SuperCanada? Yes, but NOT like CETA, spare me another supranational Court…and spare me Diana talking from beyond the grave.

The Express dot co dot uk is very easy to read and very christian, believable, pro Brexit and pro giving voice to whomever has a strange experience to talk about, yes I did it too, I talk about Religion and say “Our Lord Jesus Christ” and do Christmas cards and tell about the scientific theory of going up and down past present and future according to the physics and mathematicians of some Universities pretty cool, what I didn’t do up till now, other than I gave you your numbers to check for free on two cabala-numerology websites Link and link but what I didn’t do and the express does is to talk to Diana from beyond the grave, according to them Princess Diana is worried about Meghan’s father…the relatives, but that’s easy to guess, did you really need a medium to tell you?

Let’s go back to the living Britons, what’s SuperCanada? I don’t want to guess it’s like CETA: it must not be like CETA because CETA introduces the hellish supranational Court which is precisely what MUST BE AVOIDED, as for the rest it just implies abolishing tariffs and allowing buying goods and services in one another’s countries, I can’t believe really the fuss they’re doing about no-deal Brexit and the passionate articles about “what will happen if there is no-deal Brexit?” nothing will happen, you have no deal let’s say with Turkey, Canada and you can travel to Turkey and Canada why do go on pretending that if you have no-deal airplanes shall stop flying can’t you fly to let’s say Australia? Nigeria? China? You have no deal but you can go up and down these countries the same, you just need a passport; how many Chinese goods do you sell in Britain with no-deal?Cupboard

ask Prince George, they say that once he asked “Where’s dad?” and he was told “He’s in China” then he went opening the cupboard and said “No, he’s not there.”.

They’re innocent when they’re little, but consider this, do you know how many Chinese products do we have in Europe, Britain included? And I’m not talking about fine, precious porcelain, it’s ridiculous that you think, you fear “with no-deal-Brexit trains and planes will stop, we cannot sell and buy…” I mean get a grip, if you fly and buy and sell with, let’s put it, China, do you think you won’t fly and sell with Germany, don’t be ridiculous. No-deal means just reverting to WTO rules and it’s the same as with non EU countries you are actually selling and buying and flying to NOW.