The jews in chief tried to oust Berlusconi from the club of powerful editors and they do not consider one of them, basically because he’s a goy.

I’d like non jewish people to stop relying on the jewish press. Luigi DiMaio the vice PM of Italy wants a law that imposes to print the name of the owner of a newspaper on the main title. In any case you can control on Internet. You’ll have from the Time another load of rubbish pro Israel pro LGBT, against the holocaust deniers & Co. outlet. You’re warned, it’s not good, not even to light the fireplace in winter.


Well, if you have copies of other Beinoff’s editions you can throw them there, but don’t buy the new ones.

True or rigged? Doubts about Instagram Numbers: according to them Chiara Ferragni & Fedez’s Marriage was more seen than the Royal.

Screenshot of Chiara’s Instagram Profile

There must be a misunderstanding between old and new media, people totally unknown on the press seem super successful  on Internet. Many people would ask “Who are Chiara Ferragni and Fedez”? It’s just two Italian socialites, VIP etc. I never saw them mentioned in the British press, now it comes out “their marriage was more followed than the royal wedding” on Internet and I would like to set up a prize and call it the Grand Truth Prix, the one who guesses if all these Instagram’s, Twitter’s etc. social media profiles numbers are true o rigged wins the Cup.

I could also like it because I’m Italian that Chiara Ferragni has even 14.8 Million Followers on Instagram and that her “miserable” wedding with Fedez has been “more followed than the Royal wedding” Link … But we are sure that the numbers are not rigged?

Independently from me who followed the Royal wedding and not that of Chiara apart from the photo in the newspaper Il Giornale the day after – because as you know I follow Il Giornale and everything that passes by Sallusti first – the Director – with Porro per second – the Vice Director – I get it under my eyes, more or less everything, but let’s just forget that Madonna has only 12 Mln of followers because Chiara is 31 years old, Madonna has more and luckily the young do not like her – it sucks a little lately or better “she stinks” she’s always kissing someone with the tongue male or woman and that someone always looks disgusted … – what makes me doubt is that I have never seen Chiara Ferragni and Fedez in the English press, I have never found them, not even once, neither in the Daily Mail that however uses a lot the garbage of VIPs media and small deals, neither on the Telegraph, nor on the Sun, I mean I saw Elisabetta Canalis and also Monica Bellucci – but she’s a Bond Girl and that’s a title – and of course Carla Bruni then enough, other Italian female VIPs in the English press I have not found them, and to have 14 almost 15 Mln of followers she should be well known also abroad because in Italy there are only 60 million inhabitants, I congratulate her for avoiding the clownery of the marriage in church after having promoted the opposite values, she had the compliments of Dior, the photo with Sarah Jessica Parker but being absent from the press I am also doubtful about that trash, I mean Elisabetta Canalis was there, she wasn’t, because Canalis had been engaged to Clooney, of other Italians there are only those like Ancelotti, Antonio Conte who coached Chelsea that’s the team of the rich in London, but she and Fedez I’m afraid the English, the Australians & Co. don’t even know who they are, they know who is Fabio Capello – always for soccer -, who is Monica Bellucci, who is Carla Bruni and also who is Elisabetta Canalis once showed her in a nightclub in Milan relaxed in jeans miniskirt and said that she doesn’t give herself airs and goes on clubbing with old friends etc. or when got off the airport “without makeup” and she was beautiful the same etc., in short I suspect the numbers are rigged.

I know that my numbers and also those of Alex Jones on the internet are rigged, once I had three maps that counted the visits etc. and they gave me three completely different numbers. There should be a guarantee that these numbers on the Internet are true. Those of the visits, of the followers etc. Perhaps now there is a difference between the VIPs and the VIPs from social media, that is, a person can be a superpower on the Internet and do not appear in the newspapers or barely appear, or the data of the social profiles are a bit “made up”.

Like Chiara maybe who’s an “influencer” and they wear a lot of make up.


Obviously there are other Italian VIPs relevant abroad, like Asia Argento – though for the wrong things like assaulting a minor and lying -, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani etc. I didn’t want to do the list, the point is that certain Italian press talks about “Chiara Ferragni & Fedez” as if they were the most famous Italians in the world, and that’s just not true and makes them look ridiculous to people acquainted to the non-italian press, they should stop.. 

Christ King of the Victorious: Gabriel Fernandes wins special award the YouTube Silver Button, in the Name of Jesus, obviously.


I have supported Gabriel Fernandes evangelical YouTube mission because it was good for me: it smelled victory, it was very positive and in the end if you agreed with the prayer you had to say Amen, comment in the comment section and like the video, if you didn’t, the prayer wouldn’t apply to you and this is very respectful for freedom of choice, after decades of being told by some catholic priests bent on being losers “accept your condition and offer the sufferings to the Lord” finally a man of God who says “God wants you to be victorious, be happy, in the Name of Jesus” and that, Readers, is good for me and I hope is good for you too. And for YouTube.

So Christ King again, King of the Victorius.

God Bless All we Do.

It’s perfect for you and it’s perfect for me.

What’s Power & what’s not. Infowars still has 5 millions and 2 hundred thousand viewers WITHOUT Facebook’s direct links…

You don’t get rid of “The Resistance” so easily, if not, what kind of resistance would it be?

Yes, quite, “The Resistance” has encrowned the Emperor Trump, so it wasn’t so much “Resistance” anymore: it was Power.

No one man should have all that Power?

Why not? If it’s Alex Jones.

It’s on record, I’m sorry for you,

Alex’s Infowars still has 5 millions and two hundred thousand regular viewers, that is, the people who subscribed directly to the website’s newsletter, that is me and people like me excluded, I’m not a subscriber but I go regularly on Infowars the same and I’ve got Alex’s and PJ Watson’s twitter’s timeline on my website Felix Democracy – this one -.

Screenshot of Real.Video the new video sharing platform used by Alex Jones and Infowars, I’ll use it too

So damn thinks-too-much-of-itself YouTube bans Infowars, 5 millions viewers jump on Real.Video the new libertarian video sharing platform that boasts to be against censorship and shadow banning in the banner of its homepage of which I obviously give you a screenshot – waiting for the “liberals” to try and ban screenshots…


The NRA is already there…with Conservative Elite Network, Christian Bible studies etc. Muslim activists will maybe stay on YouTube and human traffickers on Facebook, they do not deserve us


So we already have very high quality videos perfectly running on Infowars with the link to Real.Video instead of YouTube

Quality HD video running on Infowars, the “Breaking News” is not a photograph it’s a high definition video screenshot
Screenshot of the brand new comment board to comment on Infowars’ articles

Disqus o my Disqus doesn’t “allow” comments on Infowars? The new brand new comment board is better. But who do they think they are these platforms like Facebook or Google or Disqus? They’re just platforms they’re not the Internet. Other engineers can make other platforms and they’re even giving them the best clients.

So, do you know what I want? What I really really want? That Trump ultra wins the Mid-term elections without “f****ing” Facebook in the middle taking the merit or the guilt for his victory, we can win without you, Facebook, Google etc. you lost the millions viewers of Alex and Alex Jones is read just the same without direct Facebook’s links – oh so important – apparently Jack Dorsey is right, to ban Infowars will only embolden new conspiracy theories. That’s it, and thanks for keeping it on Twitter, Jack.

As for me, my usual political solution is…maybe easy to guess:

Vote Trump the same for these Mid-term elections so we’ll see and they’ll see…

what’s power and what’s not.