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SCANDAL: May rejected a free trade deal with no backstop in NI offered by the EU for the sake of entangling Britain.

Owen Patterson’s letter moved many Tories against May.

It’s worse than we had imagined.

I wanted to read in full the famous letter to Sir Brady of the 1922 Committee by Owen Patterson because the Telegraph said it made many people change their mind and suddenly the threshold of 48 no confidence letters to the PM as Tory Leader was “exceeded” I wondered what powerful words must have Owen Patterson used to convince more people, well, it’s incredible, as a blogger who likes to post and to link material from Infowars PJ Watson and David Icke and I think, I’m a conspiracy theorist, well yes, she is a traitor: she herself in the name of Britain rejected a serious free trade agreement with the EU with no irish backstop whatsoever offered by the EU!

I link the full letter by Patterson from Sky news because is for free in full Link I couldn’t believe what I was reading, by the end of the long and very interesting letter Owen Patterson says and I quote:

“President Tusk offered just such an alternative in March: a wide-ranging, zero-tariff free trade agreement.

That deal foundered on the question of the Northern Ireland border, but existing techniques and processes can resolve this. From my October meeting with Michel Barnier, I know that a willingness exists on the EU side to explore these possibilities more fully. The meeting also confirmed that Tusk’s offer is still on the table.

Throughout this process, I have sought to support the government. The conclusion is now inescapable that the prime minister is the blockage to the wide-ranging free trade agreement offered by Tusk which would be in the best interests of the country and command the support of parliament.”

First of all we must all apologize to Tusk and the EU representatives because we were made believe by May that her deal was the only one at disposal and the irish backstop was imposed by bad EU while insiders know the irish backstop was invented by her and she rejected the very best offer “still on the table”. She IS a traitor it’s not about David Icke I think she is paid by someone to botch Brexit.

The other element that hit my mind more than the rest is here:

“The UK would not have the unilateral right to end the arrangement – under May’s ‘deal’ ed notes -. We could be locked into it indefinitely as a permanent rule-taker while paying £39bn for the privilege.

European customs experts regard the withdrawal agreement’s customs arrangements as woefully out of date, proposing physical stamps and paper systems not used for nearly 20 years. They are so vague that it would be impossible to put them into practice.”

She didn’t send to Brussels competent people on purpose:

“It was a mistake for our EU negotiations to be led by a career civil servant with no business experience when the government had on hand a vastly experienced international trade negotiator, Crawford Falconer.”

Now from the curriculum of Mr. Crawford Falconer:

“Crawford Falconer is the United Kingdom’s Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser”

“Falconer has served in variety of roles including the New Zealand Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organisation(WTO), and as New Zealand’s Chief Negotiator and Adviser”

So May doesn’t want too experienced people negotiating the Brexit deal and sent the career civil servant and main Botcher-of-Brexit.

Sorry, guys, but yes, I don’t think she does it for free, I think she’s paid by some group of rich Remainers.

Now I expect she loses the no confidence vote.

For the rest, the letter in full is very interesting.

Very interesting.


The EU must get out, leave the UK too: that’s the deal.

It’s not just the UK that must get out of the EU, it’s also the EU that has to get out of the UK with all its ECJ and regulations, I think no-deal is better than any “deal” because it frees the UK of ALL entanglement with the EU, then, after the Exit from the EU and in a position of total independence you can abolish tariffs and btw you’ll never pay as much as 39 bln in tariffs because tariffs are reciprocated – also Germany and the other EU member states would have to pay tariffs to Britain – while the affiliation fee is one way only: you pay to trade with them but they don’t pay to trade with you therefore my conviction that Theresa May IS a traitor. Sack her and stop losing time with Remainers asking them to change mind and deliver Brexit.

Hard Brexiteers are lucky: also the City will want Hard Brexit; EU won’t have the pass to operate on Swiss Stock Exchanges.

This is a case of “I really want him back, but I’m kinda outta luck” it’s a song by – sic – Illuminati singer Lana DelRey: she kills her pimp, the poor prostitute and then says “My daddy is in the trunk of his brand new truck: I really want him back, but I’m kinda outta luck” Link

So the EU’s arrogance will kill every deal-with-the-UK possibility, now they’re trying to bully the Swiss – no one can – and this is the retaliation of Switzerland the neutral country; I translated for you an article from the website  Scenari Economici – “Economic Scenarios” in Italian – a philo-governative  super-blog focused on economy whose main author is  Professor Antonio Maria Rinaldi.


Author: Guido da Landriano

“The European Union wants to treat Switzerland as a colony, but the Swiss are not there!
A colonial power behaves towards the colonies with conclusive acts, ultimatum, executive orders and laws. The motherland makes a law and the colony applies it, and this is the Union’s desire for Switzerland, which does not yield.

Let’s go by order. The European Union had negotiated an equivalence agreement with several foreign countries, including Singapore and the USA, so that there would be a normative correspondence and the authorizations between the different stock exchanges. This authorizes European banks to operate on foreign stock exchanges without specific authorizations, and vice versa. Only that while the agreements with the US and other nations were made without a deadline, the one with Switzerland was given the deadline of 31/12/2018. A new agreement should have come into force as of 1/1/2019. pity that there has never been a negotiation: the Union has sent its proposal and ordered the Swiss to accept, giving as a deadline on December 7th. An authentic ultimatum, after which, without an approval signed by the 11th of December, there will be “Retaliations”, also because, in the most perfect Europeanist style “This is the most advantageous agreement you can get”, a little in the same way that the Godfather spoke of “An offer that you can not refuse”. A head of a horse will probably also have arrived at FINMA, the Swiss control body on the stock exchange.

I would like to point out that Switzerland had not refused to sign but had previously consulted with its operators and traders in order to know their opinion, but this does not seem to be part of the Union’s programs: after all it is the best possible agreement, so what is there to discuss? The best can not be improved. The inaction will then respond by prohibiting European banks from trading on Swiss stock exchanges, SIX and BX Swiss. Unfortunately in Switzerland they do not think the same way and have already prepared a legal framework to deal with European sanctions, a framework that responds blow to blow to European sanctions. First of all, European banks will be authorized to operate on Swiss stock exchanges, but under the supervision of FINMA, which may remove their authorization to operate. Furthermore, the negotiation of Swiss shares on European stock exchanges will be prohibited, according to a reciprocity factor.

There will certainly be economic consequences: it is possible that some Swiss companies will have less liquidity, even if, as a counterpart, the activities of the European banks’ trading offices in Switzerland will increase. from the moral point of view, however, is yet another case in which the Union behaves like an imperial, anti-democratic and colonial power, with which the only negotiation is the refusal of submission. The Swiss have succeeded, will the other Europeans understand this?”

Thanks Guido, but now certainly, Farage would say “they have bitten off more than they can chew” I can perfectly remember that the only serious problem for Hard Brexit wasn’t certainly the trucks supposedly waiting in Dover port, which problem was overstated recently, if you don’t want checks you just don’t check and let pass and even the 6 months assessment period was declared exaggerated by businessmenWarning


but the problem was the famous passport for the City operators: that’s the passport the EU gives you. I don’t believe City traders will ever accept this. The City will probably want Hard Brexit like the fishermen. Can you see them swallowing the prohibition to operate on the Swiss Stock Exchange because of the deal of May or Norway Style Soft Brexit? they’ll want to cut the leash and stop. Whatever the case, if they hang on the EU they are wrong.


Welcome to the City: at this point I think, God wants Brexit.

AKK or the Germans who want to be good.

AnneGret Kramp Karrenbauer with her predecessor Angela Merkel

This time she’s a western german and she comes from the side at the border with France, usually these types of Germans are considered “more modern” more happy-go-lucky but those are the ones in Düsseldorf and in Düsseldorf they are happy-go-lucky indeed, half of the town is a big, long pub, I like the Düsseldorfers, I don’t know these people from Saarland, it’s not NRW – my favourite, forgive me – but yes, she looks and sounds like a good girl, she wants limits to gay supposed rights, she’s a bit like Jacob Rees Mogg, the only point is she backed Merkel for the migrants and she shouldn’t have done it, basically, she’s the German who wants to be good: be the good girl you have to be.


  1. She has to be allied with Trump.
  2. She has to repatriate the illegal immigrants.
  3. She has to swallow that Britain will leave the EU and this will change radically the EU, even it might kill it.

And, AfD supporters must not be intimidated or arrested, AfD like the NPD are constitutionally approved Parties, their supporters cannot be “hunted” by self proclaimed anti-nazis.

For example: this must stop

If the Germans want to be good, which I am pleased of, they can send money to poor countries, the invasion of Europe must end.

Or the new good-girl-turned-queen-of-Ice cannot be supported by us. I’m confident she’ll be reasonbale, she has no past in the Stasi, she must understand freedom of speech, if you don’t understand this, you just don’t understand the West.

Merkel & AKK.

Come on, it’s time to close the EU and its nonsensical/criminal austerity eurozone project.

Wonderful pictures from France

It looks like the end of the world is coming for the rise in the prize of benzin – taxes – and the f****ng EU austerity and cuts and taxes for the sake of staying in the f****ng eurozone; the eurozone is a crime, the Economist Mark Blyth had predicted it: it will be France to exit the EU before Brexit, can you remember? I can remember and I can remember the explanation too “Fillon will win, he’s a Tatcherite and after 8 years austerity that’s a hard selling” now Fillon didn’t win simply because the judges those idiotic masonic nuts blocked him, then they managed to put the globalist Macron at the Elysée with the idiotic explanation that LePen was a fascist, it wasn’t even true but nevermind, now Macron dubbed with anger “The President of the rich ones” is trying to do the Marie Antoinette “we rich spend and live in luxury, you plebs pay taxes for staying in the eurozone since ‘Brussels wants it’ and shut up” he’ll end up like Marie Antoinette if he doesn’t step down – the French say they want General Villiers whom Macron sacked as President, General like DeGaulle and Trump supports the yellow vests too – at that point it’s even useless to wait for Brexit it’s better if Blyth’s prediction comes true also without Fillon, that France scraps the EU Treaties and reverts to the Franc. In Brussels there’s a criminal association; what the Gilets Jaunes refuse?

  1. Taxes;
  2. Austerity;
  3. Illegal immigration and to have to pay for illegal immigrants to stay in France: they call for repatriation of the illegals.

As you can see they are actually rejecting everything that comes from the EU: taxes, austerity, illegal immigration.

It’s not just the benzin, so. Right-wing people want low taxes and control on immigration and the borders and good wages. Common french citizens who don’t even identify as right-wing agree, Mélenchon and the Insoumises agree, the benzin tax is justified with Global Warming and Climate Change, the UN masonic obsessions no one cares about.

Shut down the EU and the UN, by courtesy.

I think it’s enough. God bless Trump – who never cared about “Global Warming & Climate Change, the UN & Co.” and boasts about the fact that the Yellow Vests agree with him in a tweet to Macron

Here’s the tweet:


and bless Gen. Villiers, and Salvini and DiMaio too – to be honest also Mark Blyth: he had told us; and btw there are good news from Sweden too, the Sweden Democrats entered local government in many towns with the Moderate Party, I wish them very well and hope for the same pattern to be followed in Stockholm for the National government and Parliament.

Dear French, here is the recipe for making a pincer like Salvini and DiMaio without losing votes, even increasing them.

Often what stops right-wing and left-wing politicians from doing the pincer against the NWO is the fear that the voters may reject the alliance with an ex-competitor, that is that a left – extreme Right alliance Mélenchon – LePen and Dupont Aignan is rejected by the voters of the Left or an alliance Tory Brexiteers-DUP-Corbyn for Hard Brexit may be rejected by some Tories. Here’s how Salvini and DiMaio solved the problem: the Internet.
The summits of the League and the 5 Star Movement Leaders met at Pirellone, a skyscraper former headquarter of the Lombardy Region and former headquarters of Pirelli that is located in Milan

The Pirelli skyscraper or else nicknamed “Pirellone”
Salvini and some of the League’s senior politicians and DiMaio with his 5 Stars Movement seniores inside the Pirellone when they wrote down the Contract.

and have made the famous “contract for the government of change” called in brief in Italy “Il Contratto” “The Contract”

“Contract for the Government of Change” with the two symbols of the contracting Parties 5 Stars Movement and League

then, to avoid accusations of betrayal by the electoral base, the Contract was put to the vote of the members of the Parties, the 5 Stars have the so-called Rousseau Platform where all the members of the Party are registered and well over 90 % of subscribers approved the Lega-5Stelle Contract,

Screenshot of the first page, the entrance page, of the Rousseau Platform of the 5 Stars Movement

the League has subjected the scrutiny of its members and the population to the Contract during a weekend and on Monday they both have proposed the government to the Head of State at the Quirinal, even among the League supporters the approval percentage was stratospheric because the people want to solve the material problems, above all the issues of immigration and unemployment, the Contract was stipulated by inserting an element of the electoral program of the League and one of the 5 Stars alternately for ex. block of illegal immigration for the League and citizenship income for the 5 Stars and so on, then as nobody accepted the other for Prime Minister they agreed to call Giuseppe Conte, University Professor of Law who had not even been a candidate and they asked him to be Prime Minister while they Salvini and DiMaio were both made vice-premiers and one took the Ministry of the Interior to check Security and immigration in person, the other the Ministry of Labor to check the revenue of citizenship and occupation in first person, they also chose 7 technical ministers who did not belong to either of the two parties. Well, far from shouting to betrayal, the approval rating of this government is very high by the citizens.
Do it too. The Contract works. To avoid fractures there is the clause that what is included in the Contract is all supported by both the League and the 5 Stars, ie you can not approve only the points inserted by your own Party in Parliament and not vote those of others.

CalderoleicaramelleRoberto Calderoli, Lega, offers candy to the guests the first day they sat down to write the contract.
The recipe is easy, in three days you will change the world.

The French must do “the Claw” like the Italians if they want to defeat Freemasonry and save France.

Fight is never a dull activity, to win you must be clever, you must be smart, not just tough; now in France there is the upheaval but it is not yet politicised, Mélenchon is under attack by the magistrature, LePen was under attack by the magistrature, Fillon was under attack by the magistrature, same went in Italy, actually Salvini’s League, DiMaio’s father and Silvio Berlusconi who represent three different independent from one another Parties: League – far right – 5 Stars Movement – working rights, ecologists, against the banking supremacy – Forza Italia – moderate centre-Right, pro business and for lowering the taxes to the rich ones and the entrepreneurs; well they all are under attack because they are not leftwing, leftwing not like Mélenchon or Corbyn pay attention, leftwing as globalist, pro banking supremacy, pro immigration and LGBT; Italy is steering anti-NWO because in the end we did the Claw; actually you must do the nutcracker, you must crash them from two sides a right-wing and a left-wing and they crash;


On one side there is DiMaio and the 5 Stars Movement and on the other side Salvini and the League, be careful, in Italia and also France the globalists were strong enough not to be defeated by one side only, in Sweden to defeat them they must include the Sweden Democrats in the government, in France to pull down the Macron-Rothschild Party they must do the government LePen-Mélenchon like Salvini-DiMaio and if it can help choose a professor like Conte as PM, also in Germany AfD is getting allied with Die Linke against globalisation and the invasion of immigrants “oh so feminist” indeed they told german women basically to stay at home and keep men at an “arm’s length” it will remain in History this “keep men at an arm’s lenght” strategy against rapists…

It’s the only way, believe me and do it.

Do it because it works, you cannot just go there and set cars afire. You must stop thinking badly of the other people who are against Globalisation; Macron is rumoured to want to cede to the Germany dominated EU the seat at the UN Security Council won by DeGaulle with included right of veto.

Ah and…the Russian bots, the Russian disinfo…is this disinfo?

This is a mixed Swedish, French and Russian journalistic material proposed in English what did the DailyMail or the Telegraph tell you about the hell is happening in France? RT is good, they do information in English and I thank them, as I thank Henrik Palmgren and the others who do real information.

And I’m sorry for this Suavelos, but you must make it political. There’s nothing wrong in making it political, either you believe in Democracy or you believe in setting cars afire, kind of.

Democracy is more powerful.

The claw works.