Look, if the psychologist can decide that a victim of rape says “I Love you” to the rapist, why aren’t Judges graduated in psychology instead of law?

This thing is called mental wanking or lie: that witch looking of Janet Street Porter here is saying very dangerous things, first of all, that yes, Harvey Weinstein’s accusers did text him I love you e-mails, kiss him accept invitations in hotel bedrooms from him, but the psychologist explains to us that this is typical of rape victims to keep contact with and say I love you to the rapist. The witch and bitch of fucking Janet, she knows she’s lying, I’d like the judges to be stronger than that, because the judge cannot be the psychologist hired by the #meetoo scandalous group, the judge has a University degree in Law, not in Psychology – the devil perhaps is a psychologist – if a woman says I love you to a rapist and goes in bed with him voluntarily as that bitch, let me say it, of Mimi Haley, who changes name because no other man will ever sleep with her, if she can say I love you and accept an invitation in a hotel bedroom and have sex and then finds the psychologist ready to say “it is typical of raped women to do so” look, a man must know it if a woman is so vulnerable he wouldn’t touch her and go with another or perhaps on porn where they don’t sue.

So, let’s change the University degrees, to be a lawyer or a judge you must have a university degree in psychology not in law, and perhaps all these women must be locked up and declared incapable of  deciding for themselves. Poor Weinstein, the judges know he’s innocent, they should find the pride and courage to say it’s not journalists and it’s not psychologists who make the process, the trial, because it can happen to you too, to everybody and even if it happened only to Weinstein it is unjust; with this criteria that the victim of rape usually contacts him, wants to see him, texts him love messages after the rape any engagement, sexual relationship, encounter, marriage or one night stand can be declared rape afterward her ladyship is fed up with the lover/husband & co.

It’s not unusual, you see, they say so “it’s not unusual” the psychologists. Certain psychologists, but we are fed up with them ever since Freud said boys want to sleep with their mother etc. They make me sick, when they do the devil apologists and find every way out of decency.

So, we face reality, no one denies that Jessica Mann texted him “You know I love you, I always do” then told her readers on her blog “I’m in a threesome with an older man” referring to her triangle of love and sex with married Harvey Weinstein, no one denies that Mimi Haley was called, invited by Harvey Weinstein in hotel room one week after the alleged rape and she went and had sex with him voluntarily: you should be ashamed, you and your psychologist, so all bitches are traumatised. The trauma, that trauma. Fuck you, my conscience is clean and that of Rotunno too.

Tell all these #metoo activists and Janet Street-Porter they better avoid men because they have sex with them, they fake orgasms – because they are traumatised – they call them back, write and say I love you to them and then sue them for rape, then avoid them, these men, for you there is the twisted transistor and you know what it is, don’t change name do me the favour, be brave enough to let men know “it’s me who fakes orgasms, comes with you in a hotel room and then texts nice things to you and then sues you for rape” at least a man has the chance to avoid you, I don’t see them vulnerable these women, I see them very determined to destroy instead, if the milkman or a man on a low income had tried to touch them and kiss them you bet they wouldn’t let him do it and if he had called them in a hotel room, three stars, not five stars luxury like Weinstein – like the ones who sued Bill Cosby, same story – they would find the mental health and strength not to go, they wouldn’t be traumatised enough.

Masturbate then, buy a twisted transistor and let boys alone

Charity Foundations are misunderstood for a means to make money not to give money. Inform the new rich #Megxit

Source Meghan Markle’s best friend Jessica Mulroney is ‘setting up new international charities in her and Harry’s name’.

Charities? All this ladies are wannabe Dianas, they want to make money, not the easy, but the very easy way, through posting Instagram’s photographs and speaking/supporitng greedy bankers, then stroll around saying “I want to do a charity”. Give me a break. I know today is Carnival.

I am so, in a way, depressed, by this Megxit’s collaterals that I have to say, the rule, that the Royals shut up and follow the advices of Palace aides and Government’s paid staff without giving away free interviews it is probably the only way to make the Monarchy survive, we all remind that the Queen forgave everything to Diana but not the interview to the BBC, then she, who was against divorce, imposed a divorce and the loss of the title of Royal Highness for Lady Di.

Now what’s the mistake of Harry and Meghan? They go on talking about making money through charity foundations: you don’t make money through charities, idiots, charities are there to give money not to make money. Bill and Melinda Gates made money by producing and then selling computers, they made millions like this and then…founded a charity foundation, Harry and Megh they want to do like Bill and Melinda but skipping the first step aka the working, they go directly onto the charity foundation, but may I ask who’s going to put the money into this foundation and to do what? Diana and the classic Royals are advised by the State paid staff about the hot issues and the charities that are not bogus, because this world is full of bogus charities, people who use the charities to gather money and donations and then keep the money for themselves or the overpaid staff, or give to the needy just a little part of the millions they gather, and I’m not talking about the charity of Mr. Dumbsmith, I am talking about the UNICEF, FAO; UN related charities. But the concept is the charity is not there to make money, it is there to give money, if you don’t earn money what do you do the charity for? Now Meghan and Harry want to make money working for Disney and giving speeches and posting photographs on Twitter I am afraid they don’t want to put their own money into the charity, they think they cash in, it is a scandal that Harry has 30 millions pounds in his personal bank account and still does not intend to use a penny of his own money for paying for himself and his family or security. Or the charity indeed, he wants other people to pour money into his charity and to do the easy good one. I don’t see this charity thing ending up well, they’re no Bill and Melinda, also the wife of Mark Zuckerberg has a charity – they all have one, the American billionaires, also for tax schemes issues – but the millions come from Facebook, and Zuckerberg is the owner of the entire Facebook, he is not an influencer, let me understand where do the millions poured into this charity should come from? And to do what? Charity means “you give” not “you earn” or “you take”. Harry still thinks like a Royal: state paid protection officers, snapping a photograph near a person in need possibly of African descent and that’s “an engagement” of “a working Royal” after which the stupid press says “he needs six months much needed holiday” in a luxury resort. He’s a crazy if he thinks Bill and Melinda Gates earned their millions like this, he has no idea. Yes, today is Carnival:

Give ’em 5 months without titles and Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant will be more interesting than Harry & Meghan as a couple.

What they sell, Harry & Meghan, is clearly “hot fried air” aka nothing, they sell the title, clearly: they want to brand things they won’t produce, just take a stationery a bicycle an “Inge Pyjamas” eliminate the word “Inge” and brand them HRH The Duke and The Duchess of Sussex Pyjamas /bicycle, stationery etc. Now I give myself airs of importance, at school or University, I don’t remember, we students were informed about the selling French air, you produce nothing but you brand and often, not wary or ill informed people can even pay a lot, as luxury goods, very cheap goods produced in the third world countries, they actually “pay the brand” and this is considered very low level, it is studied in special courses the branding theory, it is not good like, you produce handguns, maybe your surname is “Beretta” or “Glock” – it’s real surnames – and then you put your name – and face in the sense of reputation – as a brand on a product you produced, this is considered the first level production, when they try to brand cheap goods that one doesn’t produce and sells them even at a high price it’s considered cheap, for example there are skin care products, unbranded, and a lot of aestheticians if they like it they can buy them and brand them with their name, and it’s the same product with different names often sold at very different prices, it’s not like the branding theory is “upper class” production, they do it also with chocolate, potato chips, I know it also because my grandmother had a shop and wanted quality food and at a certain point the traveling salesman told her “it’s the same, they do them – the potato chips – in the same factory and use the same potatoes they’re just branded differently” and they could cost very differently, I mean this is true, this is how our world works. If you take Meghan and Harry off their titles, Duke, Duchess, HRH, Royal, they cannot sell anything because they do not produce anything: they wanted to sell the brand, it was so obvious, and now they are angry, because the Queen has stripped them already of the right to use HRH and Royal and if they talk again they can lose also Sussex and Duchess. Remember that the Queen and the Palace, no matter whether you like them or not for other reasons, are right: in the name there is the reputation of the family, they cannot let it sell like this to the higher bidder for products not checked or approved by the Royal Family.

Their reaction, of Harry and Megh, is impressive Source but the Britons really don’t like them


the way they talk, they way they say “Queen doesn’t own the word Royal” it’s because they want the brand, they need the brand because the brand it’s the only thing they’ve got. Also their “uppity” attitude towards ecology, the non pollution point based scheme for holidaymakers, if they do fly private jets continuously, and pollute much more than the people they want to teach, what do they sell? A University degree in Biology? No, they sell and quite vulgarly: “I’m the son of the Prince of Wales who talks at Davos and is a future head of State”, they sell the connections and trade on words like The Marquess SoAndSo (I don’t remember the name) an invented comic character by an Italian Roman Comedian: he used to go with a friend who pretended to be his loyal servant in very expensive luxury hotels and lived in luxury and then run away without paying and people believed him because he was “Marquess SoAndSo” he traded on the words basically, and I’m afraid this is precisely, on a tragically serious scale, what Harry and Meghan are doing, they live in luxury at we don’t know whom’s expenses because they are “Royal” “Duke & Duchess” so and so, if they lose the titles they lose everything.

Here’s some of the comments – and it’s all about the titles and the lack of respect towards the Queen:

Its time to strip off all tittles, benefits, security, money and everything that has to do with the Queen and the monarchy. They have disrespected her enough… they have turned to be the biggest disappointment ever!

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Bargain basement tittle tattles. So sorry for the Queen.

The Meg-alo-Maniac and the Dim-Wit have kicked the Queen and Country in the teeth — so, Charles should dis-invite them from their March appearances and ensure that they are stripped of their HRH, Royal Titles and Privileges. The hypocritical grifters MM-“H” claim “financial independence” — but they still sponge off of the British and Canadian taxpayers; grab Sugar Daddy Charles’ overly generous welfare cheques; and, monetize their HRH titles. The malignant narcissist MM and her simpering lap-dog “H” are repugnant.

What else can they sell? Diana’s death? Another couple of times, and then? Their opinions about climate changes are the opinions of the average informed people not of experts, and they do pollute the air much more than the others, at the banking groups what do they sell? They’re neither economists nor entrepreneurs and that’s it. They want to sell fried air, hot air, “French air”, Royal air perhaps, but it is still just air. And they know it: stop them.

sexy Kenau Reeves with girlfriend Alexandra

At least Keanu Reeves sells the Matrix and his girlfriend makes us all so confident that remaining precisely the way we are we can date Keanu Reeves or a superstar of a playboy in Hollywood, thanks Alexandra.

Hard Megxit is just as necessary as Hard Brexit: Harry & Meg talk as if they were peers of the Monarch and not subject.

This woman must become Mrs. Rachel Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor, it’s the only solution

Source There isn’t the feeling that they know the definite difference between a Republic and a Monarchy: Harry and Meghan talk and tweet as if they were peers of the Queen and not subjects; in their website they say they want to serve “The Monarchy” – aka all the club including themselves – not “the Monarch”

Screenshot from the official website of Harry and Meghan, there’s written: “serving the Monarchy” and there’s a picture of …themselves on a carriage

as if the Monarchy were a club of peers all entitled to the same power and not regulated by strong hierarchy; they do not want to accept that the Kensingtons are superior in the hierarchy to them, they want to do what they like but claim entitlement to state funded protection and freedom from the Queen’s advices or orders, actually they told her right in the face she doesn’t own the word Royal, neither she nor the Cabinet, as for Britain instead yes, she and the Cabinet own the word Royal, King, Queen etc precisely because it is a real Monarchy, in the Republics the word Royal is considered a snobbish synonym of “Super” and “Classy” but people who use it have no right to any state funded protection, you can call a Cinema “Super Odeon” or “Royal Theatre” and it’s pretty much the same, Super Odeon sounds more modern, Royal Theatre sounds more classic, but there isn’t any connection to any Royal family or any State, whereas if there is a real Monarchy it’s not like this, the word Royal entails a connection  to the Royal Family and the State, ok? don’t play fool, idiots.

The latest statements of Harry and Meg are very vulgar: it’s all about entitlement “for Harry and Archie have Royal blood” saying blood, Bi El double O Dee, I got shocked, and what do you want? To do what you like at taxpayers’ expenses with no duties and excuse me, Sir an Madam, it’s a scandal to have connections with shady people like you, who hide their income, push people to invest with JP Morgan without asking the Queen, the Cabinet if Britain wishes such ties to those successful thieves and scoundrels of JP Morgan, did you ask the Queen for permission before going to JP Morgan? Did you ask the Cabinet, Boris Johnson, Priti Patel if you could mix honest builders of wealth and people who decide the taxes with these dirt of JP Morgan? Does the State of Britain the Queen want any of JP Morgan’s dirt on their conscience? now I do like Greta: How dare you?

This is what’s written on their website:

‘The preference of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex was to continue to represent and support Her Majesty The Queen albeit in a more limited capacity, while not drawing on the Sovereign Grant.’

But do you think Her majesty wants to be represented at Goldman Sachs’ events? Did you fucking ask them: Charles, Her Majesty and William if they want to be represented by you at JP Morgan’s summits where they decide how to peel off people with your help? Obviously you want to do what you like, using the Royal name and taking the money and treating William and Kate like peers, Kate Middleton cannot wear foreign labels because she’s a British Royal, she also might like Dior or Versace, you know? You want no duties but want the perks, we hate you, you are really evil.

I’m afraid The Sun was right: no money, no titles, no use of the Royal name. There must be Hard Megxit. Harry and Meghan must become Mr. and Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor, like Archie is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. They do not intend to pay taxes, Harry and Meg, they are shady about their income, they do not produce anything, they just want to brand goods produced by someone else, the merchandising material, and this is dangerous because the pencils, the T-Shirts, the bandanas, the notebooks will be probably produced by people who don’t put the brand and then later should be branded H&M etc. and they surely will end up in another scandal like the Labour Party that produced the This is What a Feminist looks Like T-Shirts in Asia in a factory where women workers were treated like slaves; do you know how much does it cost to produce in Europe or USA where the workers are not exploited? Meghan’s cheap, I am sure they’ll fall into this too, they are greedy. I believe Hard Megxit is just as necessary as Hard Brexit, do it and think it’s your fault till a certain point, because they are totally out of control and mix with shady wealthy people and don’t want to say who pays their Canadian home, how much do they earn etc etc etc.

Hollywood goes rotten 2: daughter of Steven Spielberg is graduating in porn.

Source The daughter of Steven Spielberg informs the world she is supported by her adoptive parents, Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, two white Jews who have adopted an African American racially mixed perhaps with a white, she is supported into entering the world of porn industry, masturbating in front of the video cameras for selected clients – her papa perhaps, or that other man with strange relationship with adoptive daughter unfortunately jewish too and Hollywood director too, ahh Woody Allen – what are they talking about? Abuse? You little christian bigot! What abuse! She is self confident, look at this cut interview:

Personally I don’t believe that to be on benefits or depending on the parents as adults is great but to do porn is much worse, it is worse at another level, I don’t agree with this cheap independence stance, your parents can pay your bill, but they are corrupted.


The finesse of Miakela, that her loving parents approve:

Mikaela Spielberg, dog collar included

I mean, I think Steven Spielberg is just another Hollywood’s perv. unmasked. Didn’t he raise Mikaela like an Orthodox Jewish girl? Didn’t he teach her about behaving properly? And this wife of his Kate Capshaw? What do they teach their children in Hollywood?

But this is just Hollywood going rotten part two; the part one is the celebrities whose children, adopted and not, go transgenders: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, that lecturing about power and abuse of Charlize Theron link both “found out” their kids are transgenders ohhh…Now Steven Spielberg finds out his daughter wants to do porn…ohhh what good families! And they want to teach us about values, their values of course, diversity checks for having a script approved in Hollywood link

Hollywood has values

It takes a grave abuse to transform your child into a trans “a mermaid” the way they call them or a masturbating-in-public woman for porn-hub and selected viewers. I believe the rules for adoption must be reviewed in favour of quality parents, not just the richer gets the child, I understand people who adopt children must have the money to maintain them, but certain Hollywood actors and producers are sexually depraved and on drugs they shouldn’t be allowed to adopt, particularly when they do it to satisfy their egos as singles. Madonna was accused by an African government to have kidnapped a baby without completing the legal practice for adoption followed by the African authority. Now this Mikaela is clearly disturbed. God help us all. God help Mikaela too.

Two comments from The Sun:


Will any of her non genetic siblings go down the same path?

I guess Corey Feldman was right about Spielberg. Women who go into porn generally have a history of sexual abuse.
So, while Harvey Weinstein is on trial for touching and having sex basically with consensual adult actresses, all these gay paedophiles in Hollywood – who might be behind Harvey Weinstein “the cocky straight producer” – who’s a Jew too btw – accusations and witch hunt, well they “who drug, rape and pass around the boys Steven Spielberg used for his good-for-children movies” – they are not yet on a trial: Harvey is.  Many parents complain that in Spielberg’s and Disney movies children and kids are always around the world alone and without having almost any relationship with their parents.
A propose of Weinstein and the trial: Caroline Flack’s friends said she was terrified at the idea of going on trial so much she committed suicide, as well as Weinstein had to take many prescription drugs to calm down the anxiety and uses a walker for moving independently. Yes, it can be hard go on a trial let’s hope the real guilty ones will be prosecuted and condemned and the innocents released or not processed at all.
Be firm. I think Hollywood abandoned Weinstein because he was straight.


Far Right Shooter and Asian gangs’s rapes, Boris and Priti Patel’s Immigration system will put an end to this mess.

Two horrible news: Far Right shooter shoots link Even though, he had to leave an incomprehensible 24 pages fucking testament to basically accuse AfD to be the cause of his shooting, couldn’t he just shoot and shut up? No, they always have to leave the testament in which they say “I vote AfD and I believe conspiracy theories, the aliens and Alex Jones” well, is he dead? Good, one less.

I defend AfD from the accusations of having to do with him.

But let’s go to the second horrible piece of information, the other side of the horrible medal:

Link ‘Vile and wicked’ Asian grooming gang who sexually abused two girls including one who was forced into sex with 300 men by age 15 are jailed for a total of more than 55 years

  • Usman Ali, Banaras Hussain, Abdul Majid, Gul Riaz and two others were jailed 
  • A seventh man is set to sentenced tomorrow after trial at Leeds Crown Court 

The two faced monster, both men are 43. The asian grooming gang rapist and the German far-right shooter, Gun Riaz and Tobias Rathjen:

Now the problem is created by the Left, mass immigration without controls, political correctness that induces people not to sue for fear of being labelled racist and then the shooter, the crazy Angel of Revenge, Tobias Rathjen.

But we have elected good – so to say – Right-wing Politicians who are in charge of being game changers and of solving the problems, Boris Johnson in the UK and Donald Trump in the USA, Johnson and Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, have just come out with a solution that should be a normalising factor to the mess created by the Left: an immigration system, point based, as it is in Australia and quick removal service for the foreigners who commit crimes or overstay the visas: this should finally normalise the situation and Germany should copy it, also Italy, if Salvini and Meloni ever win again. And Trump of course:

Here’s the Australian style immigration point based system:


Obviously she Priti is clashing with…the civil servants, the hated British civil servants constantly accused of being leftwing activists inside the State-machine, but Priti treats them the way they need treated source  “Priti Patel ‘goes to war with Home Office civil servants’: Staff accuse her of bullying amid row over late-night meetings and push to deport foreign criminals” 

Good, Priti, perhaps you and Boris are solving the problems:

This is the end of the Free For All Era and it was about time.

Royals don’t sell pyjamas: Meghan’s dream to open a Sussex Royal grocery ends here.

She’s a charlatan, a peddler, but she can do it with her own name. The Queen, the Palace block the use of the “Royal” word and “Sussex Royal” brand for commercial purposes:



The main issue was avoiding an ambiguous situation where Harry and Meghan may support btw investing with a bank – like Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan – that might not be the best investment as it happened in 2008 where they did sell crap to certain customers making them lose money knowingly and having people thinking the British Royals have something to do with it or they are “recommending” together with Harry and Meghan investing with these people whereas they have no idea of what these banking groups are doing and they can’t control their ethics in any way because they are in fact independent banking groups. The other issue might seem minor, it is about not vulgarising the word “Royal” in a contest where Royal is real and related to a real Monarchy and the real head of State of a real Nation, Britain in this case, Harry & Meg wanted to sell pyjamas, bandanas, notebooks as “Sussex Royal” and take the money. This ambiguity and commercialisation had to be avoided or the entire British Royal family would be dragged down. Meghan looks like a tough and vulgar person that thinks about the money, about making money in a way that’s everything but “noble”.

The best explanation for this comes from the above linked article in the part written by Robert Hardman: “It is not a case of monarchs jealously guarding the perks of office, it is about protecting the public from fraud and misrepresentation.

No monarch wants someone buying faulty goods or being taken for a ride by some huckster claiming some sort of bogus royal provenance

It was for precisely that reason that the Royal Warrant Holders Association came in to being in the 19th century.

To this day, royal warrants are granted to companies which must have supplied the Royal Household over a period of several years – which means the Royals support only if they personally use an item, they don’t support anything under payment like those millionaire top models who pretend to use a 2 pounds anti-age cream when they are in fact 25 years old and use an 80 pounds refreshing cream in their real life, that’s the concept ed. notes – . If royal custom ceases, then so does the warrant. They are not bought or sold.”

Well, well done. So, no Meghan opening a Royal Sussex grocery.

Meghan’s job. Her idea of a Royal

For you, madam.