Prostitution and Chemical Castration where I do disagree with Salvini.

Once you enter this corridor it can be very difficult to get out, be careful.

This article will be concise because the topic is unpleasant, I have supported and very strongly promoted both Salvini and Giorgia Meloni in the election campaign Italy 2018 and then the alliance with the 5 Stars Movement when there was the June “casino” when we did not understand who was about to govern, I supported Paolo Savona against president Mattarella and I agree that Giovanni Tria, actual Finance Minister, is right in an absolute sense that the income of citizenship could be avoided, but in a practical sense DiMaio does not want to go for braggart who promises the income of citizenship to take votes and then does not give it: “The Contract” for the government of change is what we have in Italy to keep this yellow-green alliance alive, and the yellow-green alliance better stay alive.

But I disagree with two proposals from the League:

The legalization of prostitution;

The chemical castration of rapists and pedophiles.

As for the first point, the situation in Germany where prostitution was legalised, I do not like it at all, it only makes me sick, in a nation where pre-marital or non-marital sex is normal to go to the brothel people must be a bit strange or even  a bit sadists, what they want to do seems to be “what the girlfriend does not do” kind of “pissing on the body of the prostitute” and miscellaneous-various or the poor guy not so lucky and not so playboy  who can not have a girlfriend and then we think he should better go to the psychologist not to the brothel; it is not true that there is no pimp, the women who prostitute seem to want the pimp the same “for security” anyway, the same women who where prostitution is prohibited or it is forbidden the exploitation take about 300 euro per customer lower the price to 50 and I talk to you without racist jokes of the – sic – white girls under thirty – there are disgusting cases in Germany of which I am vomiting only to talk about it, in Arcore they say that Berlusconi and his superrich friends could have astonishing beautiful prostitutes like Ms. Minetti and colleagues who took allegedly 2,400 euros officially only to “attend the party” as image girls then the scandal broke that some image girls in reality were prostitutes etc. In Germany there are women who do services for ten euros I get to vomit, they are ruined okay?

Nicole Minetti accused of helping girls into upper class prostitution ring, the 2,400 euros per client or, they say, to just take part at rich people’s parties as image girls.

I do not care about Ms. Minetti, the legal tour crosses with the illegal one there are too much money, some girls are raped and induced to prostitution after that they feel, from their own testimonies, as people “who can no longer turn back” or “return as before” and continue, the German police said that in reality it is very difficult to distinguish cases of abuse, from those of “extra services” in which the girl accepts to get humiliated for money, and cases of exploitation as a result of rape from those of free prostitution as Minetti, before moving on to the second round, the worst case I read in the English press because even in Britain there was a period they talked about legalizing it and then they gave up because the situation created in Germany was absolutely not likeable, it’s about a woman who wanted to prostitute herself only for normal sex, she refused to do these disgusting extra sado-maso things and got raped for the refusal with – sic – a broken bottle and this happened inside the “legal” brothel. Enough, I have nothing to do with it and want nothing to do with it, for me prostitution is a wrong thing and it’s right that it’s illegal. I supported Salvini’s League for the issue of migrants and because I can not stand the LGBT lobby, for the rest I disagree – not all the rest, obviously -.

The other thing, the chemical castration of rapists, now I would not want to exaggerate with this blaming the body when perhaps the fault is of the mind – as for transgenderism – I am against the State making “pretty nice injections” to adjust citizens yes, criminals, who are wrong or have problems, I am opposed to mandatory vaccines, clearly opposed to making hormone injections to those who want to change sex, especially to children, I was a tomboy as a little girl and now I’m fine, I have no health problems, I do not believe in transgenderism, once a friend of mine, a girl, told me around twenty that she said as a child “I’m a male” just because she wanted to be taken to the stadium to watch a soccer match by her uncle who wanted instead to bring only his male nephews and not the females and she too as an adult was a healthy heterosexual female, just that, and I’m against this idea of chemical castration of rapists, I’ve read serious cases of impotent men who raped with objects, the dead child raped in America in seventies, the little Jon Benet Ramsey

child raped with a brush by a pedophile

of which it was never really discovered how the case went and I think that it is the fault of the parents because for me it is already pedophilia to combine the girls so, with heavy makeup, like adult prostitutes


it is obvious that it is a show for pedophiles, this child should be dressed as a butterfly or cabbage for carnival not as an adult femme fatale –

well the poor little girl was raped with a brush, in Rwanda in the damn war Utu against Tutzi – blacks against blacks, no racism, so we do not care? – I’m not kidding, some women were raped with blades, swords etc.

Now I can not and I do not want to dwell on other details on television it was Giovanni Floris in Italy to show the corpse of the body of a woman “raped” like that with a sword – because blacks would be the good ones according to the leftists and whites the bad ones, right? – now I believe that the problem is not so much the functionality of the penis as the sadism of the rapist that that person wants that the other suffers and if he can not rape for dysfunctionality or impotence takes an object, it is useless to release him from jail castrated chemically, even in these cases I advise the State to pay psychologists-psychiatrists to be sent to analyze these people in prison, alternatively, the Kabalarians of Vancouver say to change their name to change their character.

This is the article that weighed me the most to write, the arguments are extremely unpleasant, but I have made electoral campaign for the League and Brothers of Italy so I also have the duty not to let the Readers believe that I supports perhaps policies that specifically do not support.


I put the signature and the brave face on things, on legalization of prostitution and on the chemical castration of pedophiles and rapists I don’t: find another solution.