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Don’t trust Giuseppe Conte: he’s just another globalist.

The speaker of globalism Giuseppe Conte

The Sea Watch 3 case reveals and confirms the role of Giuseppe Conte unfortunately Prime Minister in Italy only because Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Republic who stinks of freemasonry no matter how much he takes showers, did not want either Salvini or DiMaio who had electoral mandates to govern as PM, well his role is the speaker of globalism in Italy and human trafficker: he dispatches migrants – NOT REFUGEES, ONLY ILLEGAN AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS WITHOUT ANY RIGHT TO STAY IN EUROPE – among the member States of the EU. The fact that Italy does not take them is only due to the perpetual mess that Matteo Salvini makes, then Conte begins:

stage a) we take a few, they are only 47 (I do not know why lately they are always 47)

stage b) Salvini makes a mess, jumps in the polls because the Italians don’t want them too, then Conte calls the EU and tells them “take them among other states I can not do anything anymore, I tried”

The EU acts as a central migrant dispatch center: it finances the NGOs that take them with the money of the Member States – and that’s why, among other reasons, I LONG, WISH for No DEAL HARD BREXIT WITHOUT ANY payment settlement from the blessed UK God bless the Hard Brexiteers – then gives a little help with Sophia and then sends them to the sick European Countries where the Left still has a bit of power -.

It is the Kalergy Plan.

Immigrants must be sent back to Africa and Asia NOT to other European Countries. So then with the free movement it’ s the same and it is unfair to the other states of Europe that should take illegal immigrants and keep them as if they were refugees (if they send them back kicking their ass they do well, I’m fed up with Africans, the latest habit of these poor miserable chaps, the worst among the humans it’s breast ironing of little girls, after Female Genital Mutilation, I don’t know why they quarrel so much about racism they can endure much more pain than be called a n****r or at least inflict it).

Salvini also stewed me: he’s just the least bad.


Here’s the man to hate: Massimo Kothmeir, the commander who takes migrants allegedely disobeying the Italian government.

If the official version is true, it’s worse. Salvini and DiMaio, as well as Conte and Elisabetta Trenta and Toninelli would be a bunch of perfect idiots who allow – after being accused of being nothinglessthan “fascists” – this individual, this probably Mason, this idiot and traitor of Italy to go into the Maltese Sar to take migrants against the orders of the Home Office, the Defense Ministry and of the whole government, can you believe it?


Here it is, the new most hated man in the country, instead of Ms. Laura Boldrini: the Commander of the patrol vessel U. Diciotti who goes to get immigrants in Maltese Sar and then has the power (?) to put the rest of all of us Italians back at the wall: Massimo Kothmeir, now I just have to find out that it is Israeli Jew and then I shoot him.

But can you believe it?

What troubles me is that Salvini continues to take it upon Malta and the other Europeans “because they do not take their share of migrants” – which is what Soros would like him to do and as a matter of fact is an implementation of the Kalergy Plan that consists in filling the Entire Europe of African-Asian immigrants and not to let them shore aground in Italy and Greece – instead of dishonoring this individual who, military, because the Italian Coast Guard is a part of the Navy under the Ministry of Defense and the unworthy Minister Elisabetta Trenta, would be doing what he pleases against the government, this is what troubles me because if I were Minister of Defense, it would be impossible the commander of Diciotti does what he likes, understood? But how can you possibly allow yourself  doing something of the kind, and Salvini would be a fascist? “like Mussolini”? but can you imagine Mussolini taking orders and let impose orders to the whole government, to the whole country and also now to the whole EU by a commander of a miserable Dattilo of 90 meters? Either Elisabetta Trenta, the Italian Defence Secretary, agrees with him or this government is to be dropped by unworthiness. In the military it does not exist the case that the commandant of a ship does the hell he wants, then Salvini instead of arguing with Malta should start arguing with his own government.

And Moavero Milanesi – the Foreign Secretary – goes to Europe to shame us even more and tells Macron “The Commander of the ship Diciotti took the migrants and put us all back at the wall, ‘let’s change Dublin'”.

Sure why not. Let’s see if I have to be ashamed.

Let’s take a survey:

a) It is worse if the commander of Diciotti really does what he likes and no one removes him.

b) It is worse if Salvini is doing the double game.

c) It is worse to be Moavero Milanesi.

I have answered to myself: a) is worse. Of course.

Macron facing Reality. And he may have to swallow some of the things he said about LePen.

Edouard Philippe the french Prime Minister LR, and Emmanuel Macron the french President EM

24th of August is an important date: Macron will have to face reality, to gather the EU together or finally to break it down. He may have to swallow some of the things he said about Marine LePen whom he despised, almost hated, but not so much as many others quite for snobbery, not to have to lean too much. But’ he’ll have to, face reality and face Marine’s face laughing at him and asking him: “And now what do you do, boy?”.

You know what? Macron wants to change radically the EU working rights to obtain two good outcomes, and I do agree with him – and with Philippe I suppose –

  1. It cannot, it must not be more convenient for a french firm to hire non french workers, that is, french and non french must be paid the same brut wage – not only the same net wage with the taxation trick – and taxes must be paid to France.

Brilliant, but almost obvious.

2) French unemployed must be hired first if special skills non present in loco are not required; that is, in France you can hire a french to clean the room of an office, then if you need a chinese translator you can hire a chinese etc.

3) Illegal immigrants, the so called economic migrants or clandestine etc. must be repatriated or sent back to the previous country they come from – Italy usually but not always – economic migrants must not and again cannot be given the economic treatment of the refugees.

And that would be obvious, for me it is, other people they have made this mess picking up illegal immigrants calling them refugees and now they’ve got only their own conscience to face because they will be deported and that is the right thing to do.

What’s the point?

The point is that it is easy that he wins about the migrants, who in fact in his right senses would grant the status of refugee to an illegal immigrant? No one, they will say, ok, the illegals must be repatriated. But on the first point, to change the EU working rights, he’ll face the wall: the EU is not a charity, no matter what it wants to seem, when it comes to the money and the interests of the firms that want legal ways to underpay workers, there they become tough, they say no. I believe he won’t obtain the change in the working rights, even if he’s blatantly right in asking them, it’s not about being scared of the french unsoumis of old good Mélenchon rioting, he can bear the riots, but in this peculiar case, the rioters would be working poor and unemployed, and people who didn’t go to University and want a job to clean rooms or in a factory, or to pick up strawberries, they must be paid a good wage, in this I am a socialist – socialist the italian way – not communist – they must be given a good wage and stop, it’s enough that they couldn’t access high standard schools and Universities.

If Emmanuel Macron cannot save the European Union, he’ll have to break it completely. He’ll have to do really what LePen in the end was scared to do; he’ll have not be scared, in front of the door, to sign that score. Hic Rhodus, dear, hic salta.

Good luck, Emmanuel.