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I am moved by Boris Johnson’s Speech: please, follow HIM, here’s why.

I am rarely moved, but still, this speech of Boris Johnson moved me, I was about to cry.

Here’s why: Boris Johnson has understood the gravity of the moment and doesn’t lie, Theresa May either hasn’t understood the gravity of the moment or she lies, and if she lies she lies for the detriment of Britain not for the happiness of Britain as a country and the Britons as a folk.

Boris Johnson may be adulterer and on the verge of divorce, also Churchill was adulterer but at the time women just didn’t divorce – all but Wallis Simpson who caught the Prince, but let’s go – yes, he is churchillian he understood he has to fight now he cannot fight later, he said a very beautiful and true, truthful sentence “don’t you believe you can get it wrong now and fix it later…” no, you can’t, I am Italian: it was just a big mistake and a tragedy to enter the eurozone and now, now it’s getting very difficult to fix it, we probably can’t, unless we exit, in Italy it is extremely difficult to make the country survive, it’s like a naked copper wire, everything is with nude electricity, the Finance Ministry, the Interior Ministry, I don’t want to go on, this is about Brexit: follow Boris, believe me, do Brexit now and do it right, you must go back sovereign nation and stop.

Chuck Chequers and just in case, if you think the problem is adultery then you should not have had Churchill Prime Minister and maybe you would have had Hitler prime Minister who was no adulterer but maybe, they suggest, did worse, then no Cameron prime Minister, no Osborne Chancellor, yes, even Tony Blair, you wouldn’t miss it, but he did it, I hate to say it, but let’s be frank, no Trump, of course he was adulterer and still he’s better than Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton? etc.

I don’t want to play this part, chuck Chequers and don’t be ridiculous: follow Boris, I beg your pardon.

Next Prime Minister?

Boris should sing it “It’s probably me”



Salvini – Lega – and Giovanni Toti – Forza Italia –

The Numbers are against the Elite, which is not even a real elite: they are ex-Communist magistrates and cardinal pedophiles who cover pedophile priests by moving them from one parish to another “where they do not know them” well enough to expose new altar boys to the risk, Jesus help us and I say Jesus because in the Catholic Church they still continue to say, the little phrase “for Christ our Lord” then Christ their Lord must make them stop, because who enters there enters for Him, I would like some responsibility from the Second Person of the Trinity: You must make them stop You because they use Your Name to touch children and altar boys, all right? I do not care about Bergoglio, no one does: he disgusts me, people enter churches for You..

But we humans must deal with Italy, the situation is paradoxical, the overwhelming majority of the parliament and of the Italians are against the obsolete and communist judiciary and against the landings of illegal immigrants, in favour of the rapid repatriation of those not entitled to international protection, and we speak of:


5 stars Movement

Forza Italia

Brothers of Italy

part of the radical transfuges like Mr. Daniele Capezzone,

it reaches 70% of parliamentarians and of the people who want a healthy reform of the judiciary, of the right to asylum and the right to simple repatriation of the non-having-right-to-asylum, for example the bunch of Tunisians landed yesterday with the boat, practically with the speedboat in Lampedusa from Tunisia, nobody of them has the right to asylum coming form Tunisia because that’s not a country at war.

Now the problem is not Capezzone because whatever you think of abortions and euthanasia – Capezzone is a bit radical liberal etc. I rarely mention him for this reason, since you know I do not support radical liberals & Co. being very conservative on certain issues – but he’s not corrupt and does not want to be taken for a foul by the judges or by the EU, adding that, coming from the radical party that is the party linked to high Freemasonry, the most powerful, the one that has direct contact, personal, with Soros and Rothschild if he had sold out he would have arrived at the UN or the European Commission, only he didn’t – notwithstanding abortion – And thinks about Italy.

Daniele Capezzone
Incipit of an article by Daniele Capezzone on the EU

“When it is about Strasbourg and Bruxelles, to be good prophets isn’t difficult: it’s sufficient to predict the worse, and one has often very good chances of guessing…”.

The problem is the fear of the 5Stelle to admit that Berlusconi on certain things was right for their false shamelessness and puritanism; at the Ambrosetti Forum there was Geert Wilders, many of the rich Italians want the reform of the judiciary and not be kept under constant threat of trials, notices of guarantee, in practice judiciary blackmail “since 1992” , be they innocent or guilty, but given the numbers if you do the bicameral commission on the reform of the judiciary and the right to asylum you can do what you want because if 70% of the population and Parliament is put in check by 30%, if it is thirty, then they are the four capons of Renzo who are fighting against one another while the judge licks his mustache because he thinks that he will roast them one by one.

They say that today Forza Italia and Salvini will finally agree on Mr. Marcello Foa president of RAI; so, please, do the bicameral and reform the judiciary.

As for Europe in the sense of the EU and the euro both Tria, the Finance Minister, and Paolo Savona, the Minister for the relationship with the EU, know well that we have to get out, the 5 Stars pretend not to understand it, President Mattarella speaks like a robot, like a broken record about “loyalty to the European values and economic commitments etc.”, I warn you: read the Brexit press, see that you are going straight to Hard brexit-no deal, this splits and actually leads to the closure of the European single market because Germany and Holland export to Britain more than they import and this is not a political opinion – and they export cars, do not export candies if ever, also candies sell – we must be ready to go out in about 6 months: hard brexit will be March 29, 2019, we are at 16 September 2018, count the days instead of going after Mattarella’s little sentences and also he must stop talking about a European Union that does not exist in the terms in which he defines it, plus Oettinger has already asked Italy “to respect the accounts” “to get the accounts back” but then wants to increase the maintenance costs of the EU, which are exorbitant, because there would be a lack of good 20 billion a year of the English quota, the EU is an abnormal construction, there were 8 paying states and 20 that take money, missing Britain – second net contributor after Germany – there would be 7 paying and 20 who will take money and the “solution” of the commissioners is to increase the quota of 7 left, but also to claim that we take migrants and keep them at our expenses but at the same time we do not break the roof of the three per cent of public expenditure (?) but what the fuck are they saying? It does not work for math, do you want to understand it or not? But what degree of study does the President of the Republic Mr Mattarella or the President of the European Parliament or Commissioner Moscovici have? primary school? please close the EU and reform the judiciary.

I’m sorry but if DiMaio and Grillo do not understand this, they do not understand anything. Clearly, I hope they do.

UK Vs EU: EU splits, Holland and Belgium impose free trade with Britain while France closes it.

Dover’s port.

There won’t be any EU on the 29th of March 2019 anymore.

Already now the different EU member States decided to stick to independent trade policies with post Brexit UK, while in Britain the Remoaners still rattle something about queues and project fears, being clear that no-deal is the most likely outcome of Brexit, for no-deal the various EU countries are getting ready: God for all but each on its own, the Netherlands historically have strict ties to the UK and, together with Belgium, they’ll keep a strictly free trade policy, notwithstanding what the other EU nations are going to do.

In this Express’ article Link it is explained how since France intends to close the ports to free access for British import after Brexit, all the goods will be simply directed to Holland and Belgium “free-trade mode” and that’s it, there’s no EU Single Market already, I think Italy must just get frankly ready for establishing its own trade rules with the UK and possibly exiting the eurozone as smoothly and quickly as possible, in this respect it’s just luck the in Italy we have Salvini, DiMaio and Savona who know how to do, as for the BBC who – obviously – rants that Salvini wants to emulate Mussolini at this point I believe they wanted to pay a compliment to Mussolini they must be fascist sympathisers. As for their ridiculous project fear, this is what the world market, much bigger than the EU – dying single market – is doing with their project fear: Link just the title

UK exports SOAR to record high of £616billion

Beautiful, so? Mussolini was just a guy like Salvini and Britain is scared to have too much export requests from the outer world that it can satisfy – export soars 616 billion pounds after Brexit in waiting for hard Brexit can you hear me? – I think yes, you can.

As for the EU: it’s gone, if France closes the ports and Holland and Belgium open them and what else should they do? There’s no Single Market anymore, by luck.

Stockpiling food in case of Hard Brexit is ridiculing Britain in front of the world. You produce more fish that you can sell NOW. T.May must resign.

UK produces much more fish than the EU allows it to sell, the Britons will have more fish after Brexit not less. Moreover Tru7mp supplies all the food you don’t produce that you may need. Stop May shaming the country. There is something called “insult to the intelligence” and stockpiling food in case of hard Brexit is one of these cases.

I can’t believe a usually quite decent person like Theresa May reverted to defying Osborne on project fear to win the nonsense-project.fear-cup, in a country like Britain that fishes more fish that it can sell and has to throw it back to the sea for the European Union’s fault, that produces beef sold to Italy, to which Italy would never ever under any circumstances stop selling tons of pasta and parmesans & Co. just to talk about food and not clothes, to which Donald Trump who has imposed tariffs on EU products but wouldn’t impose tariffs on UK products and wants a trade deal for whatever you may need, grain? corn? I don’t know, he would sell it to you, she T. May gave orders to “stockpile food” and even gave orders that “the food will be delivered by the army” Link.

I believe this is beyond ridiculous, and also beyond acceptable, the UK is a big country that produces more food than the EU allows it to sell, particularly fish, you eat the fish you over-produce by EU-Single Market rules now because once you do hard Brexit you haven’t got to throw it away anymore. And if you don’t produce enough potatoes for the fish&chips you can always import the potatoes from Trump.

Have I got to go on? Is this the case for soft Brexit? Another confirm we are damningly right.

In any case: stockpile food and do hard Brexit.

And also Barnier rejects Theresa May’s Brexit Deal. I think this is a Record. WTO Rules anyone?

Opening of Elevate Wokingham in Wokinhham LibraryJohn Redwood MP
John Redwood MP prominent Brexiteer that I quote a lot in this article to make trade and custom union things clear.

Done. Also the EU rejects Theresa May’s “Brexit plan” I think at this point there is only Hard Brexit – no deal exit on the table – which is a very welcome solution, my favourite – no one seemed to like Theresa May’s “plan”, Cameron described it in a private conversation with Johnson “the worst of both world” hard brexiteers didn’t like it, mild brexiteers don’t exist, they have never existed the ones who wanted Brexit overwhelmingly just wanted to get rid of the EU, Remainers didn’t like it, remainer in chief Anna Soubry described Theresa May as “moved by the forces of darkness” (?) seriously and the “forces of darkness” allegedly were Jacob Rees Mogg – good shape for the darkness and a lot of money too – and finally the EU in the person of Michel Barnier didn’t like it either. Nail in the coffin, I suppose, what else does Theresa May need to understand that her “plan” is pretty unlikable? She did strike.

According to Jacob Rees Mogg – out of the darkness – we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel: No deal, no ties with Brussels whatsoever and commerce regulated under the easy and welcome WTO rules Link

It’s not just Jacob Rees Mogg who’s not taking a gun to shoot himself in despair because finally the horrible deal was killed off, many people – me included – long for no deal, because no-deal is hard Brexit aka freedom.

I copy & paste some statements about the outcome of a no-deal Brexit and WTO rules from John Redwood’s Diary, the best pen to understand trade and customs and world commerce things without being an expert of such issues personally.

From FirstArticle The WTO global trading model and Mr Barnier – time for the media to mend its language

“No Deal” is the WTO global trading option. Far from being without trading rules and without a working system for importing and exporting, the UK would rely on the WTO system for its EU trade just as it relies on that system for the bulk of its trade today which is conducted with non EU states.

“Crash out” are the words often used by Remain to describe leaving without paying the EU £39bn for the privilege of leaving. As we do not owe them any money, most people would call that just leaving, not crashing out. We will not crash, and will have lots more cash.

“Fall off the cliff edge” is another fatuous phrase they use. There is no cliff edge. Planes will fly and lorries will move through ports the day after we leave just as they did the day before. We will carry on trading and travelling, investing and being tourists in each other’s countries, as we do today in numerous non EU countries.

As the bulk of the UK’s trade with the EU is imports, I assume even Mr Barnier will understand they need continued decent access to the UK market. The good news for them is we are offering that, as long as it is reciprocal and within WTO rules.”

I  (Paola) think this is very clean and clear as usual on John Redwood’s side, and ironically “even Mr. Barnier understands they need continued access to the UK market”

From Second chosen Article: Let’s thank the Irish PM for showing us how absurd Project Fear has become

“There are international agreements allowing overflights. Irish planes will still fly over the UK once we have left, and UK planes will still fly over Ireland. BA is of course part of IAG, an Anglo Spanish  company with a headquarters in Madrid,  so does the Irish PM anyway not see that as an EU company that will carry on flying?”

From the Third chosen Article: Trade is mainly about companies and individuals, not governments

“In the never ending UK Parliamentary debates on trade the advocates of us staying in or rejoining the EU customs union, or inventing a customs union with them similar to one we are leaving, never give up and never find any new and convincing arguments. Three times Parliament voted down staying in the customs union by a large majority. Last night Parliament voted it down yet again by a small  majority. As someone who likes Parliamentary democracy and thinks things should be settled here by lively debates and votes, I am also allowed to ask how many more times do we have to make the same decision?” (great ed.notes)

From the Fourth chosen Article: The Customs and Trade bills

“On March 29 2019 VAT must become a UK tax which we can change as we see fit. The government agrees.”

“The government has also agreed to accept an amendment which says that the UK would not collect EU customs duties  for the EU unless the EU collected UK customs for the UK.

Yesterday’s debate was dominated by people who have never run complex supply chains who were unwilling to accept they work fine with  non EU as well as with EU parts. – the Remainers ed. notes – We needed to explain all over again how TIR, Authorised Economic Operators, the WTO Facilitation Agreement, electronic manifests and calculations and checking loads away from the border currently operate to speed goods across borders.”


Theresa May is a Remainer who has remained a Remainer: Pick up your favourite Brexit’s “pastry-sentence”.


There are peculiar treats, one of our favourites are the mini Brexit pastry- delicacy-sentence, according to me one of the best is Jacob Rees-Mogg’s “Theresa May is a Remainer who has remained a Remainer”.


Then there is John Redwood’s “The White Paper proposes the UK staying in much of the current EU. White is the colour of the flag of surrender.” Link


Dominic Lawson: “Any Brexit plan that Peter Mandelson and Jacob Rees-Mogg BOTH think is hopeless, must be an absolute stinker”Link


Theresa May: “Donald Trump told me to sue the EU”.

Gosh, and now please exit and let me out.

ILY – I love You ed. notes –

Who has quit over May’s Brexit policy?

David Davis – Brexit secretary

Boris Johnson – Foreign secretary

Steve Baker – Brexit minister

Scott Mann – ministerial aide

Robert Courts – ministerial aide

Conor Burns – ministerial aide

Chris Green – ministerial aide

Maria Caulfield – Tory vice-chair

Ben Bradley – Tory vice-chair

Plus all the Tory and Labour Brexiteers and we think Theresa May’s period is gone.

What will come next? Jacob Rees-Mogg supports a Johnson Government and I have to say “Johnson” sounds like a British prime Minister’s name, I cannot link all the articles I find sentences in now because in Britain they’re in a frenzy and the HomePage of the DM is refreshed quickly, now more than one want to just cut the head to the EU bull and the only thing that may oppose a Johnson Government is Boris Johnson fatidical shyness in giving the impression he may want to be PM for personal power-hunger, and that’s a mistake, I have cursed in my previous article Ms. Giorgia Meloni for refusing the post of Italian Defence Secretary in change of support to Luigi DiMaio premiership because she was scared of being accused of being an opportunist power-hungry sort of politician etc. she did wrong, very wrong because now we have a Defence Secretary who doesn’t do really the interests of the Nation, she should have done it, I cursed her for having refused, had she accepted I’d promote her and support her in four languages.

Now Johnson, Boris, do not dare and refuse, time for tentativeness is up, Brexit must be Brexit, I stick here the beautiful, clear resignation letter of Scott Mann, not because is better than the others, but because it’s very communicative being short & clear:

North Cornwall MP Scott Mann said he was 'not prepared to compromise' the wishes of his constituents to 'deliver a watered down Brexit'

This a short but powerful example of how democracy works: the MP talks with the constituents, the citizens, and votes in the Parliament according to their wishes. And this is wonderful.

So Boris, don’t be shy.


And finally I have to say that there is another reason for Britain to change PM: Trump.

Boris Johnson is in good terms with Trump, praised him and does not treat him “like a schoolboy” as Theresa May unfortunately does, Trump is giving a big hand against globalisation and the NWO and not just to the USA, but to all countries that want to keep their culture and stand on their feet.

In Britain the minor royals, all but the Queen did not want to meet him and welcome him, William, Harry, Kate I don’t like them. Is this the Meghan-Marklization of the Royals? Lefty royals don’t last.

William went to Polo why? and why wasn’t Trump invited to the Polo match, eventually? He went to Scotland and the First Minister went to the gay pride, then if Trump tells you to defend yourself by yourself he’s right. He’s also right in liking Putin more than May.

Try to set things right or tell William to get another job.

I’ve got the impression the Queen is the only one who has a feeling she has some duties as a Queen not just rights and treats. As for Charles he’s quite hated, he didn’t greet Trump but was seen with prince Philip at the annual Bilderberg-meeting in Turin aka promoting globalisation. Because he’s stupid.

So are the Markles&Spencers & Middletons suggesting we should abolish the borders of our Nations but just pay to keep them four or five with a bunch of picked up friends of theirs and boot-licker courtiers safe in walled castles – they can have walls around them but they don’t meet Trump – playing polo and buying Dior? Solve this problem, please. I respect royals and traditional institutions solely as a form of respect towards the British people who want to be represented by them, but I don’t think they perceive it this way. They feel entitled in a superior way and after Meghan they make political statements, I don’t like it and I don’t think I have to respect them if they do politics.

Charles is an insect in comparison to Trump and Meghan is just a whore who after plastic surgery managed to get fucked by the right man to enter a walled mansion. And that’s it. That’s your royals.

Paola Distilo

A Eurosceptic the Size of Trump, a Liar the Size of May and a Drunkard the Size of Juncker. Why It will be Hard Brexit.

It’s a theater, more than a theater, worse than a theater: Jean Claude Juncker completely, really, out of metaphor drunk and no one can make him step down, resign, remove him from the post of President of the European Commission – yes, the President of the European Commission:

Now, I swear that I don’t hate Juncker, I swear that if I could, I’d help him, but I do swear that I want out of the EU, I am Italian and I want out and I hope Britain will do Hard Brexit, no, don’t tell me anything because to have a system the dimension and the power of the EU where the President of the Commission, the upmost position, can be so drunk, in the morning at a public official event and no one can ask for his resignation, removal, make an impeachment etc. gives the brand of the EU, it’s not a monarchy, it’s not a dictatorship: it’s worse. You rely on this for trade? For immigration? For human rights for anything? You’re drunker than Juncker. Close it, it’s a wrong system, it’s the lowest level ever reached by Europe.

By luck the biggest Eurosceptic of them all is the President of the United States of America and that’s great, Trump supports Johnson, who in comparison to Juncker is a christian monk, I mean he gets drunk at times, but in the evening not at NATO summit in the morning and the democratic UK system requires resignation for much less than that. Very welcome the resignation of Johnson, Davis and Steve Baker and the rest of the Brexiteers crew like Maria Caulfield one of my favourite ’cause being a politician still she manages to look human, Link her reasons in the end you cannot save it all with a liar the size of Theresa May who claims she likes immigrants for…let me guess, oh yes the contribution to the country, particularly to London safety & Rotherham, when you’ve got a drunkard the size of Juncker and a Brexiteer the size of Trump and all the Telegraph steering, much wisely – because that’s wisdom – for Hard Brexit, you must get there and do it an then start from the very next day with a UK-USA trade deal, you cannot humiliate the public so much as to give Juncker still some  connection with their things, they pay money for the EU and that’s the EU, unelected bureaucrats with no obligation, not even to decency and unremovable whatever they do. Stop depicting it as if it were something better looking and less smelly of alcohol: it’s indecent. And by now, you should have learnt it.