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Sid Roth’s “Expect a Miracle”, check the Newest version of Christianity for Faith or …for your own Education.

The Pope investigated for covering up child abuse by priests, scandal in Germany, Church of Sweden performs gay weddings in church and many people just feel betrayed and abandoned by their traditional, longstanding family church, but the Lord comes back, Superior to His traitors, according to this newest latest version of the Faith in Jesus Christ the Lord anointed and sent Pastors and Ministers – of both sexes – outside the churches; so say Amen and “check it out” to experience the power and presence of God, the Lord according to a visionary – the Late Natuzza Evolo – allegedly said he prefers enemies but not traitors, he is not controlled by his own Ministers, He can act without them, whatever they have, He gave them.

So, Catholic Church, Church of England, institutional churches be careful, the sheep may turn self-pastors and if you don’t believe a thing of all this at least you know where the world is going. This happens in 2018.


Hot Issue: Christians Vs Priests and Pastors about Marriage: people are scared and the Pastor tells them they have to marry the same or be chaste.

There’s a bit of a fight between christian Pastors or Priests in all churches particularly in western countries: marriage. There are many divorces, unwanted pregnancies, the divorce settlement law in many if not all western countries is deeply anti-male, there are some guys who end up eating at poor people’s charities for they have to pay for house, children and ex-wife and they have to live somewhere else while rich men, like Berlusconi or in the past Nat Rothschild felt exploited even not ending up eating at charities and they didn’t like it. It is all true, just like good girls who don’t want to have sex without being married being dumped for sexier easier more disposable girls independently from their physical beauty, so marriage is the real problem for many christians, not helping the poor giving money for them, not believing in the Bible, or the Holy Trinity, in the West people fall on sex. I usually am very confident when I talk and give advices, particularly for politics, lately I just don’t feel like taking the responsibility to dare and give advices for marriage for the above mentioned reasons.

I picked up this video by Gabriel Fernandes about choosing the right person for marriage, according to his vision. It’s a bit strange because he doesn’t mentioned being in love with, usually when you are in love with a person you don’t consider the others, if you consider more than one you’re not in love so you shouldn’t marry. But if people want to marry these are the tips of the born again lad. I am glad and agree about the fact that you haven’t got to be told: “there’s not the right person for you” because according to Gabriel Fernandes there’s not only just one person for you as if it were a fixed thing “nailed” like a coffin. A special tip for catholics, ’cause I’m an ex catholic myself, beware of the priests who tell you: “There isn’t the right guy or the right woman for you, Jesus doesn’t want this for you, he has another plan…” they are just usually planning to force you be a noun or a priest/monk without telling you and letting you believe it’s Jesus who wants this and that’s cruel.

So this is Gabriel Fernandes’ opinion:

and this is Groucho Marx’s opinion:


So what?





Very Special Prayer Requests for the Swedes and all the Citizens to Vote for the real honest Politicians and not to be duped both in Religion & in Politics.

I publish here three videos, the last is mine, for I can’t stand people who say what’s good is bad and what’s bad is good; we ask God our Almighty Father to protect us from deception, give us discernment, but not only for religious issues, also for politics and the elections, for example in Sweden they must understand it’s not the Sweden Democrats to be the bad ones, it’s the others who wanted gay weddings, violent crime related to immigration and censorship. May God give us all discernment always, but particularly in time for the elections and everytime we have to choose. We must say “Amen” and it’s done.

Christ King of the Victorious: Gabriel Fernandes wins special award the YouTube Silver Button, in the Name of Jesus, obviously.


I have supported Gabriel Fernandes evangelical YouTube mission because it was good for me: it smelled victory, it was very positive and in the end if you agreed with the prayer you had to say Amen, comment in the comment section and like the video, if you didn’t, the prayer wouldn’t apply to you and this is very respectful for freedom of choice, after decades of being told by some catholic priests bent on being losers “accept your condition and offer the sufferings to the Lord” finally a man of God who says “God wants you to be victorious, be happy, in the Name of Jesus” and that, Readers, is good for me and I hope is good for you too. And for YouTube.

So Christ King again, King of the Victorius.

God Bless All we Do.

It’s perfect for you and it’s perfect for me.


If Father Livio Fanzaga, the Italian priest who wildly promotes the Medjugorje apparitions as true, does not go to Hell, without public confession, I am offended, yes I am offended with God, look what he did with the case of Father Slavko:

Father Slavko receives from the Bishop the order of transfer from Medjugorje to another parish, he does not want to go away and suddenly the seer comes to say that Our Lady – of course, always – said “I want Father Slavko to stay here” Father Slavko says it to the Bishop and the Bishop insists he is Bishop, not the Madonna – or the seer – for that, Father Slavko does not transfer himself to the other Parish and demands to be a Catholic priest without respecting the obedience vow, he is suspended a divinis, he does not yield and continues to be in Medjugorje, so already in Medjugorje one of the spiritual guides was a priest suspended in divinis who disobeyed the Bishop, when he dies … by the way, Our Lady in the messages says to everyone to be humble, to accept suffering etc. except to the Medjugorje’s spiritual guides like Father Slavko and the visionaries, to them she says to do what you know they already wanted to do, that is, Our Lady does not tell Father Slavko to be humble and accept – moreover it was just a transfer, priests like managers  must accept transfers by contract – but she “authorizes” him to disobey (?), when Slavko dies, suspended a divinis and not repentant, the seer says that Our Lady told her that Father Slavko is in heaven to intercede for them (?) Father Livio Fanzaga happily tells the sheep: “She made him Saint herself!” – with no Church in the middle – without miracles for intercession of Father Slavko, neither alive nor dead, how can he be declared a Saint without miracle through intercession after death?

Remember this: it is not a sin not to do the vows, but it is a sin to make vows and to break them.

In fact, I always suggest not to make vows or oaths because if you don’t do it and you remain a free child of God, a basic first level christian, you are bound only by the Ten Commandments, ie you do not have to voluntarily break one or more of the Ten Commandments, but if you make a vow you tie yourself with the vow and it is a sin to break it. Father Slavko had made the vow of obedience and he had to respect it, it is not true that he could refuse the transfer and the Madonna could authorize this.

The Catholic Church is based on the vow of obedience, without that it collapses as an institution, this Madonna who according to Father Livio would demonstrate that Catholicism is the true religion in reality by the seer’s lips authorizes them to do what they like and why the Church has tolerated this? The answer is “because people go to confession in Medjugorje and practice the Sacraments” and then? What do you confess? If priests can break the obedience vow and the seers take money in black in their hotels and shops (??) what is the sin, then? St. Paul says that you must respect the Laws and that the vows in practice it is better not to do them because if you do them then you have to respect them all and in all even if you respect them in part you get a curse the so-called Curse of the Law which is to say “Did you put yourself under the law by yourself? Now you have to respect it and you have to respect it all” there is a little excuse that the Madonna can make priests violate the vows because “she’s superior” but it does not make sense anyway, it seems strange that the Church has tolerated these things for thirty years. Add that the visionaries are now old, married with children with hotels and shops and break the taxation laws, how can they be so pure to see God, the Angels and the Virgin Mary?

Add the latest nonsense on the “Madonna’s birthday” that the visionaries have moved from the church-accepted September 8th to August 5th. Add the pacchianate of the seers who “brought cake to Madonna for the birthday” which again tastes of paganism like the little pagan children offering cake to the Queen of Heaven, the name of a pagan goddess that the Church recycled for the mother of Jesus. Add the crap for housewives in a message Madonna would have said that when she was living on earth she used to do the cleaning at home and was humble (?)

Would it be time to stop it?

After 47,000 messages there should be the prophecies of the Prophet Daniel and instead there is nothing, apart from the Madonna housewife who authorizes priests to break the vows, turn a blind eye on the money in black. The spinning sun can also spin but it is not a proof that the messages are true. The statues that cry blood according to the late Father Amorth signify “satanic rites within the clergy” that is that consecrated persons – not laymen – have done satanic rites, then the signs can be motivated in the ugly way instead of the beautiful one and the messages they remain inconsistent.

According to Saint Dominic, if I remember or Saint Ignatius, the public sin must be publicly confessed unlike the private sin, that is, if one has a lover he can confess it secretly, it is not true that all the town must know it, but if one steals money from the State or invents fake messages of the Madonna and puts them in circulation they should confess it publicly.

So also to Father Livio and the seers we say what Livio has told Ms. Cirinnà: the hour of death will come. Unless he really trusts the seers and the seers really saw and heard all that crap and the Virgin Mary doing the cleaning and be humble telling Slavko to disobey the Bishop and that to evade taxes a bit is not a real sin (?) and are in good faith. Mah!

This is a very special prayer for people like David Icke, or me: the Devil will be scared of us.

This is a tremendously positive prayer for people like David Icke, Alex Jones or me, the ones who dare and put themselves also against powerful people who do wrong.

It’s also very pleasant that Evangelist Gabriel asks God to give us “the cake” the things that make us happy that we like and wish more.

Well, this is good for everybody.  I want my cake. Amen.

I bless You All My Readers and am glad for Your Success.

Dearest Readers, I found this, as I told you yesterday, the present and future Religion is living and actual like fresh water: I bless you and you’ ll bless me and we’ll be blessed in return. That’s for you, for me and for All.

This Video here is for Understanding, so that no Protestant, no Muslim, no Catholic & Co. can ever be tricked again by fake Prophets, fake Virgin Mary Visionary, fake Evangel, I say Amen for as I told you yesterday I felt humiliated by having believed fake Virgin Mary’s visionaries and messages. Say Amen and pray this with me God will give us this powerful Clarity of Vision and Understanding. And no priest can tell me “no, I don’t give you any Discernment” etc. It’ a pleasure to share this with You.