From Joe Biden very much disliked videos, to Kim Klacik very much liked ones, why the stats point finger in the direction of election fraud.

Remember Kim Klacik? She lost.

Her video on Twitter, YouTube & Co. a political video, not a Lady Gaga’s entertainment video, had gathered 1 million views in 24 hours and tons of likes, but…she lost her senatorial race against a Democrat in Baltimore, we don’t even remember the name of, totally absent from Youtube and the other social media, Kim was so powerful on media I gave for granted she would win, she gained moreover the endorsement of Rand Paul a top Republican with a fan base of his own and interviews from FoxNews, we got astonished that she lost. So popular, I mean 1 million views a Baltimore candidate and she loses? Everybody likes her but her Baltimore constituents?

This million and plus 4 hundred thousand views is not the only million views she got, this only the million on Fox,

These are other 12 millions and count the likes, but…she lost.

Joe Biden had to switch off the comments to all his YouTube videos because they were negatives and because the dislikes trumped by far the likes SourceThe Republic Post Informer:

Minus 51K Plus 10k,

come on Joe, you’re ridiculous, all the stats say Trump and the Republicans won and the elections are rigged, also the Senatorial and House of Rep races.

I would bet Kim has won and the Democrats rigged the Elections in Baltimore and in California and in Georgia too.

I already gave you my plan, as I said in a comment to a RPI article, I am for Texit, not because I am from Texas, in fact I’m not, but because we have to secede from the Federal Reserve and give such a blow to the New World Order they’re going to remember our names straight and the other way round.


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