I am moved by Boris Johnson’s Speech: please, follow HIM, here’s why.

I am rarely moved, but still, this speech of Boris Johnson moved me, I was about to cry.

Here’s why: Boris Johnson has understood the gravity of the moment and doesn’t lie, Theresa May either hasn’t understood the gravity of the moment or she lies, and if she lies she lies for the detriment of Britain not for the happiness of Britain as a country and the Britons as a folk.

Boris Johnson may be adulterer and on the verge of divorce, also Churchill was adulterer but at the time women just didn’t divorce – all but Wallis Simpson who caught the Prince, but let’s go – yes, he is churchillian he understood he has to fight now he cannot fight later, he said a very beautiful and true, truthful sentence “don’t you believe you can get it wrong now and fix it later…” no, you can’t, I am Italian: it was just a big mistake and a tragedy to enter the eurozone and now, now it’s getting very difficult to fix it, we probably can’t, unless we exit, in Italy it is extremely difficult to make the country survive, it’s like a naked copper wire, everything is with nude electricity, the Finance Ministry, the Interior Ministry, I don’t want to go on, this is about Brexit: follow Boris, believe me, do Brexit now and do it right, you must go back sovereign nation and stop.

Chuck Chequers and just in case, if you think the problem is adultery then you should not have had Churchill Prime Minister and maybe you would have had Hitler prime Minister who was no adulterer but maybe, they suggest, did worse, then no Cameron prime Minister, no Osborne Chancellor, yes, even Tony Blair, you wouldn’t miss it, but he did it, I hate to say it, but let’s be frank, no Trump, of course he was adulterer and still he’s better than Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton? etc.

I don’t want to play this part, chuck Chequers and don’t be ridiculous: follow Boris, I beg your pardon.

Next Prime Minister?

Boris should sing it “It’s probably me”