Even. Please UK, Austria, Germany, USA & Co. check this: the ballot paper for the Italians abroad is different from ours and Right-wing Parties missing.

Ok, “if it is true, it’s South American Dictator’s level. Renzi” more or less this is the comment by Maurizio Blondet who just can’t believe even this could be done by the “antifascistis” pro EU leftwingers: the ballot paper for the Italians resident abroad is not the same as the one we have in Italy and there are all the Centre-Rightwing Parties’ symbols but one missing


Ok, it might not be true, but please check at the Foreign Office or Home Office according to what’s competent for the relationship with Italy in your country. I beg your pardon.


People who try to stop free speech at Universities must be arrested, identified and checked that they are not paid by someone. EU? Labour? Rothschild?

Jacob Rees Mogg

Again, Rees Mogg was harassed at University in Bristol while he was giving a speech with many students interested in his point of view, but a small group of leftwingers, masked, who shouted after the usual “racist, nazi etc.” also the unbearable sentence “your views are not worthy discussing” “no platform”. Now I just can’t stand this fucking No-platform. Arrest them, identify them, follow them home and do check if there’s someone paying them, or organizing their shitty activity. Maybe they are at payroll by the EU, or by the Labour Party or by the bankers against sovereignty, Rothschild is usually behind all the far leftists.

They must not be free to do this, this effing no-platform movement must be put an end to. Conservatives must introduce conservative spies in the police and start follow these “students”, maybe they’re israelis or Soros, or EU-Rothschild’s agents.

Rees Mogg for PM.

As for Gove and Boris Johnson, they are doing wonderfully right: everybody is interested in trading tariff free with Britain, only China is allowing, after Brexit, true Brexit that means out of Single Market and Custom Union, 9 billions Sterlings import of British beef. Are joking you don’t exit the custom union?

Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond must be traitors, like all remainers, the EU is over and never defended its member states, now Greece is being attacked by Turkey for two islands the Turks reclaim as turkish and not greek, and the EU shuts up, Germany behaves like a big usurer country, the Greeks must out of the EU and be defended by NATO or by Putin. The EU is just a dirty single market where they have allowed even insect-flour for the sweets – would Her Majesty like it? I don’t. Get out and identify and arrest the traitors. We want free speech and stop and these leftwingers who call themselves inappropriately “antifascists” are just not up to our western culture.

Go Boris, Mike and Jacob.

Introduce spies in the police to see what’s really going on with all these pro EU “antifascists” and why no one touches them… get rid of them, they would like to destroy the nation. And that’s clear.

Happy Brexit and eat good sweets with wheat flour.

Is Harry going to be the third of Meghan’s Husbands? And Churchill’s repentance of not having left the liberals in the hands of Hitler.

What can I do? I like Britain the way it is. A bit of Imperialism is cool.

Two small news-reviews, both about Britain.

  1. Yes, it’s true, the google pages containing information about Meghan Markle’s first marriage ended up in an annulment were removed thanks to that immoral “Right to oblivion” law made by the impresentable EU. What does it mean? It means that it is true. Because this right to have removed pages from google like this is not for fake news or defamatory content, but for true news deemed outdated, irrelevant, not relevant anymore, exaggerated but still, it’s true pieces of information, and the Britons must know if Harry is really about to be Meghan’s third and not even second husband. One annulment, one divorce and then Harry, the Prince of Wales. Basically, it’s about the name, Harry has among his middle names “David” this brings the malediction of Edward with itself, and the Royal Houses they know it: never ever give a descendant the name also as middle name of an unlucky ancestor, because while in another family that name may be lucky “David Beckham” btw, in that genealogy brings the same bad luck. In fact in Denmark they call always the Crown Prince “Christian Frederik” or “Frederik Christian” ok? Lack of fantasy but they feel safe, there will be another King Christian or King Frederik, and it works. David worked its own way, a sex bull super-expert, rumoured to have been an escort, divorced twice is around chasing a Prince of Wales. Which one? David. Maybe she didn’t do really the luxury escort, but as for the annulment in the Vatican they know it. Ask them, the Britons have the right to know. It’s not so “irrelevant” or “no longer relevant” as a piece of information anymore. I’m against the EU also for these things.
  2. The second news to comment is the leftists storming Winston Churchill’s themed Café, black people and white leftists and, behind, the longa manus of the liberal jews who control, own and organize this kind of Left. Churchill should have left them in the hands of Hitler, they are so vulnerable, btw now they seemingly want to fill the UK army with women, who cry and call the security if a man talks too harshly to them, like Cathy Newman, the security because a man is talking in a harsh way against you, yes, they are fit for the army for sure, and vulnerable men, and boys who don’t like the fitness room, when Hitler comes back, men like Churchill should consider twice before doing it again. Let them fight for their rights and for their freedoms all these liberals, jews and blacks – not all of them were in there though -. Shouting and throwing leaflets, and calling the security if the Nazis shout too much against a woman. It will work, for sure.

Let London for people like me.

When all this scum goes away, I’ll be back in town for a while.


The Neo-Antifascism of the Vacuous Left; between Chomsky and Naples’s Mayor.

Mideast Israel Palestinians
Noam Chomsky

Now even Chomsky – besides a Jew – and Paul Craig Roberts got in the middle, but we are not the only ones, then Fusaro, I had already said it: the scathing anti-fascism, hysterical indeed, of the left in 2018, not only Italian, also American , is the Venetian mask that covers the nothingness and corruption of the worldly Illuminati. Even Chomsky has felt at some point the need to save his intellectual reputation by distancing himself from this sort of hysterical “neo-anti-fascism,” he said in practice “I have nothing to do with them” why? Because if in Italy in 2018 there are people below the poverty line, industries close, workers ‘rights safe in the eighties now are trampled, as in America, and then there are still Mafia,’ Ndrangheta and Sacra Corona Unita, as well as corruption in the current state, not ten thousand years ago, as well as in Naples the new trains did not enter the tracks because the dimensions were not compatible – the foreign press also spoke about it – and in Milan there was a derailment that caused deaths and injured, and the Presidents of the Republic of Italy from Ciampi have imposed the euro that kills the italian economy – knowingly or ignorantly – and have made the coup in 2011 to prohibit us from getting out, what does the “left” do? They speak of Fascism as if it were a current problem and as incapable as they are as unwilling to solve the serious problems of today, they delete the names of the streets dedicated to fascist hierarchs and go on television to boast about it, that is DeMagistris Naples’s Mayor is incapable of doing his job, can not match trains with the tracks, but he knows how to change the names of the streets and this is how much they do, this is what the left does, there is nothing else, apart from bringing migrants and saving their bank accounts State money and these last two things it would be better then if they did not do it at all, then the hysterical anti-fascism is a cover, the cover of the nothingness at best or of corruption at worst. Do not expect anything else from this “left”, they just do only this. Vote on the right. And be careful because now as “right” or even “extreme right” they mean precisely the same things that in the eighties were done by the socialists and the christian democrats: monetary sovereignty, industrialization and so on. What Trump did is part of it, in fact also Trump, being “a socialist” who wants jobs and manufactories in the USA was called a fascist. To want to move jobs away is “lefty” because they let the globalists do it while screaming like idiots about the presumable fascist comeback

Ironically, the anti-fascists, but I should say the neo-anti-fascists, because it is an anti-fascism as hysterical as new, “strange” I daresay, accuse of fascism who is against gay marriage and things like that etc. well, these guys do not like also Winston Churchill who was indeed antifascist for real and won the war with Eisenhower and Stalin – unfortunately also Stalin I must say it – these neo-anti-fascists are generally incapable even of being mayors and simply of building the structures and infrastructures of the State – they seem intentioned to destroy the State instead for the NWO, while the real Fascist state for the construction of infrastructures and labor rights was “forward” it should be said – also because Mussolini was born a socialist and therefore injected elements of socialism, such as pensions and the forty hours work week in the fascist program – well the neo-anti-fascists because in the past it was anti-fascist also Craxi etc. it is not true that to be anti-fascist you have to be pro gay or pro ius soli btw – here are the neo-anti-fascists precisely on infrastructures and workers’ rights fall: they are not capable, they can not build the firsts and do not want to adopt the second therefore the accusation of being only a mask of the new world order and of the Capital that must flaunt some value and flaunts this: death to the already dead, war the already won, or to call fascist who’s against the Gender. Paul Craig Roberts also had the courage to accuse Jewish cultural Marxism that is, in their intentions, destroying “goy society” Link, what is also called “white culture”. Then perhaps in Israel they will have peace. But I wouldn’t bet a penny on it.

And perhaps this hysteria of the neo-anti-fascists, who, I insist, can no longer be called simply anti-fascists precisely because they were anti-fascist also – and primarily – Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, Craxi, that these new-antifascists actually hate, or Chomsky and Paul Craig Roberts who are also “regular” antifascists, so it can not be adopted the same term, they must be reduced to the rank of “neo-antifascists”, because the war against Fascism was made by Churchill not by them, or by Sandro Pertini who defended by the sword freedom of speech while these new ones want censorship, well this ‘hysteria perhaps has the Jewish roots of the leaders of cultural Marxism that is as if they say “it does not matter if Mussolini built well and made the stations work, it was against me so the station is bad” that does not make sense because it is like saying that the Rome’s cloaca maxima still functioning after more than two thousand years is worthless because the ancient Romans had slaves. Chomsky understands this, that a dictator can give contracts to good architects and planners just to make a good impression, it is not necessary to say that the architect was not good or the palace ugly. Mussolini was a dictator who wanted the spiritual control of people, was not one who gave contracts to cousins and incompetent relatives, his level was not so much the bribe, that he did not need, he wanted to be seen positively and remembered for great things or he just liked it and ordered to build beautiful buildings, I do not see why to say it should be a problem, with everything that’s going on today, the president of the Italian Republic Mattarella seems an automaton, he repeats the phrases that Freemasonry gives him to repeat, as Ciampi about Italy entering the eurozone: he was either stupid or he wanted us bad. The next president of the Republic must not be a Mason or controlled by the Jewish and globalist lobby. We will give political asylum to Chomsky and the other dissident Jews.


If your enemy is an organized group of Jews you’re antisemites, maybe it’s true, but your enemies are Jews really.

If these people are your enemies, what do you do? You let them kill you not to be antisemite?

Look at Palestine, today an idiotic american since he’s evangelical christian his own way, Mike Pence gave to the Jews what does not belong to him, Jerusalem, taking it from people who did nothing against either him or the american people. So, I am antisemite, but first of all, if the Jews say “Fuck Columbus” – and I’m Italian too – I can say and will say “Fuck the Jews” and “Fuck Israel” and if they pretend to be Anglo-Saxons they must be unmasked, they are “born liars” and “born spies” as Richard Nixon said.

Now they claim that antisemitism is rising, that even 74% of the Britons are antisemites, and how did they count this? You’re counted as antisemite if you are anti-zionist or simply pro Palestine, Jerusalem East Capital of Palestine etc. I am antisemite because my enemies are Jews, the liberal leftists? Their bosses are Jews. And the liberal leftists are my enemy. If you are a Palestinian your enemy is an organized group of Jews, the ones who live there in Palestine, the “israelis” and the ones organized in the lobby around the world to push other people and other countries, you did nothing against, against you, the holocaust? Basically no one in his right minds can say Auschwitz was worse than a Gulag, because it is untrue, but the organized Jews manged to put the opinion crime on it and why? For peace in the world? No, they are uncapable of such thoughts, they just want justification for the Israelis when they kill civilians in Palestine. After all, why should the Palestinians or the Arabs hate the Germans? The Germans did nothing against them, they hate the Jews because their enemy is an organized group of Jews. Even if this is antisemitism, it’s ok, I don’t see why, if your enemy is a group if Jews you should bother not to be antisemites or not to be “like Hitler” and maybe you’re not even white or blond and really you had nothing to do with that. I mean, if Netanyahu and the Mossad want to kill you or to remove you from your homeland and the holocaust survivors and the jewish lobby around the world defend them, should you let them kill you and shut up not to be antisemites? Seriously?

Not to mention when the Mossad makes a terror attack in your land – maybe Spain, maybe Iran, maybe the USA – and the Mossad is again an organized group of Jews and the other Jews – the good ones – around the world defend them and cover them up and talk about Auschwitz instead – and what do you do? You hate the group of Jews because it is a group, it’s not just one casually, “occasionally” Jew, their being Jews is the reason, the cause of what they do, it’s not an irrelevant characteristic, so why should you hate someone else? Or why, if your enemy is a Jew or a group of Jews, you shouldn’t fight and defend yourselves not to be “like Hitler”? That’s a hard selling. With all respect for youtube.

“How to detect a Jewish Troll was removed by Youtube but it’s still running. And we have a Right to know if a leftwinger is a zionist or a white.

I have a right to know whether an italian pro-immigration leftwinger is only italian or is a zionist all blood and land and far-rightwinger for his own jewish group in the Middle East, also in the UK and particularly the USA too many “white leftists” in reality are Jews and zionists which means they do not want multiculturalism and open borders in the Holy Land and claim Jerusalem only for themselves. In my video “How to detect a Jewish Troll” I suggested to ask them when they tell you “white culture is shit” or “remove Columbus Day” or now “Churchill? He was just a racist” “just” a racist, so he was nothing else in their opinion than a racist, well I said “Ask them to say ‘Fuck Israel'” to check if they are zionists who pretend to be white. Because the zionists hate the Anglo-Saxons and hate also Churchill but they are “far right” for themselves.

I stick to the point the zionists cannot and must not think they can give lessons about multiculturalism and open borders remaining zionists and claiming the Holy Land for themselves only. I ask them the same. In Italy some of the worst leftwingers are in fact zionists. And in the USA and UK too. I stick to my point of view, next war they’ll have to do it without Churchill, the racist, I’m looking forward seeing them “fighting” against a real army and enemy, not holding a bazooka against disarmed civilians in Jerusalem or bombing civilians in Gaza.

On this website Auclip my video is still running even though there is written “the video is unavailable”

Dearest Readers now, if you like some of my videos or posts I suggest you to download it and copy and paste to bring it where you like because I had already one entire website “Freeword And Friends World” shut down and now this pretty movie where I give practical advice removed but I found here  copy made by one of you in the section “funny videos” there is written “this video is unavailable” but it still works Link  Download and print all you like, I never meant to make money through copyright – I wanted to make money through publicity-.


Fuck Israel.


Saint Paul against Gentiloni and Soft Brexit: if you are under the Law you must respect all of it.

Frontex is bringing thousands of migrants to Italy: it is the EU that has organized the invasion of Europe with the complicity of the Italian Leftwing Government. With the usual duplicity of the European Union that never clarifies its true, immoral, ends.

There is a quid pro quo between Logic with God and St. Paul on the one hand and Gentiloni, Boldrini and Theresa May on the other, St. Paul recalls in the Letter to the Galatians that whoever puts himself under the Law must then accept it all, that is, you can not put yourself under the law of the European Union, accept Schengen and break Dublin, because simply breaking even a part of the Law puts under the curse of the law, in practice it is like saying that you are in illegality even if you break only one law, you can not say “I respect all but one” in fact one who steals, but does not kill, is in fact in the illegality even if he broke only one single law, or as Catholic priests explained “it is a mortal sin to voluntarily break even one only of the Ten Commandments “, then when Boldrini goes to shame herself in Trento saying that she does not understand why Austria closes the Brenner, adding that there would be no need of it “if everyone did their part” but their part in what if you Italian Government are not respecting Dublin and Dublin you’re not respecting it voluntarily? In fact, the international treaties signed by Italy imply only that Italy take the survivors saved if the first safe port is in Italy, after identifying them and if they are irregular immigrants return them to their homeland, while they try to make believe that this is wrong – while this is correct – the government Gentiloni-Renzi, as Emma Bonino said, brings to Italy with double transhipment all those saved in front of Africa and Spain even when Italy is the third safe harbor, then say that they are too many, do not identify them and claim that these through Schengen should be free to go to Austria and France or wherever they like because they believe in a “world without borders” that’s unacceptable in the EU indeed because continental countries trusted Italy and Greece, so it is Italy in illegality, not Austria or Poland.

As for Brexit, it seems obvious to me here, if you put yourself in the Single Market then you have to accept all the rules of the Single Market, not a yes and a no, because you would be illegal even if you respected all but one, then if you don’t want to be under the Single Market Law for fishing, toaster etc. you have to exit the Single Market, because if you put yourself under the Single Market Law, you have to respect all the rules. I say this because I know the Britons care a lot about Saint Paul.

Berlusconi is right to say that Gentiloni and Renzi bring to Italy all those who leave from Africa regardless of where they are picked up / saved, they break the law, knowingly knowingly even, so now they just have to shut up. So if one accepts the EU law he has to accept it all, if he breaks Dublin the fault is his if the others then close him Schengen in the face. It is then clear that Dublin is broken on purpose and that discredits the Renzi-Gentiloni government and those of Frontex even more.

Jesus Christ then says that one condemns himself with his own words, which means that if a country does not sign the agreement for migrant quotas it is not obliged by it because it has not signed it, the signed Treaties condemn Italy for not respecting Dublin not Poland and Hungary for not having accepted unidentified migrant quotas and without even these people being refugees, but by now we are talking about rabble, the EU commissioners who violate the laws knowingly and of another mob the Judges who support the EU commissioners keeping their bag and pretending not to understand because they hide behind a basically self made crisis, if you go and take them in front of Africa you are a human trafficker masked as a saviour. I have a total disregard for these people.

St. Paul says clearly not to put yourself under the Law because then you have to respect it all or you get in the “curse” – the sanctions – which is equivalent to saying that it is better to exit the European Union and thus get rid of EU laws.