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Appius Claudius would say “I am blind, and I’d like to be also deaf” about Brexit and the traitors.

maybe he’s showing Theresa May’s deal

“I’m blind and I’d like to be also deaf”…is the famous sentence by Appius Claudius, the blind, who didn’t need to be told he’s differently able, yes “I’m blind and I’ would like to be also deaf not to listen to the Romans talking about surrendering to the Carthagens”. Now very few voices have remained in favour of Hard Brexit which means independence and freedom, even Jacob Rees Mogg talks about backing the most treacherous May’s deal, with the backstop, with the ludicrous extortion of more than 39 bl. 39 plus other 2 billions each month and a delay that’s long, prolonged for about 45 months said by one of the still hardcore patriots John Redwood here Boris Johnson is talking about accepting May’s deal, David Davis wants to back it because the alternative is no Brexit and pretty much everybody but very few “men of steel” are talking capitulation and if by luck or for God’s grace I’m neither blind nor deaf for the first time since long – and not for Italia I have to say – this small sentence of the Roman history comes back to my mind.

God “I’m blind and I’d like to be also deaf” before listening to Boris Johnson and David Davis taking about accepting May’s deal. Why don’t they pull down the government that’s damned and go to general elections proposing Hard Brexit and No Deal by Manifesto, so the Britons would choose.

15 year old girl Adam Johnson kissed

In a Country where with all the real paedophiles among the MPs, in Buckingham Palace they continue to call paedophile soccer player Adam Johnson for kissing a 15 year old female fan of his, one of those little women who wet their pants when they see first division soccer players and yes, damn Adam was wrong, but why don’t they dare and call Charles Paedophile Charles, why don’t you call your Royals and you damned MPs paedophile Right Dishonorables.


Yes if you pay attention you can see she’s young under the heavy make-up, she’s a jail-bait but to insist so cowardly to call Johnson “Paedophile Adam Johnson” link while letting go real paedophiles is really the sign that in Britain the establishment is more than rotten. It should be changed radically.

Britain is disappointing me lately. Everything has become fake, The Telegraph view was a couple of days ago “It’s either the Establishment’s way or nothing” and who’s the Establishment? The Royals? The Rothschilds? the Daily Mail? The real paedophiles who take revenge on Adam Johnson who did wrong but not as much as they, not as profoundly as they. Who’s getting insulted in their place.

Let’s see if things can turn right again.

dedicated to us…who are not blind and not deaf.


William splits form Harry, a Gifted Welsh launches a petition to stop funding Meghan & Harry’s lifestyle and she gets even more political.

Prince William doesn’t want to be mixed with Harry and Meghan’s things and their leftwing decisions.

And he’s not the only one who wants to be detached from Meghan and Harry’s way of doing, this is a petition started in the UK


Link to Petition for UK Citizens Only – the taxpayers for Meghan and Harry’s lifestyle: they have to choose –

The author is a “Gifted Welsh”


All this in line with Prince William’s rupture with Meghan Markle and his brother Harry, Meghan sucks, Royal aides resign, she gets the more and more political on the wrong side – the Left – in antithesis with the usual rumours about the Royal Households “They’re Nazi” “They don’t say it but, they speak German in family” now it’s the reverse “she’s a commie” she’s already accused of being dual national, being divorced etc. of siding shamelessly with the abortionist lobby, incapable to shut up, wearing foreign expensive labels, not promoting British industry or fashion now hired a left-winger deep in politics as press secretary: an individual who worked for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in the USA and Tony Blair – the Traitor in chief of the UK who actually destroyed the anglosaxon protestant identity of the Country many people were perfectly fine with -.

Already the snub to Trump by the Royals was unbearable, Trump’s state visit was so low key we can say pretty much every African dictator was given more importance than he: and that’s a political statement by the Queen, the Britons don’t feel any fascination with Meghan, their soldiers are being put on a trial 49 years later for doing what they were ordered to do by the british Government that Margaret Thatcher they did a statue to, white boys are rejected as such from the application for the Army and they’re not delivering Brexit, they talk about “participating to the EU elections in May” no matter the referendum, the House of Commons behaves as if it were a Sovereign House of Commons, as if MPs could decide against the people who elected them.

At least in Wales they don’t want to pay for it. I have esteem for them. I also wouldn’t like to pay.

Say no way, why don’t you get a job? This is for Harry:

Even William doesn’t like this level of political exposure because he knows it’s going to damage possibly destroy the Royal household, obviously.

I back No Deal, No Fear and No Delay. Because now time’s up really.

Can you remember the Higgs boson? When we had all to die because at the CERN in Switzerland they were accelerating a particle in a tube like this

The accelerator of particle with a guy

This monstrosity we all had to die for

The monstrosity – the accelerator –

I never understood quite well what they were doing and it went like the Millennium bug: nothing happened, the day after we were still there. Apart from the illogical thing that they – the physicists – warned us the acceleration of the particle may go beyond the speed of light with the consequence that a big black hole would open at the height of Switzerland sucking Italy into it for the first – ??? – and why were they doing this with this little possible collateral effect? Boh. It’s just luck it went wrong, they were even disappointed, the physicists, I wasn’t, they called it – Higgs’ boson “the Goddamn particle” I’d rather say “the Goddamn physicists”. If I didn’t misunderstand they were trying to re-create the Big Bang conditions in lab. Well, maybe the big black hole opened, Italy got sucked in it with all Switzerland I hope, they deserved it for doing this, since we went faster than the speed of light as doctor Greene said, we went back to the past of just two days before the experiment was done, but with the memory we had done it, so we are there before the experiment took place and the physicists don’t realise it because it’s just 24 hours earlier. Could it be? Boh.

Brexit is like a new Big Bang, a very new beginning, a very new start, like the Millennium bug on 2000 and like the Millennium bug it will start again in holy peace




Can you remember? It looks a bit like Brexit project fear. All banks will fail! Food supplies will be depleted…The stock market will crash…and so on.

Now why I take the responsibility, moral and political to back putting an end to this frenzy on the 29th of march and simply start again

The banks won’t fail and there won’t be any lack of food supplies and…

Britain cannot go on the way it has been doing in the last two months and not even the last 2 years,

Import-export will go on with the tariffs you’ll choose, it is understood at least 87% of the import will be tariff free.

The British authority can check at the Irish border or in Dover and Folkestone, the English border, the trucks they want and not to check the ones they don’t want to check it’s all just decisional power back in the british hands.

A delay in Brexit with the extension of Article 50 IS a nonsense because in the last two years and nine months Theresa May was given only the deal with the backstop and another comprehensive deal she didn’t even want to bring home to make the MPs give a look at it, she is stubborn and doesn’t change her mind, so they are in Brussels, if you’d delay you delay only to pay and to continue this exhausting dragging on of the situation. And you’d do it at taxpayers’ expenses; a second referendum would have another reason, but May doesn’t want to back it.

To cut the leash and start again after this new silent Big Bang please don’t vote tonight either putting No Deal off the table or for the extension of Article 50.

No Deal & No Extension of Article 50



I take the moral responsibility of backing these two Nos, because at this point some Britons are just like unborn babies at the ninth month pregnancies who are scared to be born and get out, you must get out or you only risk to be suffocated. Now time’s up really.

Yes, Sajid Javid did right. The opposite decision would make him look a terrorist sympathiser which is what an Interior Minister cannot look. It’s better to look hard.

Whatever decision Sajid Javid made he was never going to come out of this looking good, and it’s typical of the Labour Party & especially the appaling Dianne Abbott to make political capital out of unfortunate tragic events like this. likes: 11884  dislikes: 148

This quoted above is one of the most intelligent comment on the tragic event of the death for malnutrition ? of the baby of the infamous and certainly pitiless jihadi bride Shamima Begum; Diane Abbott blames the Tory Government and Sajid Javid for the death of the innocent, but let’s give a look at the precedents of this horrible woman – God forgive me – the jihadi bride, she already “lost” two babies to malnutrition and illness, she is a woman attracted by Jihad who left London to join ISIS she may be one of those women who take revenge on the babies, you don’t lose three children of malnutrition when you look perfectly cheeky, she doesn’t look meager or skinny: she didn’t feed the baby but she was perfectly fed, I’m sorry but I think she may be this type of vindictive “Medea” mother “I kill the baby so you’ll suffer”.

Moreover I stand totally with the British Interior Minister Sajid Javid: as a Southern Italian, the last thing I’d like to be is to be associated with a mafia mobster, I do understand perfectly a Briton of Pakistani origin who does not want to be associated not even by far to the Islamist Terror, the last thing an Interior Minister – or more precisely the Home Secretary in Britain – has to look like “can afford to look like” is to be a terrorist sympathiser, he better look tough, at this point if it were only for his image, it’s the minor evil. And it’s not only for his image of course, there’s also the substance, the substance that people cannot dream they can go on ISIS holidays, that you take the flight to go fight against western looking arab countries, to impose Sharia, then when you’re blood sated and tired or bored of the “adventure” come back possibly to enjoy the western welfare state, I am sick of the habit of certain Jews who really go to Israel to serve three months in the Israeli army, shoot some Palestinians then come back to France or to Europe and play the poor Jews: they can stay in Israel forever; there is an attraction to the West by these people that’s typical of scroungers. The dual nationality should, must be abolished and also the Jews should be barred from serving temporarily in the IDF, I don’t care, they can be Israeli nationals if they like and stay there permanently, travelling with the Israeli-passport only, same goes for these Islamists, who want to be a “weekend warrior” in the Middle East and then come back.

It’s not that easy, and it would be immoral to make it easy, understood Diane?

They better become football fans and go to the Stadium.

The West was never the cradle of dumbness.

Bravo Javid, of course he was right.

You can’t ask the Governmetn to keep you safe and then to take back terrorists


Harry and Meghan look “Very Californian” but the wrong type.

Harry and Meghan

You see them, a ginger big boy already a bit balding with a coloured older than he divorced woman he took for his wife, talking about equality and climate change and then taking a private helicopter intoxicating the world to go from London to London; that’s very Californian but thee wrong type: leftwing and privileged, rich polluters who say nonsense about ecology to then take helicopters and private jets and moreover, the nonsense, let’s say it, the plain ignorance of history that makes European posh people say “In America they buy University degrees but they don’t study, when they play basket and do the cheerleaders at least they do something” why such European nastiness? Well, according to this not-nasty-enough article written by Stephen Glover, that dumb looking Prince Harry with racially mixed wife that if she weren’t racially mixed she would be nothing at all said – and very Californian style there is the suspect that the bossy wife wrote the speech and the submissive still male husband learnt it by memory and repeated it – well they said that the actual generation of young people are “the ones who care more” and feel frustrated at the indifference of older generations: that’s Steven Glover’s article Link

He has a high school diploma taken at Eton – the supposedly best high school in Britain, she a University degree in something – art? – taken in California, they have no knowledge or no respect whatsoever of basic, minimum contemporary history; the older generation who don’t care and are not engaged according to the dumb Harry:

In the twenties real feminists died for the right to vote.

In the forties real patriots died to fight the WWII against Nazi-fascists

In the fifties they relaxed

In the sixties they started cultural revolution

In the seventies – they didn’t care, didn’t they? – they broke hell free and in the good and the evil legalised abortion and divorce.

In the eighties they were living already on a cushion while spies and secret services continued the Cold War against the threat of communism.

In the nineties starts the movement against globalisation, the Illuminati and the NWO that culminated in the 2000 years, now it is obvious – and not for Harry who lives on another planet, Stanley Kubrik died for telling people what the likes of Harry and Meghan really do in Eyes Wide Shut.

The problem is that both Harry and Meghan are neither particularly cultivated nor aware, they tell people born in 2001 “they are the most engaged generation in the world” for climate change? He’s an idiot, and shows the flaws of the monarchy; it’s mediocre people given a high place by the system who, when they refuse Palace PRs help show off all their mediocrity in full.

Harry is boiled.

The Royal Family is dismissed by the Trolls, so they face reality.

No one likes the new Royals, either Kate or Meghan, Kate looks like she has a face of stone, does not talk, is not interested in charities, she’s the opposite of the hyperactive “warm” Diana, patron of 400 charities and very human. Moreover she looks underweight and older than her age; lately she never smiles and if she does she looks hard.

Meghan is like Harry scrapped the bottom of the barrel, no way she could be deemed a good or decent match for him: he was a bachelor, she was at the third wedding three years older than he and has undergone plurimous plastic surgery: moreover does not shut up about politics, says plainly she likes abortion – like Wallis Simpson who notoriously had an abortion -.

The Royals know only paid journalists say good things about them, they hate the Trolls or the so called Haters because they tell them right in the face what they really think about them. By the way, the British citizens have to pay for these Royals, they can choose whenther they want to keep them or dismiss them, the Royals asked for kind-comments-only on Internet or they’ll sue, which is absurd.

Internet is the end of the elitism television and the classic press had the VIPs used to: you can talk, I can only read. Internet is hyper interactive, everybody can say what they like, to ask for censorship and to pay people to say Meghan looks radiant, the Duchess gives a lesson of style, cannot be the solution, maybe there’s no solution at all.

Harry wanted to take revenge on the Royal family and so he took revenge also on himself; he did it on purpose knowing Meghan was unfit for the role, now he’s paying the bill.

But it’s not just the Royals, also in Italy, minor VIPs complain that on Internet the comments on their looks and work are often heavily negative, they don’t want to be told they did plastic surgery and have fake teeth, they want to be told “You look beautiful you look wonderful” like mini-Royals, they want to be told at sixty “You’re hotter than a girl in her twenties” when men write differently “cover up” “the B side is ok, but the A side looks waxy” they cry “agism!” and want to prohibit it; they’re all a bit like Queen Elizabeth: they demand compliments and want to prohibit what they call “the excess of democracy on the Internet” but they stay there looking for compliments. What can I do?

When the Royals know they have to pay journalists to say good things about them they know everything they need to know: real compliments cannot be paid.

Moreover they the VIPs of all importance, mini and major, are particularly hypocrites; they even choose the ones who have to be, who can be bodyshamed for other reasons, fake-teeth fake-nose actresses whose pre-plastic photographs haven’t come around yet, laugh at the one selected by their editor for the plastic surgery she/he did, in the end Mika was right: “You want to be like Grace Kelly” they change face to look square-perfect-angel-like even when they’re young, in the past one or two editors could get the “before and after” photographs, now on internet a relative of theirs puts them online and in one or two days everybody can see them.

And they sing “Why don’t you like me, why don’t you like me, why don’t you walk out the door!”

And that’s not Royal. At all.

Vikings come down to help the Brexiteers: God bless Norway.

Tough and rough? Not at all; if the Vikings were threatening, the last barbarians in Europe “the latest to convert to Christianity” finally, after them the hell; now the Norwegians are well known for a level of self control that makes the Britons look frantic – and lately, they are – that’s Scandinavian, I can perfectly remember when I was in Germany learning German in a independent school for teaching German as a foreign language to strangers, precisely the Scandinavian mate used to tell me “Paola, calm, ‘ruhig” yes, I noticed, I was speaking normally for a Southern Italian and he thought I was upset.

It’s typical. What happened now? This has just happened:

Brexit latest news: World’s largest sovereign wealth fund boosts investment in UK



The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund has said it will expand its investment in Britain as it claimed confidence in the country remains undiminished by Brexit.

In a move cheered by Brexiteers, Norway’s £740bn wealth fund has confirmed that it will plough billions of pounds of additional investment in…Link

The Norwegians stated that in case on No Deal there is little or no consequence and they will not change their strategy of investing 740 billions pounds in the next thirty years in Britain, thirty years is a long term strategy. No Deal? No problem.

The only problem is in the British Remainers’ mind: both Macron and the Spanish PM said that to delay Brexit without making a second referendum is useless, they are against delaying for delaying because the Deal with the backstop remains unchanged, if there is a second referendum for Britain to stay in that would be different.

Our John Redwood wrote this morning another clear and enlightening article on his blog Link

Redwood: “I see no point in delaying our exit from the EU. I have never understood why we would be able to strike a good deal after March 29 if we were unable to strike a good deal in the 2 years 9 months of delay so far in implementing the decision of UK voters. Leave voters expect Parliament to implement the decision, not to seek out ways to undermine , delay or cancel it.

Yesterday the President of France and the Prime Minister of Spain both seemed opposed to the idea of delay in Brexit. France might consider it if the UK had changed her mind about leaving and now wanted a second referendum. Mrs May rightly continues to rule that out. Neither favoured a delay or further negotiations about the draft Withdrawal Agreement.  Spain like Ireland strongly believes the Irish backstop has to stay in place unless and until both the EU and the UK agree it can be removed.

There is a general briefing line coming out of Brussels that any delay could not  be longer than two to three months anyway.  They argue that the UK will cease to be represented in the European Parliament from 2 July when the newly elected Parliament takes over. The UK is not planning to field candidates, and the EU has decided to redistribute some of the UK seats to other countries and to abolish the remainder. If the UK is not in the Parliament it cannot legally be a member of the EU as it is no longer represented in the body that is an important co legislator with the Council, responding to the agenda and draft laws of the Commission.”

So, what are the British Parliamentarians up to?

The Norwegians, holders of the third largest wealth fund in the world, who are outside of the European Union and probably want out also of the Single Market, invest now notwithstanding the supposed Brexit uncertainty, and for the next 30 years for as much they are scared of Brexit and trust the EU – the real stagnant economic area, stagnant and in recession -; it is blatant, too blatant that the only backstop is the British Remainers’ mind. Add another piece of information from Italy that the traitors inside the government want to enlarge the EU to Turkey, another reason to detach your Country from it. Not only, this move was done half secretly to try to bypass the majority of people who are against the enlargement to Turkey. It’s disgusting to be in the EU, for that Margaret Thatcher was right; you have to watch out continuously, the traitors inside the government, among civil servants who do, who sign, who say in your place things you don’t agree with, you don’t want, even the Parliamentarians are unaware of. Close it.



God bless the Norwegians.