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Fraser Nelson supports hard Brexit and Trump, but not Salvini, why?

Yes, I know, you look at him and you think “why should I spend two words on this strange toff who looks like a grown old boy?”

Because this idiot looking grown old boy happens to be the director of the Spectator and a columnist on the Telegraph and makes you think about how Nigel Farage and Donald Trump are fair;

Now Donald Trump and Nigel Farage support independent State Nation as a form of government and of good democratic-space-entity, if they support Brexit they support Salvini too, and Marine LePen in France, Fraser Nelson no, with that dumb look upon his face he supports hard Brexit and no-deal (and I agree with this) for Britain also Trump in the USA but in France he supports Macron and in Italy despises Salvini who’s the most similar politician we have to Farage, Trump and the sovereignists. Actually he’s the same version translated in Italian in fact Bannon and Trump and Bolsonaro support him, because they’re not ambiguous persons and they prize intellectual and political honesty.

To talk about a man who cannot stand on his feet without leaning on one side almost if it were too heavy for him the weight of his own body, he’s always smirking and leaning, it may be, it should be a loss of time but it isn’t because this guy talks and writes and for not very clear reasons is even considered influential, now explain to me the logic or the political meaning of the move – too cunning for us to understand, perhaps? – of supporting hard brexit and Trump but to be against Salvini and LePen and pay compliments to…Macron who’s the opposite of Farage, Brexit and Trump.

if I have to tolerate this…by this imbecile

If you are a sovereignist for your own country to be pro globalists in other people’s countries is a lack of taste, of grace or of understanding. Or the three of them.


Another non-working Royal’s wedding at taxpayers’ expenses, too fawning media and why Corbyn can win.

The destiny of the Britons seems to be to pay for royal weddings and to shut up. Literally. Obsessive hate speech laws that now have come, like a karma, to hit the same Labour Party that invented them, Jeremy Corbyn is waiting for another load of accusations of anti-semitism, hate crimes the likes of…shooting jewish civilians in the street the way the Jews do in Palestine/Judea with Palestinians? No, a Labour party politician seems to have quarreled with an aide of Tony Blair’s and called him jewish pig, I got shocked: he was arrested. But the latest royal wedding may bring loads of votes to Corbyn just the same: Eugenie’s wedding is embarrassingly “big” it’s as big as Harry’s and the DailyMail is covering it like Will and Kate’s RoyalM

Eugenie is not even a working Royal she’s just the niece of the Queen and can do “a wonderful courtesy the her”, her family should privately pay for it, instead, the british taxpayer does, the subjects are treated like subjects and cannot even talk too much.

Paul Dacre is not the chief editor of the DailyMail any more, he happened to be a little less fawning at least less embarrassingly fawning than the new one, Mr. Geordie Greig, he even published this: Link an article about how wonderfully the royals wave at you and the interpretation of personality of the worshipped royals based on the waving, you would like to know some truth? Well, I tell you just that Camilla is described as “a Royal who would do anything for love” – yes, Camilla – Meghan “a humanitarian looking for a mission” and bootlicking on and on, it is embarrassing, as it is embarrassing the pro-Israel stance, Israel must be paying them well and also the Royals, but the latter probably found a way to put the bill on taxpayers.


And Corbyn? Can he save Britain? Or can he just scare the establishment, the Jews and I don’t know, the bankers? Well, if he promises to limit royal expenses and to repeal the hate speech laws, before the hate speech laws repeal Britain, he may win.

British males are scared of offering help to women in need not to be accused of sexual harrassement, scared of talking and now with this Israel/Palestine issue Labour Party’s members are treated like BNP activists two decades ago, it is only just & fair that the Labour Party ripristinates freedom of speech and offers a solution to the real problems of Britain. In the end it’s the Labour Party that did the damage with Blair, it’s the Labour Party that must repeal the pro-mass-immigration and hate speech legislation, otherwise pay for Royals and shut up. Brexit? Now we see what May can do. Arlene Foster announced no-deal as the best and most likely outcome, I agree with her, but as I told you, I’m not scared of Corbyn either, he may be the one to give back freedom of speech to the Britons for the risk that now he may go to jail with half of the Party for being pro Palestine…

Who said “Karma, can be such a b***h”?

I am moved by Boris Johnson’s Speech: please, follow HIM, here’s why.

I am rarely moved, but still, this speech of Boris Johnson moved me, I was about to cry.

Here’s why: Boris Johnson has understood the gravity of the moment and doesn’t lie, Theresa May either hasn’t understood the gravity of the moment or she lies, and if she lies she lies for the detriment of Britain not for the happiness of Britain as a country and the Britons as a folk.

Boris Johnson may be adulterer and on the verge of divorce, also Churchill was adulterer but at the time women just didn’t divorce – all but Wallis Simpson who caught the Prince, but let’s go – yes, he is churchillian he understood he has to fight now he cannot fight later, he said a very beautiful and true, truthful sentence “don’t you believe you can get it wrong now and fix it later…” no, you can’t, I am Italian: it was just a big mistake and a tragedy to enter the eurozone and now, now it’s getting very difficult to fix it, we probably can’t, unless we exit, in Italy it is extremely difficult to make the country survive, it’s like a naked copper wire, everything is with nude electricity, the Finance Ministry, the Interior Ministry, I don’t want to go on, this is about Brexit: follow Boris, believe me, do Brexit now and do it right, you must go back sovereign nation and stop.

Chuck Chequers and just in case, if you think the problem is adultery then you should not have had Churchill Prime Minister and maybe you would have had Hitler prime Minister who was no adulterer but maybe, they suggest, did worse, then no Cameron prime Minister, no Osborne Chancellor, yes, even Tony Blair, you wouldn’t miss it, but he did it, I hate to say it, but let’s be frank, no Trump, of course he was adulterer and still he’s better than Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton? etc.

I don’t want to play this part, chuck Chequers and don’t be ridiculous: follow Boris, I beg your pardon.

Next Prime Minister?

Boris should sing it “It’s probably me”

SuperCanada? Yes, but NOT like CETA, spare me another supranational Court…and spare me Diana talking from beyond the grave.

The Express dot co dot uk is very easy to read and very christian, believable, pro Brexit and pro giving voice to whomever has a strange experience to talk about, yes I did it too, I talk about Religion and say “Our Lord Jesus Christ” and do Christmas cards and tell about the scientific theory of going up and down past present and future according to the physics and mathematicians of some Universities pretty cool, what I didn’t do up till now, other than I gave you your numbers to check for free on two cabala-numerology websites Link and link but what I didn’t do and the express does is to talk to Diana from beyond the grave, according to them Princess Diana is worried about Meghan’s father…the relatives, but that’s easy to guess, did you really need a medium to tell you?

Let’s go back to the living Britons, what’s SuperCanada? I don’t want to guess it’s like CETA: it must not be like CETA because CETA introduces the hellish supranational Court which is precisely what MUST BE AVOIDED, as for the rest it just implies abolishing tariffs and allowing buying goods and services in one another’s countries, I can’t believe really the fuss they’re doing about no-deal Brexit and the passionate articles about “what will happen if there is no-deal Brexit?” nothing will happen, you have no deal let’s say with Turkey, Canada and you can travel to Turkey and Canada why do go on pretending that if you have no-deal airplanes shall stop flying can’t you fly to let’s say Australia? Nigeria? China? You have no deal but you can go up and down these countries the same, you just need a passport; how many Chinese goods do you sell in Britain with no-deal?Cupboard

ask Prince George, they say that once he asked “Where’s dad?” and he was told “He’s in China” then he went opening the cupboard and said “No, he’s not there.”.

They’re innocent when they’re little, but consider this, do you know how many Chinese products do we have in Europe, Britain included? And I’m not talking about fine, precious porcelain, it’s ridiculous that you think, you fear “with no-deal-Brexit trains and planes will stop, we cannot sell and buy…” I mean get a grip, if you fly and buy and sell with, let’s put it, China, do you think you won’t fly and sell with Germany, don’t be ridiculous. No-deal means just reverting to WTO rules and it’s the same as with non EU countries you are actually selling and buying and flying to NOW.

Yes, these are the Masons bragging about their power and one may ask “When did they become all fags”?

This is the self promoting video of the highest Freemasons, the cousin of the Queen of England, Duke of Kent being their master etc. – or the boss or the secretary – but the big question is: when did they become all gays? And when did they start getting obsessed with migrants?

Thanks for an answer.

From David Icke:

‘This video of the Royal Ritual in London shows high-level Freemasons bragging about their heavy influence in all spheres of society … in an extremely symbolic setting.

On October 31st, 2017, the Royal Ritual took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London where Freemasons celebrated the 300th anniversary of their influence on society. The event was presided by the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England: Prince Edward, Duke of Kent – the grandson of King George V and Queen Mary, and the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

David Icke's Sensational New Book

Attended by thousands of Freemasons from across the world (including 136 Grand Masters), the ceremony featured “sketches” bragging about the influence of Masonry on modern society, including its important role in the creation of the United States. It mentions several times the fact that their all-seeing eye is prominently featured on American bank notes.

Of course, all of this happens on a checkerboard pattern floor and under a gigantic compass and All-Seeing Eye.


Boris Johnson: Born to be rebuked. Will he manage to be PM, just the same?

If Boris Johnson becomes PM he’ll be rebuked by all the people, May rebukes him, wife divorces him – and it’s his fault – Petronilla talks, blonde aide talks, in the meantime Brexit should be delivered, everything sounds crazy.

Boris Johnson at University with girlfriend Allegra who lately married – he used to cheat on her too –

Boris cheats and doesn’t want to say sorry for it, Boris wants hard Brexit and again doesn’t want to say sorry for it, Boris thinks he’s right, in cheating – he has always done it – considers stupid to “confine a man to one woman only” the wife, people who are not the wife and happen to be hard Brexiteer still want to save him and like him more than Theresa May, no Boris for PM? Why not?

Oxford Lads of Boris Johnson’s kind were supposed to be “born to rule” Boris is “born to be rebuked” and to rule at the same time. They were told like this, those grown up kids, by their own teachers, and they were told they could be unfaithful, Johnson believed it, he has a strong faith in his rights.

In Israel a red cow was born they say it’s the sign the end of the world is coming: Boris Johnson PM, probably.

And hard Brexit indeed, we may see the Anti-christ soon, but not on our knees anyway.

There’s a misunderstanding between the Britons and the Jews and Corbyn is setting it right. It’s the Jews in debt with the Britons not the other way round.

Corbyn is plain and simply setting right a little misunderstanding between the Jews and the Britons, the British Jews claim things as if the other Britons owed something to them, in reality it’s they who owe Palestine and the release from Nazism to the other Britons and Americans and Russians, ok? The full definition of Anti-semitism that the Jewish groups want is a request of bow, of allegiance from the rest of humanity to the Jews and it written by the Jews only, the four points that Corbyn does not accept fall into the categories of the opinion crime and criminalisation of political views: you should not say Palestine exists – in Israel they want to make it illegal and punishable with one year jail to even wave the Palestinian flag and why is it not illegal in the USA or Britain to wave the Israeli flag? – you cannot be pro Palestine, you have to allow the Jews to do freely war crimes and shooting civilians, look at the four points Corbyn (and I have to say, he is a hero) refuses, and what they really mean:

“The Labour anti-Semitism row erupted again after the party leadership refused to fully adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition.

The party’s code explicitly endorses the IHRA definition, but it omits four examples from the IHRA list:

– Accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country;

and this is true btw, they behave like hard right-wingers for Israel, declared Israel a homeland for jewish people only but do want multicultural society in every other country, ok? This is fucking true, they have actually expelled native arabs who are not Jews from the Holy Land, but want other countries to be “welcoming” and open to “diversity” because they want to live there.

– Claiming that Israel’s existence as a state is a racist endeavour;

yes, it is racist because it is “for jewish people only” which is precisely like saying ” for white people only” ok? Because it is the fucking same.

– Requiring higher standards of behaviour from Israel than other nations;

No, Israel is in fact required the same standard as other nations and is much below the moral standard of the other nations, unless for “other nation” you mean Saudi Arabia, in no other nations the apartheid policy of Israel is allowed and in other nations it is prohibited to shoot civilians and demonstrators with live bullets as they do in Israel.

– Comparing contemporary Israeli policies to those of the Nazis.

And then? The Jews compare to nazis people who are against mass immigration and gay weddings and even Ahmadinejad who’s not even white, if they compare to nazis Jeremy Corbyn – who’s engaged to a black woman – people can compare to Nazis them.

Labour insisted that while the examples are not reproduced word-for-word, they are covered in the new code…”

So I support freedom of speech and freedom of comparison and the Jews are making a hell in other countries to support Israeli for themselves only, which is unacceptable and stop.

Then let’s go back to the little misunderstanding: it’s the Jews who owe the Holy Land to the British Empire and the freedom from nazism to the Russians and Anglo-saxons mainly white and Protestants or Orthodox, it’s not the Britons and the Americans or the Russians who owe something to them, they are distasteful because while they pretend to be tough guys in Israel bombing Gaza and shooting civilians like bullying people – because they feel protected by the Americans and they behave in an uncivil way – and depriving arabs, muslims and christians of the civil rights then come out crying like poor victims of the holocaust and I have respect for right-wingers and I have respect for Corbyn but a dual faced fucking Jew who kills civilians and shows photographs of a Jew killed 70 years ago and wants to be treated like a victims is disgusting or, lets say so, neither sexy like a real fighter nor compassionate like a real victim, I really don’t like them.

I’d drop completely the definition of Anti-semitism written by the Jews.

And if a couple of zionists resign from Labour it’s better for Labour, as we say in Italy “I was luckier the day I lost you than the day I found you”.