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The Technique of Freemasonry to bypass Democracy: example Sanremo 2019.

The structure of the vote in Sanremo 2019 – music festival for new Italian songs with competition –  in which, among other things, the people who wanted to vote to count a thousandth had also to pay 0.50 euros per vote – I did not vote, I do not care and I have not even looked at it in television, I have seen some videos of the songs on the Internet – while the “honor” jury and that of journalists were made by paid people – unlike the people who had to pay – and probably paid to vote for Tizio instead of voting for Gaius.

There are big polemics now that the festival’s over for the technique used to make a determined artist win independently from the people’s vote. Then it is stupid that the people agree to pay to vote for what their vote is made count, they call it “Tim Tricks”:

Millions of spectators were worth 50% of the vote

8 people of honor jury 8 – they had the decency not to call it an expert jury because there were guys and ladies like Ms Dandini and Guzzanti who could not read a score – well these 8 votes were worthy 20% of the total in the final count.

Sanremo press room journalists

Journalists’ press room, how many? there were at most 140/150 people at eye and cross, so music experts who shouted “shit” to the boy group Il Volo, according to what Francesco Facchinetti reports – he at least really knows of music – “asshole” to the singer Ultimo on the base that Salvini had said he liked the song.  Ultimo – whose song I personally did not like, but the voting and paying people did – then nothing, irritating silence for Loredana Bertè loved by the public in the hall, well these 150 journalists placed – if they were 150 – there too for pushing the multicultural voting counted for 30% of the total vote therefore the winning song “Soldi” by Mahmood, half Italian half Egyptian a bit muslim but drinks alcohol during Ramadan (a masterpiece of political correctness) that had honestly reached the third place was pushed at number 1:

If San Remo has been seen by 11 million spectators, how many can have voted from  home? put at least a million, look what rip-off – if one million voted per telephone:

1 million Italians are worth 50%

150 journalists are worth 30%

8 leftwing people are worth 20%

It’s scandalous:

Who is worth more?


Antipatic, right? These are the 8 members of the jury of honor, all of them on the Left whose vote was worth gold.


These are the journalists of the press room, 150 people – even less – I think they too are piloted and educated on how to vote, whose vote was worth silver.

The millions of Italians – who have also paid are those whose vote was worth not even bronze – like Brexit?

Personally I do not like the song of Ultimo, but the Italians had voted him, Salvini likes it because he was left by Miss Isoardi – the song of Ultimo talks about a guy left by the girlfriend – Miss Isoardi who, with all respect for Salvini, behaved a bit coldly: she was given a job for RAI television after the election, then left him, moreover she was given the job of a very popular and beloved Italian female presenter Antonella Clerici for the midday program on cooking and eating with competition and telephone calls from home before the news on the main channel of the State television, I also preferred Clerici, now in addition to having left him she throws herself on the Left politically not to be even remotely associated with him – and not because she cares about the migrants , but out of pure opportunism –

Isoardi witch, while Clerici really liked to eat – I recognize those who like to eat because I like to eat too, Isoardi looks at the food as Nembo Kid looks at the criptonite; Salvini was wrong to make recommendations.

Meanwhile, the millions of Italians have voted Right-wing also in Abruzzo yesterday for the regional elections, because we don’t want migrants; who wants them? As in Sanremo, four cats of Masonic judges, two sluts ready to sell themselves just to stay in a newspaper, can you remember Ms. Claudia Pandolfi who managed to get into the jury of honor? Those two or three years that she was relevant in Italy as an actress did a baseness that not even the mini American thrash VIPs do: she really married with the real priest and signing the real documents of the municipality without being in love with her husband, already having another guy hidden only – by her own admission – because the wedding photo shoot was already sold to the Chi magazine and she did not want to lose the money even if she admittedly already went in bed with Andrea Pezzi, the other guy – she pocketed the money for the photoshoot and then filed for divorce after a week. What a disgusting thing, it’s a bunch of mean people, put it in your head, they can sell weddings, you and your mother, they’re not people of even mediocre moral character. Leave them alone. Good to the Abruzzesi who voted Right-wing yesterday.

We need to break the Masonic system through which 8 people are worth more than 100 and 158 people as much as 1 million.

The  A-class Masons: the jury of honor.

The B-class Masons: journalists.

You who pay: the nuts.

Break up this system now, both for Sanremo and for politics and power, in Italy, Europe and the world. Let’s return to Democracy.


Don’t trust Giuseppe Conte: he’s just another globalist.

The speaker of globalism Giuseppe Conte

The Sea Watch 3 case reveals and confirms the role of Giuseppe Conte unfortunately Prime Minister in Italy only because Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Republic who stinks of freemasonry no matter how much he takes showers, did not want either Salvini or DiMaio who had electoral mandates to govern as PM, well his role is the speaker of globalism in Italy and human trafficker: he dispatches migrants – NOT REFUGEES, ONLY ILLEGAN AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS WITHOUT ANY RIGHT TO STAY IN EUROPE – among the member States of the EU. The fact that Italy does not take them is only due to the perpetual mess that Matteo Salvini makes, then Conte begins:

stage a) we take a few, they are only 47 (I do not know why lately they are always 47)

stage b) Salvini makes a mess, jumps in the polls because the Italians don’t want them too, then Conte calls the EU and tells them “take them among other states I can not do anything anymore, I tried”

The EU acts as a central migrant dispatch center: it finances the NGOs that take them with the money of the Member States – and that’s why, among other reasons, I LONG, WISH for No DEAL HARD BREXIT WITHOUT ANY payment settlement from the blessed UK God bless the Hard Brexiteers – then gives a little help with Sophia and then sends them to the sick European Countries where the Left still has a bit of power -.

It is the Kalergy Plan.

Immigrants must be sent back to Africa and Asia NOT to other European Countries. So then with the free movement it’ s the same and it is unfair to the other states of Europe that should take illegal immigrants and keep them as if they were refugees (if they send them back kicking their ass they do well, I’m fed up with Africans, the latest habit of these poor miserable chaps, the worst among the humans it’s breast ironing of little girls, after Female Genital Mutilation, I don’t know why they quarrel so much about racism they can endure much more pain than be called a n****r or at least inflict it).

Salvini also stewed me: he’s just the least bad.

The Italy that reasons suggests that you do not let migrants and NGOs break the immigration law with no consequence.

screenshot at 2019-01-09 12:39:51
Carlo Nordio Magistrate on how it is unacceptable that the immigration laws can be broken with no consequences by leftwingers and do-gooders.

The law must be respected. Carlo Nordio, former head of the Venice prosecutor’s office, interviewed on TG2, attacks the “disobedient” mayors who have announced that they do not apply the safety decree of Matteo Salvini: “It is of unprecedented gravity”. Nordio explained: “Laws must be respected without ifs and buts, especially by public officials. The alibi of unconstitutionality is unfounded because a preliminary assessment has been made by the Head of State and in any case the decision belongs to the Constitutional Court “. According to the magistrate the mayors risk an indictment “to be defined after the fact committed” but “the most serious thing is the message they gave. A message of disobedience towards the law according to self-interest and ideas “.

There is a debate in Italy and all across the West on the fictitious right of the leftwingers, NGOs and “charity chaps” to actually break the immigration laws as if they were second class laws not worthy obedience;

Marco Rizzo on the left explains why the globalist-banking PD is destroying the Italian left

Marco Rizzo is a communist who criticised the leftwingers-of-the banking system and their obsession with migrants and gays while forgetting the rights of the working class and the homeless, he actually talked about the suicide of the Left in Italy represented by the PD – Democratic Party -:

Rizzo tearing apart pro EU leaflets

I must say that Rizzo seems to ignore the fact that the PD has actually accepted the task of closing the country as a socialist-Christian State and seeks, by order received from the tops of globalist Freemasonry, which include the Rothschild bankers and the Vatican – hence the continuous and nonsensical appeal to help the poor till the point to destroy the State for the sake of helping the poor, Catholic freemasonry is particularly sickening because they try to look good – well, the order received, I said, is to use mass immigration for this purpose, in fact with an African population – Muslim or voodoo – like the Nigerians – the socialist-Christian State of the Eighties can not be reformed. There’s fraud, they’re not just stupid.

Matteo Salvini, Interior Minister

Matteo Salvini speaks as Minister of the Interior, who does not drink it.

I would also like Conte and the 5Stelle to stop pretending to believe in NGOs and globalists. It ‘s true what Salvini says about the migrants of the Sea Watch, but it can apply also to Calais migrants who want to skip to Britain, it is not a question of one or fifteen, it is a question that if you welcome them you are actually giving them the money of refugees, without them to be such, or the money of the Italian lower classes, or in the best case you allowing them them to skip the queue of regular immigration, rewarding the immoral behavior to fudge smugglers who are doing illegal things and use the money earned for weapons and drugs. It does not matter if Soros “forgives them” because Soros’s one who accepted to be bribed by the Nazis, the real ones not the imaginary ones. What a moral. What a law. And what a goodness, of course.

Joseph Muscat Malta’s Prime Minister

Our line is not to take illegal immigrants because they are illegal immigrants. Or as Joseph Muscat, Malta’s Prime Minister stated, not to give in psychologic blackmail. ‘Cause Migrants and NGOs and the leftists of open ports want to give the right to asylum, or the right, in fact, to bypass the practice for regular immigration to those who rely – by paying them, because there is no free voluntary service – to traffickers of human beings, mafia, smugglers and NGOs whether you like it or not the NGOs fall into the same category of mafia, smugglers and North African traffickers: NGOs actually make the last passage of the human trafficking  and, no matter the values they boast about, they do it strictly under payment, just as Bergoglio’s church: ” for free, we don’t sing any mass and don’t help any poor.”. The last case of Sea Watch and Sea Eye is appalling: the NGOs boat took migrants from a safe boat that was not drowning in Libyan waters disobeying to the legitimate Libyan coastguard, which thing made in fact Joseph muscat angry who said he does not want that he or Malta be blackmailed by these people.

Look, in Italy we may have an Election Day on the 26th of May, with 44.8% we govern from the Right and that’s it.

I want to make everyone happy: the Berlusca Maior (Silvio Berlusconi) – the Berlusca Minor (Piersilvio Berlusconi) I do not take him into consideration -;

Mr. Fico – 5Stars Movement’s President of the Deputees Chamber who continuously quarrels with Salvini about the migrants -: finally we divorce from this adulterer that continually goes to the poor lover the PD – the Leftwing party – and wants to give them the family money.

And also Grillo and DiMaio: I do not want these migrants, no more history of children, Afef – a tunisian former top model now married and about to divorce from an italian billionaire – says that she was very well in Tunisia and that we have prejudices about the Arab world, well they can stay in Africa the African children with their mothers, it is not true that we have to make them disembark in Italy and then in Africa it is full of children, the children of the poor who do not pay and bribe NGOs and human traffickers in Africa can stay there and these ones who have bribed NGOs and human traffickers can stay there too, and do not talk to me about the ones who flee from wars: the war is in Yemen and the migrants are not Yemenis. None of them, we are spending a capital to keep random Africans in Italy at our own expenses, when the real african poor, the malnourished and those who can not or do not want to afford to bribe the traffickers of men are in fact abandoned in Africa. That’s enough. I do not want Italy to be the last link in the human trafficking chain, Kurz – God bless him – is right: you should not reward those who smirk and pay the traffickers with the promise that Europe will take them and keep them at Europeans’ expenses because, you know  “poor child “.

The state will not spend more money than it already has to spend for the European elections and the election campaign is the same: let’s go to the election day on May 26 with the Europeans, look here:


33.7 + 7.3 + 3.8 = 44.8% and we have the naval block that Giorgia Meloni – leader of FdI a tough right-wing party  – wants, no income of citizenship but lower taxation to the entrepreuneurs as Forza Italia wants and we govern the country from the Right and just that: Fico can forget the post of President of the Chamber he can watch it with the telescope, his constant betrayals of the alliance with Salvini are the “Many thanks” for putting him there. Look at these two other polls


Equal, a little more, a zero point one more to the coalition, 44.9 instead of 44.8, much better.

So we do Spring cleaning.

In the United Kingdom and Austria, the so-called snap elections or early elections can be organized, ie fast elections in two months of election campaign. We are in January, we have four full months for it and the State saves.

Yes I want the Berlusca back, I miss him.

We must seriously free Italy and all the West from Freemasonry.

The euro has failed, threatens democracy, and should be abolished


Optimists say the euro’s teething pains are like the battles between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton in the 1790s. But it took seventy years and a civil war to secure America’s monetary unionCREDIT: ALAMY

To be charitable, you could say the euro has proved itself merely by surviving until its 20th birthday this January. That is a low bar.

Monetary union has otherwise failed as an economic and political endeavour. The evidence of Europe’s ‘Lost Decade’ is that it can only ever be made to work under a regime of technocrat Caesaropapism, that is to say by stripping elected parliaments of their lifeblood control over taxation, spending, and the core economic policies of the nation state.

One day, the house of cards will collapse,” says Professor Otmar Issing, the founding chief economist of the European Central Bank and the chastened prophet of the euro project.

The London School of Economics has… Source


I resume the part in bold: the EU is a regime of technocratic caesaropapism, that is, authoritarian, dogmatic, whose members are chosen by call but not elected and are indeed idiots not particularly educated; of those who say the sun goes around the earth because they read it in a bad translation of the Bible and believe it’s true, we’re here.

Spolen elected Parliaments of vital power on taxation, expenses and major economic policies.

One day it will collapse.

Behind all the power of the EU there is the obtuse masonry, the Mattarellas, the Napolitanos, the Blairs, the Mogherinis “responsible for our security” the stupid and / or perverse like Mario Draghi, the bankers Rothschild with their wagging dogs like Carlo DeBenedetti and his two irrelevant stupid newspapers, in which they continue to say false things, knowingly the most intelligent, in a state of hypnosis of the conscience the most delicate or stupid. Let’s forget about Lilly Gruber: a failed human being, the alleged “clever journalist” with an elderly prostitute’s mouth swelling like a rubber dinghy

This is Lilli Gruber


Her obsessive desire to be sexy is nauseating. This is the “intelligent” woman like Alessia Marcuzzi of two days ago.

Mrs. Marcuzzi showed her ass on Instagram and then immediately attached a photo showing herself with a book – of a renowned leftwing publishing press – she seems to say “I’m not a slut like the others showing the bottom: I can read”

Yes, can you read and then? You look like sluts anyway. The biggest escort in the rich part of Milan till of a couple of years ago, she, Elle, the half Italian half-English, Miss Minetti, had done the classical high school and had a university degree in dental hygiene. She took more money than the illiterate: you have a career ahead, ops, maybe now you have it behind you. The rich must take the escorts at parties, they must be able to talk.

These are the people who “teach us” those who defend Mattarella and still vote for PD – the leftwing Party -. Thank you that the people vomit when they see them. And they know how to read Adelphi. But now we are all on our own and we have other cultural parameters.

What are these guys and dudes doing in the places of power in our States? And I say “our” possessive adjective, it is mine the State, from the Constitution: the People are sovereign. Well they are placed there sworn army, not elected within the bureaucracy and in the media by the Freemasonry, for this reason belonging to the Freemasonry must be incompatible with the public offices, with the belonging to the judiciary etc. because the Freemasons are a sworn army precisely, that is they are all also Gruber under oath of obedience as priests to the Church and not only, if someone comes to mind to disobey today as today we know that the same masonry that “initiated” them in a sense, they also “finished” them, they have a mechanism of self-destruction, they are all blackmailed, they must have done some initiation rite that makes them willing or unwilling obedient to the nauseating order that they are given, such as support for gay marriage, the invasion of African illegal migrants, the triumphant lie about the alleged minors who look twenty or thirty years of age etc. and they go on, we must stop them; we can not keep a sworn army in the bureaucracy, in the media, in the judiciary because they have sworn against us and are obedient we do not even know to whom. I’m sorry for Mr. Vittorio Sgarbi who is a Mason, but you see? The right-wing Mason Sgarbi, immediately defended the leftwing Mason Mimmo Lucano: they are compact, belonging to Freemasonry prevails over membership of the political party or perhaps to the army – as EI, the official army – and we must eliminate them. Starting from Mattarella who is an unworthy president of the Republic. Do not enter the masonry. This morning I woke up and almost in the middle of sleep I realized that I was singing Bella Ciao.

“Bella ciao” means “Beautiful, bye” a guy joining the Resistance against the fascists runs up to the hills and greets the girlfriend,

Yes, one morning I woke up and found the invader: the Masons in the State.


Commentarii De Bello Mediatico.

Ahh, the Commentarii de bello gallico – nudi recti et vetusti – mine will not be so perfect, but there is a war we have to talk about: the war of information, the so-called “infowar” according to Alex Jones or the “media war”. And from that we understand everything because … “At the beginning was the verb and the verb was with God and the verb was God” this is why Luther is right: the Bible is more important than the Sacraments, the word comes first “At the beginning was the verb” then “the verb became flesh” even the Sacraments, if you do not know the Bible can curse, so Catholics do not give the communion to those who didn’t do the proper catechism etc.

But let it go this and let’s move on to something else, more precisely the war of words happening now.

I just saw the tg5, the major news of Berlusconi in Italy, that the Memores Domini of CL – who should defend Christian values ​​at work – can not even watch because they have a ban on having the TV in their apartments, obviously it’s a disgusting way of giving the news, but even I got scandalized and it was so bad that it hasn’t happened to me to be so scandalised from a while, the television should be despised but we must also pay attention to what it puts around; I saw today November 23, 2018, that the tg5 actually  interviewed members of the mafia Clan of Casamonica to whom Salvini is demolishing the illegally built villas as if they were poor victims of the bad minister …. (????) Incredible but true the service was against Salvini on the side of the Casamonicas: it disgusts me. Apart from everything, from Reggio Calabria – Southern Italy – I thank Salvini a thousand times and the whole government for the fight against the mafia, ‘ndrangheta etc. the Casamonica villas full of vulgar and expensive objects were still to be demolished even only because they were illegally built where you are not allowed to build

Perhaps Piersilvio and Toffanin – his girlfriend – want to copy the style, but the style of Mediaset and the tg5 has already changed a lot from the past, from Forum with Rita Dalla Chiesa as anchorwoman – Rita is the daughter of the General of Carabinieri Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa who died shot by mafia in Sicily – and the films on Captain Ultimo to the films against captain Ultimo seen from the side of the bosses till the interviews of Mr and Mrs Casamonica “on their side” against Salvini.

And Meloni, another idiot, still chatter about wanting to “save Salvini from the deadly embrace of DiMaio”? We should thank the Heaven that if I think outside the box the 5 Stars just do not know any box at all. God bless Beppe Grillo. So I’m glad these new Berlusconis sold Milan AC: they did not deserve it.

So, Pier Silvio is a “zambaro” – calabrian slang for “rude” “thuggish” –


The kitchen – shiver, the yellow thing it’s real gold – … A Casamonica interviewed by the journalist told the tg5: “as long as there is this government I am no longer Italian!”. Thank God. But who takes him?

Apart from the fact that the illegal villas must be demolished as such – because they are illegal even if the owner is not a mafioso obviously -, but this tg5 service against Salvini, against the police was really disgusting. I recommend Giovanni Toti and the other good ones of Forza Italia to move arms and luggage to some other party and stay with us.

After the horrendous service on the Casamonica and their poor illegal villas, they gave the news about Trump who does not let the migrants pass from Mexico, obviously with a compassionate tone towards the waves of Hondurans that are devastating Mexico.

What a shit figure.

(and Trump is right)


Remember for whom to vote in Italy #NoiSiamoPersonePerbene (#WeAreRespectablePeople)


The above image is ironical, on top there’s written “Spot the differences” in 2015 there was Mr. Renzi as PM, Mr Alfano as Interior Minister and Mr. Ignazio Marino as Mayor of Rome and the Casamonica clan did a funeral in the centre of Rome with a carriage – obviously their unmistakable style – the music of the Godfather and an illegal aeroplane that threw petals of roses over the funeral – don’t laugh, this is Italian mafia – then 2018 Conte as PM, Salvini as Interior Minister and Raggi (5 Stars Movement) as Mayor of Rome and there are the cops evacuating and searching the illegal villas and the demolition.

remember the music of the Godfather …? With all their lefty judges and magistrates committed to set up political trials (Against Silvio I) they did not have time to fight mafia, to comment go to the tweet of Giorgio LaPorta, the comments are in Italian, but you can always put the likes – Giorgio is one of us –


Another incredible Victory of the Right: Grillo, from Bolzano: Vaffa in German! To you and to Mimmo Lucano.

Matteo Salvini campaigning in Alto-Adige/South Tyrol with a beer (hey Farage, come here at times!) – and he won –

“Ficke dich!” Fuck you in German from Bolzano to Beppe Grillo! After the horrendous kermesse of yesterday where the grillini have spent their demonstration to speak negatively of the allies, to say that we are not allies, to shouting nonsense like “you make deficits, do not be afraid of the deficit” and at the same time “we will stay in the euro” which is an oxymoron, in the eurozone more than a little deficit you can not do it, just that, well we woke up and we had our  umpteenth victory, the data from Trentino Alto Adige/South Tyrol are of a beauty: the Right wins even among the native German speakers, Grillo and the 5 Star Movement at 7% while the CentroDestra “Centre-Right” coalition currently has over 45% and Salvini’s League is 35%.

Well, well, well they’re completing the count; in the meantime my considerations:

The beautiful and rich region does not want to hear about income of citizenship- living wage, it wants tax relief to businesses and investors, no illegal immigration, no ethnic substitution – there are already Italian and German mother tongue – and either Italexit or respect for European Treaties.

Because you see, they are a bit like me, I had to have “almost pain”, because real pain is something else, knowing that Mimmo Lucano yesterday at Fabio Fazio’s tv show went to do the shaggy calabrese who does not respect the Laws in RAI – the public broadcasting company – saying that he does not respect them because – as I anticipated when I told you I was called the Gestapo because I wanted the laws respected in Calabria – “The Nazis respect the Laws” and they were not even right-wing laws, the laws at the time of the PD government with Gentiloni and Renzi already those they were “Nazis” according to him: he “married” two women and he can not do it, he made declarations such as “I canceled the bureaucracy” meaning that he did not respect the bureaucratic practices concerning migrants etc. since he married a black african woman, why does he not move to Africa and leaves Calabria and Italy free? So, his level is Third-World-level, a mayor who behaves like an African tribal chief, who does not respect the laws because he lives in a world where the head of the tribe can decide the laws by himself. All this makes me sick. Mr. Fazio rather, this worm, overpaid with our money, they all had their salaries cut in RAI, including the famous journalist Ms. Lucia Annunziata, except him and Vespa saying they’re not journalists they’re artists, but they do interview politicians and still interfere with the elections, though regarding Fazio contrary to his intentions because the more he speaks the more people vote Right-wing.

Anyway, I from Calabria demand that Lucano be arrested because he has broken the Laws and that’s it and he even boasted publicly about it,

This thing actually sucks, he’s a mayor, a very leftwing mayor boasting publicly about having broken the law and this even happened at the time of the center-leftwing government of Gentiloni and Renzi, not at the time of Salvini-DiMaio-Conte’s government (but it would be the same). He is a beggar.

As I said, so they cannot treat me like that: we are citizens, we are not folks controlled by a chief-tribe or a camorra-boss, I expect that the mayors of my country respect the laws and that’s it. Let’s close it here, I do not like the Third World, this brazen boast of Lucano to say on television “I broke the laws and I’m proud of it” must end and he must be punished.

Luigi D’Alessio the Riace Prosecutor, a serious person in a horrendous world of braggart, masons and cowards, is right:


“Mimmo Lucano? “‘Le roi c’est moi’. He worked not as a mayor, representing the citizens in compliance with the rules, but as a monarch, admitting to not care about those rules that are a guarantee for all. It will also be an enlightened – which means that he is Freemason ed. notes -, but this can not pass. The only state in the state that exists in Italy, besides the Vatican, is San Marino and not Riace”. So the Locri Prosecutor, Luigi D’Alessio, in an interview with the Republic. “Link

I do not approve the comparison with the King, because I see him more as an African tribal chief, as an obsessive poorly man with poor people or a Camorra chief.

Laura Ferrara EuroParlamentare of Naples elected in the Southern Italy constituency for the M5S gives reason to me and to the Riace’s prosecutor D’Alessio:

Laura Ferrara

Here are some excerpts from his interview with the Corriere della Calabria Link “Lucano created a dangerous mechanism”.

Combined weddings, inflated bills to receive more money – the money of the Trentini who voted right-wing? – release of authentic identity cards made by the municipality to people without a residence permit but what does has become? of course he must be arrested; I do not live in the Third World, nor do I want Calabria to become Third World because of this asshole of a leftwinger: he must go, either in prison in Italy or if he can go to Africa to do the sorcerer and the tribe chief with the his likes. Ok?

Thanks in the meantime to the Trentini to have voted for the Right.

We’ll vote all Right-wing. Now and forever. And please, banish Fazio from RAI, I do not want to pay the salary of that buffoon always looking asleep interviewing a mason with a swollen Ego if he thinks he can boast on RAI Uno about breaking the laws. At the end Giampaolo Rossi, right-wing member of the Board of Directors of RAI warned you.

The Fazio-Lucano system that justifies breaking the law and issuing unauthorized documents, inflating invoices “for the good” not to repatriate the illegal immigrants, makes you become the third world the immigrants are running away from and then all again like many beggars people would go looking for to emigrate to Switzerland – like Rothschild -, but we want a system of the Swiss type here in Calabria and that’s it. Emigration is fought by increasing the local standard not by lowering it to the third world and then all again to go back and forth like many migrants to look for the place where “they are lucky”, because in Switzerland “they are lucky” you know, also in Trento and Bolzano they’re lucky, but luck is akin to intelligence. In fact, they voted Salvini.


Migranti: a Trento manifestazione antirazzista
Anti-racist “anti-fascist” manifestation organized by the Left against the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini who had gone for the electoral tour, 13 october 2018.

I have to say that after this very wide victory, that’s basically a conquer of a former “safe seat” of the Left traditionally allied to the local german speaking party – that lost indeed – I think all these anti-racist anti-fascist manifestations of the Left are widely exaggerated and bloated by the media: the Left is losing everything, actually.