Cristiano Ronaldo Rape Allegations Row and why nobody is shocked.

It must have become fashionable in certain ambients the rape allegation: they do rape allegations and nobody cares or is shocked anymore, the great difference with the last time, the past years where rape allegations could just make you be scared of a man or despise him, because women really didn’t sue very often and they didn’t sue for being kissed or hugged, a slap in the face and a “bastard” were deemed enough, when a woman sued for rape that man life was destroyed already; now people talk about rape allegations against Ronaldo in a cool moderate and sceptical way, no one is really scared of him, we have the feeling it has become just fashionable to sue for rape.


The model flirting with Ronaldo before going in a bedroom with him and there he allegedly sexually assaulted her and people think she calls “sexual assault” the fact that he started the first move kissed her and pushed her to bed, having flirted before and being in a bedroom it is not so strange that he thought they would have sex.


The former model become wine hostess now she remembers “Ronaldo sexually assaulted me 9 years ago” it doesn’t make any sense if not in a meaning of cashing in something; yes, she should sue the day after, but they say she did, but without giving her full name to the police and what kind of suing is this?

I’m fed up with these fake rape allegations, everybody closed in bedroom with anybody else can sue, ten years later, people are not scandalised anymore, Asia Argento sued Weinstein, then a boy sued her, she re-sued him “he had sex with me turning me around twice” I am convinced that between abuse and alcohol if they just want to call a sexual encounter “rape” and they call it “rape” and you can never make it up. Rape means to force someone to have sex against their will, there’s no “Swedish rape” it’s rape if I say so, it’s basically like the new hate speech laws “it’s offensive if one deems, perceives it as offensive or says it is” so from “nigger” to “coloured” to “people of colour” when once upon a time the first term was racist and the second and the third were not, now if someone – even a white leftist – says “I feel offended it’s racist” they make a fuss as they did for the Cumberbatch stupid media trial because he said “coloured”.

I don’t believe it’s rape in Ronaldo’s case, if it is, there must have been violence, she should say no and if he forced her she should sue him the day after, the level of communication is vague and the fact that no one is scandalised, no one looks badly at him means all this new wave of rape allegations had the effect of crying wolf, when the wolf really arrives people think it’s fake. Now who’s the wolf?

More money for advocates. Blessed the people who have them – the money -.