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The proposal: let’s do the NordStream Med with Macron.


Yes, I know, we are still fighting for the Tav, which, I do not know why, on this google map is already marked: there is a blue line that unites Turin and Lyon, I do not see in reality, but it doesn’t matter.

I confess to Macron and to all you brothers that for me I would do Tav, NordStream 2 and also a nice Nord Stream Med from the Côte d’Azur to Campania, Sicily and Calabria, so you do not hole anything, Mont Blanc remains immaculate and the gas arrives the same, the famous beloved Russian gas, which we want for more than one reason; as an Italian and Christian – even Kabalist sic – I can no longer stand the dependence on the Middle East, which is also a powder magazine. When we have these good Russians that we love and understand, I can say, once Putin said he esteems the Calabresi, it has been reported by a newspaper of Calabria, who knows if it is true.

But I like Russia too, and of course France too, so we have to make peace with Macron.

I can not speak badly of those who do not want the Tav, because I absolutely do not want to cut the ancient olive trees, the famous olive trees planted by Frederick II of Swabia, another German who does not want the Tap, in Puglia, so I can not judge the ones who don’t want the Tav and then I would like to help Toninelli because he can not resign because once Minister is saying the same things he said during the election campaign – no Tav in the election campaign and no Tav as a Minister, you don’t resign for this, there is resignation for the opposite, when you as Minister do the opposite of what you said in the election campaign – and then, there is the sea, these goods can not arrive in France with the ship from Genoa to Marseille? Or we can make a nice fast highway that passes over Montecarlo and the trucks go from there? Is the Tav necessary? You do.

Meanwhile, I think this, you do the NordStream 2:


From Russia – Wyborg – to Germany – Lubmin – then the gas from Germany arrives in France and then down we make the Nord Stream Med from France to Southern Italy, Marseille – Naples – Palermo with a mini branch Corsica – Sardinia, all under water like the original in the Baltic, without cutting trees, piercing mountains etc. And we’re okay with the gas.


Puglia and the ancient / millennial olive trees are left in peace, and the Tav I don’t know, they have to decide up there in Turin because they have to live with the broken mountain.

I support then the statist line for the construction, without contracting to private companies; Speaking of private companies that want to manage big things, the Benettons after having brought down the Morandi bridge in Genoa would now like to have Atlantia what? Buying Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport: I would never sell it to you, dear Benettons. All the planes could fall and the pylons collapse, but how are they not ashamed? They made a concrete bridge collapse and instead of repaying the damage now try to buy airports?

I agree with DiMaio: let’s nationalize, the NordStream Med maybe the State itself does it protecting the rights of the workers with two work shifts from 8 to 14 and from 14 to 20 from Monday to Saturday, Sunday free and Easter and Christmas sacred. As I said in the previous articles: there is some good in the 5 Star Movement, understood Giorgia?


Let’s also nationalize the port of Gioia Tauro: PLEASE.

And this is for Macron:

Mont Blanc the dessert. Can this be pierced? Toninelli? This does not last five minutes.


We don’t want any “Israeli” Gas stolen to the Palestinians; let’s take part with Russians and Germans in Nord Stream 2.

I want the NordStream 2

gas pipe Nord stream 2 under water 3D
gas pipe Nord stream 2 under water 3D

The Jews steal the gas from the Palestinians; the famous “Israeli” pipeline actually exploits a field in front of the Gaza Strip that are Palestinian territorial waters, but the Israelis, who shoot at the Palestinians like they’re doing nothing, do not recognize Gaza, nor the West bank, nor East Jerusalem as Palestinian territories, claim, even through their hateful and hated lobby, to “sell” the Palestinian gas as if it were “Israeli” and say crap about anti-Semitism – 80% true things about them – and break the balls with pictures of poor Jewish children killed in Auschwitz .

Now fortunately the 5Stars Movement in Italy do not want to do it, the Israeli gas pipeline; first, because if the reservoir is in front of Gaza then it is Palestinian not Israeli; second, because it should go to pierce in Puglia where they have already blocked the TAP.

Last but not least, there is the Russo-German alternative of NordStream 2, that is the pipeline that starts from Putin’s Russia, passes through the Germany of Merkel and we Italians want it to come down from Germany-Austria-Italy, so, and not only, it should also go up to Britain: The strength of the NordStream is that it is designed “clean clean” ie a pipeline straight, smoothly and without too many bends that would then have to descend into Germany and emanate easily into other European States; the NordStream is the red thread, while the NordStream 2 still in progress is the fragmented garnet wire (because it is not complete)


And so it arrives very quickly to Germany from which it would be easy to get the gas to both Southern and Northern European States.


The NordStream 2 politically and economically empowers Russia, Germany and continental Europe, while the “Israeli” pipeline would give more power to the Jewish lobby and even more importance to the Middle East, moreover, both us and the UN – for once I mention the UN – we recognize Gaza as a Palestinian territory with the whole seafront ahead as Palestinian territorial waters whereas the Israelis kill the Palestinians, they have made a naval blockade in the stretch of sea facing Gaza, also blocking humanitarian aid, and in fact allow themselves not to recognize Palestinian territoriality at all: they steal and shoot and block foreign help.

This dependence of energy sources from the Middle East – we already depend on Saudi oil – must end, to also depend on the gas from the Gaza Strip, moreover being sold as an Israeli product would further weaken the “white and Christian” Europe and further enhance the Jewish lobby, already peasant and intrusive, which is instead something to be reduced of power by large scale, and weaken pro-Palestinian causes because in fact we would recognize that Gaza is controlled by the Israelis.

The Jewish-Israeli lobby wants to force us to buy the gas from the Jews (that is, from themselves, often they are citizens with dual nationality) and what do they do? They try to criminalize Putin and the Russians, damaging our economy very strongly, to date, everyone, Italians, Austrians, French and Germans want, demand the reopening of the Russian market, both for the import, but especially for the Export and the EU, as if it were something different and detached from the French, Germans, Austrians and Italians, instead wants to block it on behalf of the Jewish lobby and breaks the balls with further days of memory for the victims of Auschwitz.

And to say that the Russians have freed the Jews from Auschwitz. But they go with the whites, you know.

Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin
Putin as Merkel’s guest at the Meseberg Palace in Germany: we want a new Spring of good relations with the Russians –

Vikings come down to help the Brexiteers: God bless Norway.

Tough and rough? Not at all; if the Vikings were threatening, the last barbarians in Europe “the latest to convert to Christianity” finally, after them the hell; now the Norwegians are well known for a level of self control that makes the Britons look frantic – and lately, they are – that’s Scandinavian, I can perfectly remember when I was in Germany learning German in a independent school for teaching German as a foreign language to strangers, precisely the Scandinavian mate used to tell me “Paola, calm, ‘ruhig” yes, I noticed, I was speaking normally for a Southern Italian and he thought I was upset.

It’s typical. What happened now? This has just happened:

Brexit latest news: World’s largest sovereign wealth fund boosts investment in UK



The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund has said it will expand its investment in Britain as it claimed confidence in the country remains undiminished by Brexit.

In a move cheered by Brexiteers, Norway’s £740bn wealth fund has confirmed that it will plough billions of pounds of additional investment in…Link

The Norwegians stated that in case on No Deal there is little or no consequence and they will not change their strategy of investing 740 billions pounds in the next thirty years in Britain, thirty years is a long term strategy. No Deal? No problem.

The only problem is in the British Remainers’ mind: both Macron and the Spanish PM said that to delay Brexit without making a second referendum is useless, they are against delaying for delaying because the Deal with the backstop remains unchanged, if there is a second referendum for Britain to stay in that would be different.

Our John Redwood wrote this morning another clear and enlightening article on his blog Link

Redwood: “I see no point in delaying our exit from the EU. I have never understood why we would be able to strike a good deal after March 29 if we were unable to strike a good deal in the 2 years 9 months of delay so far in implementing the decision of UK voters. Leave voters expect Parliament to implement the decision, not to seek out ways to undermine , delay or cancel it.

Yesterday the President of France and the Prime Minister of Spain both seemed opposed to the idea of delay in Brexit. France might consider it if the UK had changed her mind about leaving and now wanted a second referendum. Mrs May rightly continues to rule that out. Neither favoured a delay or further negotiations about the draft Withdrawal Agreement.  Spain like Ireland strongly believes the Irish backstop has to stay in place unless and until both the EU and the UK agree it can be removed.

There is a general briefing line coming out of Brussels that any delay could not  be longer than two to three months anyway.  They argue that the UK will cease to be represented in the European Parliament from 2 July when the newly elected Parliament takes over. The UK is not planning to field candidates, and the EU has decided to redistribute some of the UK seats to other countries and to abolish the remainder. If the UK is not in the Parliament it cannot legally be a member of the EU as it is no longer represented in the body that is an important co legislator with the Council, responding to the agenda and draft laws of the Commission.”

So, what are the British Parliamentarians up to?

The Norwegians, holders of the third largest wealth fund in the world, who are outside of the European Union and probably want out also of the Single Market, invest now notwithstanding the supposed Brexit uncertainty, and for the next 30 years for as much they are scared of Brexit and trust the EU – the real stagnant economic area, stagnant and in recession -; it is blatant, too blatant that the only backstop is the British Remainers’ mind. Add another piece of information from Italy that the traitors inside the government want to enlarge the EU to Turkey, another reason to detach your Country from it. Not only, this move was done half secretly to try to bypass the majority of people who are against the enlargement to Turkey. It’s disgusting to be in the EU, for that Margaret Thatcher was right; you have to watch out continuously, the traitors inside the government, among civil servants who do, who sign, who say in your place things you don’t agree with, you don’t want, even the Parliamentarians are unaware of. Close it.



God bless the Norwegians.

King David…or perhaps David PM. Please, please I wish David Davis were PM.

My extra motivations to force a No Deal Brexit, with this kind of knowledge and information you must have, see below.

David Davis’s motivations in writing:

The utter folly of defeatist Mrs May taking No Deal off the table.

Were there ever a need for confident and decisive government, it is now. The Prime Minister appears to be encircled.

Mutinous ministers write articles for the Daily Mail in which they threaten to quit, the Labour Party opportunistically rallies for a second referendum, breaking its promises to the electorate, and parliamentary plotters aim to break centuries of convention and good practice to seize control of the executive away from our Government.

I would not blame the Prime Minister if she felt isolated. Who could blame her for looking for a way out? The right playbook however is Churchill’s. Keep buggering on. This is not the time to capitulate, to fold and to be defeatist. Now is the time to stand firm and hold our nerve.

Mrs May’s announcement yesterday in which she conceded two Commons votes on Brexit in mid March is the wrong move. It sends the wrong message…Source

David Davis’s motivations in speaking:

It is apparent that this comment is true, the most voted:

We’ve had people here who really don’t want us to leave, “negotiating” our exit with people over there who really don’t want us to go. May has never, ever, intended to deliver an honest, genuine Brexit.

No Deal? This is reality, I quote from the above linked article:

An anonymous civil servant recently said there are ‘hundreds of No-Deal plans across all government departments just waiting for the green light from ministers to be made public’. I know this to be true. Most of it I initiated in my first days as Brexit Secretary.”

“Let’s be honest. Many of those who want to take No Deal off the table are not seeking to ensure the UK obtains the optimum Brexit deal. Their real agenda is to block Brexit or secure one which is little more than a Brexit in name only.

Various Commons amendments drawn up by Labour’s Yvette Cooper in discussion with some Conservative Remainers, which would veto a No-Deal outcome, were wrecking amendments that would leave a poisonous constitutional legacy and break the solemn commitments made in the Conservatives’ 2017 election manifesto. Jeremy Corbyn’s support only reinforces my view of this.”

“Only this weekend the Conservatives’ national convention voted overwhelmingly in favour of leaving No Deal on the table and no delay to Brexit.”

The Prime Minister should ignore those ministers currently having a panic attack about the prospects of No Deal. Their fears are certainly exaggerated. More critically, while No Deal might – might – be economically difficult, No Brexit would be a democratic disaster.”

Another dearest Brexit man of ours, Mr. John Redwood specifically does not like May’s effing Withdrawal Agreement for the wonderful motivations explained here link

Why the Withdrawal Agreement is bad for the UK:

…the provision to pay them very large sums of money, stretching for many years into the future. No sensible person would sign an agreement which allows one side to send bill after bill for years after we have left, claiming we owe them money under many general heads set out in the Withdrawal Agreement. The Treasury estimate of £39bn is likely to be far too low. Some of the future liabilities stretch forward a hundred years, relating to payments to people not yet born who might come here before the end of the transition period. Paying to belong until 2020 opens up more future commitments under the 2019-20 budget, with liabilities until 2028. The settlement on the European Investment Bank is mean to the UK….”

“The third – reason ed. notes – is the institutional architecture for the Agreement. Until we do leave the UK faces the full panoply of existing and additional EU law enforced by the EU’s own court. The UK in transition will have no veto over big new advances in EU controls, and no ability to form qualified minority blocking groups to stop an unfavourable law passing under qualified majority provisions.”

Now I don’t want this article to be just copy&paste from more experienced people than I, certainly I should have little to add if in Britain people were sensible enough to understand that clean and honest guys like David Michael David and John Alan Redwood would make much better, effective, efficient and honest Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer than the actual witch Mrs Theresa Mary May and Mr.  Philip Anthony Hammond. But I say the eff-word, am anti-semitic, don’t like the Queen and go after David Icke. They maybe don’t and if they do, don’t show.

In total honesty I believe, given that the majority of the Conservatives as stated above want No Deal as an option and do not want to delay Brexit beyond late March- and why should they? As Davis said, the Deal proposed by May is always the same and we had noticed it –

Why don’t you force it a bit? Force it and go to new elections with David Davis candidate PM and John Redwood Chancellor, I am convinced that’s the best duo, btw they’re straight, no contact with paedophile rings, the UK needs desperately clean people to take over.

I wish you well, I’d campaign for them. I’m sure we can win again, in Italy the latest polls give the sovereigns CentreRight coalition having 49,6% of the votes. You can get anywhere.sondaggi-elettorali-tecne-voto-700x406

In Britain a Tory government of Brexiteers would gain a majority of 34 seats. As sailors say the wind is with us.


Meghan’s baby shower and why the Republic should be compulsory.

I fight against….”the powers of the air” St. Paul would say, yes, I personally fight extremely against prophecies; there’s one presumed prophecy by and Italian medium Mr. Gustavo Adolfo Rol who around 1992 said that in Italy in the twenties of the years two thousand in 2020 or according to another version 2025 there will be a population of 60% blacks and 40% whites: it must not happen, whatever devil told him;

a second prophecy, this time by a powerful renowned Italian catholic Saint that father Pio from Pietrelcina, the stigmata monk, well he said that in Italy a Savoy King will be back. No thanks. I don’t want any 60% blacks with any King in Rome: it would be like London, and I don’t like it.

The Kings and queers, they are too piggy, marry well only if forced, let free they’d all choose nude actresses, porn industry female “so humble” Jesus, really? they can still say that to men in the porn industry? They know the job and what a princess… she’ll bully someone else in any case. No I don’t want to pay for that, nor I’d let George Clooney pay for that, for baby showers, 500,000 sterlings offered by an actor who dreams to be something else, something more than “just an actor” because you know, you can’t really accept a £500,000 gift by a friend and give nothing in change, she’ll give back something equally expensive but at the British taxpayers’ expenses, or at least she’ll try, of course “she’s princess” almost. The tombstone on it.

In Italy, if there were a monarchy we’d have a Princess and what a princess, the woman who married Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, who would be crown Prince, well she’s a French leftwing actress, full of shining red lipstick of her mouth, who despises Religion – like Meghan – and did the streap-tease at the Mouline Rouge and if you don’t let the poor mentally unstable Prince marry “the one he loves” he’ll take revenge against you and “the system” for the rest of his life: you better have a Republic and fuck off, Prince, your bedstories and bedsores are none of my problems nor of the State’s. It’s a dreadful nightmare, don’t talk to me about the tourists, they can have a king in their home if they want him and pay for it.

Not only, the way certain press lies, The Telegraph arrived to the wuthering heigths of publishing an article where a female journalist said basically I know how Meghan feels for being abandoned by her father…while Meghan was dancing in the super-luxury suite in NY and doesn’t publicly give a damn about her father who looks like cinderello – male version of Cinderella – or that “with the super-expensive baby shower Meghan shows who’s the boss”.


The boss?

I think there should be a referendum for republic in Britain after Brexit. As for me God must make me die one day before Italy becomes a monarchy. I beg your pardon, Father, You made us equal, I don’t want to bow, to courtesy not to be labelled a subject. I’m not a subject, I’m a citizen and I care for it. As for the boss, it’s the sovereign people.

Another day another fight Macron Vs. Salvini and why after all it’s only the Brexiteers who are Right.

In all this mess, a strictly European mess, the only ones who are completely right are the Hard brexiteers of Britain; why?

The European politicians can’t stick to the official Treaties, they signed them and then say “Dublin has to change” but they, unusually for the masons they are – because they are – now, in this mess, can’t even keep their “fucking” secret promises and secret oaths or agreements, they’re losing their heads completely.

Macron stares at DeGaulle

Macron, a globalist with strong nationalist gaullist temptations, first accuses Italy, mainly in the person of the right-wing Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, of “closing the doors” – read the ports – “behaving inhumanly” because he doesn’t want the migrants, then he himself rejects illegal African immigrants in Bardonecchia away from France and sends them back to Italy kicking their ass stating that France won’t take any immigrant from Italy because they are economic migrants not refugees, withdrawing the promise to take some, but if it is Salvini who doesn’t want to take them then he says “he’s a fascist” we Italians look at this shameful show and think the only right ones are the British Hard Brexiteers, the ones who want out of the European Union clearly & tout court, we suspect Salvini and Conte wanted to change the Dublin Treaty because they could withdraw from the infamous Sophia Mission – that should protect the European coasts but actually till now often took illegal immigrants and brought them to Europe with humanitarian reasoning – well, they didn’t withdraw the Country from Sophia, they signed the procrastination of it like imbeciles instead, they say Italy is castrated because of the euro, because we haven’t got the monetary sovereignty – oh, how happy in this LGBT non brave new world to be castrated but it still sounds offensive, you know and I’m a female – but then also France without the Franc cannot really decide its own monetary and economic policy. And the Yellow Vests have many fans.

Why don’t we all French, Italian and Germans, just admit that Farage was and is right: it’s the EU the problem, and the Countries in the eurozone are worse off, France included no matter how snobbish Macron seems.

Yes, Hard Brexit is a sign of justice.

These masons have fucked up, I’m not sure they themselves know precisely what they’re doing, the Hard Brexiteers at least do.

Special message to the Dutch & Other Europeans about Sea Watch 3 and Brexit.

Dearest Readers,
this is a special message to the Dutch because of the Sea Watch 3 chaotic and painful situation, but it has complications and implications for the Britons, Brexit and the rest of the West too.
I have to say that lately I’ve been feeling like slowing down the publications I don’t know why, I’m making more videos. I wouldn’t like to reach the point I give up writing, really, as you can check I’m not publishing anything in English since a couple of days ago, which is unusual of me.
Nevermind, I’ll do what I can, you in Britain do Hard Brexit, the EU is a plot against the European ethnicities and cultures.