Living wage and Spending Review: how to balance the books and “make it square”.

The “men of the money”in Italy: Giovanni Tria on the Left, Finance Minister and Paolo Savona on the right Minister for the relationship with the EU.

The case of Italy is studied and watched carefully by the markets and the ECB – lately they say Draghi in person came down to Rome to have a private talk with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella because the 5 Stars Movement promised – and won the elections with this – the living wage in Italy called “Income of Citizenship”, Draghi and the EU Commission don’t like it but…not to make the Government fall the so called DEF – Document of Economy and Finance – was approved with all the Living Wage in it, the Finance Minister Giovanni Tria is always rumoured to be about to resign, but…DiMaio came down with the safety car of the menaces of prison for the ones who dare and rig the income declaration to get state-money without deserving it:

Mr. Luigi DiMaio Italian Minister for Work and Social Policies and actual leader of the 5 Stars Movement, wanted the Living Wage – with the euro rules looming behind him – the same.


Open Letter to the Italian Finance Minister about the current situation

Dear Mr. Tria,

if I wrote relatively little about you it is because you and Savona I take you for granted, I fought and won to have a Minister of Finance on the side of the Italians who knows how to talk and deal with the foreigners.

Only lately with this story of the DEF every now and then newspapers write “Maybe Tria resigns” for the income of citizenship.

Mr. Giovanni Tria the Italian Finance Minister

Tria is not going to resign, he’s going to stay where he is.

Now I intervene, as is my usual with a stretched leg.

The “Income of Citizenship” is not just three words “sun, heart and love” it is a concept to decline, now Di Maio is neither mean nor crazy, he already said that the income of citizenship will be protected by the “purposely unskilled & good-to-nothing” to accumulate not due State money for two or three years with the “justicialist” threat of 6 and I say 6 years in prison for those requesting the allowance for poverty relief – otherwise known as citizenship income – lying about real incomes, ie if cross-checking comes out that a Roma or a Calabrian Catholic or a Calvinist Triestino have registered 24 cars with their own name – as it really happened with an Italian Roma living in Rome – and they declare themselves poor not to pay due taxes they get 6 years jail, all right?

The measures against poverty must be structured, in Denmark there are, but combined with the law that provides that if a Danish citizen refuses up to three job offers made by a center managed by the State, in line with his curriculum, ie they do not send a professor to fry potato chips, and within two hours by car from the town of residence, he loses the right to the allowance.

What I want to say is this: there are people who need it and people who take advantage of the goodwill of the State and of politicians like DiMaio, do not leave those who need it poor but at the same time do not let the sly take advantage of it, in many countries the Living Wage is “structured” Northern Europe is the Paradise of the Living wage, but with two lightning rods against freeloaders:

First Lightning Rod

The checks on the tax return, for ex. if you have houses you can not have the Living wage, but the State must drive out the squatters, that is, you must be able to rent the house and the tenant must pay, because you are not the welfare state that must provide housing, you are a private citizen and you have the right and also the duty to make a property produce an income, if you leave it empty for your decision you can do it because the house is a property of yours, but you have no right to any income of citizenship etc.

Second Lightning Rod

The job-center managed by the State; if you are unemployed and the State finds you up to three job offers paid right and in good standing, not for exploitation or black obviously, in line with your curriculum and within two hours drive from the center of residence, you are free to refuse but you lose the right to citizenship income.

There are strong anti-exploitation formulas, in fact in Denmark work is paid well and there must be anti-slackers by choice protection formulas not to scrub the State, Roma or non-Roma.

Got it?

Come on, Giovanni, don’t make it worse than it really is. Bye.