Thuram case: yes you blacks deserve what you have. The rhetoric about the walls is mentally underdeveloped.

Also Thuram is to be demolished.

Thuram’s rhetoric about the walls, Notre Dame and the landings of migrants is worthy a mentally underdeveloped black: it is true, the blacks deserve the contempt they receive, when they have the same things as the whites they misuse them; I stopped being a Catholic, categorically – in fact I despise Sister Cristina – when I saw that a priest from Togo, black as Thuram, used the Sacraments like a magician, an Austrian priest with the same sacraments would bless all of Austria, the priest of Togo is convinced of being a sorcerer more powerful than the others and he likes to use them also to curse, I left, Jesus Christ had also said: “Do not throw pearls to the pigs so that they do not trample them …” here it is: the Catholic Church went to convert the blacks, the voodoo sorcerers, gave them the sacraments in exchange for “many vocations” not so much useless as harmful and now it finds itself with the priests of central Africa who do the wizards who use the Blessed Sacrament as the Shamans. I have nothing to do with you anymore, sorry for being rude, now they are fucking problems of yours. I do not believe that Sister Cristina Dancing with the Stars can save the Catholic Church, I am sorry for her.

Yet, we come to Thuram, another black asshole, I copy from the National Primacy:

Thuram: ” There are people who want to raise walls to block migratory flows, but then they start tweeting “do you need help to put out the fire?”, As Donald Trump did. And this is bizarre ». Source

Enough, I’m tired of arguing with these mentally disabled people, so in Switzerland, since the borders are armored if a fire breaks out, shouldn’t they extinguish it?

Try to explain it to a handicapped coming from the Third World who saved himself because he went to Paris and instead of being grateful and trying to protect her, he tries to open the borders and destroy Europe. I’m sick of explaining that you can’t be without borders and I have contempt for the Catholic Church and for the Vatican where you can’t set foot without special permission like it is the Forbidden City of the Chinese, they who have given the sacraments to the blacks, to the voodoo sorcerers and who now want, desperately want, to destroy the Europe of whites for obscure reasons that we have not yet been able to 100% understand.

If there were really no need for walls and borders to protect themselves they would break down the one that surrounds them in the heart of Rome and protects them, the Satanists, instead they talk, lie, want more blacks and send Sister Cristina – highly recommended – to Dancing with the Stars, which thing is only shaming the Church even more because she is treated so differently than the other competitors to reveal too high recommendations even compared to those of other competitors – it is not that anyone who wants can go to Ballando – in the end Dancing with the Stars was a Tango & Valzer race, what race are you doing, Cristina? In the end, Good Friday and Easter Sunday she had them free like the others, she also took the Sabbath as if she had a special right to it.

To believe that the blacks are ruined by the whites is stupid, misfortune can’t do that much.