DOJ IG starts internal investigation about attempts to overturn election, Navarro shows the numbers of illegal absentee ballots, Giuliani sued by Dominion.

No peace in sight; the DOJ is starting an internal investigation to find out if DOJ officials tried to overturn the elections source, some people see it a move against Trump’s supporters inside the offices, others may see it as positive thing against Barr who in my opinion organized the election fraud at DOJ level,

Peter Navarro completed a report about all the irregular absentee ballots and yes, they overturned the election from Trump to Biden Source:

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I don’t spare you the comments about how the other president who rigged the election was “Saint Kennedy” the other “catholic” president, I have to say, I live in Southern Italy and all stinky mafia mobsters are catholics, the Catholic Church stinks, I believe it makes people weaker, this man here, Biden, has just signed the end of Trump ban for transgender people in the Army, he is like this, he goes to church and then does shit in office, it’s a bit disgusting and rather disturbing. It must be “the Illuminati”.

Giuliani has been sued by Dominion for defamation source

So, no peace in sight, I hope the righteous ones will win.

As for Biden, Kennedy got shot, I hope he’ll be removed alive from office with all his illegitimate administration and Pelosi’s band.


In my opinion the Catholic Church is demonic and I say it as a former catholic. You can think what you like and I know what I’m talking about.