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Hard Brexiteers are lucky: also the City will want Hard Brexit; EU won’t have the pass to operate on Swiss Stock Exchanges.

This is a case of “I really want him back, but I’m kinda outta luck” it’s a song by – sic – Illuminati singer Lana DelRey: she kills her pimp, the poor prostitute and then says “My daddy is in the trunk of his brand new truck: I really want him back, but I’m kinda outta luck” Link

So the EU’s arrogance will kill every deal-with-the-UK possibility, now they’re trying to bully the Swiss – no one can – and this is the retaliation of Switzerland the neutral country; I translated for you an article from the website  Scenari Economici – “Economic Scenarios” in Italian – a philo-governative  super-blog focused on economy whose main author is  Professor Antonio Maria Rinaldi.


Author: Guido da Landriano

“The European Union wants to treat Switzerland as a colony, but the Swiss are not there!
A colonial power behaves towards the colonies with conclusive acts, ultimatum, executive orders and laws. The motherland makes a law and the colony applies it, and this is the Union’s desire for Switzerland, which does not yield.

Let’s go by order. The European Union had negotiated an equivalence agreement with several foreign countries, including Singapore and the USA, so that there would be a normative correspondence and the authorizations between the different stock exchanges. This authorizes European banks to operate on foreign stock exchanges without specific authorizations, and vice versa. Only that while the agreements with the US and other nations were made without a deadline, the one with Switzerland was given the deadline of 31/12/2018. A new agreement should have come into force as of 1/1/2019. pity that there has never been a negotiation: the Union has sent its proposal and ordered the Swiss to accept, giving as a deadline on December 7th. An authentic ultimatum, after which, without an approval signed by the 11th of December, there will be “Retaliations”, also because, in the most perfect Europeanist style “This is the most advantageous agreement you can get”, a little in the same way that the Godfather spoke of “An offer that you can not refuse”. A head of a horse will probably also have arrived at FINMA, the Swiss control body on the stock exchange.

I would like to point out that Switzerland had not refused to sign but had previously consulted with its operators and traders in order to know their opinion, but this does not seem to be part of the Union’s programs: after all it is the best possible agreement, so what is there to discuss? The best can not be improved. The inaction will then respond by prohibiting European banks from trading on Swiss stock exchanges, SIX and BX Swiss. Unfortunately in Switzerland they do not think the same way and have already prepared a legal framework to deal with European sanctions, a framework that responds blow to blow to European sanctions. First of all, European banks will be authorized to operate on Swiss stock exchanges, but under the supervision of FINMA, which may remove their authorization to operate. Furthermore, the negotiation of Swiss shares on European stock exchanges will be prohibited, according to a reciprocity factor.

There will certainly be economic consequences: it is possible that some Swiss companies will have less liquidity, even if, as a counterpart, the activities of the European banks’ trading offices in Switzerland will increase. from the moral point of view, however, is yet another case in which the Union behaves like an imperial, anti-democratic and colonial power, with which the only negotiation is the refusal of submission. The Swiss have succeeded, will the other Europeans understand this?”

Thanks Guido, but now certainly, Farage would say “they have bitten off more than they can chew” I can perfectly remember that the only serious problem for Hard Brexit wasn’t certainly the trucks supposedly waiting in Dover port, which problem was overstated recently, if you don’t want checks you just don’t check and let pass and even the 6 months assessment period was declared exaggerated by businessmenWarning


but the problem was the famous passport for the City operators: that’s the passport the EU gives you. I don’t believe City traders will ever accept this. The City will probably want Hard Brexit like the fishermen. Can you see them swallowing the prohibition to operate on the Swiss Stock Exchange because of the deal of May or Norway Style Soft Brexit? they’ll want to cut the leash and stop. Whatever the case, if they hang on the EU they are wrong.


Welcome to the City: at this point I think, God wants Brexit.


Wall Street Journal, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Trump, Michel Hoeullebecq why so many different people have it against the EU. And it’s not just about Brexit.

The army against the EU, the UN and the globalists is becoming quite, let’s say, various, people and clubs that have nothing in common if not the despise for the EU and its Commission; let’s start by the money:


The Wall Street Journal; owner: Dow Jones & Company, News Corporation.

2.277 million copies, founded in 1889 directly by Charles Dow and Edward Jones – the ones who gave the name to the Dow Jones, ok? – well, here it is what they think about the EU Commission and its strange moves:

Source and an extract of the article:

Behind the Brussels-Rome Dispute

How can the EU reject a budget well within the Maastricht Treaty’s limits?

The budget showdown between Rome and Brussels has transfixed European media and investors for weeks. The new Italian government, formed from insurgent political parties, proposed a deficit equal to 2.4% of gross domestic product next year. On Tuesday the European Commission said that’s too high and gave Italy three weeks to submit a new budget. Yet a 2.4% deficit is still well under the 3% ceiling set by the Maastricht Treaty. Why is Brussels imposing a much tighter limit on Rome?

The same WSJ had stated in 2017 that Nationalism is the future, the Democrats live in a world that doesn’t exist anymore and went with many otehr articles promoting positive nationalism:


Source Extract:

“If Donald Trump were a liberal Democrat, some of the media’s descriptions of “chaos” and “disarray” in the White House probably would be replaced with stories about “creative tension” among a “team of rivals…”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Now the Trotskysts, yes, the Trotskists, and the french ones moreover, Jean Luc Mélenchon leader of the far-leftwing formation La France Unsoumise actually agreed with both Salvini – supposedly far Right – and the Wall Street Journal – American high finance – he defended the right of the Italian Government to do the best budget in the interest of the Italian people, in his own words at the EU parliament he said: “In this matter, the French have an interest in defending popular sovereignty”, and ” We must exit the treaties, it is my conclusion “.

Michel Hoeullebecq

The french intellectuals, headed by Michel Hoeuellebecq author of the renowned and also a little notorious The Elementary Particles because he knew about the Gender project back in 1998 when very few people knew about it. He said: “I am ready to vote anyone, provided that he proposes the exit from the European Union and from NATO”. I care about it a lot”- He was preceded by Emmanuel Todd, the famous historian and sociologist: “When a state and a government lose the power of monetary creation, well, they can not do any more – and all political life becomes a comedy – If [Macron] did not understand that he is not really president, we are really bad “.

The philosopher Marcel Gauchet, the neo-atheist (sic) Michel Onfray, the philosopher-economist Jacques Sapir, the essayist and essayist, have already ruled against the euro and the Eurocratic dictatorship Régis Debray (the former guerrilla man with Che in Bolivia) journalist Coralie Delaume … knowing the influence that intellectuals have in France, it is not little.

“For the first time, a budget of a democratically elected government is rejected by the Brussels Commission: a coup d’état against the Italian people! At the European elections of 2019 we put an end to the “putting under protection” of the nations “: the deputy Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is not a surprise, being the leader of Dèbout La France, an openly sovereignist Gaullist movement.

Even the famous economist Patrick Artus, of Natixisi, mainstream Europeanist, begins to publish that – for example – the EU has made us slow down in technological innovation: see the difference of industrial robots adopted in Japan, in Korea, compared to the eurozone: “It must be acknowledged that the EU does not prepare us for the future”, he admits.

The weekly Marianne (progressive, 150 thousand copies, founded by two known Jews), publishes an article entitled: “Rejection of the Italian budget: why the European Commission has not understood anything”, in which he remembers that Italy has obeyed for a decade to the European restrictive rules: and “the balance of the last ten years is clear: these rules of budget discipline are not only perfectly useless and arbitrary, they are also perfectly harmful. The proof: the growth of the eurozone in the decade has been very weak (….) A lost decade. Closed in its bureaucratic-punitive view of the world, the Commission has forgotten about the legitimacy, but above all about its usefulness of its sacred rules “-

Ashoka Moody gives a hand …to the nationalists and shows the graphic of the lost decade


The euro is the ball at the foot of the economies.
The graphic shows that “emerging countries that have their own currency (blue line) after 30 quarters (7 years) have an income 30% higher than the time of the outbreak to those of the south of the eurozone. The periphery of the eurozone (with us inside) is instead stopped at the stake. Virtually identical income ” Source

Donald John Trump President of the United States of America

Donald John Trump President of the USA

Trump is actually openly helping both the Italian Conte Government, because in case of bullying on the side of the EU Commission or the ECB against Italy the USA will buy the Italian debt and the Hard Brexiteers in Britain  because he offered a trade deal UK-USA soon after Brexit in this case the UK must not have ties with the European Union Single Market because otherwise it just won’t have the legal possibility to strike trade deals independently from the EU, this is why Farage states that there’s no “hard Brexit” in fact that is simply Brexit, a situation that gives back the economic and political autonomy to the UK, starting with the legal possibility to strike trade deals independently from the EU. And Trump is there to help.

Now I’d like you to notice the miscellaneous group, that didn’t even know to be a group:

Wall Street Journal, Trump, Salvini, Mélenchon and the trotskysts, Michel Hoeullebeq and the intellectuals – who voted Macron “to stop LePen” and now don’t like the situation either – the best image of all this is this one – from France:


And now? “Qu’est-ce qu’on fait?” “what do we do?”. Exit, of course, I can’t see any other solution.

The EU is a strange operation whose aim seems to be to destroy the European wellbeing, Daniel Hannan a Telegraph columnist who campaigned for Brexit described it as a “racket”. In fact it is, the only system where the ones who pay take orders by the ones who take the money and not the otehr way round is the racket. Italy is a net contributor to the EU and it’s treated like a rag, same goes for Britain that was the second net contributor to the EU after Germany, and David Cameron the british Prime Minister was actually laughed at when he proposed some changes because in the UK it didn’t work well, then Brexit won. In a normal system the ones who pay give the rules, in the EU Countries like France, Italy or, before Brexit, the UK pay but take the rules. It is a shame and this must stop. End of.

MAGA 1: Work and Economy. How Trump is making the Slogan real.

Dayton’s citizens talk about their experience in Trump’s America. ADaytonJobsTrump

Dayton man: It’s all crazy, it’s all crazy. I’m not a Trump fan at all, but he’s getting stuff done, it’s weird. I see people working. I’ve been talking to people, and it’s like, you can go get a job here, you can go get a job there. We’ve got a good economy. There’s jobs. I don’t like him as a person. But it’s like, he’s doing stuff. Link

As soon as you check the interviews on the link you’ll see it’s not paid people to say good things about Trump and it’s not staunch republicans, they say also sentences that show they are influenced by the lefty propaganda “the immigrants, the nepotism…etc” still they admit there’s job and work and employment if you want to get a job, you go there and you get it. So the MAGA – Make America Great Again – is real, Trump is making it real and you can check.

Even more impressive this one here:


Link “The economy is roaring, the courts are turning right and trade wars are not producing defeats. As the president’s approval rating creeps up, is it all going right for Republicans?”

strong economy with joblessness at its lowest rate for nearly half a century. A new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. Hopes of peace in the Korean peninsula. No major terrorist attacks on the homeland. A week that began with cheers at the White House for a new supreme court justice and ended with the release of an American pastor from jail in Turkey.

An alien who landed in Washington today might be forgiven for assuming the president is a highly successful leader…”

“I think by any reasonable standard it’s been amazing,” Gingrich told the Guardian, pointing to bigger economic growth, bigger deregulation and more federal court appointments than he said anyone thought possible two years ago.

As you can check – and I am very proud of it, since I supported Trump from the very beginning – the Source is not a White House controlled source or Fox News, it is – sic – The Guardian, basically the number one british leftwing newspaper. Quite.

Steel and Aluminium tariffs that grant the jobs of the production remain in America:

Trump signs the bill that regulates the import of steel and aluminium surrounded by real steel workers.

Now this move is very “socialist” and very human; all those good people who want to open the markets do not care about the Nation and also they do not care about the fact that the working places in the USA are not exploitative, while in China etc. the workers are pitilessly exploited and none of us can really control, can you remember the flag-t shirt of the silly feminists “This is what a feminist looks like” was found out to be produced in India in a factory where women were exploited, they even had to sleep in the factory and couldn’t meet their children…this is the Left, or better what’s left of it.

Yes, Trump is a good President and it’ better to vote Republican to go on making America Great Again, building and having good jobs to make the slogan real, as… the Guardian and Dayton’s citizens confirm.

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Trump walks through Trump International Hotel construction site  in Washington
Trump walking inside the building site of a new hotel of his.

By the way Trump has always been a man of work, both in office and on the building sites of his Hotel-chain.

Donald Trump working in office in 1987

he knows the workers personally and was never shy of mixing with people, I think he’s good for America and the slogan starting with the verb “make” shows he’s a man of action who doesn’t wait for lucky things to happen in his life. The slogan of Hillary? Started with the word “I” “I’m with her”…with whom?

Donald Trump
Trump mixing with cheering people. The Americans love him.
Finished beautiful hotel.

Nice result… for all this work. Isn’t it?

if you want to ha beautiful things, you may be lucky and just have them or you can be like Trump and build them. I’d trust them for other two years, give them the Congress.


Like Trump

Just do it


No Living Wage: why I’d like a purely Rightwing government in Italy.

Roberto Fico – 5 Stars Movement – cannot treat us – of the Right – like a plague, he is insulting the allies to do the “lefty side of the government” in Italy and to distance himself from the League by declaring: “there is no alliance with the League – and it’s not true – we work on the wire of the contract … “Link.

I decided: I do not want to give the citizenship income to anyone, the measures against poverty are already there and it is the inclusion income I think of monthly 450 euros; 780 euros a month for making nothing are too many; now you know what I tell you, that the income of citizenship so high is unconstitutional:

Article 1 of the Italian Constitution

Italy is a Democratic Republic founded on Work.

All right? It’s not based on giving money for two years to people going to the job center desk directly to ask for the citizenship income instead of asking for a job. Then I haven’t got to take Fico’s insults, he’s there as President of the Chamber with Salvini’s votes, moreover, according to the polls the Center-Rightwing coalition at present would win:


and we could make a clean budget, right without illegal immigration and without income of citizenship, that of Gentiloni in the end, the check poverty of 450 euros, was enough, 780 euros a month not to do anything are too many, all right? And I can see the result in Britain that was ruined, deformed as a society by Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s handouts to everybody because they are vulnerable: I don’t like this, my most ancient Readers can remember that before the Brexit campaign started I was a supporter of George Osborne’s policies to revert Britain from a living wage Country to a working Country and Osborne and Cameron won the elections, by far and much more than Theresa May and also among the youth promising they would cut the ridiculously and dangerously high benefits handouts. Then Brexit prevailed and Osborne was sacked.

Enough, I’m sorry, but I do not digest it any more: I want to do the electoral campaign again, clearly saying two things:

No citizenship income in the budget – keeping the poverty check of 450 euros a month for the really poor;

And about the euro to be very clear: either the dry exit from the eurozone and eventually from the EU or if you stay in the euro and in the EU you must respected the signed treaties including Maastricht, otherwise you must just get out, I’m not afraid of the exit and the Plan B of Savona for exiting the eurozone is excellent, this, sorry for the expression, “shaggery” of wanting to stay in the euro without respecting the Treaties I do not accept it anthropologically, I’m not like that as a person. the best of Italy is not like that. The best are never like that.

In fact, Jesus Christ said: let your talk be yes, yes, no, no, everything else comes from the evil one.

Did we sign these “fucking” treaties? Unfortunately yes and they are embarrassing and those who signed them should be ashamed maybe more than those who wrote them, then either you respect them or you must leave, I am pro-leave because I truly don’t like them. I’m looking forward getting rid of Fico, I can not stand this “Vietnam at home” anymore.


The allegations against Salvini are archived and Paolo Savona with his wonderful Plan B can be candidated with the League. I trust the Italians.

Def: I want to be the advocate of Moscovici for once.

Preparations for the joint conference of Pierre Moscovici and Giovanni Tria

Rome: In short, Pierre Moscovici, the Brussels man who came down in person for a private interview with both the Head of State Mattarella and the Minister of the Treasury Giovanni Tria giving the latter, brevi manu, the letter in which he reproaches Italy that we are seriously deviating from the stability pact, for once I want to agree with him and the EU and it does not happen often.

What do I mean? This: that I do not like the Def either, and I specified it already, add other bad news read on the newspaper of Berlusconi IlGiornale, another 45 billion debt more or less under the title “various and miscellaneus” that it is not understood these others 45 billion where do they go, here, and this after the pre-halloween little ghost of Article 23 that milked millions to the Red Cross in the hands of PD technicians of which the Conte government knew nothing, and even the amnesty to bring back to Italy dirty money potentially capital of mafiosi of which at least DiMaio knew nothing and then the notorious crazy spending for citizenship income to citizens and not, with Italians and immigrants residing for 5 years already in the queue of the so-called job centers not to look for a job (the name job-center is practically orwellian) but to get the form to claim the living wage, you do not need to be Juncker, Öttinger or Moscovici just to reject it.

Can we redo it from the start, this Def?

I say this, because I am an honest person or at least a person who tries to be honest: I want to leave the euro and the EU because I do not want to respect the rules of the euro and the EU, for the EU I am a sort of neo-Nazi bigot who likes to beat money and do what she wants, my list of human rights contains four items, theirs at least three hundred, that is for me it is human right not to be tortured, time of fresh air and healthy food in prison, it is not a human right the uterus for rent, gay marriages or demanding the censorship of the right-wing media, then I do not like the rules of the Single Market because I have calculated that we would be richer without the Single Market, we would block the products of North Africa, not all, only those in competition with ours, and we would reopen at the Russian Market, yes I am between convinced and sure that we would be richer without the Single Market and then I want the monetary sovereignty ergo-therefore-so I want to get out, I would never ask to stay in and not to respect the rules because it makes no sense to me. As a child I used to be told that I seemed like the Gestapo only because in Calabria I wanted the respect of the Laws, the written ones, not the damned “unwritten” laws, do not speak to me of non-written laws I disdain of this thing, they are the cheaters and the false middle-class camorra-men and the Masons who speak of “unwritten laws”. In fact for this I want to leave the EU. If not, Moscovici is right.

My thought / little thought cunning that hides a hope, because after all this government is nice and even DiMaio may be better than the Berlusca – nickname of Berlusconi ed-notes – is that Salvini and DiMaio are playing the part, they will make this new Council of Ministers on the full-of-mistakes Def and then DiMaio will get the elimination of the pardon for dirty money and the higher prices of the RC car – a tax – in the North and Salvini the abolition of the income of citizenship or at least the freezing for two years or the restriction only to Italian citizens residing in Italy, then all the dark expenses added by the “little hands” who take millions of taxpayers’ money without contributing, State burosaurs with a wife recommended to the Caritas or Red Cross or in some institution hope to help the migrants and themselves but still with our money.

The Def must be as clean and clear as glass.

I do not owe anything to the lobbies and sects that still lurk in the corridors of the State, surely I do not owe them money, I have never liked the post-nineties fashion to make cuts to State employees and then finance with public money COOPs, NGOs, charities, the “volunteering” because if the money are put there by the state then the jobs should be assigned by title and score, instead these COOPs these NGOs and “voluntary associations” and charities in which everyone acts like they were St. Francis, but however, they are not poor and hire those whom they like with the moral aggravation that being the jobs assigned by recommendation the salaries are paid by the State instead, then it was better when the hiring was made directly by the State according to the curriculum and score and not political opinion or personal friendship with the boss of the charity etc. and that’s it. I’ve always hated those in private schools boasting of providing a service to the State and filling a gap, it’s not true, private schools hire those who they want, and salaries should be paid with their private money, the State should not put a penny, or should be obliged to hire those in the rankings of the State, instead they take by personal recommendation those whom they like, make the same rating of those who work for State-school and as soon as a good place in the State-school is free they jump the queue and take it – after not having made the mess of disadvantaged mountain seats etc. -: I do not think it honest, at least to us at Gestapo you know all this cheating does not seem so normal.

The Italian Def is wrong, and it’s not about Oettinger.

Matteo Salvini – on the right – and Luigi DiMaio – on the left –

DiMaio has “renzite” alias “Renzi’s fever”: he wants to give 500 euros to young people for two years. But why? I support the return to the vote and have a pure right-wing government without this giving – away-money-to-all-strategy, for this and more.

I say this with regret, now if Giovanni Tria, the Italian Finance Minister, resigned I would understand it, I myself had said and written that the income of citizenship, a sort of living wage, if well-modulated could be in, if indeed they also extend it to immigrants residing in Italy for 5 years – that is, not even the notorious leftwing pro immigration ex mayor of Riace Lucano would do this – moreover with the danger that if someone who does deserve it does not really receive it, especially if foreigner or Roma, invariably and regardless of the facts a leftwing mob will say that it is racism, now add the last bad news about this dangerous Document of Financial and Economic Program called in short Def read on the Newspaper that Mr. DiMaio has invented the universal income: 500 euros per month to all young people between 18 and 26 regardless of family income. That is also to the children of the wealthy families and you just do agree with Öttinger and want to refuse it. But why this mania of giving away tax-money? So, I distance myself, so it is better for me if they make the RAI appointments in these two days, they say that tomorrow they hurry up and then we go back to vote and maybe we manage to have a purely Right-wing government that does not include any sort of living wage in the Def, for me DiMaio has renzite, Renzi’s illness to give money ” to the young “the famous 500 euros to the eighteen yer old for the expenses in culture, then the 80 euros to those who already had the salary etc. – those ones were given also to my sister – then another 500 or 600 euros to teachers already hired to spend them in culture, theater books etc. DiMaio should remember that Renzi did not win the elections with this strategy to give money to selected categories of citizens: the Italians had not asked him this – basically the Italians had not asked anything to Renzi and ousted him as soon as they could – but DiMaio seems to have Renzi’s habit  square or cube, that is he seems to want to give away many more of those given away by Renzi.

The income of citizenship extended to immigrants with dependent wives and children who have resided only for 5 years will not be sustainable, the country would fail, and then at least if it were a political move, there is also the aggravating circumstance that the Constitutional Court tells us to declare the false: that it would be unconstitutional to give citizenship income only to Italian citizens – and this is not true and just that – but they went even further, they would have the audacity to declare the minimum ten-year-long requested residence “unconstitutional” , that the Constitution says that the income of citizenship should be given to foreigners who have been resident for only 5 years: and this is not only false, it is impossible, that is, it is impossible for the Constitution goes into detail about the laws, so much so that they are too many ten years of residence required and therefore they should be reduced to five. Accepting this would be the end of parliamentary democracy, it is the usual attempted judicial coup, the judges’ attempt to decide and write laws in the place of politicians and parliament.

The Constitution guarantees that the foreigner must not be tortured etc. but not that he should be given the income of citizenship – if I go to Germany I have the right that the German police do not torture me, I do not have the right that the German state pay me the income of citizenship, even if it pays it to German citizens – nor can the Constitution set the stakes of ten or five years of residence, it is absurd to accept it, but there is one, however, the doubt that Salvini and DiMaio throw on the the constitutional court their faults, that it’s they who want give it to the immigrants and say they are afraid that the Cassation or the “Consulta” – the Constitutional Court ed. notes -will throw down the Law but in that case it would be better to just delete this income of citizenship completely, so no one dies, and to start paying instead the credits to companies that have worked by providing services to the state – so far for free -.

In this case, however, one must act like Trump, you wait and as soon as the new Judges must be appointed, you name named rightwing, souvereignist judges etc.

It seems clear to me that for many constitutionalists the constitution has only one article, the following:

The judge can say what he wants and tell the Italians that he read it here.

The constitution does not forbid to give specific rights only to Italian citizens or only to Italians residing in Italy, up to some time ago the right to vote and to be candidates for the elections was reserved for Italian citizens residing in Italy, then Monica Bellucci resident in Montecarlo could not vote nor Roberto Fiore residing in Brussels could be a candidate, the recent complaint that the Cassation Court compels to provide pensions to foreign citizens residing in Italy for only 5 years is a failure of the State: it is an arbitrary decision of a leftwing judge who wants to do the leftwing law and says he read it on the constitution. In these cases the only painless solution is to wait for the mandates of the judges to expire and to replace the leftwing judge with a right-wing one, judge after judge we take all the Court, but …

yesterday I thought that Salvini is ingenuous/dumb and DiMaio less clever than he thinks, but did they really take into consideration the hypothesis of giving the direction of the TG1 to the pro Renzi journalist Federica Sciarelli? At the Superior Council of the Magistracy they were able to place another renzian, that David Ermini with the card of the PD Party and this having the majority. So I thought that in the end Salvini should make a statue to the migrants with all the dinghies: without migrants he would be nobody, it’s one that we all supported because there were the migrants, otherwise he would not have made it not even to become mayor. I have been in contact with the “Sinistra Giovanile”, the youth section of the PD, at the time of the University, they are people who have contempt for those who are not in their own party, they have a sectarian, strange relationship with the party, I want to inform Salvini that Ms. Sciarelli despises you and will make you fall as soon as can can; the leftwingers have human contempt for those who are not PCI-PDS-DS etc. do not joke with those snakes, it is difficult to explain, but who knows them knows that it, they seem “another Country” they are not like those of Forza Italia or the League or the 5 Stars, those of the PD you do not have to appoint them anywahere, I even suspect that they have some Masonic-initiatic rite so that at some point they can no longer disobey and those of the juvenile left were still the innocent. Trust me, place your own men or DiMaio’s everywhere there is an appointment to do or a neutral one, if you find them. Forewarned is forearmed.

The New Good Ones: JP Morgan helps democracy, incredible but true.

JP Morgan’s Headquarter

Incredible-but-true case of the year: JP Morgan is not helping the New World Order and the Globalists anymore, no, it is helping the sovereignist government of Italy, that Salvini-DiMaio-Conte government deemed the danger for the EU, for the NWO, for everybody invited at the Bilderberg even only once in their life, but as a matter of fact, the two populists Salvini and DiMaio studded the government of technicians like the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the two economists Paolo Savona and Giovanni Tria who have strong ties to the world of economics, finance and university so much that once Mr. Massimo Cacciari said “don’t make me laugh telling me that Paolo Savona is anti-establishment, I cannot think of a more establishment man than he” nonetheless Professor Savona was the one who had written down the Plan B for bringing Italy outside the eurozone in case of greek tragedy looming at the horizon and was suspected that he called it “Plan B” just for courtesy, but he meant “Plan A” that he wanted out tout court – and he would be right -. Nevermind, it’s two days that JP Morgan announced that italian bonds far from being rubbish as some rating agencies would like to make believe are just a good investment because Italy cannot fail like Greece and the fact that the government runs some deficit is basically nothing special and nothing wrong, I have to quote, Nick Gartside, the man of the investment bank, says  in an interview with the italian finance newspaper The Sun 24Hours – Il Sole 24Ore in italian – “The fundamentals of Italy remain good, notwithstanding the political uncertainty. For this reason, for us – JP Morgan ed.notes – the pitch of the italian spread represents an opportunity for investment” Source so they are actually buying italian bonds saying in the same interview “Volatility came back and people will have to get used to it. It’s a phenomenon strictly related to the reduction of monetary stimulus from the banks and to political uncertainty. Today there is volatility for the BTp – the italian bonds ed. notes – but the same happened with the british Gilt in occasion of Brexit or with the Oat before the french presidential elections. We believe that, if adequately managed, it can be an opportunity. Otherwise we wouldn’t be buying BTp”.

So actually, what Mr. Gartside is saying is that a country, a state’s economy is strong for its industries and system and a bit of market wobbling cannot make it really poor, it’s just an opportunity to buy bonds when they cost less because they’ll never become rubbish just like “Gilt after Brexit” this is why Project Fear was wrong and it is wrong also now, after hard Brexit too there will be just a bit of market wobbling and maybe the pound will go down just to go up after the cunning ones buy low cost Sterlings, because Britain is not poor “the fundamentals of the country are too good” it will just be “an opportunity for investment” that is, they’ll buy bonds and sterlings when they’re down because they know they’ll go necessarily up after a couple of days, since Britain, like Italy, cannot fail.

It is also interesting to see how the chart of the good ones and bad ones is reshaping itself so for an ex-cool “good one” champion of free speech Mark Zuckerberg turning bad one Link champion of censorship, spying and control, we have an ex-bad one JP Morgan “globalist” and co. turning good one: it is actually helping a country that wants to be sovereign and democratic against the NWO and actually against the ECB that would like to do to Italy the “greek treat”, some say it’s Trump who convinced them to buy Italian bonds because he allegedly reassured Conte, the Italian PM, that America would buy the italian debt if the ECB dares and try to put Italy on its knees with little cruel banking games.

The new times are quite exciting, as for Theresa May, I am convinced given this interview, that also to Britain the bad ones won’t be able to do anything more than a couple of days market’s shaking in case of Hard Brexit.  So, do what’s really the best thing for you. As Melania says, “Be Best”.