Salvini Vs. Spread: to detax who buys Italian Bonds, all the rich will move the residency here and the Spread…


… and the Spread at that point can go fuck itself, if it’s true what Matteo Salvini says, the best delicacy of all for those who have something: not to pay taxes. I imagine Zuckerberg or Elon Musk asking to move the residence to Rome in front of the Colosseum – they can afford it – in short, Salvini says Link that the Spread is used to bring Italy to its knees, that, let’s say it, asshole of Romano Prodi reveals what he thinks of the EU in an absurd interview he actually said – I could not believe it – “We must obey the EU rules even when they are not intelligent” you don’t believe it? Wrong, he really said it Link Fusaro’s comment is priceless, but this is the man who brought us in the euro? Yes, this is the petty, dull and almost consciously stupid level of pro-EU men, in Britain they should hang Theresa May and tell her that she wants to be in the Custom Union with the EU “even if it’s not an intelligent move and it’s not in the interest neither of the Northern Ireland nor of the rest of Great Britain “ok?

But let’s go back to Salvini – our hero even if, to be honest, the idea seems to be by Armando Siri – “ça va sans dire” that I buy them, but I’m Italian resident in Italy, but if the rule is true it will also apply to non Italian citizens residing in Italy because taxes are paid on the basis of residence not of nationality, at that point at least we will have super-rich immigrants who will spend and high and wide – except that the cost of houses in Rome, Milan and Naples will increase, but that … – instead of having the poor illegal immigrants who are weighing on the welfare always looking miserable and sleepy, except when they have to complain about something, the value of Italian State’s bonds will increase enormously and … the Spread with the Mark – because it’s real name is actually Mark – is reset and at that point Germany will exit from the euro because it would not suit them any more, for Germany it is better to stay in the euro only to exploit Italy and Greece, or better it suits the German banks, I have nothing against the german citizens, I quite like them.

I’m not an economist, if I’m wrong about something tell me, I’m looking forward the comment of a “good” expert, good means one of ours, I wish comments on Salvini-Siri’s proposal of:

Joseph Stiglitz;

Ambrose Evans Pritchard;

Nassim Taleb;

and of course “redbeard” Mark Blyth.

Hi. I’ll buy them, I already live in Italy and then I will not pay taxes, how nice, I hate paying taxes.