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Appius Claudius would say “I am blind, and I’d like to be also deaf” about Brexit and the traitors.

maybe he’s showing Theresa May’s deal

“I’m blind and I’d like to be also deaf”…is the famous sentence by Appius Claudius, the blind, who didn’t need to be told he’s differently able, yes “I’m blind and I’ would like to be also deaf not to listen to the Romans talking about surrendering to the Carthagens”. Now very few voices have remained in favour of Hard Brexit which means independence and freedom, even Jacob Rees Mogg talks about backing the most treacherous May’s deal, with the backstop, with the ludicrous extortion of more than 39 bl. 39 plus other 2 billions each month and a delay that’s long, prolonged for about 45 months said by one of the still hardcore patriots John Redwood here Boris Johnson is talking about accepting May’s deal, David Davis wants to back it because the alternative is no Brexit and pretty much everybody but very few “men of steel” are talking capitulation and if by luck or for God’s grace I’m neither blind nor deaf for the first time since long – and not for Italia I have to say – this small sentence of the Roman history comes back to my mind.

God “I’m blind and I’d like to be also deaf” before listening to Boris Johnson and David Davis taking about accepting May’s deal. Why don’t they pull down the government that’s damned and go to general elections proposing Hard Brexit and No Deal by Manifesto, so the Britons would choose.

15 year old girl Adam Johnson kissed

In a Country where with all the real paedophiles among the MPs, in Buckingham Palace they continue to call paedophile soccer player Adam Johnson for kissing a 15 year old female fan of his, one of those little women who wet their pants when they see first division soccer players and yes, damn Adam was wrong, but why don’t they dare and call Charles Paedophile Charles, why don’t you call your Royals and you damned MPs paedophile Right Dishonorables.


Yes if you pay attention you can see she’s young under the heavy make-up, she’s a jail-bait but to insist so cowardly to call Johnson “Paedophile Adam Johnson” link while letting go real paedophiles is really the sign that in Britain the establishment is more than rotten. It should be changed radically.

Britain is disappointing me lately. Everything has become fake, The Telegraph view was a couple of days ago “It’s either the Establishment’s way or nothing” and who’s the Establishment? The Royals? The Rothschilds? the Daily Mail? The real paedophiles who take revenge on Adam Johnson who did wrong but not as much as they, not as profoundly as they. Who’s getting insulted in their place.

Let’s see if things can turn right again.

dedicated to us…who are not blind and not deaf.


William splits form Harry, a Gifted Welsh launches a petition to stop funding Meghan & Harry’s lifestyle and she gets even more political.

Prince William doesn’t want to be mixed with Harry and Meghan’s things and their leftwing decisions.

And he’s not the only one who wants to be detached from Meghan and Harry’s way of doing, this is a petition started in the UK


Link to Petition for UK Citizens Only – the taxpayers for Meghan and Harry’s lifestyle: they have to choose –

The author is a “Gifted Welsh”


All this in line with Prince William’s rupture with Meghan Markle and his brother Harry, Meghan sucks, Royal aides resign, she gets the more and more political on the wrong side – the Left – in antithesis with the usual rumours about the Royal Households “They’re Nazi” “They don’t say it but, they speak German in family” now it’s the reverse “she’s a commie” she’s already accused of being dual national, being divorced etc. of siding shamelessly with the abortionist lobby, incapable to shut up, wearing foreign expensive labels, not promoting British industry or fashion now hired a left-winger deep in politics as press secretary: an individual who worked for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in the USA and Tony Blair – the Traitor in chief of the UK who actually destroyed the anglosaxon protestant identity of the Country many people were perfectly fine with -.

Already the snub to Trump by the Royals was unbearable, Trump’s state visit was so low key we can say pretty much every African dictator was given more importance than he: and that’s a political statement by the Queen, the Britons don’t feel any fascination with Meghan, their soldiers are being put on a trial 49 years later for doing what they were ordered to do by the british Government that Margaret Thatcher they did a statue to, white boys are rejected as such from the application for the Army and they’re not delivering Brexit, they talk about “participating to the EU elections in May” no matter the referendum, the House of Commons behaves as if it were a Sovereign House of Commons, as if MPs could decide against the people who elected them.

At least in Wales they don’t want to pay for it. I have esteem for them. I also wouldn’t like to pay.

Say no way, why don’t you get a job? This is for Harry:

Even William doesn’t like this level of political exposure because he knows it’s going to damage possibly destroy the Royal household, obviously.

Prophecy or Time Travel: Boris Johnson will be soon PM and it will be Hard Brexit aka No Deal.

According to a self proclaimed real prophet Boris Johnson will be soon PM and there will be Hard Brexit in time, no matter the chaos happening now and the Remainers’ plot.

Very very exciting; it is now time to verify prophecies, here’s the most interesting and easily quickly checkable:

Country: UK

The Government will collapse;

New General Elections will be called;

Quick Tory leadership contest between David Davis and Boris Johnson;

Boris Johnson wins the tory leadership contest;

The Tories win the quick general elections and

deliver Hard Brexit in time

Britain will be out of the European Union by May. Completely. Hard Brexit – No Deal.

This is the prophecy made by a self proclaimed real prophet to the a couple of weeks ago and it is very interesting because many fake prophets say things after they have happened, for example “Our lady of Fatima said John Paul II would be shot, that was the secret of Fatima” but they told us after John Paul II got shot, not before, so it’s irrelevant.

Then there are the “time travel”prophecies like Mayas saw helicopters and aeroplanes in the future and said really at the end of the world there will be metal birds flying in the sky, which for some people means they time travelled to the future and saw it.

At times I have the impression that we have already time travelled to the past and the past is now, because some prophets see the future as if it had already happened or as if it were contemporary; which may mean in the future we have time travelled to the past and some of us have still some images of it registered in the memory and those are the prophets the others have forgotten everything, Elon Musk says we very probably are holograms living in a sort of gigantic video game and you can change scene like going to the next or to the previous scene, the Bible says to pray because like Ninive’s destruction bad prophecies can be avoided, in fact the video-game theory prevails on the film theory, in the film if you go back to a previous scene the previous scene repeats itself always the same way, with the same words, the same actions etc. while in the video game you can change actions, decisions and the result changes, the consequences change.

The Maya’s calendar ended in 2012 but we are still here or so we think and moreover the Bible says that for God who lives in eternity (eternity means there’s no time ) and no night one minute is like one thousand years on earth and one thousand years like a moment which thing confirms Doctor Brian Greene physicist’s assertion that probably past, present and future coexist in a big load of space-time, in fact according to quantum physics we don’t live in a three dimensional world but in a four dimensional world where time is the fourth dimension etc.


Now, there are two problems with the prophecies:

either they are revealed after the thing happened and that makes the prophet laughable or they’re pushed too far in the future, kind of “in the year 3019 this will happen…” etc. and we cannot check them;

This prophecy of Hard Brexit in time with no deal and no delay and Boris Johnson PM given by a real prophet to the journalists of The Express


can be checked in a couple of days/months, for details about the identity of the prophet ask the

I have to add a consideration about my previous article and the experiment of the qubits going back to te previous stadium in a quantum computer and whether it was rejuvenation or time travel, well the difference is in the memory: if you rejuvenate to your body like it was in the year 2000 you should remember your life and experiences from 2000 to 2019 while if you time travel you lose the memory, you are convinced you are in the year 2000, your memory is in the year 2000, you don’t just look younger you are younger.

We should ask the qubits.

As for the sceptical fear that “it happened only with the qubits with complicated systems like the cell ….” don’t tell me it’s impossible, I can’t believe it anymore, pretty much nothing is really impossible and it’s a matter of pride: if the qubits can do it I can do it too.

Alex Jones salutes the British Muslim Community for the fight against the LGBT


Hundreds of Muslims in the UK protested outside a school that was teaching lessons about ‘LGBTQ rights’ to children.

As you can see from the mythic rant, yes. We are for totally repealing the hate speech laws, and we have to say that some white christian people have been legally prosecuted because of the hate speech laws for doing the same as the muslim parents or even for doing little things of the kind against abortion or against gay weddings and gay adoptions, whereas the muslim community is somehow let freer de facto from the hate speech legislation. We must defeat completely the LGBT lobby – that’s the devil – and repeal the hate speech laws in toto, btw at present there is the legal absurdity that hate speech laws were applied to the white christians only, whereas Jews and Muslims could say what they want.

We greet also the British parliament for finally getting rid of May’s trap-Brexit-deal, we hope they’ll get rid of May indeed.

Good times are yet to come. I’m sure.

Very Intimate Vs. Infibulation; why the blacks must stop going after the Leftists and do solve the real problems of African culture.

This bitch of black lawyer has the shame to defend the practice of FGM and to say we exaggerate the problems:

While this woman from central Africa who underwent the practice at 7 – no consent, no decision and no anesthesia – says it was a horror:

To listen to an African female lawyer talking with that clean American accent about how we exaggerate the practice of FGM is disgusting, it’s like you can give them what you like and they still remain African.

If it weren’t enough to cut the clitoris, another black African practice is the breast ironing, their obsession is “the slut” my daughter hasn’t got to be “a slut”, this goes beyond marrying virgin and be faithful to the husband, it’s like, married or not they haven’t got to have sexual pleasure, if you have sexual pleasure according to these africans you are a slut, basically according to them you’re not a slut only if they rape you, or they haven’t got to look beautiful, not even sensual, nothing, “it’s their culture”; now the left-wingers pumped with Rothschild’s zionist money focus on how bad the white male is, which a jewish obsession – the international leftwing and pc agenda IS pumped with Rothschild’s money, not matter how hypocrite they are, no westerner should shake hands with them – instead as you can see from the two videos above and I grant it’s the less disturbing, I’m not an angel-cake eater baby European but I really couldn’t watch other testimonies, well, it is clear that it’s black females who do the most horrible things to black girls: not the whites or the males; snowflakes are dumb and must wake up. Precisely a straight white – or in case also black like J-Z or K West – male would rather let girls grow up sensual and then start talking about contraceptive – sic – With breast and everything, they boast about women who go with them have orgasms – whether is true or not.

This is what they like, on average

“Initmissimi” that means “Very Intimate”, I have to say that with their obsession with pleasure in reality straight white males are the ones who let women live in peace: they wanted divorce, they wanted free love – that easily became free sex, love was put there only for not disturbing the christians in the seventies – they even wanted abortion – which is the abomination of western culture, that puts pleasure above duty. But they don’t infibulate girls and they like sexy girls to be socially respected, because it’s more convenient for them or because they’re not that bad or because they’re christians and because it is like this. Even at the time of the pagans Northern Europeans respected women more than other ethnicities.

The left-wingers must only shut up and die of shame for what they’re doing or they’re trying to do with the West, that is basically the only good place where to live and if Cecil Rhodes was racist, excuse me but if the Africans who live in America USA or Britain are still like this, can’t you imagine what Cecil Rhodes found in Africa in the 19th century? Idiots.

The obsession of the Left with racism is criminal because it passes by islamic terror, African cruel practices and wants to shut down the white christian society which is in  reality the best.

Int’s the difference between eating an angel cake and eating raw chicken’s heart

and it’s not just a way of saying, in African voodoo rituals they force women to eat raw chickens’ hearts, then they breast iron them, then they cut the clitoris and even women who happen to go to University and become lawyers defend the practice. How is the white guy, moreover straight who likes boobs the problem?

As a matter of fact precisely the white straight western guy IS the one who likes…

…girls to be grown up – he’s not a paedo he likes big breasts and girls almost tall as much as he – he’s not a rapist he likes women who like to have sex as much as he does and complains that “Normal girls” are not liberated enough. This is objectionable morally of course but definitely he does leave you live in peace. He’s a bastard but he’s my friend.

Harry and Meghan look “Very Californian” but the wrong type.

Harry and Meghan

You see them, a ginger big boy already a bit balding with a coloured older than he divorced woman he took for his wife, talking about equality and climate change and then taking a private helicopter intoxicating the world to go from London to London; that’s very Californian but thee wrong type: leftwing and privileged, rich polluters who say nonsense about ecology to then take helicopters and private jets and moreover, the nonsense, let’s say it, the plain ignorance of history that makes European posh people say “In America they buy University degrees but they don’t study, when they play basket and do the cheerleaders at least they do something” why such European nastiness? Well, according to this not-nasty-enough article written by Stephen Glover, that dumb looking Prince Harry with racially mixed wife that if she weren’t racially mixed she would be nothing at all said – and very Californian style there is the suspect that the bossy wife wrote the speech and the submissive still male husband learnt it by memory and repeated it – well they said that the actual generation of young people are “the ones who care more” and feel frustrated at the indifference of older generations: that’s Steven Glover’s article Link

He has a high school diploma taken at Eton – the supposedly best high school in Britain, she a University degree in something – art? – taken in California, they have no knowledge or no respect whatsoever of basic, minimum contemporary history; the older generation who don’t care and are not engaged according to the dumb Harry:

In the twenties real feminists died for the right to vote.

In the forties real patriots died to fight the WWII against Nazi-fascists

In the fifties they relaxed

In the sixties they started cultural revolution

In the seventies – they didn’t care, didn’t they? – they broke hell free and in the good and the evil legalised abortion and divorce.

In the eighties they were living already on a cushion while spies and secret services continued the Cold War against the threat of communism.

In the nineties starts the movement against globalisation, the Illuminati and the NWO that culminated in the 2000 years, now it is obvious – and not for Harry who lives on another planet, Stanley Kubrik died for telling people what the likes of Harry and Meghan really do in Eyes Wide Shut.

The problem is that both Harry and Meghan are neither particularly cultivated nor aware, they tell people born in 2001 “they are the most engaged generation in the world” for climate change? He’s an idiot, and shows the flaws of the monarchy; it’s mediocre people given a high place by the system who, when they refuse Palace PRs help show off all their mediocrity in full.

Harry is boiled.

The chicken’s Harry: Meghan, US citizen, says bad things about American poulet to support Remain.

Look at it and you and you want to eat, sorry for titillating your appetite, but in the end, He, the roast chicken with potatoes, was never really fat: it’s all light meat, a bit crunchy and juicy outside and juicy inside, and the potatoes, come on, we’ve got to live and we may also need carbohydrates to play tennis – or more plainly, to go to work, or to stay at home without swindling -; which is the American? and which is the French? Or German?

Meghan Markle said it: she, who kept the US nationality, she’s a dual national not even just British, said bad things about the American poulet for the sake of – from a position that requires political neutrality or at least some sort of patriotism, on both sides – that she doesn’t like Brexit because it might bring to a special trade deal with the USA – her Country – and then she’s scared in the trade deal the chloride-washed chickens may end up on the British Sunday tables.

Apart from the little detail that when you do a trade deal you can perfectly select the stuff, the good you import trade free, you are not forced to import everything, that is, you can import trade free biologic chickens and block the chloride’s washed ones, but in any case if you want to buy German or French chickens after Brexit even with no Deal you can do it, with or without tariffs. She’s an ignorant, a dual national, and I despise dual nationals, and goes on being allowed to interfere greatly, blatantly with politics: Harry disgusts me, I am sure he lets her do it, because he’s a stupid fanatic of putting something new in the royal family.

Meghan already supported the most divisive of issues: abortion, so divisive that for the left-wingers is a human right, for the right-wingers is the cruel homicide of an innocent human being – the second is right – she, named Duchess by Her majesty can support abortion, now can insult the American chicken producers, and support Remain, being totally ignorant of how free trade deals work. That the chloride poulets can be blocked just the same and the French or Italian or German food can be imported just the same, you can accept the WTO tariffs, set new tariffs or eliminate the tariffs after Brexit and you know it.

Meghan, shut up, the only roasted chicken here is Harry.

I’d like to know what they did to Harry, he looks completely devoid of life, his gaze is blank