Greta Thunberg is the evidence that the Masons are not ashamed of anything. Autistic, underdeveloped and controlled by the sly mother. An automaton.

Mother’s face and daughter’s face:

Malena, the mother and Greta, the daughter of 16 I say 16 years old.

The mother is clearly a sly “strong” Swedish woman one of those who use feminism to kill – mainly to kill the women who do not align to her dogmas and then the men who do not accept them – her daughter is impressive in negative, she is ugly, at 16 she looks 12, diagnosed autistic, but how do they get her around talking about Trump, climate change, CO2 emissions, but what the fuck does she know? She should be sent to the doctor, the whole thing disgusts me: it is the Swedish culture in the looking glass of Alice, it’s like the Swede happy-awaken Pippi Longstocking entered Coraline’s door and came out like this: with an autistic-malignant look instead of the amused and relaxed one.

Here is the video Diego Fusaro, the Italian anti-NWO philosopher, talks about: she the activist who speaks at the UN, who talks to Tajani at the EU, in the Senate, with the Pope, she is NOT able to talk to ordinary people

apart from the fact that it is absurd that a 16-year-old Swedish girl is so small, but are we sure she is 16? Is it not that she is kind of 12 and they have increased her age for the press because otherwise they should get arrested for exploitation of minors-children? Source – good ones of the National Primacy, always better – here is the article:

“Rome, April 23 – Is Greta Thunberg just a puppet? That there is an entourage of adults behind the media phenomenon of the girl champion of the environment, and a desk-based commercial maneuver, is now quite evident. From the Pope to European leaders, everyone seems to hang from the lips of the 16-year-old with braids, who in front of squares overflowing with young people “on strike” for the climate nails adults to their responsibilities with respect to pollution, climate change and global warming. Meanwhile, the bookstores are filled with his book “Our house is in flames”, TV appearances and followers on social networks are multiplying.

No questions asked.

But what if, in a peaceful way, you try to ask a simple question to Greta, perhaps away from the spotlight and the oceanic crowds? Is it possible to ask a question not agreed with Greta? According to the video published by the French professor Marc Reisig seemingly no, it isn’t. The man went specially to Stockholm in one of the usual strikes of the young activist in front of the Swedish parliament. He approached Greta and started talking: “I saw you in Brussels, there were many people … I heard you suggested that young people study the climate. I would like to talk a little bit about this. I imagine you studied it … “.

The girl nods and abruptly takes off her hat. The “press” is triggered by the press officer who abruptly closes the conversation with the professor and with the excuse of having “things to do” drives the girl away. In reality, as can be seen from the images, Greta moves only a few meters to avoid talking to the professor together with the press officer and a bodyguard dressed in black. “It seemed to me to find myself in front of an extinct girl, without passion, a doll manipulated by disturbing people.” These are the considerations of Professor Reisiger. “

But how can they possibly do this? Look at how the Masons lend themselves from he project:

Greta Thunberg with Casellati Alberti President of the Italian Senate – her look –

Greta Thunberg with Antonio Tajani President of the EU Parliament

The tweets about Greta


“That ‘little girl’ with the hair in braids who fights for climate change, I don’t know why, she makes me feel bad at ease. She looks like the character of a horror movie”. Reply: “She is”.

The face of Greta:


But what the hell does it take to be a Mason? Aren’t they ashamed of anything?

An autistic puppet, sent around to do the activist against climate change, destroyed / dominated by the powerful mother, probably the real author of the book that is attributed to her and who is dictated what to say and to whom, like poor Britney Spears she too, according to Vigilant Citizen, victim of the real MK-Ultra – it is forbidden to ask questions.

The style is from Queen Elizabeth’s rule book: you can’t ask direct questions to the Queen and when she doesn’t want to continue a conversation with someone anymore she moves her handbag from one hand to the other and a bodyguard goes near her to inform her that they have to go, like Greta with the hat. It is a trick of the Masons for people who must not have private contacts with ordinary people, but only formal ones.

Thunberg’s books in a bookshop in Rome

Rita Pavone – Greta Thunberg. Pavone commented shocked that the little girl looks like the character of a horror movie.
Perhaps if the mother made her feel more like her peers, to play, to talk about boys – she is sixteen, if it is true – of school, career, going to birthday parties, it would be better. She is always alone, surrounded by important adults, villains and Masons: the Pope, the EU President, those of the UN … poor child and with the prohibition to speak spontaneously with those who are around her and to stay with her peers: she is under control. The mother is bad. If my sister did this to my niece, I think I’d kill her.

But Greta does not seem to like birthday parties and friends particularly, Greta says “we must be frightened” that she does not want us to have hope – that’s scary – that she wants us to feel the panic for CO2 emissions … Yes, we got scared, Greta, don’t worry, when we saw you. And not for CO2 emissions – it has a lot to do with the Masons’ obsession of imposing the Carbon Tax to be paid directly to the UN – this is their real purpose and this is why “Greta” is so obsessive with CO2 emissions but they won’t have it, can you see it Trump paying taxes to the UN? -. You’ll fail, but rarely, o Masons, you have made me so disgusted.