Moscovici “whips up” Italy, but the truth is that Italy can not stand people like Moscovici anymore.
The “whipped” Salvini continues to rise in the consensus.

Yes, we want to get out and if God wants after hard brexit everything there in Brussels will be closed, but do you think that a rich nation can accept to be “beaten” or “whipped” continuously because it can not decide its own economic and industrial policies? When we decided with our money and our currency and the immense golden wealth – Italy has 2400 tons of gold, Britain only 300, we are Scrooge in gold – we were rich, foreigners did not pass the line without a passport, the fascists were those of the MSI, today they would be called fascists people like Bettino Craxi as well, whose father made the real anti-fascist resistance and not that of Scalfari, right after 8 September and probably out of fear, but do me the favour, yes Moscovici calls us racists and has at this point a reason, because if the use of the term “Fascist” has spread from Almirante to the likes of Craxi, Cossiga and Andreotti and racist from the Ku Klux Klan to those who do not want their country to transform itself into African and Muslim, obviously with these terms used in these terms we are all racist for real, and so is Saviano, the Jew and Lerner and Mr. Parenzo, the other Jews because they want migrants yes but here, in Naples and Riace and maybe London but then they do not want the Palestinians in Jerusalem – the Orthodox Jews have burned their shops and Saviano and Lerner and Parenzo stay quiet … – but I say they do not want them either in the West Bank or Gaza and so they are in fact racists too – more than the others –

Then? Yes, yesterday I thought: it is useless to tell Moscovici that we are not racist, in his terms or in those of Soros we are, but it is irrelevant, as it is irrelevant, as I said on this site in the article before this one, the accusation of rape against Cristiano Ronaldo, I remember perfectly until a couple of years ago if a man was reported for rape I was scared to watch him or see him go by the way in the street, now I do not even think of being afraid of Ronaldo, because it’s like racism, too many people are accused of racism and they seem normal so you do not pay any attention to this accusation anymore, so there has been such an avalanche of reports of rape with ten or fifteen years of delay, you see the pictures of the ex-model who rubs with Ronaldo at the disco, then they entered the bedroom, it is true if a woman changes mind he must just stop, but she complains ten years later? And this is the result: the complaint for rape, the accusation of racism no longer have the emotional weight of before, they are rinsed, just think about how we looked at the men accused of rape ten years ago and how we look at them now, I would like to say this: the accusation of rape or racism is not something like a fashion you know, something “trendy” like “today people do it, it’s in”.

However, according to the criteria of Moscovici we are racist, think that we have never been asked “Do you like the whites or the blacks?” the question was “Do you like blondes or browns?” in the sense that blacks or Asians were not even taken into account – I’m sorry but the question was “Do you like more the blonde Velina or the brunette Velina?” “This year the brunette” last year the blonde, Europe is the land of the Latin and of the German: the blond and the brown, it will probably always be perceived as such, joking aside and with Europe all its extensions: USA, Australia, Canada etc.

The famous photo River Phoenix-Keanu Reeves and the famous question “do you like blondes or browns more?” For the record, I liked Keanu more and my sister River. Independently from the fact that Keanu Reeves has a Chinese grandfather.

The important thing is to take out the EU and get out of the euro, Moscovici does not have hair.