Yes, we need Texas Independence also for us who are not Texans to eventually have a place where to run: Brandon Straka arrested. And that’s scandalous.

Handsome, openly gay and right-wing, he has the right positive and mocking approach to things, he convinces many people to leave the Democratic Party and I had to read only on the Gateway Pundit that has earned the luxury of a permanent link on my website that he got arrested by the FBI for being present at capitol riots.

Link now he’s been released under conditions. I believe Chris Wray has gone crazy. But that’s not the point, Wray is just a part of the problem that may be solved really with creating FBI-DHS-DoJ free spaces like one for all Texas. At the FBI, DoJ and DHS, sorry the antisemitic remark, that are full of jews like eggs I don’t know why, upon four bosses I believe three all but Wray who should be a protestant they’re Jews, but when there were Barr and Wolf it was even worse. So. We go on.

I care a lot about not being misunderstood about Texas Independence, you who know me you understand, I need a place where the FBI, DHS and DoJ have no authority because they are arresting Trump’s supporters and they are not arresting Democrats for severe crimes as boy rape, bribes, exploitation of minors, for ex. Clinton and this is the source

FBI Interviews Alleged Boy Rape Victim of Bill Clinton; Chilling Details of Sex Assaults & Satanic Rituals on Yacht

Hunter Biden who abused underage girls and we have plenty of evidences, widespread voter fraud etc. So this fucking DHS and DoJ no matter whether in the hand of a Jew like this one or of a protestant like Barr, they do not arrest Democrats whatever they do and go after Trump’s supporters and shut down servers etc.

We need Texas Independent and stop. If possible that other states join Texas it is even better. They are doing political prosecutions and they are letting go satanists and paedophiles, boy rapists who are Dems. They helped them rigging the elections, the DHS, FBI and DoJ helped the Dems bringing about the voter fraud. They want the massive postal vote be imposed to all the USA and their biggest problem is white suprematism. I don’t go after them, I just don’t know what they’re talking about, I would like to say many things, what do you mean with white supremacy? That we like western culture based on Greek-Roman-Celtic-Germanic – white skinned ethnicities – culture? Yes we do, that’s white suprematism? I’m looking forward divorcing from these people. If they mean that, if they don’t mean that I refuse to discuss.

For many reasons.

What should I think, what’s white suprematism? That you think a white guy is hotter than a black? Or that men like the blondes but marry the brunettes? Can’t they possibly shut up and live their lives the best they can? I don’t know if people think you’re hot or if they think your ancestry is good: get a life, but not in Texas, don’t come, we need it for ourselves and for the likes of Brandon Straka and Trump and Alex Jones.

Then we can discuss whether Abbott and Paul are better than Trump and Pence for the purpose of cleaning the Deep State, perhaps Abbott President would appoint Ken Paxton at the DoJ and he would do much better than Barr, but this will not be done in a contest of backstabbing: Trump is great and we want him, but perhaps Paul and Abbott are more “political animals” and may know better people for the Deep State nominations, we can discuss with Trump inside the Republican Party we are not Trump’s subjects but we want our President to be respected, no way you can back stab.

And in any case we may have Texas Independent by 2024. Even by next year.