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The reiterated accusations of “Fascism” hide another truth: we do not share the same values anymore and it’s useless to hide it.

The lefty press’ reiterated accusations of fascism hide another truth: that we do not share the same values with the leftwingers and they call fascism our normality.

Another article about Italy turning fascist because of Salvini imposing ethnic shops to close at 9 PM adding that people in there got drunk and pissed on the doorstep, well the author on the Independent such Sean o’Grady who wrote another article against Trump in defense of “liberal values” he calls his opinions like this – doesn’t even want to know whether it is true or false and glides on the fact that even Sadiq Khan complains about lack of security and violent crimes in the streets of London and that – but does he even know it? Or does he even care? – The Socialist Interior Minister of Macron’s government Gérard Collomb resigned over the impossibility to keep safe certain streets of Paris and other towns of France because of immigrants’ gang crime, immigrants who are often released after being caught by the police by the lefty judges, I think after this I have to summarize why we are called fascists and why I prefer Salvini to the insecurity in the streets of London and Paris according to the Mayor of London Mr. Kahn and the ex-Interior Minister of France Mr. Collomb:

we are against gay weddings and gay adoptions so we are fascists, we do not accept children at school to be ordered to write homosexual love letters because Mussolini liked women and Trump seemingly too;

we want to repatriate illegal immigrants, so we are fascists;

we don’t want to search and rescue migrants in maltese Sar anytime that Malta – always – refuses to do it because we are fascists.

we are against the concept that gender is not the physical sex and it is a thought because we are fascists, some of us are also against abortions but still some fascists may be against the gender but not against abortion because they are “liberal fascists” like Galeazzo Ciano…

now I believe it’s time to tell the truth: we do not share the same values anymore by far with the Left and stop. All european citizens whose values are the same as the mainstream values in 1986 are now considered fascists not because they changed mind and reverted to 1930 but because the leftwingers changed their own values and now want to call fascists the ones who didn’t.

Do me the favour, I haven’t got to come after you, you know. Kind of.




Moscovici “whips up” Italy, but the truth is that Italy can not stand people like Moscovici anymore.
The “whipped” Salvini continues to rise in the consensus.

Yes, we want to get out and if God wants after hard brexit everything there in Brussels will be closed, but do you think that a rich nation can accept to be “beaten” or “whipped” continuously because it can not decide its own economic and industrial policies? When we decided with our money and our currency and the immense golden wealth – Italy has 2400 tons of gold, Britain only 300, we are Scrooge in gold – we were rich, foreigners did not pass the line without a passport, the fascists were those of the MSI, today they would be called fascists people like Bettino Craxi as well, whose father made the real anti-fascist resistance and not that of Scalfari, right after 8 September and probably out of fear, but do me the favour, yes Moscovici calls us racists and has at this point a reason, because if the use of the term “Fascist” has spread from Almirante to the likes of Craxi, Cossiga and Andreotti and racist from the Ku Klux Klan to those who do not want their country to transform itself into African and Muslim, obviously with these terms used in these terms we are all racist for real, and so is Saviano, the Jew and Lerner and Mr. Parenzo, the other Jews because they want migrants yes but here, in Naples and Riace and maybe London but then they do not want the Palestinians in Jerusalem – the Orthodox Jews have burned their shops and Saviano and Lerner and Parenzo stay quiet … – but I say they do not want them either in the West Bank or Gaza and so they are in fact racists too – more than the others –

Then? Yes, yesterday I thought: it is useless to tell Moscovici that we are not racist, in his terms or in those of Soros we are, but it is irrelevant, as it is irrelevant, as I said on this site in the article before this one, the accusation of rape against Cristiano Ronaldo, I remember perfectly until a couple of years ago if a man was reported for rape I was scared to watch him or see him go by the way in the street, now I do not even think of being afraid of Ronaldo, because it’s like racism, too many people are accused of racism and they seem normal so you do not pay any attention to this accusation anymore, so there has been such an avalanche of reports of rape with ten or fifteen years of delay, you see the pictures of the ex-model who rubs with Ronaldo at the disco, then they entered the bedroom, it is true if a woman changes mind he must just stop, but she complains ten years later? And this is the result: the complaint for rape, the accusation of racism no longer have the emotional weight of before, they are rinsed, just think about how we looked at the men accused of rape ten years ago and how we look at them now, I would like to say this: the accusation of rape or racism is not something like a fashion you know, something “trendy” like “today people do it, it’s in”.

However, according to the criteria of Moscovici we are racist, think that we have never been asked “Do you like the whites or the blacks?” the question was “Do you like blondes or browns?” in the sense that blacks or Asians were not even taken into account – I’m sorry but the question was “Do you like more the blonde Velina or the brunette Velina?” “This year the brunette” last year the blonde, Europe is the land of the Latin and of the German: the blond and the brown, it will probably always be perceived as such, joking aside and with Europe all its extensions: USA, Australia, Canada etc.

The famous photo River Phoenix-Keanu Reeves and the famous question “do you like blondes or browns more?” For the record, I liked Keanu more and my sister River. Independently from the fact that Keanu Reeves has a Chinese grandfather.

The important thing is to take out the EU and get out of the euro, Moscovici does not have hair.

Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Allegations Row and why nobody is shocked.

It must have become fashionable in certain ambients the rape allegation: they do rape allegations and nobody cares or is shocked anymore, the great difference with the last time, the past years where rape allegations could just make you be scared of a man or despise him, because women really didn’t sue very often and they didn’t sue for being kissed or hugged, a slap in the face and a “bastard” were deemed enough, when a woman sued for rape that man life was destroyed already; now people talk about rape allegations against Ronaldo in a cool moderate and sceptical way, no one is really scared of him, we have the feeling it has become just fashionable to sue for rape.


The model flirting with Ronaldo before going in a bedroom with him and there he allegedly sexually assaulted her and people think she calls “sexual assault” the fact that he started the first move kissed her and pushed her to bed, having flirted before and being in a bedroom it is not so strange that he thought they would have sex.


The former model become wine hostess now she remembers “Ronaldo sexually assaulted me 9 years ago” it doesn’t make any sense if not in a meaning of cashing in something; yes, she should sue the day after, but they say she did, but without giving her full name to the police and what kind of suing is this?

I’m fed up with these fake rape allegations, everybody closed in bedroom with anybody else can sue, ten years later, people are not scandalised anymore, Asia Argento sued Weinstein, then a boy sued her, she re-sued him “he had sex with me turning me around twice” I am convinced that between abuse and alcohol if they just want to call a sexual encounter “rape” and they call it “rape” and you can never make it up. Rape means to force someone to have sex against their will, there’s no “Swedish rape” it’s rape if I say so, it’s basically like the new hate speech laws “it’s offensive if one deems, perceives it as offensive or says it is” so from “nigger” to “coloured” to “people of colour” when once upon a time the first term was racist and the second and the third were not, now if someone – even a white leftist – says “I feel offended it’s racist” they make a fuss as they did for the Cumberbatch stupid media trial because he said “coloured”.

I don’t believe it’s rape in Ronaldo’s case, if it is, there must have been violence, she should say no and if he forced her she should sue him the day after, the level of communication is vague and the fact that no one is scandalised, no one looks badly at him means all this new wave of rape allegations had the effect of crying wolf, when the wolf really arrives people think it’s fake. Now who’s the wolf?

More money for advocates. Blessed the people who have them – the money -.


So what? Obviously, if you are dearest Mr. Thomas Markle you call Dr. Brian Greene professor of mathematics at Columbia University who teaches Time Travel and tell him: “Please, Doc. now make me go back when I won the lottery so I buy a Lamborghini Gallardo for myself and not send that monster of my daughter to College with the money since, now I now, she’ll become so posh she won’t invite me to the wedding and leave me like an idiot in Mexico while she’s a princess in Buckingham Palace and they’ll say it’s my fault because I talk” and Brian’ll tell him, “Ok, Tom, you’re right, if my daughter dares and do anything of the kind I’d kill her, but before I have to explain to you how it works.”

Here it is, how allegedly it works.

First of all we are holograms. Don’t make a fuss, I can’t see the point in making a  fuss about it, we all saw the Matrix and steaks are steaks, I mean, we still get hungry at times:

Second how to time travel in the holographic universe, once you know it is a holographic universe it’s also not so difficult to figure it out – if the theory is right -:

Third, in short

Fourth, oh yes, the Lamborghini


I checked, the Gallardo wasn’t in production yet at the time Mr. Markle won the lottery, for you Tom, there the…Lamborghini Diablo.

For the mythical Gallardo we’d have to time travel from 2003 to 2013 then Lamborghini stopped the production…Prof. Greene, still there?

Ah yeah, the money.

Gosh, if I love this…


“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the servile condition.

[7] Do not have other gods before me.


[12] Observe the Sabbath day to keep it holy, as the Lord your God has commanded you.

[13] Six days you will struggle and you will do every job,
[14] But the seventh day is the Sabbath to the Lord your God: do not work any man, neither your son nor your daughter, nor your slave, nor your female-slave, nor your ox, nor your ass nor any of your beasts, nor the stranger, who is within your gates, for your slave and your slave to rest like you.

Source I strongly recommend checking the source because there are the true Commandments delivered by God to Moses on Sinai, not the revised version and corrected – badly – by the Catholic Church, which reduced the Commandment on Sunday rest or the seventh day to ” remember to sanctify the feasts “so much so that even a priest told my mother scandalizing her that” after you went to mass on Sunday afternoon you can even work “and it is not true, or another priest pretended to say mass in the mall open on Sundays “to meet the needs”. Not so, God agrees with DiMaio, I have put in bold “neither your slave nor your slave” because it’s not that the owners have free Sunday and instead the employees or the workers do not or that the stranger has a different one or zero, that is, God probably wants people to be together, in family with friends etc. It is a beautiful Commandment. I know of people who have been made to work on Easter Sunday in a shopping center, I do not come to talk about “customer rights” stores have been closed on Sundays for decades and just in those stra-blessed decades there was the economic boom or on which Sunday in the year lets’ say 1986 or 2001 someone died of hunger because the shops were closed?

Do me the pleasure, buy a bundle of Happy Hours or Digestive – on Saturday – and visit your grandmother.

I remember well that Saturday shopping was exciting and on Sunday we relaxed with relatives and cousins ​​or go for a walk. In short, DiMaio is right, the job is for normal people with relatives, friends, boyfriends etc. it must not destroy social, family or emotional life, it must fit into social and family life, that is, it is not that one “either works or marries” “either works or gets engaged or has friends” the work, the family, the engagements, the friends hobbies must fit in a clean, nice, christian agenda. I’m all free for Sunday and the offices closed the weekend. I also have a bit with the Jews but for the weekend I’m happy, that we are free both on Saturday and Sunday. At the office.

And then there’s Saturday night fever

Sunday relaxation

work on Monday

I liked it, it is a thousand times better to organise life with this 80ies/90ies scheme that not this absurd liberalization, I was even told of nightly shifts at the mall, then it made more sense the libertine of the seventies that by night went to the nightclub and not the unlucky, unfit guy that by night goes to buy bread and salami or ham at the mall, but are we joking? Staying alive, anyone?

Internet shopping is not a problem – if they don’t take your credit card’s numbers online, my father had his card cloned through Amazon sic -, because the orders now the computer does it automatically and the express courier works from Monday to Friday I also bought books, computers, i-pads etc. – also the silk-epil 9 – online and I have had them delivered “within two working days” regularly from Mon. to Friday and I agree, why should the deliveryman work on Sunday for me? If one respects the other everyone is fine, it is not that the bellboy is an alien.

I have the impression that with the scheme, seventies/eighties/nineties/early two thousand  one had more fun and the state had less debts;

the scheme was scientific: 8 hours work, 8 hours fun, 8 hours sleep tot. 24 hours; for 5 working days a week 5 for 8 does 40 hours a week, Sunday all free – almost, for security reasons – plus another free day: that was Christian Democracy for real and people enjoyed life.

“6 days you will work” I will say, it is also in the Commandment, not only “the 7th you will rest etc.” is true, then you have to do 6 x 6 = 36 ie the 36 hours per week from Monday to Saturday, so it is perfect.




(no, they do not pay me)

Sid Roth’s “Expect a Miracle”, check the Newest version of Christianity for Faith or …for your own Education.

The Pope investigated for covering up child abuse by priests, scandal in Germany, Church of Sweden performs gay weddings in church and many people just feel betrayed and abandoned by their traditional, longstanding family church, but the Lord comes back, Superior to His traitors, according to this newest latest version of the Faith in Jesus Christ the Lord anointed and sent Pastors and Ministers – of both sexes – outside the churches; so say Amen and “check it out” to experience the power and presence of God, the Lord according to a visionary – the Late Natuzza Evolo – allegedly said he prefers enemies but not traitors, he is not controlled by his own Ministers, He can act without them, whatever they have, He gave them.

So, Catholic Church, Church of England, institutional churches be careful, the sheep may turn self-pastors and if you don’t believe a thing of all this at least you know where the world is going. This happens in 2018.

Yes, these are the Masons bragging about their power and one may ask “When did they become all fags”?

This is the self promoting video of the highest Freemasons, the cousin of the Queen of England, Duke of Kent being their master etc. – or the boss or the secretary – but the big question is: when did they become all gays? And when did they start getting obsessed with migrants?

Thanks for an answer.

From David Icke:

‘This video of the Royal Ritual in London shows high-level Freemasons bragging about their heavy influence in all spheres of society … in an extremely symbolic setting.

On October 31st, 2017, the Royal Ritual took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London where Freemasons celebrated the 300th anniversary of their influence on society. The event was presided by the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England: Prince Edward, Duke of Kent – the grandson of King George V and Queen Mary, and the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

David Icke's Sensational New Book

Attended by thousands of Freemasons from across the world (including 136 Grand Masters), the ceremony featured “sketches” bragging about the influence of Masonry on modern society, including its important role in the creation of the United States. It mentions several times the fact that their all-seeing eye is prominently featured on American bank notes.

Of course, all of this happens on a checkerboard pattern floor and under a gigantic compass and All-Seeing Eye.