Yes, Giuliani must try the Military Tribunal for election fraud and insurrection. But I want at least 3 million people behind him or it’s a no way.

Yes ok, 74 Millions people is exaggerated, but due to the dimension of the USA and due to the fact that American Soldiers are respectable guys in the troops and in the hierarchy, with less than 3 millions citizens demonstrating and asking the military intervention behind Giuliani and Trump, they cannot move. The Left-wingers have spread the most terrible lies about the soldiers, in reality they want to be sure the public, the citizens see them like heroes and not like evil people greedy to grab extra-power to the other institutions and, btw, they are not.

Military Court of Appeal – USA

The last card is not the SCOTUS, the very last card is the Military Tribunal that in extreme cases, like this one, can treat insubordination and election fraud, source

“According to Supreme Court, Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony during his Senate Confirmation Hearing said there is sufficient existing precedent to try, convict, and punish civilians guilty of sedition or treason if they conspire with a foreign government against the US.” It’s our case.

  • Any US citizen or group conspiring against the US with a foreign country can be tried in a Military Tribunal using their separate body of law called “Armed Conflict,” instead of “Criminal Law.”
  • A “Death Penalty” is possible.

Dominion was handled in Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy – I’m Italian: I’m not hating the people of the Countries above mentioned – and others and the servers were in Germany. And Dominion was switched against Trump and there are the evidences. So now, really Giuliani must go at the Military Tribunal with allegations of Treason, voter fraud and insubordination.

Quote: “The President’s case against a coup d’etat is too big for any state trial court. Besides, the state courts and some appellant courts are too corrupt or biased.

And so, he’ll need to chip away at bringing them to justice for many years, and that’s another reason for getting re-elected first and cleaning up the election system later.

Eventually, he’ll need a trial court to convert his evidence of election fraud into proof. And, the only ones capable are the US Congress (political) or Military Tribunals (legal).”

But as I say in the title, Giuliani alone looks like a loner, and since the USA is a big Country I give you, we need a least three millions demonstrators in front of the Pentagon. But Alex Jones must not go there, because the Pentagon is in Virginia and a seer once said he had a vision of Alex getting stabbed at a riot in Virginia. So you Alex, don’t defy the stars and don’t go, send Paul.

I endorse this, and I am asking Alexander Emerick Jones NOT TO go there because of the seer: stay away from Virginia. But the others can go.