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Commentarii De Bello Mediatico.

Ahh, the Commentarii de bello gallico – nudi recti et vetusti – mine will not be so perfect, but there is a war we have to talk about: the war of information, the so-called “infowar” according to Alex Jones or the “media war”. And from that we understand everything because … “At the beginning was the verb and the verb was with God and the verb was God” this is why Luther is right: the Bible is more important than the Sacraments, the word comes first “At the beginning was the verb” then “the verb became flesh” even the Sacraments, if you do not know the Bible can curse, so Catholics do not give the communion to those who didn’t do the proper catechism etc.

But let it go this and let’s move on to something else, more precisely the war of words happening now.

I just saw the tg5, the major news of Berlusconi in Italy, that the Memores Domini of CL – who should defend Christian values ​​at work – can not even watch because they have a ban on having the TV in their apartments, obviously it’s a disgusting way of giving the news, but even I got scandalized and it was so bad that it hasn’t happened to me to be so scandalised from a while, the television should be despised but we must also pay attention to what it puts around; I saw today November 23, 2018, that the tg5 actually  interviewed members of the mafia Clan of Casamonica to whom Salvini is demolishing the illegally built villas as if they were poor victims of the bad minister …. (????) Incredible but true the service was against Salvini on the side of the Casamonicas: it disgusts me. Apart from everything, from Reggio Calabria – Southern Italy – I thank Salvini a thousand times and the whole government for the fight against the mafia, ‘ndrangheta etc. the Casamonica villas full of vulgar and expensive objects were still to be demolished even only because they were illegally built where you are not allowed to build

Perhaps Piersilvio and Toffanin – his girlfriend – want to copy the style, but the style of Mediaset and the tg5 has already changed a lot from the past, from Forum with Rita Dalla Chiesa as anchorwoman – Rita is the daughter of the General of Carabinieri Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa who died shot by mafia in Sicily – and the films on Captain Ultimo to the films against captain Ultimo seen from the side of the bosses till the interviews of Mr and Mrs Casamonica “on their side” against Salvini.

And Meloni, another idiot, still chatter about wanting to “save Salvini from the deadly embrace of DiMaio”? We should thank the Heaven that if I think outside the box the 5 Stars just do not know any box at all. God bless Beppe Grillo. So I’m glad these new Berlusconis sold Milan AC: they did not deserve it.

So, Pier Silvio is a “zambaro” – calabrian slang for “rude” “thuggish” –


The kitchen – shiver, the yellow thing it’s real gold – … A Casamonica interviewed by the journalist told the tg5: “as long as there is this government I am no longer Italian!”. Thank God. But who takes him?

Apart from the fact that the illegal villas must be demolished as such – because they are illegal even if the owner is not a mafioso obviously -, but this tg5 service against Salvini, against the police was really disgusting. I recommend Giovanni Toti and the other good ones of Forza Italia to move arms and luggage to some other party and stay with us.

After the horrendous service on the Casamonica and their poor illegal villas, they gave the news about Trump who does not let the migrants pass from Mexico, obviously with a compassionate tone towards the waves of Hondurans that are devastating Mexico.

What a shit figure.

(and Trump is right)


Remember for whom to vote in Italy #NoiSiamoPersonePerbene (#WeAreRespectablePeople)


The above image is ironical, on top there’s written “Spot the differences” in 2015 there was Mr. Renzi as PM, Mr Alfano as Interior Minister and Mr. Ignazio Marino as Mayor of Rome and the Casamonica clan did a funeral in the centre of Rome with a carriage – obviously their unmistakable style – the music of the Godfather and an illegal aeroplane that threw petals of roses over the funeral – don’t laugh, this is Italian mafia – then 2018 Conte as PM, Salvini as Interior Minister and Raggi (5 Stars Movement) as Mayor of Rome and there are the cops evacuating and searching the illegal villas and the demolition.

remember the music of the Godfather …? With all their lefty judges and magistrates committed to set up political trials (Against Silvio I) they did not have time to fight mafia, to comment go to the tweet of Giorgio LaPorta, the comments are in Italian, but you can always put the likes – Giorgio is one of us –



Another incredible Victory of the Right: Grillo, from Bolzano: Vaffa in German! To you and to Mimmo Lucano.

Matteo Salvini campaigning in Alto-Adige/South Tyrol with a beer (hey Farage, come here at times!) – and he won –

“Ficke dich!” Fuck you in German from Bolzano to Beppe Grillo! After the horrendous kermesse of yesterday where the grillini have spent their demonstration to speak negatively of the allies, to say that we are not allies, to shouting nonsense like “you make deficits, do not be afraid of the deficit” and at the same time “we will stay in the euro” which is an oxymoron, in the eurozone more than a little deficit you can not do it, just that, well we woke up and we had our  umpteenth victory, the data from Trentino Alto Adige/South Tyrol are of a beauty: the Right wins even among the native German speakers, Grillo and the 5 Star Movement at 7% while the CentroDestra “Centre-Right” coalition currently has over 45% and Salvini’s League is 35%.

Well, well, well they’re completing the count; in the meantime my considerations:

The beautiful and rich region does not want to hear about income of citizenship- living wage, it wants tax relief to businesses and investors, no illegal immigration, no ethnic substitution – there are already Italian and German mother tongue – and either Italexit or respect for European Treaties.

Because you see, they are a bit like me, I had to have “almost pain”, because real pain is something else, knowing that Mimmo Lucano yesterday at Fabio Fazio’s tv show went to do the shaggy calabrese who does not respect the Laws in RAI – the public broadcasting company – saying that he does not respect them because – as I anticipated when I told you I was called the Gestapo because I wanted the laws respected in Calabria – “The Nazis respect the Laws” and they were not even right-wing laws, the laws at the time of the PD government with Gentiloni and Renzi already those they were “Nazis” according to him: he “married” two women and he can not do it, he made declarations such as “I canceled the bureaucracy” meaning that he did not respect the bureaucratic practices concerning migrants etc. since he married a black african woman, why does he not move to Africa and leaves Calabria and Italy free? So, his level is Third-World-level, a mayor who behaves like an African tribal chief, who does not respect the laws because he lives in a world where the head of the tribe can decide the laws by himself. All this makes me sick. Mr. Fazio rather, this worm, overpaid with our money, they all had their salaries cut in RAI, including the famous journalist Ms. Lucia Annunziata, except him and Vespa saying they’re not journalists they’re artists, but they do interview politicians and still interfere with the elections, though regarding Fazio contrary to his intentions because the more he speaks the more people vote Right-wing.

Anyway, I from Calabria demand that Lucano be arrested because he has broken the Laws and that’s it and he even boasted publicly about it,

This thing actually sucks, he’s a mayor, a very leftwing mayor boasting publicly about having broken the law and this even happened at the time of the center-leftwing government of Gentiloni and Renzi, not at the time of Salvini-DiMaio-Conte’s government (but it would be the same). He is a beggar.

As I said, so they cannot treat me like that: we are citizens, we are not folks controlled by a chief-tribe or a camorra-boss, I expect that the mayors of my country respect the laws and that’s it. Let’s close it here, I do not like the Third World, this brazen boast of Lucano to say on television “I broke the laws and I’m proud of it” must end and he must be punished.

Luigi D’Alessio the Riace Prosecutor, a serious person in a horrendous world of braggart, masons and cowards, is right:


“Mimmo Lucano? “‘Le roi c’est moi’. He worked not as a mayor, representing the citizens in compliance with the rules, but as a monarch, admitting to not care about those rules that are a guarantee for all. It will also be an enlightened – which means that he is Freemason ed. notes -, but this can not pass. The only state in the state that exists in Italy, besides the Vatican, is San Marino and not Riace”. So the Locri Prosecutor, Luigi D’Alessio, in an interview with the Republic. “Link

I do not approve the comparison with the King, because I see him more as an African tribal chief, as an obsessive poorly man with poor people or a Camorra chief.

Laura Ferrara EuroParlamentare of Naples elected in the Southern Italy constituency for the M5S gives reason to me and to the Riace’s prosecutor D’Alessio:

Laura Ferrara

Here are some excerpts from his interview with the Corriere della Calabria Link “Lucano created a dangerous mechanism”.

Combined weddings, inflated bills to receive more money – the money of the Trentini who voted right-wing? – release of authentic identity cards made by the municipality to people without a residence permit but what does has become? of course he must be arrested; I do not live in the Third World, nor do I want Calabria to become Third World because of this asshole of a leftwinger: he must go, either in prison in Italy or if he can go to Africa to do the sorcerer and the tribe chief with the his likes. Ok?

Thanks in the meantime to the Trentini to have voted for the Right.

We’ll vote all Right-wing. Now and forever. And please, banish Fazio from RAI, I do not want to pay the salary of that buffoon always looking asleep interviewing a mason with a swollen Ego if he thinks he can boast on RAI Uno about breaking the laws. At the end Giampaolo Rossi, right-wing member of the Board of Directors of RAI warned you.

The Fazio-Lucano system that justifies breaking the law and issuing unauthorized documents, inflating invoices “for the good” not to repatriate the illegal immigrants, makes you become the third world the immigrants are running away from and then all again like many beggars people would go looking for to emigrate to Switzerland – like Rothschild -, but we want a system of the Swiss type here in Calabria and that’s it. Emigration is fought by increasing the local standard not by lowering it to the third world and then all again to go back and forth like many migrants to look for the place where “they are lucky”, because in Switzerland “they are lucky” you know, also in Trento and Bolzano they’re lucky, but luck is akin to intelligence. In fact, they voted Salvini.


Migranti: a Trento manifestazione antirazzista
Anti-racist “anti-fascist” manifestation organized by the Left against the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini who had gone for the electoral tour, 13 october 2018.

I have to say that after this very wide victory, that’s basically a conquer of a former “safe seat” of the Left traditionally allied to the local german speaking party – that lost indeed – I think all these anti-racist anti-fascist manifestations of the Left are widely exaggerated and bloated by the media: the Left is losing everything, actually.

No Living Wage: why I’d like a purely Rightwing government in Italy.

Roberto Fico – 5 Stars Movement – cannot treat us – of the Right – like a plague, he is insulting the allies to do the “lefty side of the government” in Italy and to distance himself from the League by declaring: “there is no alliance with the League – and it’s not true – we work on the wire of the contract … “Link.

I decided: I do not want to give the citizenship income to anyone, the measures against poverty are already there and it is the inclusion income I think of monthly 450 euros; 780 euros a month for making nothing are too many; now you know what I tell you, that the income of citizenship so high is unconstitutional:

Article 1 of the Italian Constitution

Italy is a Democratic Republic founded on Work.

All right? It’s not based on giving money for two years to people going to the job center desk directly to ask for the citizenship income instead of asking for a job. Then I haven’t got to take Fico’s insults, he’s there as President of the Chamber with Salvini’s votes, moreover, according to the polls the Center-Rightwing coalition at present would win:


and we could make a clean budget, right without illegal immigration and without income of citizenship, that of Gentiloni in the end, the check poverty of 450 euros, was enough, 780 euros a month not to do anything are too many, all right? And I can see the result in Britain that was ruined, deformed as a society by Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s handouts to everybody because they are vulnerable: I don’t like this, my most ancient Readers can remember that before the Brexit campaign started I was a supporter of George Osborne’s policies to revert Britain from a living wage Country to a working Country and Osborne and Cameron won the elections, by far and much more than Theresa May and also among the youth promising they would cut the ridiculously and dangerously high benefits handouts. Then Brexit prevailed and Osborne was sacked.

Enough, I’m sorry, but I do not digest it any more: I want to do the electoral campaign again, clearly saying two things:

No citizenship income in the budget – keeping the poverty check of 450 euros a month for the really poor;

And about the euro to be very clear: either the dry exit from the eurozone and eventually from the EU or if you stay in the euro and in the EU you must respected the signed treaties including Maastricht, otherwise you must just get out, I’m not afraid of the exit and the Plan B of Savona for exiting the eurozone is excellent, this, sorry for the expression, “shaggery” of wanting to stay in the euro without respecting the Treaties I do not accept it anthropologically, I’m not like that as a person. the best of Italy is not like that. The best are never like that.

In fact, Jesus Christ said: let your talk be yes, yes, no, no, everything else comes from the evil one.

Did we sign these “fucking” treaties? Unfortunately yes and they are embarrassing and those who signed them should be ashamed maybe more than those who wrote them, then either you respect them or you must leave, I am pro-leave because I truly don’t like them. I’m looking forward getting rid of Fico, I can not stand this “Vietnam at home” anymore.


The allegations against Salvini are archived and Paolo Savona with his wonderful Plan B can be candidated with the League. I trust the Italians.

Thieves in the deep state – obviously of the PD sect – and why DiMaio is right in declaring war to them.

Angry DiMaio and those who mock him, but just read the article by Blondet on the “little vice” of the leftists in the Public Administration and our Ministries that in fact, as I warned you yesterday “behave like a cult” Link as a world apart “another Italy” “another Country” an Italy that refers only to itself and despises and uses others, those outside the Party here is the link and two clear quotes from Blondet & Friends:


Link: The Little Hand will be reported to the Prosecutor, but which one?

“Last Sunday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reads the latest drafts of the decree and realizes an “article n.23″ that he had never read before, as well as his Ministers and undersecretaries. The text allocates 28 million euro of funds a year – for three years, then 84 million (in old lire 166 billion) – to the commission management of the Red Cross, an institution officially in forced liquidation since January. It’s a lot of money, expected that less than a month ago a decree has released 117 million for this match drawn from the National Health Fund.” Of this amount, 30 million go “to the commissioning structure run by Patrizia Ravaioli, wife of Antonio Polito, editorialist and deputy director of Corriere della Sera“. In addition to former Senator of the Democratic Party and exponent of the Ulivo – a former centre-left political coalition the Democratic Party was part of -.

(Source: Il Fatto Quotidiano)

It turns out that a “hand” has included this expenses to tax payers without notifying either Conte nor Salvini nor Di Maio. Something that “little hands” have done with impunity for decades, thus making the public spending of “environmental givings” (to say it as Di Pietro) so exaggerated and that no government has ever challenged. Instead, this government disputes. Conte does not accept it. He wants to know who the “little hand” belongs to:

It turns out to be “the head of Cabinet of the Minister Tria, Mr. Roberto Garofoli”, unmovable grand commission of dozens of governments. Tria defends him, and defends the appropriation: “Served to pay severance pay to workers”, and so on.

In any case, they warn me, “tomorrow the complaint to the Prosecution against Garofali will be filed, well so.”

Let’s see how it will end. Which power of attorney? Which magistracy? Because there is one, which is called “Democratic”, which – while there is an investigation and a judicial procedure under way on the mayor of Riace for its possible misappropriation of public money – has already anticipated the trial, and acquitted the mayor and the Riace model, before the magistrate colleagues who investigate (…)

Because in this matter they are all democratic (that is, members of the PD party ed. note): the commissioner filled with millions, her husband, the grand commmis, and the Democratic Magistrature. “

can you see why I link you Blondet? And I am glad that this news has come out so you will know clearly that when I say that the PD-men behave like a sect with journalists, magistrates, bureaucrats in our Ministries that behave like another Italy with which you and I have nothing to do and I reiterate with pride my request to Salvini and DiMaio and Conte on the RAI appointments, on the nominations of Constitutional Judges, on all the appointments and I quote myself from yesterday’s article: “of those of the PD you do not have to put anyone anywhere” and the invitation to place their own men or neutral men if they find them, I also added” warned man half saved”. I think that now they and you Readers can not have more doubts: the communists-“piddini” the italian leftists have always stolen, broken the law, placed recommended people for jobs, yes they are squeezed into the Ministries, acting as Israeli spies in our house and getting rich with public money all without even having the decency to keep quiet, but shouting and scolding everyone on the media of their own property or in RAI until they occupied it and squawking against corruption.

Now the game is over, as DiMaio would say, as Salvini has already said it about illegal immigration.

Remove the leftists and do not be afraid to do the purges, because some purges in the end they need them him according to the well-known saying about that “who does not shit, he bursts”.

Patronaggio is a buffoon: Gladio does not sign the murders.

Symbols of Gladio – in the center – of the Stay behind and of the English secret services

One of the worst antics made by the communist and immigrationist judges was that of Luigi Patronaggio to send himself – most likely if he did it by himself – a bullet inside a closed envelope signed “with the symbol of Gladio” which is pure bullshit because only a ignorant may think that Gladio signs the murders and the threatening letters, where in fact the organization – linked to the CIA and the English secret services – was accused of doing yeah illegal things but “undercover” maybe false flags or throwing the blame on someone else, like the revolutionary communists or the BR – Red Brigades ed.notes – etc. But doesn’t Patronaggio know it? ‘Cause it’s as if he had sent a bullet in a sealed envelope and signed “CIA” but why? Do you think the CIA if they kill or threaten someone sign “CIA”? Maybe they’ll sign “Al Quaeda” or maybe “ISIS” – even if they say ISIS are the Israelis – Gladio is not the PLO or the BR that sign and claim the paternity of the attacks: it does the opposite, pretends not to exist – its motto is “Silendo Liberatem servo” which means “Staying silent I serve Freedom” – if ever the case of wrongdoing they’d throw the blame on someone else, I mean, you can’t expect the real “Gladiators” to state “I am Cossiga your beloved Minister of the Interior” idiot of a lefty judge, and idiots besides him, the journalists who gave the news without laughing and without commenting: try to take around the Italian people in a way between the scandalous and the ridiculous, and not very functional.

Certainly that a certain form of Gladio perhaps would serve us against Soros and Rothschild and the Immigrationists or the lefty judges, after all the world political scene is shaping itself the right way for a new Gladio, let’s put it like this:

Ronald Reagan’s part is done obviously by Trump, who is the President of the United States;

“Kossiga” is obviously Salvini, who is the Italian Interior Minister just like the real Francesco Cossiga, nicknamed in Italy “Kossiga” when he got particularly tough on crime and terrorism ’cause in the Italian culture K is psychologically perceived as harder than C even when they’ve got the same sound;

Margaret Thatcher can be done by… Farage.

Oops, I know you would like to say that Margaret Thatcher should be interpreted by Theresa May, but Gladio, the Iron-men of Stay Behind for anti-communism must be 100% sure and Farage is 100% safe, then May? In short, she is hesitant “tentative”, she does not even know what to do with Brexit, she’s “coldly friendly” with Trump while Farage knows what he wants and on which side of History he wants to stay – just like me or you Readers -.

Do you believe that there are no limits for a new Gladio or anti-immigration stay behind? I do not know, let’s take the scandalous case of Riace, here in Calabria, the Mayor Mimmo Lucano – legal name: Domenico Lucano – has taken so many African immigrants to make them the majority of the population inhabitant – obviously not citizens – if they become the majority of citizens we Italians would finished as a people and we would be replaced by another ethnic group, I do not take into consideration the hypothesis of becoming a minority in Italy: so make Gladio for real.

Do you realize that the famous “Riace model” means bringing Italians into the condition of becoming the minority on the same Italian territory? And that to support our replacement and end are the Israeli Jews who run the lefty newspaper Repubblica with their leading man Roberto Saviano in the forefront? So while they burn Palestinian shops in Jerusalem they tell us to become a minority and praise the “Riace model” that means to become a minority in Italy, therefore our end for sure. How disgusting. I’m happy with two things:

a) If they do another Gladio for real, against the new communists who are the immigrationists and no borders, NWO etc.;

b) If they arrest and condemn the Mayor of Riace and give him twenty years jail and then throw away the key of the cell.

Those of Gladio, the true ones, perhaps we’ll recognize them, but they are certainly not going to sign the murders, not with their name at least.

Brexit & Reformation of the Judiciary: The Time to Hesitate is Through.


The time to act has come, the Doors would say “The time to hesitate is through” we need to act, now on the 02 of October 2018, today we are at 29 September, Saints Michael Gabriel and Raphael, and best wishes to Berlusconi that makes the birthday, so it’s very short the time left to think about it, tomorrow is Sunday, on the 02nd October it’s Tuesday, here, Tuesday “the time to hesitate is through” the time to hesitate will be over, you have to choose in which Italy live and make live the Italians of the future, and in which Europe: the “Communist” judges have already announced war on Salvini, they say bullshit, the constitutional court allow themselves to say that “we hear things never said before” and that they will protect… what? The banks? The ECB? NGOs and mafia COOPs? Or will they close in a hurry the trials for homicide like that of Genoa-bridge against the Benetton family or that of Siena for the murder of David Rossi thrown out of the window of a …failing bank? What are they going to protect against Salvini?

A Memorandum for the second of October:

No judges who enter and leave political parties;

No obligation to register with a current of the magistracy to hold positions in Cassation Court and CSM;

Appointment of the CSM and Cassation Court by draw among all candidates;

No too free an interpretation of the Constitution;

Separation of careers;

Miscellaneous and possible;

And I add: no feud between 5 Stars and Forza Italia, we have the right to neutral judges, so reform the Constitution and give the just & fair process to the Italians.

As for Brexit “The time to hesitate is through”…which is the song?

well, of course… Light my fire

Palace of the Supreme Court in Rome

This building belongs to the Italians NOT to the left-wingers or Freemasons or PD-activists. And let’s see if the lefty judges stop it, because they have to stop it.