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Now you would like to have voted National Front, don’t you? Idiots of Parisians?

They are not dangerous, Schiappa told you..

Link In life either you’ve got the guts or you haven’t, now they would like to have had the guts to vote National Front in Paris, the Parisians, the most stupid among the snobbish ones voted like idiots a socialist-champagne mayor, Anne Hidalgo and then Macron because otherwise the “fascist LePen” would win. Ah aha ah, that’s democracy, you got what you voted for, migrants makeshift camps and black men spitting and harassing women in Paris, centre, and a lefty bitchy equality minister with an italian surname that in italian means “good for nothing” this is the literal meaning of the italian word “Schiappa” who takes them for fools and even posted an image of herself walking among the makeshift camps in Paris “The town of love” with the writings “The laws of the Republic protect me everywhere” and obviously she must have gone there surrounded by bodyguards in plain clothes, like her italian rival Laura Boldrini who asked the police officers of her security to wear plain clothes when she pays visits to the migrants or unfortunate people because she doesn’t want people to understand that she says her nonsense about “racist prejudice” against the dangers of the migrants but surrounded by seventeen agents.

This is what you voted for, I’d have voted LePen, yes, LePen the Fascist.

Now you have Schiappa as a Minister and Macron telling you about the human rights of the poor migrants and “it’s the Home Office that has to deal with it, not me” and a Hidalgo pro immigrant mayor of Paris and in Paris this is exactly what you voted for, you bitchy and dumb leftists, or did you hope the migrants would go somewhere else and not where you live? The only ones who don’t deserve this are the ones who live where Marine LePen won and took the majority. You idiotic leftists who don’t feel guilty to behave like a whore and have abortions and felt guilty for voting Right-wing, you idiots who trusted the Jews and zionists like Rothschild who hate you and did what they told you to do “to welcome the migrants, not to be a fascist” – while in Israel they themselves are the most racist people in the world, you’re too dumb for natural selection. You should have voted right-wing, not voting socialist with that stupid airy look upon your face “Because Marine is a fascist”, You’d like to have a fascist Mayor and President now, don’t you? I vote for the fascists and I’m proud of it. Don’t act like I never told you.


Dear Readers, yes, I did it, I asked the French to do it, the Referendum to frexit.

Jean-Luc Mélénchon knows the austerity comes from Brussels and the eurozone not really from Paris, so…

Check the french version on Freeword And Friends Paris

Dear French, make a referendum to exit the EU.
Given that:
Germany and Holland won’t give the eurotransfer to transform the euro in a real single currency;
and that the actual regulations of the Single Market damage heavily french workers;
that the tax revenue for non french EU citizens working in France goes away from France whereas the burden for their welfare remains in France.
Given that these three reform requests were rejected by the major EU partners, Germany, Holland and Poland.
You indict a referendum for returning an entirely independent State-Nation, with good bilateral relationships with the rest of the world nations according to the realistic situation.

Sincerely Yours

Yes, I wrote it for you, from Italy, I can’t stand this situation of austerity any longer nor do I want to end up like Cyprus or Greece or Catalonia-Spain. Gentiloni is not courageous enough to do it, you probably are, I hope so, also Italian Right-wingers like Salvini and Meloni and Grillo would be, but Gentiloni is a lost cause, so please think about us and do it. Ultimatum and referendum. Enough is enough.