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I ask Arlene Foster to tell the Tories that they no longer support a May Government: May invented the Irish Backstop not the EU.

I ask people to read carefully my previous article about Owen Patterson’s no confidence letter to Sir Brady LinkSCANDAL: May rejected a free trade deal with no backstop in NI offered by the EU for the sake of entangling Britain.

Owen Patterson with other Brexiteers, he found out there is another deal on offer and May lied to them

Arlene Foster and the DUP must consider carefully that May lied to them, to the Queen and to the Country by stating that her deal was the only one on offer with the now infamous and false sentence “My deal, no deal or no Brexit”

In reality there is another deal on offer by the EU: a pure and simple free trade agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom with no differences of treatment whatsoever between the main island of Britain, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland and this deal should have been given for an analysis and evaluation to the Tory MPs, the DUP and the Parliament, particulalry the DUP had to be informed since they represent Northern Ireland’s interests, but actually not just they, Her Majesty should have been informed of the two deals available: either the deal with the backstop in NI or a free trade agreement with no backstop, it is understood that the backstop was invented by her, by Theresa May and not by Michel Barnier while she pretended it was the EU imposing the dreadful backstop in the Custom Union for NI and saying it was the only & final offer, her statement my deal or no deal is false; she lied to the Country, to the Queen and to the Parliament, and to the DUP even when they asked her face to face if there were other solutions and proposals: she said “No” and that’s lying.

Moreover if the Tories back May and Labour makes the government fall with a no confidence vote in her government then the Tories will have to go to the General Elections with May as Tory Leader and they would lose.

Arlene Foster must state whether she would back May’s government deal NOW. Or it’s worse.


May’s attempt to survive as PM till the end of January is mean and egoistic.

“We are in a very serious and unprecedented situation” Corbyn is right.

And this below is how Theresa May reduced Britain as Home Secretary first and Prime Minister second period, and she should be “Right-wing”.

Our opinion is that Corbyn is right in one thing: if she can’t deliver Brexit she must give way to people who can.

What we can see of May is her vile and mean attempt to live on, to survive as PM till the 21st of January, she doesn’t want the crunch vote to take place tomorrow or on tuesday/friday, no, she wants to eat the Christmas cake as PM and live on

Christmas cake filled with cream and decorated with chocolate and cherries

incredible shamelessness: we suspect May wants to lose time, delay and postpone and go back to Brussels for “clarifications” indefinitely until she reaches the 29th of March doing nothing and making the infamous “withdrawal of the withdrawal letter”. This is vile.



The SNP urges Corbyn to table the no confidence vote in the government to call for snap elections.

I suggest this checkerboard fight:

On one side hard Brexiteers gathered around a Brexiteer Tory leader that swallows the entire UKIP and with promises to fight crime and illegal immigration also swallowing the BNP, and of course set to an alliance with DUP:

Jacob Rees Mogg candidate for PM in a ticket with John Redwood for Chancellor;

Nigel Farage candidate with the Tories to swallow all UKIP votes inside the Tory party;

Manifesto pledge of no Irish Border or backstop whatsoever. Instead going for leave no-deal, btw in France they are already updating their legislation and preparing for Hard Brexit – unlike Britain – Link

On the other side Corbyn’s Labour with their own platform for Brexit.

Then the british citizens will decide which Brexit government they want.

All this must be done before the 15th of February so May must go/be ousted now, before Christmas.

a variety of Christmas cake Christmas tree shaped filled with cream and topped with a biscuit star.

She can’t ruin our holidays, we must be free to relax.


Or else a quick Tory Leadership contest convincing the Tory Remainers to turn hard Brexiteers and re-propose a Hard Brexit Tory-DUP government.

The EU must get out, leave the UK too: that’s the deal.

It’s not just the UK that must get out of the EU, it’s also the EU that has to get out of the UK with all its ECJ and regulations, I think no-deal is better than any “deal” because it frees the UK of ALL entanglement with the EU, then, after the Exit from the EU and in a position of total independence you can abolish tariffs and btw you’ll never pay as much as 39 bln in tariffs because tariffs are reciprocated – also Germany and the other EU member states would have to pay tariffs to Britain – while the affiliation fee is one way only: you pay to trade with them but they don’t pay to trade with you therefore my conviction that Theresa May IS a traitor. Sack her and stop losing time with Remainers asking them to change mind and deliver Brexit.

After this, I think Theresa May deserves to get shot.

Theresa May was a big mistake from the  beginning, she just shouldn’t have been made PM.

I am tired, maybe I’ll do a video tomorrow, oh my dear, Theresa May’s deal is a total surrender to the Nazis, pardon to the EU: incredible that she even had the shamelessness to write down such things as “border checks….in the Irish sea” ? what? So, Northern Ireland is not part of Britain anymore??? Indefinite transitional period with the establishment of a ….common custom aka custom union with the EU where the EU sets all the rules and regulations and the UK has to obey them but with the clause of no possibility of unilateral exit – a slave – and plus certainly the Britons would have to pay a fee and have no commissioners, no say in the rule-making no possibility to exit without EU permission, is she crazy? Even Tony Blair doesn’t like it. She said “my deal, no deal or no brexit” who the hell gave her the authority to say “no brexit” just to start, as for her deal it’s like she lost a war and this are the conditions of an armistice: the condition of a total vassal state. I hope the Parliament brings it down together with May. And obviously no-deal and hard brexit is the best outcome.


Braggarts Vs. Liars and Playboys Vs. Paedophiles why the Americans are still better.

I should add “Nationalists Vs. Globalists” and it would be ok, but the title of the article would be too long. In a perfect world – or in a boring world – I should preach Donald Trump shouldn’t meet the likes of Stormy Daniels and be faithful/chaste but I saw this:

Stormy Daniels half serious black and white photo for…the top article on the Telegraph, yeah

I wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas plays…lady gaga would joke…I mean, are you talking to me? Are you being serious about this? Or do you want to bluff me like they do in Texas plays? Stormy Daniels Telegraph’s opinionist just for the sake of trying/ attempting desperately to destroy or at least damage Donald Trump.

Who’s this girl, an aged woman ex porn star and prostitute who just lost a cause for defamation against Trump because now she thinks she can earn more money by defaming ex clients than with the new ones due to her fallen-apart beauty, the new clients pay her less than the democrats trying to use her to destroy some Republicans; but that’s a dangerous game, you’re a prostitute, strip-teaser and porn actress, good for the upper class on rent and you expect that to defame the former clients is anyway acceptable as a new job? How many of the Democrats? How many of the Illuminati? The few who are not paedophiles? An ex prostitute who tries body-shaming of the clients is an idiot and damages the business. She lost the cause.

But the way she was treated: columnist for the Telegraph, honorary citizen of a town whose mayor wanted to do the resistance against Trump, this is your Princess Leia?

Jesus Christ!

Trump likes grown up women, his enemies try actually to decriminalize paedophilia. In any case, he’s better than his enemies by far.

I’m happy to be supporting the republicans, I’ve got the feeling if it isn’t – and it isn’t – Saints vs. sinners – they’re all sinners, we ‘re all sinners – it’s seemingly girl addicts straight men vs. paedophiles – Prince Charles , Savile – on the same Telegraph where they treat Trump like this, they have given as normal news, they “communicated” to the poor subjects of her majesty that the british cops will not prosecute light paedophiles anymore, because they’re too busy prosecuting hate speech crimes, that is, precisely, if you have on your computer or post child porn images you won’t be prosecuted but if you post anti-immigration or sexist comments you will be prosecuted. Her Majesty’s values…Prince Charles and these people who are so smug against Trump to give “Stormy Daniels” – a woman who had a decent name, Stephanie Clifford, and found intelligent to change it into Stormy Daniels for the sake of joining the porn & prostitute industry – the first page of their “best” newspaper – “che schifo” I am disgusted – but they won’t last, in this world, in this fight that’s braggarts vs. liars, where the braggart is a member of the Trump family and the liar a BBC or CNN journalist that is also a fight nationalists vs. globalists idem, non right-wing people will self destroy, those imbeciles of Telegraph’s journalists praise the super-globalist anti-nationalist move of Theresa May’s government – treacherous as the one of Tony Blair’s -to…hire soldiers from abroad, men and women who are not british nationals inside the british army, now everybody with a bit of salt in the head even without having read Machiavelli will tell you “they’re going to prepare a coup and they don’t want the soldiers to be emotionally attached to the citizens” yes, because they probably want to give the order in case the people don’t accept certain rules the soldiers will be given the order to shoot them, clear? I’m Italian I know it, Niccolò Machiavelli wrote it plainly, and I know the british upper class does read Machiavelli he basically said that hired soldiers they’re not going to die for you or the fatherland, they just want the money and kill around.

Go and tell Stormy Daniels or the new Telegraph’s columnists, and think about the new oath they’re going to write not to be racist against the new non british soldiers, it can’t be “Queen and Country” because their country is not Britain, it will be “Queen and…?” The Queen is an idiot if she’s going to sign this really, without the country no one cares about her or her sons. They are going to do a coup, of course they are.

You Americans please vote Republicans, I’m afraid you’ll have to help the Britons again. As for “like they do in Texas” in Texas they vote Republican.


To the Britons: if you don’t want to shame yourselves and beg Trump’s help after you ruin the country and fill it with foreign soldiers, oust Theresa May now, do Brexit and don’t hire foreigners in the army.