Fascism if necessary

Yesterday we did not celebrate, not because there was nothing to celebrate – it was the 25th of April the day of the liberation of Italy from fascism and Saint Mark – but because we hate ANPI and Boldrini. And now we hate them so much that we don’t want to make parties with them. We are the new fascists for them and we will get over it, but it doesn’t matter. The “Fascio” did nothing good … and it is not true: it has done many good things and many bad things. The leftists wanted to use April 25 NOT as a Liberation day fest from fascism as a totalitarian dictatorship, but to raise closed fists and impose censorship with the excuse of antiracism or hospitality, then it’s better the Lazio fans who do the Roman salute and they go to honor Mussolini, do you know why? because by the principle of contradiction they are the ones who express freedom of speech and thought against censorship and the lefty dictatorship. So the real anti-fascists are the diehards who say that they are also free to honor Mussolini.

Freedom today is defended by the extreme right and it’s going to be more so in the future, if there is no freedom of speech there is no freedom, for an ANPI – a leftwing association of self-proclaimed antifascist partisans – that wants to dig up the dead and profane the graves of the historical fascists and nazis buried in Italy, they really go looking for tombs like obsessive tomb raiders, tombs that many historical real antifascists have left in peace, they, the new Antifascists go to look for the dead and to look for Salvini and also want mosques and Muslims and even nuns who dance to demonstrate the inadequacy, the nonsense that the classical Church has become, without losing the ugliness and the dress as an old witch “in the Name of Jesus” because Jesus told you to dress like that? Jesus with all those “brides of Christ” no one ever asked him if he wanted them.

Meanwhile I re-heard Mahmood’s song, yes Mogol was right in the end, the song was not bad, but it was rough, it has a bad ending, as if at a certain point they didn’t know what to do anymore and they stopped singing, it has a forced start and a pleasant central part, at least the beginning and the end were to be redone, but it is not only that: it is that Mahmood lies when he acts as a cool, young Muslim, gay and drinking champagne during Ramadan as if he were saying “do not worry, guys, nothing happens , there will be no Saudi Arabia in Italy, even if we are Muslims the freedoms of gays and the Moet & Chandon are not at risks” and here it is, all this is not true:


It is not true that you can drink Champagne during Ramadan and make the fagot fool, if that’s what you really want from your life, to paraphrase Corbyn and the new motto of the British Labor party who say “For the many, not for the few” that kind of making the cool Afef-style Muslim dude or Magdi Allam style before converting to Christianity who are cool and sexy and drink champagne and there’s no problem & co. it is a privilege for the few not for the many, in the sense dear Mahmood that you must remain four cats, no more, otherwise the entire system blows up, and all this, Lazio fans at least know it.


It is not enough for us Westerners to survive, we want Champagne

and car races and girls free to stroll around; put your soul in its place. Fascism if necessary