Kavanaugh: again on the use of the charges for rape with a second aim.

Trump showed courage standing firm with Kavanaugh and his family.

Women and men remember:


The above sentence should be a banner, the charges for rape must be always aimed at having justice for the rape not at blocking appointments at the Supreme Court or getting money or publicity anyway, lately particularly in America these rape charges are always aimed at something else than the justice for rape:

blocking careers,

getting money,

getting publicity.

About the woman who sued Kavanaugh or better she didn’t sue him, she just made a fuss on behalf of the Democrats to try and stop his appointment at the Supreme Court – that’s the only real aim of this mediatic trial – as for Weinstein, the majority of the actresses they just wanted to talk to the journalists and from a podium but they didn’t want to really sue him not to end up on a trial, now it is evident that if Kavanaugh had never been appointed by Trump at the Supreme Court he would have never been charged for rape and that’s the big mistake, the gigantic flaw that makes us defend him and despise the accuser:

You don’t sue for rape to stop careers, you sue for rape if there was a rape. It’s not that “if Kavanaugh were a Democratic judge then he wouldn’t be a rapist” or “if Kavanaugh weren’t appointed at the Supreme Court he wouldn’t be a rapist” so he wouldn’t deserve being sued, “since Kavanaugh is a Republican judge and appointed at the Supreme Court (moreover by Trump) then he is a rapist”: this statement is clearly wrong: Kavanaugh is a rapist if he raped, not if he’s against abortion and republican instead of democratic.

The rape charges done with a gigantic second aim that’s clearly political and not sexual are already disqualified for this, all these women who want to sue for rape like the accusers of Ronaldo after 9, 10, in the case of Kavanaugh even 35 years they always do it in cases where it is impossible to find out the truth: it’s always interrupted sexual intercourses, first of all and always too many years after, that is, it’s never a case of crude rape, what is called “carnal violence” that leaves scars, for example, a woman raped by a man in a house or in the street who runs away from the assaulter and goes to the police station and the police officer and a doctor testify “there are signs of violence on the body” No, it’s always the mid-rape, the interrupted – not interrupted sexual intercourse, that means: Ronaldo flirts and kisses and hugs with a sexy lady in a disco, then they both enter a bedroom voluntarily, they close the door and so there are already only them two in room no witnesses etc. there they kiss, hug etc. they do the preliminaries and as often happens the woman is sated with the preliminaries and the man wants to go on and have the full sexual intercourse, according the woman she asked him to stop because she didn’t feel like doing it etc. and he didn’t stop instead and forced her to have  a sexual intercourse, then you may find signs of violence on the body of the woman but she sues 9 years later – or 35 years later as for Kavanaugh – now tell me lady what do you want of me? No one knows what happened in that room but you and he, you cannot ask me to arrest or condemn Ronaldo or Kavanaugh because you may be just lying for money, publicity and politics, let’s tell the truth they don’t want Kavanaugh because he is against abortion and a conservative and instead of discussing abortion and conservativism they sue for rape, it is always and regularly cases in which it is impossible to find out the truth, if a student rapes a schoolmate as Kavanaugh’s accuser says he did, she can tell the teacher, tell the headmaster of the school there are other schoolmates who may have seen something, now after 35 years what are we supposed to do? Go looking for teachers and headmasters and the other schoolmates who actually have no idea of what happened or may be even dead? now you keep Kavanaugh at the Supreme Court and shut up, and also for Ronaldo, these women sue always in cases of no signs of violence or witnesses whatever it’s just allegations and dirt on a man.