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Thieves in the deep state – obviously of the PD sect – and why DiMaio is right in declaring war to them.

Angry DiMaio and those who mock him, but just read the article by Blondet on the “little vice” of the leftists in the Public Administration and our Ministries that in fact, as I warned you yesterday “behave like a cult” Link as a world apart “another Italy” “another Country” an Italy that refers only to itself and despises and uses others, those outside the Party here is the link and two clear quotes from Blondet & Friends:


Link: The Little Hand will be reported to the Prosecutor, but which one?

“Last Sunday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reads the latest drafts of the decree and realizes an “article n.23″ that he had never read before, as well as his Ministers and undersecretaries. The text allocates 28 million euro of funds a year – for three years, then 84 million (in old lire 166 billion) – to the commission management of the Red Cross, an institution officially in forced liquidation since January. It’s a lot of money, expected that less than a month ago a decree has released 117 million for this match drawn from the National Health Fund.” Of this amount, 30 million go “to the commissioning structure run by Patrizia Ravaioli, wife of Antonio Polito, editorialist and deputy director of Corriere della Sera“. In addition to former Senator of the Democratic Party and exponent of the Ulivo – a former centre-left political coalition the Democratic Party was part of -.

(Source: Il Fatto Quotidiano)

It turns out that a “hand” has included this expenses to tax payers without notifying either Conte nor Salvini nor Di Maio. Something that “little hands” have done with impunity for decades, thus making the public spending of “environmental givings” (to say it as Di Pietro) so exaggerated and that no government has ever challenged. Instead, this government disputes. Conte does not accept it. He wants to know who the “little hand” belongs to:

It turns out to be “the head of Cabinet of the Minister Tria, Mr. Roberto Garofoli”, unmovable grand commission of dozens of governments. Tria defends him, and defends the appropriation: “Served to pay severance pay to workers”, and so on.

In any case, they warn me, “tomorrow the complaint to the Prosecution against Garofali will be filed, well so.”

Let’s see how it will end. Which power of attorney? Which magistracy? Because there is one, which is called “Democratic”, which – while there is an investigation and a judicial procedure under way on the mayor of Riace for its possible misappropriation of public money – has already anticipated the trial, and acquitted the mayor and the Riace model, before the magistrate colleagues who investigate (…)

Because in this matter they are all democratic (that is, members of the PD party ed. note): the commissioner filled with millions, her husband, the grand commmis, and the Democratic Magistrature. “

can you see why I link you Blondet? And I am glad that this news has come out so you will know clearly that when I say that the PD-men behave like a sect with journalists, magistrates, bureaucrats in our Ministries that behave like another Italy with which you and I have nothing to do and I reiterate with pride my request to Salvini and DiMaio and Conte on the RAI appointments, on the nominations of Constitutional Judges, on all the appointments and I quote myself from yesterday’s article: “of those of the PD you do not have to put anyone anywhere” and the invitation to place their own men or neutral men if they find them, I also added” warned man half saved”. I think that now they and you Readers can not have more doubts: the communists-“piddini” the italian leftists have always stolen, broken the law, placed recommended people for jobs, yes they are squeezed into the Ministries, acting as Israeli spies in our house and getting rich with public money all without even having the decency to keep quiet, but shouting and scolding everyone on the media of their own property or in RAI until they occupied it and squawking against corruption.

Now the game is over, as DiMaio would say, as Salvini has already said it about illegal immigration.

Remove the leftists and do not be afraid to do the purges, because some purges in the end they need them him according to the well-known saying about that “who does not shit, he bursts”.


Another vulgar journalistic row in Italy and why the Heads of the News broadcasters must change.

This time is about free meals at school for foreigners who didn’t provide documentation about the income in another country than Italy, the rule is the same as for the Italians but for the Left is racism, moreover, in the time of Internet and talking about regular immigrants, is it really so difficult to track the income???

Patronaggio is a buffoon: Gladio does not sign the murders.

Symbols of Gladio – in the center – of the Stay behind and of the English secret services

One of the worst antics made by the communist and immigrationist judges was that of Luigi Patronaggio to send himself – most likely if he did it by himself – a bullet inside a closed envelope signed “with the symbol of Gladio” which is pure bullshit because only a ignorant may think that Gladio signs the murders and the threatening letters, where in fact the organization – linked to the CIA and the English secret services – was accused of doing yeah illegal things but “undercover” maybe false flags or throwing the blame on someone else, like the revolutionary communists or the BR – Red Brigades ed.notes – etc. But doesn’t Patronaggio know it? ‘Cause it’s as if he had sent a bullet in a sealed envelope and signed “CIA” but why? Do you think the CIA if they kill or threaten someone sign “CIA”? Maybe they’ll sign “Al Quaeda” or maybe “ISIS” – even if they say ISIS are the Israelis – Gladio is not the PLO or the BR that sign and claim the paternity of the attacks: it does the opposite, pretends not to exist – its motto is “Silendo Liberatem servo” which means “Staying silent I serve Freedom” – if ever the case of wrongdoing they’d throw the blame on someone else, I mean, you can’t expect the real “Gladiators” to state “I am Cossiga your beloved Minister of the Interior” idiot of a lefty judge, and idiots besides him, the journalists who gave the news without laughing and without commenting: try to take around the Italian people in a way between the scandalous and the ridiculous, and not very functional.

Certainly that a certain form of Gladio perhaps would serve us against Soros and Rothschild and the Immigrationists or the lefty judges, after all the world political scene is shaping itself the right way for a new Gladio, let’s put it like this:

Ronald Reagan’s part is done obviously by Trump, who is the President of the United States;

“Kossiga” is obviously Salvini, who is the Italian Interior Minister just like the real Francesco Cossiga, nicknamed in Italy “Kossiga” when he got particularly tough on crime and terrorism ’cause in the Italian culture K is psychologically perceived as harder than C even when they’ve got the same sound;

Margaret Thatcher can be done by… Farage.

Oops, I know you would like to say that Margaret Thatcher should be interpreted by Theresa May, but Gladio, the Iron-men of Stay Behind for anti-communism must be 100% sure and Farage is 100% safe, then May? In short, she is hesitant “tentative”, she does not even know what to do with Brexit, she’s “coldly friendly” with Trump while Farage knows what he wants and on which side of History he wants to stay – just like me or you Readers -.

Do you believe that there are no limits for a new Gladio or anti-immigration stay behind? I do not know, let’s take the scandalous case of Riace, here in Calabria, the Mayor Mimmo Lucano – legal name: Domenico Lucano – has taken so many African immigrants to make them the majority of the population inhabitant – obviously not citizens – if they become the majority of citizens we Italians would finished as a people and we would be replaced by another ethnic group, I do not take into consideration the hypothesis of becoming a minority in Italy: so make Gladio for real.

Do you realize that the famous “Riace model” means bringing Italians into the condition of becoming the minority on the same Italian territory? And that to support our replacement and end are the Israeli Jews who run the lefty newspaper Repubblica with their leading man Roberto Saviano in the forefront? So while they burn Palestinian shops in Jerusalem they tell us to become a minority and praise the “Riace model” that means to become a minority in Italy, therefore our end for sure. How disgusting. I’m happy with two things:

a) If they do another Gladio for real, against the new communists who are the immigrationists and no borders, NWO etc.;

b) If they arrest and condemn the Mayor of Riace and give him twenty years jail and then throw away the key of the cell.

Those of Gladio, the true ones, perhaps we’ll recognize them, but they are certainly not going to sign the murders, not with their name at least.

Brexit & Reformation of the Judiciary: The Time to Hesitate is Through.


The time to act has come, the Doors would say “The time to hesitate is through” we need to act, now on the 02 of October 2018, today we are at 29 September, Saints Michael Gabriel and Raphael, and best wishes to Berlusconi that makes the birthday, so it’s very short the time left to think about it, tomorrow is Sunday, on the 02nd October it’s Tuesday, here, Tuesday “the time to hesitate is through” the time to hesitate will be over, you have to choose in which Italy live and make live the Italians of the future, and in which Europe: the “Communist” judges have already announced war on Salvini, they say bullshit, the constitutional court allow themselves to say that “we hear things never said before” and that they will protect… what? The banks? The ECB? NGOs and mafia COOPs? Or will they close in a hurry the trials for homicide like that of Genoa-bridge against the Benetton family or that of Siena for the murder of David Rossi thrown out of the window of a …failing bank? What are they going to protect against Salvini?

A Memorandum for the second of October:

No judges who enter and leave political parties;

No obligation to register with a current of the magistracy to hold positions in Cassation Court and CSM;

Appointment of the CSM and Cassation Court by draw among all candidates;

No too free an interpretation of the Constitution;

Separation of careers;

Miscellaneous and possible;

And I add: no feud between 5 Stars and Forza Italia, we have the right to neutral judges, so reform the Constitution and give the just & fair process to the Italians.

As for Brexit “The time to hesitate is through”…which is the song?

well, of course… Light my fire

Palace of the Supreme Court in Rome

This building belongs to the Italians NOT to the left-wingers or Freemasons or PD-activists. And let’s see if the lefty judges stop it, because they have to stop it.

How we killed the masonic power: copy “The Italian Way”.


Rai: Foa, mai militato in partiti né avuto tessere
Smiling Marcello Foa newly elected RAI -television President.

How I kill you Masonic power: the great alliance that led to the election of the Presidents of the Chamber and the Senate in Italy, which will bring the new neutral President of the Republic in 2002 ops, maybe I meant in 2022 but I’m thinking that it’s better if we bring the world back to 1998 and I inform you that if you can do it for mathematics then you can do it for real, no matter if some think it impossible, on the other hand the only alternative is that the calculations are wrong, true science teaches that if the calculations are right and math gives a result, the result is that for real also in practice “the bridge collapses or does not collapse” the professor would say, the fact that to some this seems impossible is irrelevant, if the calculations are correct “the bridge does not collapse” If the calculations are wrong “the bridge collapses “. However, in 2002 we will have a neutral President of the Italian Republic voted by Forza Italia as we have Mr. Marcello Foa president RAI, as perhaps Mr. Antonio Maria Rinaldi as president of CONSOB, as the new constitutional judges and the CSM and you know why? Because it suits us. It suits Berlusconi and it suits at the same time Mr. DiMaio, with Salvini and Meloni in the middle.

In Italy there’s a new rule, political but also, again, mathematical: if it suits both Berlusconi and DiMaio it’s done. Because there you have 73% of consent, clear, with this rule now in Italy you can do anything. I’ll call this new rule “the Foa synergy” or “the Foa convergence” that is, the convergence of interests that brought to the election of Marcello Foa – as Ms. Casellati for the Senate – as President of RAI.

It seems clear to me that the Masonic power attaches itself to two “nails” to stand against the wall: the divisions and feuds between non-Masons, fomented by the same Freemasonry probably, and the system of “currents” in the Magistrature, in fact if the CSM and the Court of Cassation were nominated by random draw among all those entitled, 9000 magistrates throughout Italy I hear, there would be automatically zero or extremely rare Masonic or jewish judges, Freemasons and Jews are very few, Jews even just 300,000 out of 60 million Italian nationals but they become many in proportion in the judiciary, RAI etc. Because of the currents, that is, the currents have been invented on purpose to put more Masons and Jews everywhere: if all the Jews are in a current that current that represents 3 hundred thousand people has the same power of a “Catholic” or “Christian” current that represents 59 million people, understand? If you remove the currents and go to draw, always for mathematics you’d have at most a Jewish judge or Mason every “death of Pope” usually every twenty years and all other Christian Judges, agnostics or otherwise “normal” people, this is also true for RAI, see that it is not normal to have judges so lefty, so pro pro-gay, pro gender and pro illegal mass immigration, particularly if you consider the population: it is obvious that they are not people who identify with Italy or Europe or Christmas etc. they do not care or respect the well-being of European children, the grandchildren of the Italians, of the French etc. so much that they call Italy “Italietta” out of contempt or conservative Brexit Britain “Little England” and remember that Italietta has precisely the same meaning of Little England that is: a stupidly christian conservative and closed and racist European nation that wants no migrants.

Now, in mathematics, the “Foa convergence” can win everything and make the reform of the Judiciary, put back everything in its right place; in 2022 in the worst case if you do not find a name like Foa or Casellati to be sent to the Quirinal as President of the Republic, because two thirds of Parliament are needed, Ms. Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati herself can be sent from the Senate to the Quirinal, and she can do it, people are used to her, she’s institutional, has the right curriculum etc. she has all the right cards in her hands, but it should not be necessary, we should be able to find another name easily. And at this point we have all the country back.

In my opinion we have already won: I can safely go on vacation.

Judges: watch out Italy’s new appointment and the EU is organising a new Attorney. By luck there is Brexit.

David Ermini, Judge of the lefty Party PD seeks the votes of … Forza Italia for new appointments.

Such a David Ermini judge in the PD quota, who was in Renzi’s leftwing government – imagine how neutral can he be – and that being called David instead of Davide according to the Italian culture can easily be another leftwing Jew seeks the votes of Forza Italia – Berlusconi’s Party, to enter the CSM aka the “Superior Council of the Magistrates” and Italian Affairs already speaks of the Covenant called Nazarene-2 a supposed secret masonic pact between Silvio Berlusconi and his Party Forza Italia and the official “enemy” the leftwing Party PD against Salvini who’s instead officially Berlusconi’s ally but who actually did the government with DiMaio, all this mess is called Nazarene 2 – sic, this is Italy, don’t get scared suspicions everywhere and covenants, indeed -, then Pier Camillo Davigo, the President of the Superior Council of the Magistrates, makes it known as if it were normal that he would prefer the candidate supported by the 5-Stars Movement who are officially fierce “Justicemen” in Italian “i Giustizialisti” which is always better than Ermini, and the candidate of Forza Italia? Who knows in what covenant, secret lobby or the Vatican decided how will he end up.

I think it is unjust towards the Italians – the so called sovereign people – this way of selecting the Judges of the Superior Council of the Magistracy: we all know who they vote for, which politicians support them, then I want judges against LGBT culture and against easy immigration policy, in the meantime the EU with the consent of Italy, Austria and Germany and without that of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Sweden, and Hungary, are organizing a European Public Prosecutor that’s meant to bypass the national ones and grabs skills on … immigration. Gosh, No thanks.

I stop here, I just hope that Hard Brexit destroys the EU. A special message for the Britons: do everything you can to do hard Brexit and no-deal. As for the grillini – the 5 Stars Movements activists named “Grillini” after Beppe Grillo the moral leader – it was better a pact with Berlusconi than this mess or even better a Central-Right government, but how do you go to the elections with Judge Patronaggio in ambush waiting for Salvini to step out from office and lose the right to judiciary immunity of the MPs?  and Sergio Mattarella still at the Quirinal as President of the Republic? Who’s going to give the keys of the political game in the hands of Mattarella again? What’s a joke this summer? Can you remember the hell we did, when Mattarella just refused to appoint Paolo Savona as Minister, didn’t appoint Mr. Conte PM and we went crying that we wanted Revolution and to kill him with the Guillotine? Apart from the guillotines invoked, they didn’t do anything to me, but DiBattista’s father always for the Guillotine row was sent the carabinieri home. If not, we messed up everything and returned to the vote, according to the Political Thermometer the CentroDestra, that is Salvini + Berlusconi + Meloni is 44.2% and can govern there are no risks of rigging the elections  because there is Salvini as Interior Minister. Meanwhile, Berlusconi has bought the football club of Monza, he wants to “take to the field again”.


The appointments of the magistrates are very important, in France the Judges asked for a psychiatric expertise for LePen for the tweets against Daesh … but may they do it to the wife of Macron the psychiatric expertise she who jumped on Macron when he was fifteen. How disgusting. Make the right choices. Please.

No Golpe in Italy, just the Left sinking and sinking and…the Military won’t save it. Anyway: we pray.

Mr. Giampaolo Pansa – the very bad loser…-


Pansa’s article, or better, his fool verbal utterances on Tv La7 about how in Italy there will be a Golpe – truly, that military one, you know – and / or civil war I do not know whether to find it ridiculous and typical of a very bad loser – the PD implodes? is it destined to the total irrelevance of 4% of the votes or so? Then let’s make the coup. Unless he knows something, but in reality 5Stars, Forza Italia, League and FdI together come to a very good 73% of the votes SondaggiTPSondaggi

44.2 +28.8 = 73; so, who’s going to do the coup, excuse me? LeU?

From the coupistic science to do it for real – the coup – one needs two-thirds of the troops and at least half of the officers with less than that it is even useless to try, the PD does not have them 17% of the pensioners’ vote, I can’t see anyone seriously intentioned to do the coup for them..

The votes of CentroDestra – Centre-Rightwing “coalition non coalition” and 5Stars are very high, it is not credible that no military, policeman and judge ever votes for them and in any case as we are very active and non-passive Christians, before linking the stunning article on Pansa’s interview with journalist Lilly Gruber I copy and paste a prayer written by me on the model of the American Evangelicals who are not ashamed to shamelessly pray for material success together with the salvation of the soul – and I like it, yes -:

God my Father Almighty, please enlighten me, guide me, guard me, hold and govern me and all my business and issues, give me much Discernment, let me always understand what comes from you, what from the Devil and what from man, show me clearly things as as they really are, give me the grace to always see the right choice to make, the best decision to take and even when I’m not at a crossroads give me the grace to make me think of the brightest ideas and initiatives to improve my life and be fulfilled and happy and successful here on this earth and save my soul. I ask you all this God my Father Almighty for the Blood and in the most precious Name of Your Son Jesus Who died on the Cross and has risen for me. Amen.

Obviously, if we pray in groups, we must do it in plural “God our Father, enlighten us etc.” – really? sure – Pansa should also pray it, yes, the former PCI – acronym for Italian Communist party now become PD, Pansa’s Party and you bet they don’t like Salvini and DiMaio… – is ending, closing, imploding but the rest of the world is not.

Link very thuggish Mr. Pansa says that DiMaio is a “Mr. Nobody” – I hate them when they say Mr. No one, it is an expression of a failed man, a loser who does not accept to have lost and does not accept that who won is better than him, they, the former PCI they are disappearing and accusing others of being “a nobody”; but I’m happy, so Beppe Grillo, Mr. DiBattista and Roberto Fico – who at times quarrel with Salvini – will understand what was really the PCI-PD-PDS-DS the so-called big snake as Fusaro calls it and will re-evaluate the bargain of the pact of desistance with Berlusca.

Link article as reported on Stopeuro.

Of course, the PD are discussing on whether to close the party and reopen it with another name, so you see how they are really more than in dire straits: they’re disappearing. And they think about the coup that they can not do because they do not have the military, but what’s the use of this? Suggestion apart that they go to the psychiatrist.

After my prayer I determined that there will be no coup, it is only the PD in delirium, many soldiers will have voted Salvini of course, judge Patronaggio risks being investigated himself, all this will strengthen the attachment of the 5 Stars to the League, also 5 Star-men like Fico. If they were more numerous they would be dangerous these lefty leftovers but now they are too few and the EU finally agrees with Salvini on migrants link

In Austria there is Strache and there has been no coup – the military voted for Strache -. The Jews? We abolish the dual citizenship and they can leave if they want to go. If not they’ll have to do the Italians of Jewish religion. And if at the PD those four who remain in their anger try to do something “extra”, we arrest them. Mattarella goes away in 2022 and in 2023 there will be new elections.