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I ask Arlene Foster to tell the Tories that they no longer support a May Government: May invented the Irish Backstop not the EU.

I ask people to read carefully my previous article about Owen Patterson’s no confidence letter to Sir Brady LinkSCANDAL: May rejected a free trade deal with no backstop in NI offered by the EU for the sake of entangling Britain.

Owen Patterson with other Brexiteers, he found out there is another deal on offer and May lied to them

Arlene Foster and the DUP must consider carefully that May lied to them, to the Queen and to the Country by stating that her deal was the only one on offer with the now infamous and false sentence “My deal, no deal or no Brexit”

In reality there is another deal on offer by the EU: a pure and simple free trade agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom with no differences of treatment whatsoever between the main island of Britain, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland and this deal should have been given for an analysis and evaluation to the Tory MPs, the DUP and the Parliament, particulalry the DUP had to be informed since they represent Northern Ireland’s interests, but actually not just they, Her Majesty should have been informed of the two deals available: either the deal with the backstop in NI or a free trade agreement with no backstop, it is understood that the backstop was invented by her, by Theresa May and not by Michel Barnier while she pretended it was the EU imposing the dreadful backstop in the Custom Union for NI and saying it was the only & final offer, her statement my deal or no deal is false; she lied to the Country, to the Queen and to the Parliament, and to the DUP even when they asked her face to face if there were other solutions and proposals: she said “No” and that’s lying.

Moreover if the Tories back May and Labour makes the government fall with a no confidence vote in her government then the Tories will have to go to the General Elections with May as Tory Leader and they would lose.

Arlene Foster must state whether she would back May’s government deal NOW. Or it’s worse.


SCANDAL: May rejected a free trade deal with no backstop in NI offered by the EU for the sake of entangling Britain.

Owen Patterson’s letter moved many Tories against May.

It’s worse than we had imagined.

I wanted to read in full the famous letter to Sir Brady of the 1922 Committee by Owen Patterson because the Telegraph said it made many people change their mind and suddenly the threshold of 48 no confidence letters to the PM as Tory Leader was “exceeded” I wondered what powerful words must have Owen Patterson used to convince more people, well, it’s incredible, as a blogger who likes to post and to link material from Infowars PJ Watson and David Icke and I think, I’m a conspiracy theorist, well yes, she is a traitor: she herself in the name of Britain rejected a serious free trade agreement with the EU with no irish backstop whatsoever offered by the EU!

I link the full letter by Patterson from Sky news because is for free in full Link I couldn’t believe what I was reading, by the end of the long and very interesting letter Owen Patterson says and I quote:

“President Tusk offered just such an alternative in March: a wide-ranging, zero-tariff free trade agreement.

That deal foundered on the question of the Northern Ireland border, but existing techniques and processes can resolve this. From my October meeting with Michel Barnier, I know that a willingness exists on the EU side to explore these possibilities more fully. The meeting also confirmed that Tusk’s offer is still on the table.

Throughout this process, I have sought to support the government. The conclusion is now inescapable that the prime minister is the blockage to the wide-ranging free trade agreement offered by Tusk which would be in the best interests of the country and command the support of parliament.”

First of all we must all apologize to Tusk and the EU representatives because we were made believe by May that her deal was the only one at disposal and the irish backstop was imposed by bad EU while insiders know the irish backstop was invented by her and she rejected the very best offer “still on the table”. She IS a traitor it’s not about David Icke I think she is paid by someone to botch Brexit.

The other element that hit my mind more than the rest is here:

“The UK would not have the unilateral right to end the arrangement – under May’s ‘deal’ ed notes -. We could be locked into it indefinitely as a permanent rule-taker while paying £39bn for the privilege.

European customs experts regard the withdrawal agreement’s customs arrangements as woefully out of date, proposing physical stamps and paper systems not used for nearly 20 years. They are so vague that it would be impossible to put them into practice.”

She didn’t send to Brussels competent people on purpose:

“It was a mistake for our EU negotiations to be led by a career civil servant with no business experience when the government had on hand a vastly experienced international trade negotiator, Crawford Falconer.”

Now from the curriculum of Mr. Crawford Falconer:

“Crawford Falconer is the United Kingdom’s Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser”

“Falconer has served in variety of roles including the New Zealand Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organisation(WTO), and as New Zealand’s Chief Negotiator and Adviser”

So May doesn’t want too experienced people negotiating the Brexit deal and sent the career civil servant and main Botcher-of-Brexit.

Sorry, guys, but yes, I don’t think she does it for free, I think she’s paid by some group of rich Remainers.

Now I expect she loses the no confidence vote.

For the rest, the letter in full is very interesting.

Very interesting.

May’s attempt to survive as PM till the end of January is mean and egoistic.

“We are in a very serious and unprecedented situation” Corbyn is right.

And this below is how Theresa May reduced Britain as Home Secretary first and Prime Minister second period, and she should be “Right-wing”.

Our opinion is that Corbyn is right in one thing: if she can’t deliver Brexit she must give way to people who can.

What we can see of May is her vile and mean attempt to live on, to survive as PM till the 21st of January, she doesn’t want the crunch vote to take place tomorrow or on tuesday/friday, no, she wants to eat the Christmas cake as PM and live on

Christmas cake filled with cream and decorated with chocolate and cherries

incredible shamelessness: we suspect May wants to lose time, delay and postpone and go back to Brussels for “clarifications” indefinitely until she reaches the 29th of March doing nothing and making the infamous “withdrawal of the withdrawal letter”. This is vile.



The SNP urges Corbyn to table the no confidence vote in the government to call for snap elections.

I suggest this checkerboard fight:

On one side hard Brexiteers gathered around a Brexiteer Tory leader that swallows the entire UKIP and with promises to fight crime and illegal immigration also swallowing the BNP, and of course set to an alliance with DUP:

Jacob Rees Mogg candidate for PM in a ticket with John Redwood for Chancellor;

Nigel Farage candidate with the Tories to swallow all UKIP votes inside the Tory party;

Manifesto pledge of no Irish Border or backstop whatsoever. Instead going for leave no-deal, btw in France they are already updating their legislation and preparing for Hard Brexit – unlike Britain – Link

On the other side Corbyn’s Labour with their own platform for Brexit.

Then the british citizens will decide which Brexit government they want.

All this must be done before the 15th of February so May must go/be ousted now, before Christmas.

a variety of Christmas cake Christmas tree shaped filled with cream and topped with a biscuit star.

She can’t ruin our holidays, we must be free to relax.


Or else a quick Tory Leadership contest convincing the Tory Remainers to turn hard Brexiteers and re-propose a Hard Brexit Tory-DUP government.

Britain IS a Felix Democracy: you voted to exit and you will. I found the perfect match for 10 & 11. And that’s mathematically perfect.

Ok, Allison Pearson said it all “she – Theresa May e.n – is like a mule leading a dead horse” moreover she’s gone to be humiliated with the entire country to Brussels, Berlin and The Hague: this just cannot be tolerated; some cowardly people – see Tim Stanley – say “Britain is not ready for any type of Brexit” now stop. Britain IS ready “fuori i pagliacci” they say in Italy which means “Clowns out of the scene” “Oust the clowns” now serious people.

I found two: the best solution for The Conservative and Unionist Party, for Northern Ireland, Catholic & Protestant equally, for Britain as a United Kingdom.

Jacob William Rees Mogg in Ten and John Alan Redwood in Eleven;

The DUP will support them:

Rees Mogg is catholic but English, staunch Unionist and wants a clean cut Brexit like the DUP moreover he’s also against abortion and gay weddings just like DUP members, he’s aristocrat but posh only in the sound of the voice, for the rest he’s much more happy-go-lucky and easy going than many with a less upper class accent, he’s one of those who don’t treat Farage from upside down and go to pubs with him; it’s like, he can do what he likes – the power of the money? – but with elegance.

But if Brexit is mainly about trade and the Financial shock – you just won’t have – in Eleven you need a man like this:

John Alan Redwood; protestant, English, staunchly Unionist and wants a clean cut Brexit – with damn same rules for the entire UK without losing pieces neither in Ireland nor in Gibraltar and worked as Director of Nathan Mayer Rothschild so also the globalists cannot say he’s an incompetent: they paid him to work for them


He writes for the Financial Times


so you are safe, He IS in the know not outside the Know, it’s Theresa May to be the dull girl who wrote or accepted an idiotic supposed “deal” good for enslaving the country and she does not write for the Financial Time either.

Here’s Redwood’s plan for a clean cut Brexit:

A managed exit without signing the Withdrawal Agreement


I will be writing soon about how this is our best way forward. It is not “crashing out” but cashing in, as we will keep the money the EU wanted to extract via the Withdrawal Agreement.


The economics of leaving on March 29, 2019 with no Withdrawal Agreement

The economic gains and problems with 29 March 2019 departure from the EU

Fiscal stimulus
Positive second round effects of affordable tax cuts
Advantages from extra public spending
Lower tariffs on non EU trade
Confidence boost from ending Brexit uncertainty
Substitution effect for home production as a result of tariffs on EU sales into UK

Friction at borders?
Non co-operation by some continental authorities?
Loss of confidence?

Why several scare stories are untrue

• Planes will fly
• EU companies will still be exporting food and medicines to the UK
• UK port authorities do not need to create new checks and delays
• Where paperwork is incomplete trade will continue – as with the EU’s failure to lodge a compliant schedule with the WTO

Fiscal stimulus

• Spend most of the £39bn cost of the Withdrawal Agreement in the first two years
• This will provide a 1.8% stimulus to GDP, or 0.9% a year

Second round effect of tax cuts

• Take VED back to pre 2017 levels and drop special diesel taxes. This should lead to a 15% gain in car sales and domestic output.
• Take Stamp Duties where currently higher back to pre 2016 levels. This should provide a stimulus to transactions in the housing market.
• Cut Income Tax to 18%, providing a general boost to take home pay and consumption.
• Estimated second round effects 0.2% of GDP

Public service improvement

• Extra recruitment into NHS, education and police
• Additional investment money into transport

Estimated little additional boost above fiscal stimulus counted above


If we adopted the EU tariff schedule for all EU as well as non EU items we would collect an additional £13bn of annual revenue. This should be given back as tax cuts for the consumers.

Better to cut the average EU tariff when imposing it as our tariff on the whole world.

1. Remove all tariffs from intermediate goods needed for UK manufacturing
2. Remove all tariffs that collect little revenue, or are at low rates
3. Cut or remove all food tariffs on food items we cannot grow for ourselves
4. Reduce food tariffs on non EU food that we can grow to a more realistic level when imposing it globally

Confidence effects

Business claims the uncertainty over what our future trading arrangements and tariffs will look like is holding back investment.

Early resolution should bring forward delayed investment. The extent of this has been exaggerated, but let us estimate a modest 0.2% gain to GDP from this source.

Trade friction on imports

• Imports are two thirds of our EU trade
• Trucks arrive at Dover full of goods – about half of these make the return crossing to Calais empty
• There is no need to place new inspections or complex customs arrangements on our borders in our ports, as we control these entrances to the UK.
• In the first instance, the UK can continue importing EU products as today, with an inspection regime at the factory or packing house of the originator, and inspection at the customer facility on arrival
• If the UK does want more port inspection in due course, this can be introduced with sufficient capacity to avoid long extra delays
• Cross channel traffic by ferry or tunnel could have new inspections in transit on board the train or ferry
• Exporters to the UK are not threatening to cancel supply on 30 March
• Most have contractual obligations to continue supplying after 29 March which are legally enforceable. It is difficult to see why this should cause extra costs to the UK.

JIT Delays

• JIT systems regularly deal with delays or long journey times
• Were transit times to go up the supplier would just be told to send it earlier
• There need to be no extra delays at UK ports importing the goods
• JIT is more susceptible to disruption through strikes / bad weather / crashes on main motorways / disruption to ferries or trains. This hits trade from within the EU as well as from outside whether we are members of the EU or not.

Export friction or loss

• The base case is continental customers will want UK exports on 30 March as on 29 March, and many are contracted to carry on buying them
• Tariffs will make mainly UK food and cars dearer, but they will make EU cars and food dearer into the UK
• Over half our EU trade will be tariff free on the EU’s schedule
• The high food tariff and car tariff is likely to reduce imports more than exports given the large imbalance in trade in these two categories
• It will lead to more domestic production for the home market
• On a worse case there could be loss of 0.6% per annum of GDP from less exports, partially compensated by a gain of say 0.3% of GDP from more home substitution for imports


• The pound fell against the dollar and the Euro in the eighteen months before the referendum, and was marked down on the result
• Its future from here will be more determined by relative money policy and interest rates than by Brexit news. It has been relatively stable in the last few weeks when the odds of no Withdrawal Agreement have risen.
• The UK still has a competitive advantage from the lower values of the pound since 2015.
• The balance of payments will get a good boost from ending EU contributions which will help the pound.

Summary of Effects

Annual as a percentage of GDP, years 1 and 2 after Brexit on 29 March 2019

Fiscal stimulus +0.9
Secondary benefits of tax cuts +0.2
Confidence effects from ending uncertainty +0.2%
Worst case export loss -0.6%
Import substitution offset +0.3%

Total net gains +1.0% per annum.

Source The article of 11 December 2018 of course – for the people who’ll read this in the future -.

This will empower Britain and it will be even more united than before with NI, because it will be the first case of Catholic Prime Minister but it’ll be a Unionist and a loyalist to the Queen.

You will be more united and richer.

Believe me actually “Do what Paola says” – I’m not joking, I think I guessed the formula.RedwoodBlue

This is your next ultra-competent and ultra-loyal Chancellor of the Exchequers


And this is your next ultra rich and ultra loyalist first catholic PM


He toasts with Farage


But comes from such places as the Cambridge Union


So everybody is represented: Aristocracy, posh people, farmers and fishermen with Directors of international banking groups, catholics and protestants I’d add



The elegant Britain with its filosofic and religious hamletic doubts and the working class with its pubs and soccer supporters certainty. Plus the people who work for the Banks.

Now just do it. Yes, of course it will work out.

Add to the list of the people employed in what we call “Real Brexit”:

John Longworth


Former Director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce, a staunch Brexiteer.

Mervyn Allister King, Baron King of Lothbury


Former Governor of the Bank of England.

Now evidently the cheapest and less competent of them all is precisely Theresa May, her going up and down Brussels-London lying and exaggerating things and wishing Britain being torn apart for daring defying the NWO destroyed her reputation. Now Fuori i pagliacci “Oust the clowns” and let competent people do Brexit.


After all this fuss, Britain needs a nice hot cup of tea…Be yourself, put Rees Mogg PM.

The EU must get out, leave the UK too: that’s the deal.

It’s not just the UK that must get out of the EU, it’s also the EU that has to get out of the UK with all its ECJ and regulations, I think no-deal is better than any “deal” because it frees the UK of ALL entanglement with the EU, then, after the Exit from the EU and in a position of total independence you can abolish tariffs and btw you’ll never pay as much as 39 bln in tariffs because tariffs are reciprocated – also Germany and the other EU member states would have to pay tariffs to Britain – while the affiliation fee is one way only: you pay to trade with them but they don’t pay to trade with you therefore my conviction that Theresa May IS a traitor. Sack her and stop losing time with Remainers asking them to change mind and deliver Brexit.

Berlusconi’s jokes on Mediaset on the Left are past their selling date.

Silvio Berlusconi’s jokes on Mediaset being on the Left no longer make fun: they are like  milk sold past its selling date, it’s “best before” you can not drink it anymore and certainly as for him and Piersilvio you can not say “like father like son” I leave to posterity the sentence that will not be not even so hard on who was right or was the best among the two – my opinion? the first -.

So, a guy goes to Berlusconi and tells him: “Silvio, look, Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti vote on the Left!” Silvio replies: “With what they make me earn they can vote where they like” now the joke could unfortunately be the following: a guy goes to Berlusconi and tells him: “Silvio, look, Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti vote on the left!” Silvio replies: “Me too”.

I just saw a discomforting service of TG5 – which is not conducted by Iacchetti, however – on a hypothetical CENSIS * study on Italians in 2018, and they are described as xenophobic losers who do not trust the future and the League-5Stars government and love the EU (?); I believe that practically everything that has been said in the service is false – and Ezio Greggio did not do it either, as Iacchetti didn’t: actually the television owned by the former Leader of the Centre-Rightwing coalition – Silvio Berlusconi – IS leftwing.

Well, before going to skate – because I’ll go – a couple of victories by Salvini, DiMaio and Conte:

Friday, 7 December 2018 – 10:30:00

Migrants, Aquarius closes the activity. Salvini: less landings and less deaths
Migrants, Salvini: with the stop to the NGOs less landings and less deaths


Migrants, Aquarius closes the activity. Salvini: less landings and less deaths
Migrants: Msf, ship Aquarius forced to close its activity Link

In practice, the flow of irregular immigrants is being completely stopped.

And two, not a day passes without massive arrests for the mafia and ‘ndrangheta mobsters and clan-affiliated in Italy and outside Italy: Link

Spataro – an Italian Prefect – complains that Salvini boasts about it on twitter, well I think it is good that he boasts about it. Very well. I’m sick of those who pretend to be shitting in their pants for mafia and ‘Ndrangheta as if they were, who knows, a kind of crime more difficult to deal with than it really is: so far mafia people have not been massively arrested because some people inside the State did not want to. Stop.
This journal online “Affari Italiani” “Italian Affairs” is good, and is positively pro-government, as far as the StrisciaLaNotizia so leftwing on Berlusconi’s Mediaset which is oh so lefty, but may they give the Big Golden Tapir to Michelle Hunziker who for ten years mocked at all celebrities who had undergone plastic surgery in the section “Fatti & Rifatti” “Done & Redone” and she was the one with more facial plastic of all.
Why don’t they do it to Michelle Hunziker the public shaming of Fatti & Rifatti, how fake and hypocrite are they?

Her beloved daughter Aurora after being insulted on social media because everyone said that her mother was more beautiful than she, put the first picture online. Yes, a nice girl but … go and see what was allowed herself to say of the others who went to the plastic surgeon Link 

She used to laugh at those who had made the little nose-job and cheekbones, so I suppose she laughs every time she looks at herself in the mirror ah aha ha with that fake sounding laugh, maybe they sacked her for this reason, but the Big Tapir they have to give it themselves, to Ricci, that pulls them so hard.


* OK, the psycho-relationship must be CENSIS, Giuseppe DeRita has psychiatric problems.

Netanyahu is trying to normalize Israel politically and left-wing Jews have to understand it.


Avi Pazner and Netanyahu together with the Israeli ambassador in the United States Ron Dermer and other politicians, almost all with one only passport, are looking for friends and of course they are looking for politicians with a similar approach, such as Trump or Salvini or, back then, Marine LePen, Israel does not sign the Global Compact and wants “armored” boundaries: being the only State not to sign the Global Compact would make that State look weird, then others would say that you have broken human rights while you only want a State with borders, as well as the Jews of the Left with their double and triple passports that do not even go to Israel and if they go there is certainly not to crack their back with work, those say that Netanyahu, no, he should not welcome Salvini, they say; Natalie Portman – two passports and indecent films with an intellectual veneer such as Léon and the Swan – gives the role of the villain to Trump and of course to the associated son-in-law. Until an Israeli politician blurted out that the left-wing Jews in America do the real damage because they insist on bringing refugees to the United States and accuse those who do not want them of racism when they obviously do not want them in Israel too, but the biggest problem is that the Jews on the left have not the complaisance of speaking as such: left-wing Jews, Gad Lerner as Gad Lerner as a member of the PD just like the Catholic-globalist Laura Boldrini or Portman as Portman: no, they claim to speak for “the Jews” and put the Holocaust and Nazism on the balance plate to try and silence the others. In fact, obtaining the political isolation of Israel that can not in any way be an ally of the European and American Left: it does not want migrants, does not want the Global Compact and does not even want the Palestinians, for the Jews of the Left they should not even ally with the European and American Right and remain isolated as a country jerk without friends and with all enemies around.

I would never want to be the only one not to sign the GC, I also try to convince the others not to sign it; What do you need a world without borders with you isolated in the middle the only state that wants territorial sovereignty plus the mythical Switzerland on the other side of the world, then the rest a chaos and moreover a potentially Islamic-dominated chaos. It ‘s stupid, forgive me, bullshit, and if Natalie Portman so good at school – the nerd – does not understand this then it is true: the sinkers are not intelligent they are only sinkers.

They think to be clever but they are only swots or the way we say in Italian slang “Piombino” from piombo which means lead.

Swot definition and meaning: student who gets good results thanks to the stubborn application, even without shining for intelligence …

Piombino (leady, sinker) slang: one with a leaden brain on which one can only write with imprints of fixed phrases.

Example of what is written in the fixed mind of the leady: “Africans and Hondurans are refugees” “the no border world is a free world” “Salvini is a fascist, if he wins I emigrate … to Switzerland” and if you say “But in Switzerland, the Left is like Salvini “the leady does not know what to answer, you’re asking him too much: they have not yet printed the fixed answer in his lead brain so he asks for the censorship of what you say calling said censorship “Hate-speech Law” because “he suffers at such questions” “it’s offensive” if they ask inconvenient questions – inconvenient for a way of saying, what does one who doesn’t like Salvini do in Switzerland? – Switzerland is the most sovereign state in the world: the Swiss are not in NATO and not in the EU, they disdain the eurozone and make often referendums (and then respect them) and they wrote the principle of Christian identity in their Constitution: people who do not want Salvini “go to Switzerland” may they go there to seek treatment – they have beautiful hospitals with psychiatric yards in Switzerland as everybody knows – primarily Mr. Giuseppe DeRita head of CENSIS – an Italian socio-economic Research Institute that tries to politicise the result of their polls – according to whom the sovereignists would be rancorous losers – all the Swiss rancorous losers? -.

The Israelis must necessarily be guided by people who have traveled and have a pattern of alliances in mind, Netanyahu makes it clear that the alliance he prefers is with Western Christians, makes Christmas wishes, does not prohibit to wish “Merry Christmas” and substitute it with a cold “Happy Winter” this was done by Obama, the black suspect of being undercover-Muslim, all right? with his gigantic wife who, accused of being a trans, had the beautiful idea of ​​naming her autobiography “Becoming” the idiot. The Jews on the Left who live in New York they’re not even present in Israel and they say things that would still isolate it dangerously, I think they want to stay a little too comfortable and then, what a cheer “Happy Winter”!