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Soccer Vs. Hate Speech Laws.

It seems exaggerated to me already to talk about the suspension of the match Atalanta-Naples – that luckily didn’t happen, it was yesterday – because perhaps the Atalantines will say “terrone*” – which is an insult for Southern Italians that means more or less “rough southerner who’s got something to do with the land, from the word “terra” that means “land” – and what else? “Farmer” – but why is “farmer” even an insult? I know people who are farmers, but let’s forget … – or “colerious” according to the Giornale – my source, one of many – The problem what is it? That the Neapolitans do not know what to answer? To me that I am from Reggio Calabria – further south of Naples – it comes to mind that … that Atalanta with that shirt looks like the Inter of the poor (they never win anything). I wonder if they are offended, because sometimes it is not the insult, it is the sensitivity of the insulted person, that some people can tell a guy everything and he has no reaction, others get angry and get aggressive, others weaken, they get discouraged and mourn for the same words, so much so that in the movies on the American military the insult is used to make the soldiers more “beasty”, that is, hopefully the soldier will become aggressive and become less sensitive or get used to hostility and contempt etc.

This is worse

The third is a little disgusting, because it is too gay (this “ass & dick” is always in the head of the trainer, go, let alone: ​​about the trainer you could say worse things than about the soldiers btw).

My fear is that if they start suspending matches for racist / territorial insults sooner or later they begin to say that they want to suspend even my websites where in the worst moments I said worse, once I got so angry with Netanyahu that I wrote that I want Tel Aviv bombed with the atomic (equivalent to Vesuvius destroying Naples).

I love you guys, I support Naples, but I recommend “be a bit hard” otherwise here we can close everything and we all end up in Alcatraz. Then we will have some good soccer matches with Atalanta fans in the prison field during the hour.

Give it the banner:



I wonder if they are offended.

GALLERY DECEMBER 3, 2018 PAOLA DISTILO EDIT – This is the translation to the articleunder my own video published yesterday

From soccer to “Chinese Democracy” why it is wrong to censor.

The risk is to sink into what the Guns & Roses ironically called “Chinese Democracy” that is the fake Democracy where everything is forbidden.

In Japanese it is forbidden to say “No” in the Japanese language there is only “Yes” because the No is considered too rude so much that in some advanced Japanese companies in the board of directors they speak English because if they speak Japanese they never get moving because of the linguistic code they couldn’t just say “no, it’s not good” clear and round.

The politically correct culture of the western Left is going in that direction: you must be false, you must like it, you must like Naples, you must like Reggio – the biggest town in my province – then the Reggini must like Africa and Togo, you must like Israel etc, you can no longer say “no, I do not like it, I do not want a million African immigrants” or “I don’t like Israel” or else they arrest you for racism. Moreover, if everyone should be pleasing and everything should be pleased by pretence and by force, compliments become bogus and not credible: you never know when they really like you.

Notwithstanding that the Queen of England will never say “Nig**r” and “Terrone” as Gianni Agnelli did not say it and the people who say this – however once “Negro” in Italian was considered a neutral term, now it is offensive – it is considered rough, a “chav” arresting or suspending matches for chavs shouting offensive or racist choirs may in fact represent the entrance into the “Chinese Democracy” which is Democracy in name but not in fact, where everything is forbidden, in which there is – sic – the “one thought allowed” as they actually complain in Sweden that it is not about being polite: it is about censorship of political opinions and lately even of religious opinions “you’re racist” if you don’t want to give children to gay couples or Trans etc. -.

The elegant people and the school teachers certain terms they do not use them, the first because they are “above” and do not hear them and they don’t like to hear them from the others, the latter because they have to talk clean or are very respectable; at the stadium bad things are often said just to hurt, to demoralize, or even “to destroy”, once a friend of mine who has been doing boxing for a while told me he stopped because over a certain level to win the opponent you have to hate – otherwise you don’t hit badly enough – only the training is not enough anymore and he did not hate them, what should I tell you? As I specify in the video, now I fear more the globalist drift and the censorship, the entrance into the cultural dimension of the politically correct dictatorship, and dictatorship without quotation marks since with the hate speech laws there is actually the arrest. I would remain on the rule that the matches are suspended for physical violence, for verbal violence no.


The “Real” NWO and the Illuminati NWO – that’s apparently real too – Angelina Jolie’s leaked video.


Here’s Angelina Jolie’s video about the “Other” NWO. Notice her strange glance:



Do you think for people like this, the Illuminati, Female Genital Mutilation or a couple of gang rapes in Stockholm are a problem? Angelina Jolie worked at….the UN, also Meghan Markle was a sultry actress with a podium at the UN and ended up in Buckingham Palace – though now fell out of the Queen’s heart they say for a fight with Kate Middleton and is exile in Frogmore House – it is evident that the burocratic, “real” checkable NWO and the “other” NWO are tied.

See this article, about what the Left is doing; the Left is UN tied while the Right is nationalist.

Sweet thrill…

This is the easiest recipe I’ve found for Halloween sweets

• 3 egg whites (about 90 g)
• 180 g of caster sugar
• 6 drops of sweet almond aroma
• black food coloring in paste
To give an even scarier  touch to your Halloween party, try the recipe for these little decorated meringues. Just use black food coloring to turn them into fragrant ghosts, as good as scary! and also a little scared themselves…

First prepare all the necessary ingredients. For the black of the eyes or you use a black coloring pencil to decorate the cookies (available in many supermarkets), or you create a sort of soft colored paste using icing sugar with a few drops of liquid black food coloring until you reach the consistency desired.
Preparazione Fantasmini di Halloween - Fase 1
Turn on the oven at 90 °, apart from begin to whisk the egg whites and as soon as you have reached a fairly compact consistency add half of the sugar and the drops of sweet almond aroma. Continue to whisk the egg whites for a few minutes and incorporate the remaining caster sugar. Work the egg whites until their consistency allows you to draw with a pastry nozzle a shape that will remain such without changing.
Preparazione Fantasmini di Halloween - Fase 3
Cover with baking paper a baking sheet with low edges and fill a sac-à-poche with medium smooth nozzle to create the meringues making full circles, one above the other, smaller and smaller. Bake and cook for an hour and 30 minutes. After the time remove the meringues from the oven and let them cool.
Draw the eyes and the mouth with the black food pencil.

Preparazione Fantasmini di Halloween - Fase 3

Oh my dear! I’ m scared…I feel someone’s going to eat me
For more sweet (and salted) thrills..
source  ….the recipes are in italian but you can use blessed google translate if you’re interested…
And if you’re single…that’s a consolation, you may be worse off…

Happy Halloween and…happy sweet thrills…


#MeToo Vs. Hillary “Abuse is not about age, it is about power”And what if the Girl liked powerful men?

I’ll be short because I feel  a little nauseated talking about rape, #metoo campaign etc. and for once I agree with Hillary Clinton “Monica Lewinsky was an adult all the time” of the relationship with Bill, she was in fact 24 years old, then #MeToo movement was not sated and excommunicated both Hillary and Bill, Monica couldn’t be consensual according to them because “abuse is not about age, it is about power” so let me understand powerful men shouldn’t go in bed with women less rich and powerful than they because since there is an “unbalance of power” ergo it’s abuse.

Remember that in this case Lewinsky stated that Bill Clinton didn’t assault her, it was a sort of psychological abuse of power because he was the President of the USA and she was an intern, so according to this pattern a woman cannot have an affair with a man more powerful than she because it’s automatically abuse of power, there is an unbalance of power and if she likes men richer or more powerful than she? What if? Should she run after poor guys with no money otherwise she’s victim of abuse of power? And all the lovers of JFK? Also Kennedy who allegedly went in bed with many of the female staff, the pretty ones, of the White House did abuse of power?

Confidence is a must, happiness is a plus, edginess is a rush, edges…I like ’em rough …used to sing Britney Spears, but in the leftwing world there’s no seduction, the left wingers do not consider the hypothesis that Monica Lewinsky may want Clinton and may want him because he was the President and because he was more powerful than she and she may like the pattern, she admitted she wasn’t raped at least, she didn’t go after the milkman’s son, the good boy working at a lower level of society, no, she just couldn’t do wrong according to the #metoo movement that deny the very xistence of seduction, “he abused her” the same, anyway.

I give you three videos, one by Britney Spears about hunting rich bachelors and another about I ain’t no money I love you the way I are…

and then the mythical …


I think that if you say to a #meetoo activist that you like a man, she gets offended.


MAGA 2: Immigration and Borders. This is not going to be nice, but it’s necessary.

This article is done so to make even children, primary school children, understand their parents have to vote Republican, there’s a lot of photos and videos, because it is not just about a vote, it’s about the education you want to give your children and the culture.

First of all, let’s see it, it, the stone of the scandal, the real border. This is it, the California-Mexico border, on the map and in reality:





As you can the photo shows the same position of the map, so you have Mexico on the right with the town of Tijuana, where people crowd in the hope to cross the border and California on the left, the people of California, the US citizens, usually do not crowd at the border with Mexico hoping to cross it illegally, they’ve got better and nicer things to do in San Diego.

This is San Diego – some shots -:


San Diego


San Diego with a strong day-light.


San Diego the Stadium


San Diego the dock for a stroll


San Diego, the street with bars and clubs to have night-fun and shopping.

USA side is done.

Let’s see Tijuana:

TiJuana -sic-

Tijuana – Mexico


Tijuana skyscraper


Tijuana sort of Stadium where they do bullfighting


Tijuana the street with bars, clubs for the nightlife and shopping.

Yes, everybody wants to go to San Diego, metoo.

Let’s see the comparison; I told you this is childish, because children must understand and even leftists must get it.



Street for clubbing, eating and shopping:

The natural resources, the climate, the water supply, the sea are the same, ok? This is the real border, the earth, sea, climate are identical



Video of the border, check with your own eyes:

What happened? That San Diego looks cool and Tijuana looks miserable, and what do the Mexicans do? Not all of them, some of them…


hang on a fence trying to cross illegally the border and enter pretty lucky better-place USA and maybe waiting for “the caravan” adding other young fit men from Honduras to the hanging on the fence crowd – if this is the way young men want to live, can’t they just build another San Diego on their side on the fence since they have the same climate, land, sea, water etc.?

They talk as if they were unlucky, maybe they are but…like the migrants coming from Honduras they are fit men, those ones are really walking, coming on foot from Honduras to the border between Mexico and California for as much they are fit, they should work and at least trying, I don’t know, to apply for a regular visa if they really want to go somewhere else.

My opinion is that if instead of trying to illegally cross the border to enter the USA and work illegally – with no chance whatsoever of making career, ’cause without documents you can work but you cannot “get a job” for that you need documents and moreover you remain at the lowest level of society or else be in criminal association, well having the same type of land, landscape, water etc. by all the time they spent hanging on a fence and trying to cross illegally the border they could have built a better stadium than the funnel they built for bullfighting, better skyscrapers of having cleaned the roads better so that everything looks shining and clean like in San Diego, but what do they want? In the end, while working in Mexico they could apply for a regular visa to enter the USA legally so at least when they enter they can get a proper legal job ’cause they must know good firms do not hire illegally and maybe even stay and settle there legally – if they like it – but no, that’s not their way of doing, that is simply not in their mind they go on, drag on their life with this mentality that “on the other side of the fence they are luckier” and if they jump they’ll be luckier, which is untrue, if they jump they can just work illegally and remain at the lowest level of society

are they running away from war? No, there isn’t any war in Mexico, they just want to wait and skip the queue for legal immigration doing pretty much nothing in the meantime and their part of land which is the same as California doesn’t look pretty.

What do you want to teach your children? Luck or bad luck? Or to build, to clean the road, not to take bribes and if you want to move abroad to file for getting the proper documents and in the meantime doing the very best you can where you are, because there’s no war or bombing or torture  – luckily – they are not running away from any war.

This is enough to support Trump in the battle against illegal immigration and vote Republican and don’t tell me “They are lucky, the people who were born already in San Diego or USA” they may be lucky at birth but if they behaved like the Mexicans San Diego would become like Tijuana in a decade maybe half, and vice versa, if the people of the US could administer Tijuana Tijuana would become like san Diego – the quality of the landscape and land are the same – the leftists who cry about going to a “better place” it’s because they’re envious of quality so envious of quality they deny quality, according to them it’s always the place that’s “a better place” it’s never the people who are “better people” and if the place is the same? Like at the border? It’s not the people really?



Now I tell you this:

If you believe in places, you vote left-wing;

if you believe in people, you vote righ-twing.

For us, it’s the people who are better; Trump is anthropocentric, he puts the man the people at the center, he thinks he has to build and to protect, if you were born in San Diego and you think you’re lucky because you didn’t build it, well at least you must take care of it and protect it and when you build something new build it well. About building we already said in MAGA 1, now it’s about protecting so

Straight thought, straight talk, straight glance:


Like Trump

Just protect it


If you don’t do it, if San Diego becomes like Tijuana it’s your fault.


Yes, it’s about the way you build it, the “place” it’s the same.