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Toxic Masculinity. The “feminist” who declared masculinity toxic is a Trans and yes, Piers Morgan guessed.

I am a bit like this, fed up and then, even though due to my traditional education I should feel embarrassed in saying it, that Piers Morgan thought he did a joke

gillette_comments-796x417“Gillette now wants…” but yes, the “feminist” who invented the concept of hegemonic masculinity that generates toxic masculinity is not a female, it’s a male who literally “cut off his testicles” and now says to be a woman and obviously breaks the balls to real women because he/she’s a feminist at the UN and UNESCO “for female rights” against toxic masculinity.

I agree both with Morgan and the real feminists: trans-people do not represent us and must not be counted as women or feminists. End of.

They just ARE NOT female and ARE NOT women, they don’t like the men we like; all handsome hunks for them are  rapists.

This is the face of the “feminist”




Only straight born females can declare what’s rape against females, because lesbians and Trans do not like men at all, can you get it?

Thanks, Piers. And thanks you all

I wonder if Kate Moss in this Ad is dreaming of a bit of toxic masculinity.

Tell the lesbians and the trans to mind their own business and set up a task force of only heterosexual females to define what’s rape and what’s not then, inform the Gentlemen. All the others are oh excluded.

white toxic, kkk, they vote Trump. Can’t you mind your own business? He’s a legend and she I can imagine what straight men think. At the UN they’re all gay and trans because there is the gay lobby in the Vatican and in Buckingham Palace, they say, now catholics on one side and anglican loyalists on the other either you put your own gay kings and clergy back in order or get rid of them. Don’t mess up with us.


Someone explain to me the role of a “watchdog” in british society and why it can “outlaw” things instead of the Parliament.

A non better identified “watchdog” to literally “outlaw” ads with women cleaning and girls dreaming to become ballerinas Link

Let alone the “I had told you” sentence: when people didn’t want to accept both mass immigration and LGBT “rights” we were told “it won’t change your life” and it was untrue, now the Left in control of all these unelected bodies like TV watchdogs can outlaw our dreams – as a child there was a period I wanted to be like tv showgirl, a dancer Miss Heather Parisi. Now it’s almost prohibited to say it or to show it in an  ad.

But, apart that Theresa May is not a right-winger, wasn’t the Parliament in control of what can be allowed or banned?

If the Parliament supports free-speech no students’ body can prohibit conservative speakers holding conferences in Oxford or any other University: students’ unions just don’t have this power. And now, if the Parliament allows firms to set up the ads they prefer with little girls growing up into beautiful and healthy ballerinas who’s this “watchdog” without a name and a face and a constituency where the british citizens can kick him out of power, to ban heterosexual advertisements and girls’ dreams? Now even our dreams should be under the control of a watchdog, we can’t dream what we like, dreams are prohibited.

Theresa May is the worst Home Secretary and the worst Prime Minister after Blair of the entire british history and has a husband called Phil suspected of being a sort of israeli spy who worked for G4S an Israeli “security” agency suspected to be involved in terror attacks nothing-less-than-that and pushes her towards enslaving the country into a EU deal even in Brussels they consider crazy.

Put them both behind bars really: in jail.

Can you change the Parliament please and put the “watchdogs” back in their place or possibly substitute them? And possibly arrest Theresa and Philip?

The Tory Party is torn apart because while the Brexiteers are real Tories and real Conservatives the others, May and her stupid supporters are surrenders of everything that even only remotely sounds conservative or Right-wing: security, control of immigration, traditional families, and ballerinas indeed.

Raab wants to be PM, he could be a very good choice too, it’s enough to read this from his wikipedia profile:

in July 2010, he secured a review of ‘positive discrimination‘ rules being applied to Foreign and Commonwealth Office work experience schemes, having been contacted by a constituent who had been rejected from the scheme for failing to meet “the social criteria”. The two programmes at the organisation barred white males from applying, other than those from low-income backgrounds; Raab argued they re-introduced discrimination ‘via the backdoor’.[17][unreliable source?] The MP welcomed the review, blaming the situation on the previous Labour government. He stated “positive discrimination is wrong in the same way as negative discrimination. It means people are thinking in terms of social criteria and it is anti-meritocratic.”[18]

Got it? Can Britain have a fucking real Tory PM? and he’s also good looking –

Dominc Raab sexist enough to like boxe: hes’ white, male, straight, jewish on the side of the father, christian on the side of the mother and anglican christian as a religion. Enough to drive the Leftwingers crazy.

in case you don’t want Rees-Mogg – or first or later they’ll say William cannot apply to be King for he’s white male…

now I suggest the Right-wing Tories to mix with UKIP and also BNP and after Corbyn pulls down May’s government also with their votes: she’s not supported by 117 MPs of her own Party, then go at the elections with a Restoration of Control program:

No-deal Brexit and total sovereignty;

Abolition of mass immigration and only elitist immigration – just people useful to the british economic system no scroungers who enter Britain to be put as a burden on the welfare state;

Repeal of the hate speech laws – that’s a proposal by BNP – and freedom of speech with legal punishments for people who actually prohibit the exercise of free speech.

Stop the gender reassignment at taxpayers’ expenses and gender psycho-interview at school by psychologists who do actually convince kids and children to say they feel trapped in the wrong bodies.

Go hard or go home.

And the Daily Mail is shit.

Yes, Britain’s gor much better choices than May. Please.

Berlusconi’s jokes on Mediaset on the Left are past their selling date.

Silvio Berlusconi’s jokes on Mediaset being on the Left no longer make fun: they are like  milk sold past its selling date, it’s “best before” you can not drink it anymore and certainly as for him and Piersilvio you can not say “like father like son” I leave to posterity the sentence that will not be not even so hard on who was right or was the best among the two – my opinion? the first -.

So, a guy goes to Berlusconi and tells him: “Silvio, look, Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti vote on the Left!” Silvio replies: “With what they make me earn they can vote where they like” now the joke could unfortunately be the following: a guy goes to Berlusconi and tells him: “Silvio, look, Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti vote on the left!” Silvio replies: “Me too”.

I just saw a discomforting service of TG5 – which is not conducted by Iacchetti, however – on a hypothetical CENSIS * study on Italians in 2018, and they are described as xenophobic losers who do not trust the future and the League-5Stars government and love the EU (?); I believe that practically everything that has been said in the service is false – and Ezio Greggio did not do it either, as Iacchetti didn’t: actually the television owned by the former Leader of the Centre-Rightwing coalition – Silvio Berlusconi – IS leftwing.

Well, before going to skate – because I’ll go – a couple of victories by Salvini, DiMaio and Conte:

Friday, 7 December 2018 – 10:30:00

Migrants, Aquarius closes the activity. Salvini: less landings and less deaths
Migrants, Salvini: with the stop to the NGOs less landings and less deaths


Migrants, Aquarius closes the activity. Salvini: less landings and less deaths
Migrants: Msf, ship Aquarius forced to close its activity Link

In practice, the flow of irregular immigrants is being completely stopped.

And two, not a day passes without massive arrests for the mafia and ‘ndrangheta mobsters and clan-affiliated in Italy and outside Italy: Link

Spataro – an Italian Prefect – complains that Salvini boasts about it on twitter, well I think it is good that he boasts about it. Very well. I’m sick of those who pretend to be shitting in their pants for mafia and ‘Ndrangheta as if they were, who knows, a kind of crime more difficult to deal with than it really is: so far mafia people have not been massively arrested because some people inside the State did not want to. Stop.
This journal online “Affari Italiani” “Italian Affairs” is good, and is positively pro-government, as far as the StrisciaLaNotizia so leftwing on Berlusconi’s Mediaset which is oh so lefty, but may they give the Big Golden Tapir to Michelle Hunziker who for ten years mocked at all celebrities who had undergone plastic surgery in the section “Fatti & Rifatti” “Done & Redone” and she was the one with more facial plastic of all.
Why don’t they do it to Michelle Hunziker the public shaming of Fatti & Rifatti, how fake and hypocrite are they?

Her beloved daughter Aurora after being insulted on social media because everyone said that her mother was more beautiful than she, put the first picture online. Yes, a nice girl but … go and see what was allowed herself to say of the others who went to the plastic surgeon Link 

She used to laugh at those who had made the little nose-job and cheekbones, so I suppose she laughs every time she looks at herself in the mirror ah aha ha with that fake sounding laugh, maybe they sacked her for this reason, but the Big Tapir they have to give it themselves, to Ricci, that pulls them so hard.


* OK, the psycho-relationship must be CENSIS, Giuseppe DeRita has psychiatric problems.

Commentarii De Bello Mediatico.

Ahh, the Commentarii de bello gallico – nudi recti et vetusti – mine will not be so perfect, but there is a war we have to talk about: the war of information, the so-called “infowar” according to Alex Jones or the “media war”. And from that we understand everything because … “At the beginning was the verb and the verb was with God and the verb was God” this is why Luther is right: the Bible is more important than the Sacraments, the word comes first “At the beginning was the verb” then “the verb became flesh” even the Sacraments, if you do not know the Bible can curse, so Catholics do not give the communion to those who didn’t do the proper catechism etc.

But let it go this and let’s move on to something else, more precisely the war of words happening now.

I just saw the tg5, the major news of Berlusconi in Italy, that the Memores Domini of CL – who should defend Christian values ​​at work – can not even watch because they have a ban on having the TV in their apartments, obviously it’s a disgusting way of giving the news, but even I got scandalized and it was so bad that it hasn’t happened to me to be so scandalised from a while, the television should be despised but we must also pay attention to what it puts around; I saw today November 23, 2018, that the tg5 actually  interviewed members of the mafia Clan of Casamonica to whom Salvini is demolishing the illegally built villas as if they were poor victims of the bad minister …. (????) Incredible but true the service was against Salvini on the side of the Casamonicas: it disgusts me. Apart from everything, from Reggio Calabria – Southern Italy – I thank Salvini a thousand times and the whole government for the fight against the mafia, ‘ndrangheta etc. the Casamonica villas full of vulgar and expensive objects were still to be demolished even only because they were illegally built where you are not allowed to build

Perhaps Piersilvio and Toffanin – his girlfriend – want to copy the style, but the style of Mediaset and the tg5 has already changed a lot from the past, from Forum with Rita Dalla Chiesa as anchorwoman – Rita is the daughter of the General of Carabinieri Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa who died shot by mafia in Sicily – and the films on Captain Ultimo to the films against captain Ultimo seen from the side of the bosses till the interviews of Mr and Mrs Casamonica “on their side” against Salvini.

And Meloni, another idiot, still chatter about wanting to “save Salvini from the deadly embrace of DiMaio”? We should thank the Heaven that if I think outside the box the 5 Stars just do not know any box at all. God bless Beppe Grillo. So I’m glad these new Berlusconis sold Milan AC: they did not deserve it.

So, Pier Silvio is a “zambaro” – calabrian slang for “rude” “thuggish” –


The kitchen – shiver, the yellow thing it’s real gold – … A Casamonica interviewed by the journalist told the tg5: “as long as there is this government I am no longer Italian!”. Thank God. But who takes him?

Apart from the fact that the illegal villas must be demolished as such – because they are illegal even if the owner is not a mafioso obviously -, but this tg5 service against Salvini, against the police was really disgusting. I recommend Giovanni Toti and the other good ones of Forza Italia to move arms and luggage to some other party and stay with us.

After the horrendous service on the Casamonica and their poor illegal villas, they gave the news about Trump who does not let the migrants pass from Mexico, obviously with a compassionate tone towards the waves of Hondurans that are devastating Mexico.

What a shit figure.

(and Trump is right)


Remember for whom to vote in Italy #NoiSiamoPersonePerbene (#WeAreRespectablePeople)


The above image is ironical, on top there’s written “Spot the differences” in 2015 there was Mr. Renzi as PM, Mr Alfano as Interior Minister and Mr. Ignazio Marino as Mayor of Rome and the Casamonica clan did a funeral in the centre of Rome with a carriage – obviously their unmistakable style – the music of the Godfather and an illegal aeroplane that threw petals of roses over the funeral – don’t laugh, this is Italian mafia – then 2018 Conte as PM, Salvini as Interior Minister and Raggi (5 Stars Movement) as Mayor of Rome and there are the cops evacuating and searching the illegal villas and the demolition.

remember the music of the Godfather …? With all their lefty judges and magistrates committed to set up political trials (Against Silvio I) they did not have time to fight mafia, to comment go to the tweet of Giorgio LaPorta, the comments are in Italian, but you can always put the likes – Giorgio is one of us –


NEWS: as the 6th of November gets near, the black republican vote shows the inconsistence of the Democrats (and drives them crazy).

I’ll show you here the video not taken down by YouTube of a black american republican voter harrassed by the usual white leftist who thinks he can choose whether to be republican or democrat the blacks can’t:

Honestly, the right answer to the very stupid question “Whenever was America great?” may be, among others “When it won WWII against Hitler, you know, that was great” but while I am what in Italy is called a “rispostèra” or “rispostara” according to the region, which means a person who gives quick usually bold answers from the word “Risposta” which means “Answer”, an “answerer” a quick answerer, this doesn’t mean that people who are not given this attitude to quick answers should be harrassed in bars, what makes this guy so angry?

That the black republicans make him feel useless, an inconsistent politician who wants to protect people who are fed up with him and his ideas, so what’s better than to harrass them? He might have answered: the NASA is great, liberty, freedom but in the end, it’s wrong what the leftwinger does. Trump is an “answerer” and a quick bold one, this really drives them crazy.

This is a list of articles on Infowars about white leftists assaulting gay and black americans who wear the MAGA cap Link


While the shameful video above is still online, other videos recording crazy self proclaimed defenders of women, blacks and gays who happen not to want to listen about them going nuts were deleted, like this one below, the girls were banned from Washington DC Campus for wearing the MAGA hat, the video was evidently taken down, so you must watch the news quickly:


For more info on this and more topics like the blatant false flag of the mail-bomber and since by now till the 6th of November we’ll probably get news-addicts, go directly on The Alex Jones Shows page of Infowars:


Alex Jones News

In the end, dear Readers and dear Alex and dear all Republicans, black, white, female, gays & co. Do you know what “maga” means as a word, not in capitals?

Well, it means “combat” in hebrew – hu… it’s my opinion that the only good thing coming from Israel – I’m antisemite you know – it’s Krav Maga’s instructors (unless they’re spies) well Krav-maga means contact-combat, so maga means combat, unless it meant contact, but I’m afraid it means combat. It must have been Jared…

We’re not scared, come on, a bit of “maga” will do.

Economy and media: why the purges have to be done in the palaces of power. The astonishing Italian example.

Before linking Blondet’s article that I will sum up with some personal consideration, I want to highlight the cover photo:

CRAZY! Dedicated space to political parties by the RAI News in the month of September.

Yes, we are talking about September 2018 not 2017, with the 5 Star Movement and the League at the government and the PD – the lefty party – and Forza Italia at the opposition.

Less than ten hours to interview the exponents of the government, and more than 36 hours to the opposition. And they call this “Fascism” ???

Link Blondet’s article on the real economic and journalistic situation

The “piddini” – members of the PD Party ed. notes – must be purged from RAI: ​​Carthago delenda est, Carthago delenda est, Carthago delenda est; you must despise the enemy, those people, all former communists, must be driven out from everything, all of them: Ms. Botteri, Ms. Maggioni – a bilderberger – all of them.

And even from the Palaces of Government and power, all the PD-Masons must be purged, because they rowed not only against Salvini and DiMaio but also against us, against the Italians, against the Country, I think they hate Italy: they are evil.

Here is how the powerful Chief Economist of the German bank, Deutsche Bank, David Folkerts-Landau defends Italy and the italian economy:


He said: “Italy is the most virtuous country in Europe”, the German defends us and highlights our merits and Mr. Mario Draghi the Italian traitor wants to destroy us and make us end up like Greece, understood?

Joseph Stiglitz, US Nobel Prize winner for economics, here’s what he says about the Italian economy:


He said basically that we can destroy the eurozone, not the other way round.

And what does RAI say in the hands of the Piddinis?

It gives catastrophic news, does not report the positive ones about the Country and speaks of us as if we were close to the third world, because the journalists from PD are all treacherous of the Homeland, here is the true performance of our Bots – the Italian bonds ed. notes -:


Those who bought them during the 2008 crisis earned an absurd + 71% and this is why JP Morgan said that they are buying them also now and that Italian bonds far from being rubbish are “an investment opportunity”, the American Nick Garside said … do you know why I say the nationalities? Because I would like to know one thing and I say a bad word about it:

What the hell have the leftists against the Country? What the fuck has Draghi against us?

According to Mr. Blondet – who still watches the news in television, I don’t, because I hate them and because I know they lie – RAI, the national public broadcasting company, has neither reported the interview of the chief economist of Deutsche Bank Mr. Folkerts-Landau in our favor, nor that the Italian Bonds are an investment of gold according to JP Morgan. And Blondet notes, the Piddini journalists in RAI are so arrogant as to refuse to interview our own Minister of Finance Tria. I hate them. Can you make the purges, please? And what the hell!

Even in the Judiciary: do not name any of the PD anywhere and chase the ones of this Party from where they are. I have enough. All right? And they did it also in America, low unemployment rate, more employment among black people – while Obama was noted for “the only black people he helped it’s himself, his wife and his daughters”, I said it’s enough and much more than I can bear. They cannot treat me like that. Luckily there are people in this country who know both English and German, because RAI news at present are so false that you have to go and check them all at source.

Guys in Government, be a little tough, that they gave you the title of “right-wing extremists” for nothing. For the series: a true right-wing extremist, I believe they have not seen him yet.

Fraser Nelson supports hard Brexit and Trump, but not Salvini, why?

Yes, I know, you look at him and you think “why should I spend two words on this strange toff who looks like a grown old boy?”

Because this idiot looking grown old boy happens to be the director of the Spectator and a columnist on the Telegraph and makes you think about how Nigel Farage and Donald Trump are fair;

Now Donald Trump and Nigel Farage support independent State Nation as a form of government and of good democratic-space-entity, if they support Brexit they support Salvini too, and Marine LePen in France, Fraser Nelson no, with that dumb look upon his face he supports hard Brexit and no-deal (and I agree with this) for Britain also Trump in the USA but in France he supports Macron and in Italy despises Salvini who’s the most similar politician we have to Farage, Trump and the sovereignists. Actually he’s the same version translated in Italian in fact Bannon and Trump and Bolsonaro support him, because they’re not ambiguous persons and they prize intellectual and political honesty.

To talk about a man who cannot stand on his feet without leaning on one side almost if it were too heavy for him the weight of his own body, he’s always smirking and leaning, it may be, it should be a loss of time but it isn’t because this guy talks and writes and for not very clear reasons is even considered influential, now explain to me the logic or the political meaning of the move – too cunning for us to understand, perhaps? – of supporting hard brexit and Trump but to be against Salvini and LePen and pay compliments to…Macron who’s the opposite of Farage, Brexit and Trump.

if I have to tolerate this…by this imbecile

If you are a sovereignist for your own country to be pro globalists in other people’s countries is a lack of taste, of grace or of understanding. Or the three of them.