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Benioff, another leftwing Jew buys Time Magazine. Don’t read it.

Non jews seem not interested in buying press and then we have in the West the so called Judenpresse, the Jewish press obviously extremely pro-Israel but also pro-minorities in the West, because they express strictly the usually mean and selfish jewish point of view, so now Time Magazine that had given quite a positive image of Matteo Salvini is back in the “safe” hands for the lefty freemasonry of another Jewish leftwing pro LGBT owner, such Marc Benioff, from Wikipedia:

“In March 2015, Benioff announced Salesforce would cancel all employee programs and travel in the state of Indiana after the passing of SB 101, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a controversial bill which would allow companies and individuals to deny service to LGBT individuals based on religious beliefs.[55] As the largest tech employer in Indiana (following the 2013 acquisition of ExactTarget) Benioff led a global effort of business leaders fighting back against the legislation, ultimately leading to the Indiana State Legislature’s passing an amendment to the bill containing protections for LGBT customers, tenants and employees.[56]

Don’t buy it, don’t read it.


In Italy all but one of the first four major newspaper is not jewish-owned and hasn’t got a jewish director, that is IlGiornale owned by Silvio Berlusconi who’s a catholic and a has an aunt noun and the director is a common Italian of catholic family Mr. Sallusti, the other three major newspapers have all three jewish directors and even Berlusconi’s newspaper is ridiculously and immorally  pro-Israel. There are other newspapers not owned by jews but the “main” three La Stampa, La Repubblica e Il Corriere della Sera seem to be obliged to have a director with the kippah.

The jews in chief tried to oust Berlusconi from the club of powerful editors and they do not consider one of them, basically because he’s a goy.

I’d like non jewish people to stop relying on the jewish press. Luigi DiMaio the vice PM of Italy wants a law that imposes to print the name of the owner of a newspaper on the main title. In any case you can control on Internet. You’ll have from the Time another load of rubbish pro Israel pro LGBT, against the holocaust deniers & Co. outlet. You’re warned, it’s not good, not even to light the fireplace in winter.


Well, if you have copies of other Beinoff’s editions you can throw them there, but don’t buy the new ones.


There’s a misunderstanding between the Britons and the Jews and Corbyn is setting it right. It’s the Jews in debt with the Britons not the other way round.

Corbyn is plain and simply setting right a little misunderstanding between the Jews and the Britons, the British Jews claim things as if the other Britons owed something to them, in reality it’s they who owe Palestine and the release from Nazism to the other Britons and Americans and Russians, ok? The full definition of Anti-semitism that the Jewish groups want is a request of bow, of allegiance from the rest of humanity to the Jews and it written by the Jews only, the four points that Corbyn does not accept fall into the categories of the opinion crime and criminalisation of political views: you should not say Palestine exists – in Israel they want to make it illegal and punishable with one year jail to even wave the Palestinian flag and why is it not illegal in the USA or Britain to wave the Israeli flag? – you cannot be pro Palestine, you have to allow the Jews to do freely war crimes and shooting civilians, look at the four points Corbyn (and I have to say, he is a hero) refuses, and what they really mean:

“The Labour anti-Semitism row erupted again after the party leadership refused to fully adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition.

The party’s code explicitly endorses the IHRA definition, but it omits four examples from the IHRA list:

– Accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country;

and this is true btw, they behave like hard right-wingers for Israel, declared Israel a homeland for jewish people only but do want multicultural society in every other country, ok? This is fucking true, they have actually expelled native arabs who are not Jews from the Holy Land, but want other countries to be “welcoming” and open to “diversity” because they want to live there.

– Claiming that Israel’s existence as a state is a racist endeavour;

yes, it is racist because it is “for jewish people only” which is precisely like saying ” for white people only” ok? Because it is the fucking same.

– Requiring higher standards of behaviour from Israel than other nations;

No, Israel is in fact required the same standard as other nations and is much below the moral standard of the other nations, unless for “other nation” you mean Saudi Arabia, in no other nations the apartheid policy of Israel is allowed and in other nations it is prohibited to shoot civilians and demonstrators with live bullets as they do in Israel.

– Comparing contemporary Israeli policies to those of the Nazis.

And then? The Jews compare to nazis people who are against mass immigration and gay weddings and even Ahmadinejad who’s not even white, if they compare to nazis Jeremy Corbyn – who’s engaged to a black woman – people can compare to Nazis them.

Labour insisted that while the examples are not reproduced word-for-word, they are covered in the new code…”

So I support freedom of speech and freedom of comparison and the Jews are making a hell in other countries to support Israeli for themselves only, which is unacceptable and stop.

Then let’s go back to the little misunderstanding: it’s the Jews who owe the Holy Land to the British Empire and the freedom from nazism to the Russians and Anglo-saxons mainly white and Protestants or Orthodox, it’s not the Britons and the Americans or the Russians who owe something to them, they are distasteful because while they pretend to be tough guys in Israel bombing Gaza and shooting civilians like bullying people – because they feel protected by the Americans and they behave in an uncivil way – and depriving arabs, muslims and christians of the civil rights then come out crying like poor victims of the holocaust and I have respect for right-wingers and I have respect for Corbyn but a dual faced fucking Jew who kills civilians and shows photographs of a Jew killed 70 years ago and wants to be treated like a victims is disgusting or, lets say so, neither sexy like a real fighter nor compassionate like a real victim, I really don’t like them.

I’d drop completely the definition of Anti-semitism written by the Jews.

And if a couple of zionists resign from Labour it’s better for Labour, as we say in Italy “I was luckier the day I lost you than the day I found you”.

Sorry, David, I’ll pay You the CopyRight Later. But I have to re-publish this:Jew complaining about Antisemitism doesn’t sell houses to Christians in Israel, but lives in London.

I just re-publish this:

As the Charity Commission and the Metropolitan Police confirm they are investigating complaints about the Campaign Against Antisemitism – some background to the organisation (and others) that seek to demonise Jeremy Corbyn

Apology of Fascism cannot be a crime.

The former Fascist States like Italy, Germany and Franco’s Spain, the real fascist states, without positive or negative attributes, those that had Fascism as a form of governing and of organising of the State, have been left to Anglo-Saxonlike Liberal Democracy – vaguely copied from the Anglo-Saxon one – full of industries and state officials and fully functioning and competent state schools, so much that Germany became the third world economic power, Western Germany, soon after the US and the USSR, but they were gigantic, Italy fifth after USA , USSR, Germany and Britain, because Britain comes AFTER Germany, all right? And so, as for Spain, it was a country “poor among the rich”, that is, a country a little less rich and with life a little less expensive than in Germany, but without poverty. Greece? The Colonels have done a thousand times better than the ECB and Juncker and the EU and this is a historical fact: the Colonels knew more about economics than Mario Draghi and if they did not know about Economy they called those who knew, today in Greece there is poverty caused by ‘European Union. The think-tank in favor of Greece is called Keep-Talking-Greece, that is, “Keep talking about Greece” because the EU orders to keep quiet and not to mention the poverty conditions of the Greeks caused by the euro and by the EU itself, their order is “Do not speak of the impoverished Greeks, but talk about the migrants instead” order that must be disregarded, of course. Like all those in the EU: the EU must be closed.

It can and must be said that INSTEAD real Communism has left Eastern Europe and Cuba, states that have been truly communist outside of every metaphor, poor with poor schools, a woman with a degree in computer science at the University of Cuba in Italy looked at a computer and asked – I’m not kidding – “how do you turn it on?”. Those of the East are “the poor whites” Communism has erased their economy.

Fascism, you may not like it, but it has had positive effects on the technical and artistic administration of the State, if the liberal Democracy is better, between Fascism and Communism, Fascism is better: you can do apology of Fascism, you can say that it is was a vulgar, crude, morally wrong answer to the danger of Italy’s annexation to the USSR but that it was better than annexing the Country to the USSR, the annexation to the USSR would have economically, culturally and spiritually erased Italy and the practicing Jews would have had the prohibition of practicing religion the same as Christians, the communist Jews were all atheists and atheistic.

To Extend the Mancino Law – The Mancino Law is an Italian law that prohibits apology of Fascism – to Homophobia? It is one of the few reasons why I would accept to drop the Conte government. Homosexuality is and remains a strange condition that tastes sick / sickly in which the sexual instinct does not lead to reproduction: it can not be equated to heterosexuality that has a biological justification, nor should gay couples be able to have children etc. Our “anglo-sassonoide” culture must be re-Italianized, is it not true that having two dads – nightmare – or two mothers – one of which makes the masculine lesbian? Disgusting – it’s normal, good or right for the child. It is not true that the son is very well with Elton John, the other man and without a mother. There is much talk of “women treated as objects” where it is clearly the child to be treated as an object by the abortionist and pro gay adoptions Left, and this is unacceptable.

We must aim at the abolition of the opinion crime, period. Look at what is happening in Britain: Corbyn is accused of anti-Semitism because it defends the rights of the Palestinians, the Jewish lobby wants the equality of Israelis to the Nazis to be considered anti-Semitism, yes, it’s true, the blond Jews are few, there are so many Sephardic Jews and Arabs and even blacks, but everyone in Israel is doing ethnic cleansing, because that’s what they are doing, and they declared non-Jewish B-class citizens in Israel, even the Vatican has complained: it’s an ethnic and religious discrimination, okay? How do you call it? Gaza is a kind of concentration camp that Jews periodically bomb, the Jewish lobby in the West, a rabble with two or even three passports, shouts and shouts against the so-called “leftist” anti-Semitism, that is, against pro-Palestinian citizens.

Not only that, the day after Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, founder and Lord of Facebook, said he does not want to erase Holocaust deniers from Facebook for the sake of freedom of speech, posts that say what I think: no one doubts Hitler’s bad intentions, but eleven million corpses only in concentration camps – 6 million Jews plus 5 million among gypsies, homosexuals and handicapped Germans (and how many handicapped were there in Germany?) as well as Mafalda of Savoia ( an Italian aristocrat, cousin of the Crown Princess accused of being the lover of an English agent and of having done the spy for him -sic – )  yes the remains of eleven million dead people had to be found somewhere and they were not. Guys, look that only Switzerland, all of Switzerland, has only 8.5 million inhabitants, imagine all the Swiss dead plus 3 millions more and find some bodies and some rests here and there and then a lobby-sect that wants the crime of opinion against those who say “Eleven million corpses here I have not found them, even to incinerate them, they should create a toxic cloud and you would have seen it and smelled it” then today there is DNA to identify the remains, from the ashes, but to the historians in fact nothing is allowed: no research, no proof. Remember that the eleven million dead would not be the dead in war, but only the dead in the concentration camps, that is, the number does not include the dead in war, under the bombings: it’s bullshit, I do not think it is realistic, and maybe also Zuckerberg. Historians should be able to say what they really think, among the major Holocaust reductionists there are a couple of Jewish historians who are children of Auschwitz prisoners and are accused of being Jews-who-hate-themselves-etc. The Jewish lobby exists and does a great deal of damage, to Zuckerberg the Mossad as ISIS has already sent “the postcard from Hell”:


The “Caliphate” wants him dead from the day after he refuses to cancel the denialist posts from Facebook. Of course everyone thinks that ISIS and this kind of Caliphate that sends postcards too “American” in the taste are not Arab brand, but Israeli brand undercover. Zuckerberg increases his security and continues to jog:


Well done, Mark.

But the Mancino law must be abolished.

We must return to complete freedom of speech. As for the Holocaust: the historians didn’t find the remains of eleven million dead, (all the Swiss plus three million, I remind you) in the concentration camps, in Auschwitz we talk about the remains of barely ten thousand people. Get a reason for it. May they count the dead in Gaza.

The Courage of the French: Le Monde reveals how Israel has a spy-network in France and led terror attacks from there.

The Israelis clearly try to justify themselves a little too much with the Holocaust.

Interesting link Le Monde reports how the Israelis do the double and triple game in France: they have created a network of spies in Paris and from there they carry out terrorist attacks – they also carried out the 9/11 attack in the United States with the same method -. This means having the balls (Le Monde and the French I mean) while part of the English establishment (that created the damage) tries to justify Israel and all its misdemeanors accusing Corbyn of anti-Semitism for the fact of not flattening the Party on positions tragically and sometimes grotesquely pro-Israel.

Why grotesquely?

Read here Link despite the Daily Mail clarifying that yes, the Israelis organize terrorist attacks around the world, then almost justifies them with a picture: the father of a Mossad slaughterer humiliated by the Nazis. So? The people killed by the Mossad have nothing to do with the Nazis, the grotesque defense, stupidly cinematic “the Nazis have killed my father, so I can kill Arabs” is insulting. The comments of the readers are censored, the accusations about the return of anti-Semitism are worthy of a dropped-pants-guy, then it is suspected that the Prince of Wales, the usual idiot, with the Queen, another crazy, are convinced that they are Jews by descent from the twelve apostles and therefore they must be flattened on pro-Israeli positions instead of pro-Arab. The monarchy disgusts me, the monarchs if they are not crazy they become such, like priests, like the pope: it is insane, stupid to make bows, in this world you can not bow in front of someone and demand that these remain sane, remember the passage of the Apocalypse in which St. John wants to kneel in front of St. Michael the Archangel and this wonderful Angel told him: “Do not dare to kneel in front of me: I am not God”. The monarchs are sick because the British bow to them. They have invented – yes, invented, ok? – to be “British Israelites” to descend from St. James who according to them went to England and therefore to be superior and to deserve the bow.

Then France is better, Mossad has to pay for what they did, but there are 500,000 French-Israeli Jews who finance the Israeli army through French taxes. I applaud the courage of the French but the Jews must lose dual citizenship with Israel.

The Nazis would have been racist towards the Arabs killed by the Israelis, this continual attempt to justify themselves with the photos of the dead father in the Holocaust is worse than a feud, because in a feud the killer’s relatives are killed, the Jews kill people who have nothing to do with the killer of their father.

Their white helmets “saved from Assad” they can keep them in Israel instead of thinking of sorting them to Europe, we must cut the bridges with this Israel.

Royal Mishandling of Thomas Markle and Gaza, the Jewish-only State in Israel against Corbyn.

Anti-semitism is like sexism, we all know they are exaggerating, the Jews in Israel are extremely racist, and have just set up an apartheid law, stripping Arabs and non-Jews of the same civil rights as the Jews while in Britain the same Jewish lobby and freemasonry go on accusing Corbyn of Anti-semitism – and they make fuss -.

In the meantime the Royals just can’t cope with reality in 2018, the prohibition to Meghan to talk to her “beloved” “poor” father is backfiring. A two minute conversation during which she – an actress – can say “I’m fine, Harry Loves me, they’re all so kind to me, thanks dad for what you did for me” would it be so dangerous and unmanageable?

The call for a Third Intifada by Hamas is reasonable. The Jews kill unarmed people and bomb council housings.


Palestinians are resisting in Gaza in flames.

Gaza Palestinians in Gaza in the flames, they resist. Ireland and Belgium are the first two European States to recall the ambassadors from Tel Aviv after the deaths in Gaza, first Turkey had done it, which also recalled that of Washington and South Africa did it too.

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders strongly rebuffs Belgian ambassador to Israel Simona Frankel who said the 59 dead in Gaza “were all terrorists” Reynders said: “You can hear many things, but there are limits”

The ambassador, interviewed by the public radio station La Première had said: “I am very sorry for every deceased human being even if they are terrorists (…) who come near the border barrier to try to pass on Israeli territory”.

Reynders: “To hear that all the people who were killed were terrorists, this goes beyond reason,” said the foreign minister, denouncing the disproportionate use of force made by Israel. “The idea of ​​proportionality is clear, there has been no injuries on Israel’s side,” Reynders concluded.

Intelligent consideration: “there was no wounded on Israel’s side” in fact the Israelis quietly shoot unarmed civilians or at most boys who throw stones not soldiers with grenades or guns. Ireland also recalls the ambassador. Now it is clear that the ambassadors in Israel should not be Jews or Israelis with a double passport: they do not have our own values, the “American” ambassadors and Jared Kushner even have properties illegally bought in the West Bank, Trump does not seem to reason and Hamas wants the Third Intifada – and it’s good if you need something but it certainly serves honor, we hope not only that -. Now tell me how to reason with a gun that shoots and I say it shoots unarmed civilians because they “want to invade the Israeli territory” while they themselves invade the territory of the others with arms: American and American Jewish ambassadors and the Trump-Kushner family, the family of the President’s son-in-law, buy and sell properties in the Palestinian Territories without the consent of the Palestinians as if they were the rightful owners! Then the Third Intifada would save the honor of Palestine because, as the Americans usually do lately, a) they accuse you by saying false things, such as having chemical weapons when you do not have them, or having proof that you have the atomic bomb but the tests are built by themselves, the Mossad, and b) shoot with the gun unarmed civilians saying that they are terrorists and as noted by Didier Reynders, the Belgian Foreign Minister, is not true because among the Israeli ranks there are neither dead nor wounded, it’s as if we shot at the black bloc at the G8 or even the no Tavs – the ecologists who do not want another railway etc. this is the level, okay? – In Europe, when they are unarmed or armed with stones civilians, you can use hydrants or tear gas and so on, ultimately rubber bullets, in Israel they shoot live bullets. So if you do the Third Intifada is better, provided that it must be legal to sell weapons to the Palestinians for the Israelis occupy the territories that the UN gives to the Palestinians and shoot the unarmed civilians with the machine gun, it would be more honest if the Palestinians had machine guns too. “Fucking Jews” I said it, but they are truly an awesome falsity. Trump is a fool. Perhaps it is true that we should recall the US ambassadors as Obama asks to stop him from scrapping the Iran Deal and reopening to the Russian market since his best friends the Jews sell what they like to Russia through Israel.

Council housings bombed in Gaza with the excuse of Hamas

In the photograph above, a popular housing district bombed under the guise of fighting against Hamas. For the avoidance of any misunderstanding, Israel has bombed the district inhabited by civilians in Gaza with bombs and they say with phosphorus bombs “to hit Hamas” it is clear that this is a neighborhood with apartments where civilians live, ok? Now they fire live bullets on unarmed civilians “to hit Hamas” but if they do not have losses it is because Hamas hasn’t got all these weapons after all. Now Trump makes me sick, his daughter and son-in-law take houses from the Palestinians and do not pay them – Kosher thieves – the Palestinian territories? Israel and the American Jews do not recognize them, they say they are theirs from the times of Solomon, that God gave them, that it’s written in the Bible etc. These are the speeches they do, all right? I am not God and I do not have to give them anything, I have not promised them no land, they want to kill people, bombarding and stealing and crying out wolf for anti-Semitism and “the Holocaust” what makes them unpleasant at a human level, as the saying says: “they disgust me on the skin”, especially the part about the holocaust and Anna Trump, sorry Frank. I want to be scandalous but honest: can weapons producers resume selling guns, gun machines and bombs to Palestine, please? Does it seem normal, serious, honorable to leave people unarmed against soldiers with a machine gun and a government that bombards them on their council housings? If Israel and Turkey are in UEFA, do you know what? You can do the football team as well as Palestine and join UEFA, divide the land and give half to the Palestinians and let them make a state with a territory that is all unique and not fragmented as it is now and a regular army. The earth is not all of the Jews, not even Jerusalem. Did God promise you? I am not God, I answer for human justice, when they put religion in the middle they seem to me an opprobrium. The Europeans must put the reason back on the table, at the centre of it: they can not say that the land is theirs because God gave it to them, they must supply only measurable data. And in any case, you have to sell weapons to Palestine. Excuse me, I believe in God, but that religion that the Jews believe in, it’s only theirs, Muslims believe another thing and traditionalist Catholics believe that after the resurrection of Jesus Christ the New Israel is the Catholic Church resulting in rights to control over Jerusalem etc. Hindus and voodoo still believe in other things. We must take care of human justice, if God wanted to give them the land, he would have already done it, he can do it whenever He wants, but God is not Trump, nor Mike Pence. Neither Ivanka, Jared or the Rothschild bankers. Nor you and I.