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Appius Claudius would say “I am blind, and I’d like to be also deaf” about Brexit and the traitors.

maybe he’s showing Theresa May’s deal

“I’m blind and I’d like to be also deaf”…is the famous sentence by Appius Claudius, the blind, who didn’t need to be told he’s differently able, yes “I’m blind and I’ would like to be also deaf not to listen to the Romans talking about surrendering to the Carthagens”. Now very few voices have remained in favour of Hard Brexit which means independence and freedom, even Jacob Rees Mogg talks about backing the most treacherous May’s deal, with the backstop, with the ludicrous extortion of more than 39 bl. 39 plus other 2 billions each month and a delay that’s long, prolonged for about 45 months said by one of the still hardcore patriots John Redwood here Boris Johnson is talking about accepting May’s deal, David Davis wants to back it because the alternative is no Brexit and pretty much everybody but very few “men of steel” are talking capitulation and if by luck or for God’s grace I’m neither blind nor deaf for the first time since long – and not for Italia I have to say – this small sentence of the Roman history comes back to my mind.

God “I’m blind and I’d like to be also deaf” before listening to Boris Johnson and David Davis taking about accepting May’s deal. Why don’t they pull down the government that’s damned and go to general elections proposing Hard Brexit and No Deal by Manifesto, so the Britons would choose.

15 year old girl Adam Johnson kissed

In a Country where with all the real paedophiles among the MPs, in Buckingham Palace they continue to call paedophile soccer player Adam Johnson for kissing a 15 year old female fan of his, one of those little women who wet their pants when they see first division soccer players and yes, damn Adam was wrong, but why don’t they dare and call Charles Paedophile Charles, why don’t you call your Royals and you damned MPs paedophile Right Dishonorables.


Yes if you pay attention you can see she’s young under the heavy make-up, she’s a jail-bait but to insist so cowardly to call Johnson “Paedophile Adam Johnson” link while letting go real paedophiles is really the sign that in Britain the establishment is more than rotten. It should be changed radically.

Britain is disappointing me lately. Everything has become fake, The Telegraph view was a couple of days ago “It’s either the Establishment’s way or nothing” and who’s the Establishment? The Royals? The Rothschilds? the Daily Mail? The real paedophiles who take revenge on Adam Johnson who did wrong but not as much as they, not as profoundly as they. Who’s getting insulted in their place.

Let’s see if things can turn right again.

dedicated to us…who are not blind and not deaf.


Well, I suppose this war on Veterans without touching Queen, Prime Minister and Defence Secretary is a bit socially biased.

Targeting only veterans and not through a military tribunal but through a normal civic prosecutor whereas soldiers should be under martial law and a military tribunal and without hinting at eventual responsibility of the Head of State and the Prime Minister with the actions and orders by the Defence Secretary, starting sentences like “Our beloved Queen” and “Heath was a great politician” and after Heath is dead and can’t defend the veterans anymore well, all this is a bit socially biased: they target the Vets. because they’re not rich, if they were rich they’d be barons or wear the Crown Jewels. Yes, this silence over the rich and powerful who gave the orders and focusing only on the soldiers 47 years later while Charles who should be next Kind of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is morally indefensible: now Charles shakes hands with Gerry Adams and the Veterans are in jail and he Charles will be King of Northern Ireland maybe Adams will be baronet and the veterans who kept Northern Ireland attached to the United Kingdom will enjoy the coronation’s show from the television in jail.

It was enough, more than enough to make peace with Gerry Adams, arresting the veterans is unbalanced and it is unbalanced on the side of the money and the power, of course.

They are never guilty: the guilty ones are the Veterans


You’re right, Elizabeth, all your jewels are obviously the Veterans’ fault.


The people who earn more from all these wars they wash their conscience putting veterans on a trial: they lose nothing, risk nothing, just send them there and are the ones who reap the power, the money, the titles everything, then say sorry “on behalf of the Country”, it’s obviously the Country and the Army at fault, not they.

I am proud to be a right-wing intellectual. I am proud to defend the veterans. And it isn’t about Catholicism or Protestantism, believe me because it isn’t, it is about responsibility, risk and earnings: the people who earn more, politicians and Royals they risk less and give orders, the people who earn less, foot soldiers, they risk more. We right-wing intellectuals have this strange pride in defending the Army.

God forgive us, everything.

Brexit & Reformation of the Judiciary: The Time to Hesitate is Through.


The time to act has come, the Doors would say “The time to hesitate is through” we need to act, now on the 02 of October 2018, today we are at 29 September, Saints Michael Gabriel and Raphael, and best wishes to Berlusconi that makes the birthday, so it’s very short the time left to think about it, tomorrow is Sunday, on the 02nd October it’s Tuesday, here, Tuesday “the time to hesitate is through” the time to hesitate will be over, you have to choose in which Italy live and make live the Italians of the future, and in which Europe: the “Communist” judges have already announced war on Salvini, they say bullshit, the constitutional court allow themselves to say that “we hear things never said before” and that they will protect… what? The banks? The ECB? NGOs and mafia COOPs? Or will they close in a hurry the trials for homicide like that of Genoa-bridge against the Benetton family or that of Siena for the murder of David Rossi thrown out of the window of a …failing bank? What are they going to protect against Salvini?

A Memorandum for the second of October:

No judges who enter and leave political parties;

No obligation to register with a current of the magistracy to hold positions in Cassation Court and CSM;

Appointment of the CSM and Cassation Court by draw among all candidates;

No too free an interpretation of the Constitution;

Separation of careers;

Miscellaneous and possible;

And I add: no feud between 5 Stars and Forza Italia, we have the right to neutral judges, so reform the Constitution and give the just & fair process to the Italians.

As for Brexit “The time to hesitate is through”…which is the song?

well, of course… Light my fire

Palace of the Supreme Court in Rome

This building belongs to the Italians NOT to the left-wingers or Freemasons or PD-activists. And let’s see if the lefty judges stop it, because they have to stop it.

Judges: watch out Italy’s new appointment and the EU is organising a new Attorney. By luck there is Brexit.

David Ermini, Judge of the lefty Party PD seeks the votes of … Forza Italia for new appointments.

Such a David Ermini judge in the PD quota, who was in Renzi’s leftwing government – imagine how neutral can he be – and that being called David instead of Davide according to the Italian culture can easily be another leftwing Jew seeks the votes of Forza Italia – Berlusconi’s Party, to enter the CSM aka the “Superior Council of the Magistrates” and Italian Affairs already speaks of the Covenant called Nazarene-2 a supposed secret masonic pact between Silvio Berlusconi and his Party Forza Italia and the official “enemy” the leftwing Party PD against Salvini who’s instead officially Berlusconi’s ally but who actually did the government with DiMaio, all this mess is called Nazarene 2 – sic, this is Italy, don’t get scared suspicions everywhere and covenants, indeed -, then Pier Camillo Davigo, the President of the Superior Council of the Magistrates, makes it known as if it were normal that he would prefer the candidate supported by the 5-Stars Movement who are officially fierce “Justicemen” in Italian “i Giustizialisti” which is always better than Ermini, and the candidate of Forza Italia? Who knows in what covenant, secret lobby or the Vatican decided how will he end up.

I think it is unjust towards the Italians – the so called sovereign people – this way of selecting the Judges of the Superior Council of the Magistracy: we all know who they vote for, which politicians support them, then I want judges against LGBT culture and against easy immigration policy, in the meantime the EU with the consent of Italy, Austria and Germany and without that of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Sweden, and Hungary, are organizing a European Public Prosecutor that’s meant to bypass the national ones and grabs skills on … immigration. Gosh, No thanks.

I stop here, I just hope that Hard Brexit destroys the EU. A special message for the Britons: do everything you can to do hard Brexit and no-deal. As for the grillini – the 5 Stars Movements activists named “Grillini” after Beppe Grillo the moral leader – it was better a pact with Berlusconi than this mess or even better a Central-Right government, but how do you go to the elections with Judge Patronaggio in ambush waiting for Salvini to step out from office and lose the right to judiciary immunity of the MPs?  and Sergio Mattarella still at the Quirinal as President of the Republic? Who’s going to give the keys of the political game in the hands of Mattarella again? What’s a joke this summer? Can you remember the hell we did, when Mattarella just refused to appoint Paolo Savona as Minister, didn’t appoint Mr. Conte PM and we went crying that we wanted Revolution and to kill him with the Guillotine? Apart from the guillotines invoked, they didn’t do anything to me, but DiBattista’s father always for the Guillotine row was sent the carabinieri home. If not, we messed up everything and returned to the vote, according to the Political Thermometer the CentroDestra, that is Salvini + Berlusconi + Meloni is 44.2% and can govern there are no risks of rigging the elections  because there is Salvini as Interior Minister. Meanwhile, Berlusconi has bought the football club of Monza, he wants to “take to the field again”.


The appointments of the magistrates are very important, in France the Judges asked for a psychiatric expertise for LePen for the tweets against Daesh … but may they do it to the wife of Macron the psychiatric expertise she who jumped on Macron when he was fifteen. How disgusting. Make the right choices. Please.

Apology of Fascism cannot be a crime.

The former Fascist States like Italy, Germany and Franco’s Spain, the real fascist states, without positive or negative attributes, those that had Fascism as a form of governing and of organising of the State, have been left to Anglo-Saxonlike Liberal Democracy – vaguely copied from the Anglo-Saxon one – full of industries and state officials and fully functioning and competent state schools, so much that Germany became the third world economic power, Western Germany, soon after the US and the USSR, but they were gigantic, Italy fifth after USA , USSR, Germany and Britain, because Britain comes AFTER Germany, all right? And so, as for Spain, it was a country “poor among the rich”, that is, a country a little less rich and with life a little less expensive than in Germany, but without poverty. Greece? The Colonels have done a thousand times better than the ECB and Juncker and the EU and this is a historical fact: the Colonels knew more about economics than Mario Draghi and if they did not know about Economy they called those who knew, today in Greece there is poverty caused by ‘European Union. The think-tank in favor of Greece is called Keep-Talking-Greece, that is, “Keep talking about Greece” because the EU orders to keep quiet and not to mention the poverty conditions of the Greeks caused by the euro and by the EU itself, their order is “Do not speak of the impoverished Greeks, but talk about the migrants instead” order that must be disregarded, of course. Like all those in the EU: the EU must be closed.

It can and must be said that INSTEAD real Communism has left Eastern Europe and Cuba, states that have been truly communist outside of every metaphor, poor with poor schools, a woman with a degree in computer science at the University of Cuba in Italy looked at a computer and asked – I’m not kidding – “how do you turn it on?”. Those of the East are “the poor whites” Communism has erased their economy.

Fascism, you may not like it, but it has had positive effects on the technical and artistic administration of the State, if the liberal Democracy is better, between Fascism and Communism, Fascism is better: you can do apology of Fascism, you can say that it is was a vulgar, crude, morally wrong answer to the danger of Italy’s annexation to the USSR but that it was better than annexing the Country to the USSR, the annexation to the USSR would have economically, culturally and spiritually erased Italy and the practicing Jews would have had the prohibition of practicing religion the same as Christians, the communist Jews were all atheists and atheistic.

To Extend the Mancino Law – The Mancino Law is an Italian law that prohibits apology of Fascism – to Homophobia? It is one of the few reasons why I would accept to drop the Conte government. Homosexuality is and remains a strange condition that tastes sick / sickly in which the sexual instinct does not lead to reproduction: it can not be equated to heterosexuality that has a biological justification, nor should gay couples be able to have children etc. Our “anglo-sassonoide” culture must be re-Italianized, is it not true that having two dads – nightmare – or two mothers – one of which makes the masculine lesbian? Disgusting – it’s normal, good or right for the child. It is not true that the son is very well with Elton John, the other man and without a mother. There is much talk of “women treated as objects” where it is clearly the child to be treated as an object by the abortionist and pro gay adoptions Left, and this is unacceptable.

We must aim at the abolition of the opinion crime, period. Look at what is happening in Britain: Corbyn is accused of anti-Semitism because it defends the rights of the Palestinians, the Jewish lobby wants the equality of Israelis to the Nazis to be considered anti-Semitism, yes, it’s true, the blond Jews are few, there are so many Sephardic Jews and Arabs and even blacks, but everyone in Israel is doing ethnic cleansing, because that’s what they are doing, and they declared non-Jewish B-class citizens in Israel, even the Vatican has complained: it’s an ethnic and religious discrimination, okay? How do you call it? Gaza is a kind of concentration camp that Jews periodically bomb, the Jewish lobby in the West, a rabble with two or even three passports, shouts and shouts against the so-called “leftist” anti-Semitism, that is, against pro-Palestinian citizens.

Not only that, the day after Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, founder and Lord of Facebook, said he does not want to erase Holocaust deniers from Facebook for the sake of freedom of speech, posts that say what I think: no one doubts Hitler’s bad intentions, but eleven million corpses only in concentration camps – 6 million Jews plus 5 million among gypsies, homosexuals and handicapped Germans (and how many handicapped were there in Germany?) as well as Mafalda of Savoia ( an Italian aristocrat, cousin of the Crown Princess accused of being the lover of an English agent and of having done the spy for him -sic – )  yes the remains of eleven million dead people had to be found somewhere and they were not. Guys, look that only Switzerland, all of Switzerland, has only 8.5 million inhabitants, imagine all the Swiss dead plus 3 millions more and find some bodies and some rests here and there and then a lobby-sect that wants the crime of opinion against those who say “Eleven million corpses here I have not found them, even to incinerate them, they should create a toxic cloud and you would have seen it and smelled it” then today there is DNA to identify the remains, from the ashes, but to the historians in fact nothing is allowed: no research, no proof. Remember that the eleven million dead would not be the dead in war, but only the dead in the concentration camps, that is, the number does not include the dead in war, under the bombings: it’s bullshit, I do not think it is realistic, and maybe also Zuckerberg. Historians should be able to say what they really think, among the major Holocaust reductionists there are a couple of Jewish historians who are children of Auschwitz prisoners and are accused of being Jews-who-hate-themselves-etc. The Jewish lobby exists and does a great deal of damage, to Zuckerberg the Mossad as ISIS has already sent “the postcard from Hell”:


The “Caliphate” wants him dead from the day after he refuses to cancel the denialist posts from Facebook. Of course everyone thinks that ISIS and this kind of Caliphate that sends postcards too “American” in the taste are not Arab brand, but Israeli brand undercover. Zuckerberg increases his security and continues to jog:


Well done, Mark.

But the Mancino law must be abolished.

We must return to complete freedom of speech. As for the Holocaust: the historians didn’t find the remains of eleven million dead, (all the Swiss plus three million, I remind you) in the concentration camps, in Auschwitz we talk about the remains of barely ten thousand people. Get a reason for it. May they count the dead in Gaza.

Blackmail & Espionage in Milan’s Justice Palace. For the Elections?

Francesco Greco

Francesco Greco chief prosecutor of Milan has just met with Ghedini – Berlusconi’s chief lawyer – according to some he is playing the game of role with the newspaper La Stampa of … DeBenedetti the political enemy of Berlusconi’s and friend and supporter of Renzi’s PD Party.
According to the interpretation of Maurizio Blondet Link go to the chapter towards the end of the article: “Also Berlusconi has received a warning – in Italian -” well the Milan Public Prosecutor, known for Mani Pulite with which they killed off Bettino Craxi and the entire PSI – acronym for Italian Socialist Party -, and with which they have not touched the PCI – acronym of Italian Communist Party – that then would have luckily lost against Berlusconi and Fini in in the elections of ’94, whose famous member Antonio DiPietro had in exchange, because it was an exchange, the then secure seat of the PCI party named Mugello by that very same Carlo DeBenedetti lender and member of the PCI and there should not be an inquiry for an exchange vote between DeBenedetti and DiPietro “If you do not arrest me for bribes I give you the safe seat in Mugello”? Is it not illegal? anyway here, the Milan’s Public Prosecutor Greco and the journal La Stampa of Turin, property no longer of Fiat but of DeBenedetti’s, therefore an Israeli-Swiss foreign media outlet just published in Italian, well they would play the part, La Stampa that Blondet calls neocon for the hot Zionism, and with that owner could not be otherwise, print a giant fake news “The Milan prosecutors opened an investigation on the sale of Milan” and Milan’s Prosecutors denied, said “it’s not true” then the newspaper LaStampa the day after doubles down “It is true, we have sources” but Milan’s prosecutors insist “there’s no file or investigation about Milan AC’s selling to the Chinese” then Berlusconi announces “I won’t candidate myself for the next elections, I’ll be a noble father for the coalition, but not a candidate”, as the liberal right-wing journalist Nicola Porro, vice-director of Berlusconi’s press Il Giornale, marks there’s no investigation against La Stampa for publication of defamatory giant fake news, false news, at La Stampa they boast about not being scared they “frankly don’t give a damn, my dear” while in Italy other journalists were expelled from the Order for minimum fake news or put on a trial for fake news that weren’t fake, they were true, even Mr. Porro had such problems but he’s still there and Blondet thinks more or less that they have blackmailed Berlusconi, the investigation? There is but there isn’t, if you behave well there is not, if you “disobey”, it’s there and the Stampa can publish all the fake news they want. The Press of DeBenedetti who has bought DiPietro offering him a seat then safe in parliament – now Renzi probably lost even that one – is not punished for colossal fake news, not only, DeBenedetti invest in the Popolari bank only after knowing from Renzi that the state would have saved it and then the shares would rise, it is illegal, they should open files on DeBenedetti and Renzi, DeBenedetti finances the party of Renzi and its Newspapers support him and they are against Berlusconi and Salvini and Renzi tells him “you can buy the shares of Popolari because tomorrow my government will save them” okay? Instead Blondet, who should be read because he is very acute, notices well, the Prosecutors leave DeBenedetti and Renzi alone and open a file against unknown people to catch the spy, the bastard that caused the leak of news and spoke with the press and revealed the conversation telephone registered and to then probably be used to blackmail people by the prosecutor and by the press itself, that is, the prosecutors serve DeBenedetti who is a Rothschild man, resident in Switzerland, because there immigration is controlled by the Swiss, not by Renzi.

And Roberto Maroni is another Right-wing politician, of Salvini’s Party “The League” who has misteriously resigned from the elctoral competition for Gorvernor of the Region Lombardia – the richest in Italy, I believe – while the polls gave him ten points lead on Renzi’s Party’s candidate, the rather grey Mr. Giorgio Gori.

There is a law in Italy that authorizes magistrates to investigate clean people and clean companies to ensure that there is no wrongdoing, and this law must be changed, because the magistrates instead of investigating Camorra and murders, to which they have an attitude often strangely soft, they begin to spy on and investigate whoever they like to until they find an illicit so that they can harass and blackmail them. Hours and hours of espionage on anyone to see if they by the way find something, instead of devoting themselves to the processes where there is a real crime or where a serious crimes really happened. In practice, the Italian judiciary may not investigate crimes really occurred and at the same time lose money, time and resources, of the Italians, to look for wrongdoings on a guy against whom there is no complaint and who has done no wrongdoing, just to see if they can find something and then blackmail him on behalf of Rothschild – they act like the Mossad spies in our home and with our money and are linked to people linked to the State of Israel, as well as representatives of powerful banking groups, such as Rothschild and DeBenedetti.

Whether Berlusconi is a candidate or not, the reform of the judiciary must be done. And on the Milan prosecutor’s office and the mess-up Palazzo di Giustizia-DeBenedetti – PCI / PD the other magistrates must investigate. They must not interfere in the elections in this way.

An investigation against La Stampa and DeBenedetti for serious fake news? Demonstrate a bit of neutrality, the magistrates must be neutral, not just independent.

The Popolari case, blown up by Renzi-Debenedetti is serious because these are people who have caused some italian savers to lose everything and is serious towards other investors who have not had the whistleblows directly from the government.